We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 3rd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2012 05:31 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #3: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com!

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 3 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #2... and that lucky winner is...

Week #2 Winner - carleone2gz

Week three is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #3 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #3 ends Wednesday, March 14th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!



Congrats to winners # 1 and 2!!! It must be incredible to learn you won a PlayBook.

CrackBerry - you are the reason for my Berry addiction. I did an Internet search on a problem, discovered the CrackBerry Nation, and the rest is history. It would then follow that you would want to give me a wonderful PlayBook, eh? Thanks CB!!!

Lets give this thing a go one more time!!! Lets bring this student an awesome surprise!! Could use an awesome portable device!

I'm really excited to use the app "Print To Go" no need for physical printouts..send documents wirelessly to my playbook! Go Green + Save Trees= Win Win :)

The mail apps is so much better. It integrates all my social feeds (facebook, twitter). The interface is so much better too.

I love Blackberry and would love to add the playbook to my collection. It's the perfect size and now with OS 2 it's just perfect period.

With a PlayBook with OS 2.0 you don't need to wait for your slow computer to check/reply your mail, or have to find your glasses to read the mail on your phone.

What I like about the Playbook is the ability to use a mouse and an HDMI out to use to surf the web on a 42 inches plasma TV

What I love about crackberry is the forums. Questions, good or bad, will be answered. I wouldnt be a bb lover if it weren't for the forums and the bb/cb nation

Hopeing 3rd times the charm. Been looking at apps and I want one so bad plus using ut with my TV would rock as well.

I love how with Crackberry you guys release your own facts rather than other rumor sites that don't do that.

Love you guys, hope I win.


I like the PlayBook because it has shown drastic improvement over the last year. Maybe that will continue?

What I love about the PlayBook, can't really say, haven't won one yet!
Now what I love about Crackberry, what's not to love, great site, great people on the site, enough said, right?

So put a Playbook into my hot little paws, and I can gush about it online while using it!

I would love the Playbook it would be great to do all the cool things I have bene reading about with one.

So here we go... Week #3!!!

Count me in. I can admit it. I'm a fanboy to CrackBerry.com!

I've only won on here once. The problem was that I won something that I couldn't attain because my 8310 was out of date. I'm not cryin' a river or anything. I'm just stating the fact is all.

In any case...

Am I winner to Lucky #3? Stay tuned to find out... ;-)

been with crackberry since i got my first pearl in 2008. love the integrated app store. used to use the ringtone and wallpaper databases constantly. now use the newsgroups a ton! love it!

Thanks again Crackberry. You have the best competitions! Starving student still would love a playbook. My blackberry helps get everything else done so a Playbook would just help more!

OS2 was worth the VERY long wait. Native email and the Android Player are only the start since we're all waiting for more Android Apps to get ported to BlackBerry.

I love my playbook. The only thing better would be if I could win one for my kids so I could actually get to use mine!

I really like the bridge function. It makes my 9900 complete. The remote mouse and keyboard is absolutely brilliant. Way to go RIM! the new os2.0 just makes playbook shine like a star. Yes playbook lacks horsepower, but the software update makes it on par with the other tablets on the market. Also, the size is absolutely perfect, good for mobile yet not too small. The added native emails and contact is really a bonus. Saves all the trouble of syncing as everything is done through the cloud. I haven't got the funds to get a playbook but would really appreciate it a lot if i ever get any. Thank you very much.

I'd love a PlayBook for my mom. My parents have iPhones and I want to introduce her to BlackBerry. What better way?!

I'm using my PlayBook for school. Thanks to CrackBerry I am learning tons of tips and tricks.

Would a second one that way the wife and kids will leave mine for me to play with. Such a cool device having played with all the others nothing matches it

The answer to your question is very simple. OS 2 was a huge upgrade from the last OS. The native applications as well as the ability to run Android apps was great. As far as Crackberry goes, there are so many great things about you guys. You provide us with great information about our devices, reviews, and awesome contests! This one is a perfect example of that. Thank you for everything that you do.

Honestly, I'm not quite sure WHAT OS2 did that's "better," but it inherently IS. I liked the gesture UI far greater than any other tablet (yes, I own "that other thing"), but since the OS2 update, I've been using the PB more often (and seeing a slight uptick in my battery life despite this). Very odd. But very welcome. "It does everything it needs to do just a little bit better, thus increasing the experience of using it by a lot." Nebulous, I know...

Please pick me just had my school bag stolen with my laptop and pb. Don't want to have to rebuy both. Thanks for the great contest

third try at this, hope i can win, would love the playbook and the hundred bucks giveaway on accesories

I like the playbook because of all the new apps that are there but I can't get them because my blackberry phone doesn't have 2.0 os. So that's why i want a blackberry playbook, to play more games. :D

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thy slim and sleek form factor
When my hands gently touch thee.

