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We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 3rd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2012 05:31 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #3: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 3 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #2... and that lucky winner is...

Week #2 Winner - carleone2gz

Week three is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #3 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #3 ends Wednesday, March 14th at Midnight PST.


Thanks in advance :)


I love its portability; I can do 90% plus of the work I need go do. A fantastic machine


Crackberry, here I go!


If there is a tab in my life, that's gotta be playbook! I LOVE U CB


I want one!

[Deadly duo - Playbook/Bold]


I want, I want, I want....:)


I love the sideloading with OS2 :)


I would love a BlackBerry playbook! They're awesome, like they can do anything and everything! Watching movies, listening to music and chatting with friends on them would be awesome!


I wonder how CB chooses the winner, maybe this is finally my turn


Native e-mail is what I would like about a new Blackberry Playbook 2.0 and Crackberry rules too!


This would be awesome to have in Arizona realestate, showing off Blackberry. We need tools not pad toys


Count me in, greetz from Asia =)

I love Crackbeery forum!


I wonder why rim is putting up all blackberry store in Indonesia? Didn't they know that one of the social hub in Asia is the Philippines. Blackberry doesn't have a single store here duh, its pain to buy smartphone and playbook to third party reseller, its expensive. I can't even find a convertible case for my playbook. I hope crackberry will make me win this time, more power! Thanks.


Thank you CrackBerry for 5 great years! Your Site has definitely enhanced my BlackBerry experience.


I want a playbook to keep permanently hdmi'd to my new tv.


Lol, you guys are just amazing. I wonder if you use this contests as "experiments" or something like that to gather information about your readers. Nice blog by the way, love to have all the latest news on RIM.


Thanks in advance!!!!

Charlie Mumford

I would love another blackberry playbook!! April is birthday month in my family and I cannot afford to buy everyone whatever they want. So help me out plz :(


Would love to win this :)


I've been successful in turning my lady into a BlackBerry addict and all that needs to happen is for her to have her own PlayBook. Please us out.


3 is my lucky # ;D love the multi-tasking on this thing would love to actually own one!


It would be nice........


I'll gladly carry a PlayBook in the name of


Would be great for me to do homework with the DocToGo and PDF Reader. I want one please!


New pb with os2 - why not. Count me in for sure.


That android player is included so we can at least get some android stuff even if the developer is lazy.


Who will be lucky number 3?

Another great CrackBerry contest!


Thanks for these opportunities Crackberry!


I'm liking the Playbook for the way I could use it at school especially with the new Keyboard case you previewed!

Now to save for one ;)


I would love to see what a PlayBook can do!


The remote feature is great. It makes using this tablet so much fun and more important much easier to type emails etc. I really would love to win one. I would give my old one to my brother. He'll love it.


The new features in OS 2.0 have been a god send. I work full time and also teach as an Adjunct Instructor at 3 different Universities. Keeping all of the deadlines, email, etc.. organized is extremely important as I have no room for error. So the calendar and email feature are my life blood.

However recently I have started watching my calories in an effort to live a healthier life style. As busy as I am I tend to eat out a lot and try to keep track of what is the better choice food wise is always a challenge. Then it hit me. I go to sites like and use there calorie calculator to build sandwiches that will keep me on track and I used the print to go feature to send those results to my playbook. I go to other sites and download their nutrition information as well to my playbook using print to go and there you have it.

Where ever I go to eat I have what I need on my playbook to make the better choices.

That is why I love my Playbook and the new OS 2.0 it is now a tool for my life as well as my business.


meee i would like one!!!


Slimmest of Chances!


Hehe! You guys truly are awesome! I want to get my wife her own Playbook so she'll stop taking mine! ;-)


I want a playbook, because I AM CANADIAN (think of Molson commercial).


Pretty please!!! It would be so awesome to have a Playbook...thanks CB!!


Pick me please!!! would like to have one.


Maybe I can watch some MLB on a PB as the handhelds appear to be cut off.


Nothing like a cold can of Monster to start the night off...


please let me win, CB for Life.


the PlayBook OS 2.0 is just amazing. So simple, light, and worth it.


Hope win this time InshaAllah!!!


Let it be meeee this time pleaseeeeeeee. Love crackberry for all the "cracks" with berry knowledge. :D


I love Crackberry because I'm about to win a free playbook from them!


Pick me, pick me! ;)


Pick me, pick me! ;)


I dont Care if Apple released the ipad HD.....i still desire a Playbook. Let it be me please :)


The best web site for BB fans is CrackBerry! I do love you all. Pick me up~~~:)


I love OS 2 because I can use my 9780 as a remote when connected to my HDTV :) :P


love the crackberry and the new PB 2.0. winning combination! Now, can i haz?


This is still one of the best tablets out there!


The Honey Badger don't care!


If I don't win I'll develop a stutter, p p p please don't do that to me!


Coz with this Playbook i could surf the crackberry nation


i want a playbook please it's my dream!


I would love one please!


I'm getting twitchy, only two left to be won! :(


well third time its the charm. me wants :)


With OS2 started the real use of my playbook. 1 hour of gaming a whole day of my social media work. The benefits of having both my office& my own Facebook simultaneously. Plus all the email possible and the awesome calendar /contact integration. After all this plus music & movies I still get 2 days battery life out of the PlayBook. That's thanks again to Crackberry's old save your battery posts! So you're 5 years old and next month I'll be 2. So cheers to you all. And a happy birthday everybody!


With OS2 started the real use of my playbook. 1 hour of gaming a whole day of my social media work. The benefits of having both my office& my own Facebook simultaneously. Plus all the email possible and the awesome calendar /contact integration. After all this plus music & movies I still get 2 days battery life out of the PlayBook. That's thanks again to Crackberry's old save your battery posts! So you're 5 years old and next month I'll be 2. So cheers to you all. And a happy birthday everybody!


Footy footy footy footy
Football football
Snake . . . It's a snake. . . A snake
Footy footy footy


Congrats to the winner ...... hoping that this time a new beast of a Playbook comes my way.
Keep up the great work at crackberry and all its fan and knowledge base as my phone wouldn't be working without it.


because my playbook is truly amazing, I love my playbook


Pick me! I love Crackberry and Blackberry! This website is awesome with all it's contests and forums! :)


I want the bluetooth keyboard case!

doxa sub750T

Third time is the charm for everyone :-). Cheers


well here we go again... good luck everyone :D... i want that pb *_*...


Would love to win a PlayBook.


I go to Crackberry for their amazing BB exclusives!


I love how 2.0 integrates the social networks into the messaging box. It is really convenient!


I love how 2.0 integrates the social networks into the messaging box. It is really convenient!


Pick me contest robot!


Crack Berry is awesome!


When I first bought my Playbook I knew we were on bright future path. Since the new OS 2 released, it brought me even closer to my Playbook with the new built in features;email(use a lot on the go), calendar (always have someones birthday to remember in every month). The multitasking is Superb! There is so much possibilities to do things when you have a Playbook, TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!....loved to own another as my second baby(no one touches!) punchline; Playbook, where the impossibles becomes possible!


I would absolutely love to get a PB! Its an awesome tablet


Pleasee let me winn! I would be the best thing thats ever happened to me!


would love to play with one :)


I love crackberry because they are about to give me a brand new PlayBook ;)


Would be awesome if I won!!


I have a BlackBerry smartphone so I want. A playbook for syncronize


Would love to own this baby. Very simple and easy to carry anywhere.


i would like a plaaaaaybook. would be a nice addition to my bb, and my first-owned tablet :)


Would love to win one!


Pick Me. Im loving the fact that i can run the sideloaded android apps and still use video chat.


I love OS2.0 on my launch day PB. Now I need a 2nd one so me and my family can use the awesome video chat feature to keep in touch.

Majestic Lion

Full internet functionality, how-to podcasts, stock tracking, BB bridge, ScoreMobile football updates, and a host of other goodies...for.the.freeeeeee.

Let's go Crackberry! :)


wasn't lucky 1st time, wasn't lucky 2nd time, C'mon crackberry this fan from India would enchant ur name in every colony and on road. C'mon need it badly.


im loving all the help im getting on crackberry


Would be awesome to have the Paybook to bridge with my Bold!


Go East Go West
Blackberry is the Best !


I'm loving the new layout of the home screen, but nothing beats the bridge functionality and remote control from my Bold 9900.


3rd time lucky?

give it to me!!!!


Halfway done and not a chance in the World....


I want it !!!!! I want it i want it


I love how Blackberry keeps me connected to my life! I love what I do now. I'd love to win! Thanks Crackberry :)


I've had my playbook for a week and I'm so glad I didn't get a android or ipad.


I've had my playbook for a week and I'm so glad I didn't get a android or ipad.


Hook me up - I never win! Thanks Kevin!


Give me my playbook!!!!!


Week three. Feeling lucky. Would love to get one for my brother and get him hooked on the blackberry train!


Definitely want a free playbook


I love my Bold 9700 and would love the playbook so I can see things bigger.


Cheehoo! Can I have one, boo?


In it to win it . Well hopefully anyway.. Need another blackberry to add to my collection!!!


Serpentor says you should give me the playbook. In fact he commands it!! (please?)


The new bridge remote is great!


I recently got a chance to use my friends playbook and I gotta say, its very impressive


Playbook is awesome! I love the portability and find it very useful when in class. And of course I would love another to give to family and create more addicts!!!