I love how thee bridges my desire for companionship.
The visual ratio and HDMI out.

I love thee 1.0 but even more 2.0.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee with passion put to use

I shall not love another; even if the fruit is an apple.

I shall but love thee better after death.

So much better now that os 2.0 is on it, I still think that Bridge is the best feature, being able to send BBM's while my phone is lost somewhere in the house is brilliant.

I would love to win! And I was just curious if it was possible to take the money for the accessories to get more memory for the playbook? Pick me please!!!

I love my PB. His name is Betty. It's neat how he consolidates contact information into one place and writing emails or social media updates just works. Plants vs Zombies is fun too. Now if you'll excuse me, it's 12 o'clock, and time for Betty's nap!

Lucky Number Three!

CrackBerry is the best because of all the people here who are always willing to help!

seems kind of needy that I keep repeating why I would love another playbook, but i'll say it again lol because crackberry is awesome and giving us lots of chances to win :)

I would love to win one for my girlfriend to video chat with me when I get leave with the Canadian Forces this spring:) anyway if I don't win Ill always go buy one since they are such a great price.

I love the apps the most. Ever since 2.0, I've been filling up my playbook with games! I hope I win!

I would love to win one for my dad! Loving the new PIM features, and the generous CrackBerry community for doing this! ;)

Wish Crackberry a happy birthday AND win a Playbook? That's the kind of multitasking you can only find on a tablet from RIM!

i dont have a tablet yet. i would love to have a tablet where i can use bbm on it. hope i will win :)

i love the syle, qnx and how i can work with it !!!

also i love cb for the news, the contests AND the community ;)

so please cb team pick me


The *single* or one of them is the ability to create folders and moving that folder to the app bar. When opened and a app is launched it closes the folder automatically. Pick me for the new Playbook.

Ah, the beauty of the CrackBerry contest - hanging desperately on the edge of reason (not stating all the things you would do to be a winner) while pretending to be calm & collected.

As a 1 man company with little amount of work coming in (which = less $$), I would absolutely love to win this contest. I would be able to feel what all the RIM & CrackBerry loyalists have already experienced.

I'll also try this one: pick me please!

Congratulations - carleone2gz

Crackberry pleaseeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeee.......

I want a playbook
I want to be a winner
I need a playbook
Rock and roll my life and make me a winner

Love how there's always something new to read on crackberry for the guy who can't get enough of his phone! Hoping for a playbook to videochat with my daughter.

I want a 16g Playbook as a reward for defending my PB's honor....someone asked me if it was a Fire! How dare you! (since 2.0) Playbook make the Kindle fire look like a soldering ember.

I really love Crackberry because they are always keepin' me informed of what's up with RIM and they always have the best contests to give me the opportunity to win the most incredible prizes

Fast, clear, simple and so well made!

Just brillant!

That's why I love my Blackberry playbook!


I'm asking Canadians to buy everything RIM, especially the Playbook; why you asked...
#1. Playbook is Canadian
#2. Crackberry, also Canadian promoting Waterloo-Canadian; wow
#3. Pb, handsomely made with a most respectable, professional finish; tough, not flimsy
#4. Original OS, and got even better with the 2.0
#5. Super fast and great graphics
#6. Excellent bed-time tool esp. w head phone watching favorite movies next to sleeping spouse
#7. Did I say...top notch security imbedded? Yes, and built in calenders & emails
#8. Very light and 7" size fit just perfect in my hands
#9. Daily more programs added; we can only get better, always moving and the sky is the limit
#10. When we all buy the pb, we become its ambassadors showing confidence and eventually the world will follow same. Canadians are peaceful and very likeable people, and others trusted us and would only follow suit...

"Do the Right thing & Make your Mother proud"

3rd time's the charm. For me.

Right now I'm really enjoying the enhanced selection of android apps sideloading enables :)

i wish i can won one of playbook 2,0
cant wait trying all of new feature, and 2,0 look great Ui, and It would help me browsing and Txting with Blackberry bridge through my blackberry 9780 connection..
i hope i can win one of it..

thanks for chance crackberry

Because it will be the only way I will experience the full capacity of this playbook being the only one in my family or who I know that has one.

Crackberry is the best...I check here everyday....but I have been entering contests for over 2 years and haven't won.....please let me win this!!

Enjoy Crackberry's reporting on new devices and RIM business in general. Thank you for the great site and news/rumors.

I love my playbook os 2.0 more than ever because of the android apps & the bridge remote. I am using my bold9780 to type. It feels amazing.
I hope I win this 1.

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

Congrats to carleone2gz!

Again, I'd love to win a PlayBook just to have a portable device to use for school work. I hope I win at least one of the four PlayBooks!

Thanks CB for the awesome contest! :)