I love crackberry for all these giveaways!


i wan bcos i love hoe rim made it n the hard ware is very good so pls give me T.T


Third times a charme, I want a playbook.


Playbook 2.0 is awesomely improved! Best tablet out there. It's the inside that counts..Would be REAL SWEET to have one!

Pick me!


Lovin' the OS 2.0 coz I'm typing this using my playbook with autocorrect and despite it being nearly a year old, gives crApple's new ipad a run for it's money!


I love Crackberry for being the single best place where I can find out news, rumors, and get much needed help on all things Blackberry/Playbook.


Ok let's try this again!


Absolutely amazing workhorse product. Thank you


Ya, common! Daddy needs a new set of PlayBook OS 2.0 goodness!


love to win one for my parents!


I'd love to get Blaybook with awesome OS2


id love me a playbook


It is fast and remote and native E-mail.


It is fast and remote and native E-mail.


I love blackberry because blackberry has the top design compare to other brands.
design on how it functions, how it runs, how it is programed...etc, in every aspects, I love Blackberry's designs.


I would love to have another playbook. Pick me.


Man, I love this contest! Looking forward to more like it and possibly a win. I support RIM and Blackberry, just keep it coming!


i would really love to use this for my small biz instead of a ios device. come on crackberry help a brother out


What did batman say to robyn after he got a playbook?
I got a playbook!


Me want a playbook please ;)


I like the native email and android supported apps on os2.0


Yes please would love one


yes please! This time's the one!


I would love a playbook.


Well, there are many reasons why I want to win this play book, #1 - IT'S AWESOME! #2 I had actually won a play book contest before, but I never got it. See when blackberry was having the launch party for the play book in Toronto, they held a contest and were giving away playbooks for the best haikus about blackberry, I got the message that I won, but unfortunately due to some issues they couldn't give it to me. My winning poem was this.       "Wow Friend Look At That,
It is the Blackberry Playbook,
It Makes Me Go Mad." we'll long story short I had the chance but it didn't happen. #3 I love this site, I have it bookmarked everywhere, and on twitter too. I love blackberry and this playbook would look great with my torch. So PLEASSSEEEE crackberry if you see this long heartfelt post worthy please pick me.LOVE TO CRACKBERRY AND BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!


would love a pb. please. :)


I love everything about the new 0s


the best website on everything blackberry


Here's hoping to win one!


I have been giving the PB sales pitch to all my friends. I talked a friend into buying 3 64 gig playbooks. I dont even work at an electronics retailer, so all my work has been commission free. Why? I just believe in BB!


I'd love this for business. Can I win this time please????


Need one for my three year old


I"m so happy I found as I've learned so much here and tips on getting the most from my PlayBook. I love my PlayBook and can't put it down for long lol. I take it everywhere with me. I'd love to win one and give to my son so he can enjoy PB too!

Thanks! CB and RIM!

PS....thanks to all for the great posts :)


Crackberry team place for all your bb news!


hoping for a blackberry playbook love here in Asia!!!!....


Would love to win a playbook! OS 2 seems awesome.


Purchased a 16GB for $250, but a FREE one would be even better!


Please make easy Android ports. Love the 2.0 but need couple small tweaks.


Another opportunity to win one of the most coveted devices around? count me in! :D


Count me in for round 3!!


I am so loving Blackberry!!!!:)


Congrats to carleone2gz I hope you enjoy your new PlayBook. I signed up for this site a little over a month ago and have learned so much about BlackBerry products. I am almost ready to buy a new PlayBook and phone thanks to the great information here. I have to decide if I want the Bold or the Tourch. I think both phones look awesome. Maybe I should buy one of each. Thanks CrackBerry keep up the great work.


I'd love to win this contest! Playbook 2.0, lets Go, Woooooooooooo


I sure can use A Playbook for work!


Pick me please!

Today somebody asked my friend (who has a playbook) - "Is that the Blackberry version of the iPad?" I got so mad! I replied no. "An iPad is not a genre. This is BB's tablet. Get your facts right!"


loving the contacts and mail functionality.

Would love one to give my dad.


Dammit, I wanna win!!!

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.


PickmePickmePickmePickemePickelmePizzaPiePottieTangPullmyFingerPiersMorganPlaybookistheshiznitbecauseRIMmakesusfeelsmartandproductivewhileweknowweonlyscrewaroundbutHoldingABlackberryYouKnowWeMeanBusinessPorn... wait, what am I signing up for again? Oh yeah, Playbook for fweee!


I really like the new UI in OS 2... Things are looking good!!

Here's hoping for a PlayBook for the wife...


the Playbook its the perfect tool I want one!!


I am not too proud to beg. My life would improve exponentially if i was supported with the playbook in my sad life!


Crackberry is my daily visited website, proud to use a Blackberry user, this is why I love Crackberry


better luck this time? I love the improvements that the new OS have brought to the PB!


I could change my user name to "Winning!"

Red Rooster

Third time is a charm right? Pick me!


I'm psyched! A playbook for my daughter would be awesome!
I love the fact that it could serve as a laptop replacement at school!


No whammies, no whammies, no whammies!!!


I would absolutely love this for my school work! Thanks for the opportunity, CrackBerry!


Yes Please, Since OS2 I am afraid I will wear this one out


Need one for my wife. This could save our marriage. Please!!!!!!

michael steel

week #3 winner - myermian :)


Oh man, it'd be so awesome to win a PlayBook from the awesome folks!


Mr. Kotter! Oooh, oooh Mr. Kotter!


OK greath, if I win I could have a tablet for me only!!! Happy birthday!


I would love to develop on that bad boy. PLease pick me random number.


I want to try a blackberry tablet, because i been playing with the ipads and some of the android tablets. I didn't find neither tablet appealing. My first phone was a blackberry and I always loved RIM, but I want to fall in love with a RIM Blackberry Playbook.


It was great to see that Blackberry Was the main Sponsor at this years NBA All Star Game...Great Move RIM. Keep it coming! RIM in 2012!!!!!


my dream is to have a playbook to go with my curve 9360, im 16 i love crackberry i check it out every morning before class and after school! happy 5 year btw. HOPEFULLY I CAN WIN TO TRY THE NEW OS!!!!! ITS A DREAM


I'm loving Crackberry for having great contests all the time!! Here's hoping the third time is the charm. ;-)


favorite thing about OS2 is the spellcheck /suggestions


What do I love about Crackberry? Everything! I would love to have a PB for my Bold 9900. Thanks in advance for the PB!


You sure know how to celebrate Crackberry...thank you very much


yes ! pick me. my dad will love it.


Would be a perfect compliment to my 9930!


Blackberrys are very cool! Pick me PLEASE


Blackberry makes the world go round


Pura Vida! Loving my PlayBook when I see a client's face lit up with curiosity when I showed them my portfolio on this slick device protected with a beautiful leather case.


Just last night, I went from Win XP Pro to Win 7. Come syncing my PB, Win 7 could not recognize my PB.

A quick search of the CB forums brought me to a thread where a simple solution was suggested. Wham bham, thank you.... The simple solution did indeed solve my issue.

This is what CB is all about, sharing experiences and providing suggestions. Nothing beats support coming from real-time and actual users of the same item you are using.



Please. Please. Please pick me!


great chance for everyone, BB - my passion! i'm really hunger for one, but i cant afford it.


would be very cool win - thank you. Crackberry. And gratz to this week's winner!


First of I love crackberry because of the shop that is more cheaper than some stores here. The forum where everyone shares and learn. The News to keep me updated (honestly i refresh the browser to check when there are new one) and i love the contests and giveaway

I love THE PLAYBOOK because... Well ever since last year with the release im hoping to get one, and it has been my daily routine to check on videos (unboxing,review)
Now with the release of Os2 theres just more to love about!
Messages- what i really need because i manage a lot email accounts daily.
Syncing calendars with my contacts is a one cool feature too. :)
About the gaming, i know after the os2 release we get more games because of sideloading and i found out that there are my most loved emulators on PB.
I love the Os2 update on the appworld where i get to see some featured games and apps (but i do hope they change daily) and unlike itunes where i need to choose credit cards or buy a card which is really taking time, on App world i get to pay via Paypal :D
I also love the print to go that is a great addition on os2 :D

I have so many things to say and reasons to love Crackberry,the Playbook OS2... Now if only i can win on this qnd get a new Playbook :D Ill be super happy! Oh and i can add protection with that $100 free :)


Would love to win this! Especially with the accessories add on!


Blackberry has given so much even with my 8520 I'm getting so much out of it, a playbook has been something I have wanted for some time now it would be awesome to win one. Blackberry No1!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the chance! I want one!


Nough playing around just send my playbook please


I'd love to have a PlayBook with OS 2.0, the best part bein' the Android app compatibility :-D


CrackBerry is simply the best resource anyone owning a RIM device can turn to... I've been doing it for years and I'll certainly continue to do so! Guess I need a PlayBook so I can use all the great CB info to be had now!


2 down, 2 to go! Come on lady luck!!!


Yes free PlayBook please!


It would be great to win this !


Loving Crackberry for all the chances to win a new BlackBerry Playbook!


I wanna load steven king's movie "it" on a playbook and take my ten year old boy to stanley park where it was filmed and get him to watch night..i fully expect him to throw the pb in abject terror, so i could use another one for when mine gets destroyed


I want to have this BlackBerry Playbook 2.0! Please give me this one.:)


BlackBerry Remote is the best reward for BB user.