We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 3rd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2012 05:31 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #3: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com!

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 3 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #2... and that lucky winner is...

Week #2 Winner - carleone2gz

Week three is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #3 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #3 ends Wednesday, March 14th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!



i want a blackberry playbook please. i want to find out what is the craze about playbook .. i already owned an ipad 1.

Playbook has a very bright screen, much brighter than other tablets I've tried.

It would brighten my day to win one.

OMG I would sooooo show off a shiny new Playbook <3 and RIM would love me to 'cause I am an online/offline teacher, and students & parents always love my gadgets (often getting one for themselves too). :o)

New to this website... Its funny how I got here. A week ago I did not want to ever buy a blackberry maybe because I thought they all looked the same and that the messaging service was expensive but then just a few days back I got a brand new Blackberry Curve 9360 (White colour- My Fav) and I have been using it for atleast 4 days now and I must say that I'm enjoying it. Still got to figure the NFC... I was also out and about taking a look at the different tablets available and a friend suggested that I check out the black berry play book and so I decided to go to the local blackberry dealer and take a look at it but returned disappointed as he said that " blackberry playbooks dont sell well here in India" he also said " I can sell you the playbook but you cannot try it or even take it out of the box" and then attepting to learn more about the play book I found this web site... Hope to learn more about the play book...

I need my tablet to be able to access the internet and read pdf's and e-books. Maybe a little gaming and movies... Any suggestions are welcomed...

Greetz from germany @crackberry!
I still have no PB for my Bold 9900, this combination is so cool.The OS update is a really good thing...please pick me!

Frankly speaking, I don't have strong desire to try a Playbook. I just wonder when I can have a BBX phone, best with a QWERTY keyboard.

I wish I could win a Playbook because I am a Red Cross volunteer and being able to bridge my phone to the Playbook to have web access while at a fire or while on disaster deployment is one of the most important features that the Playbook has on it for me. That way I could access the web sites that I need when out in the field helping clients. Thank you.

I should be the one to get it, but ok - so close ;-)

carleone2gz is so luck - (He has love and playbook :P ) - Pick me now I have deep love for CB, virtual love for Playbook (I have hope for real love :)))))))))))))))))))))))) )

I have never gotten any sophisticated device for free. I have never lost hope on that just yet, the rush of feeling that I might one this time its consuming me...RIM its making its come back with the new update on Playbook, I like the software for its security and the sync skills, CB is always there when I need to clarify tweaks and learn tips and tricks about this unique BB software, kudos, CB!

I love that my playbook's "user friendly" file manager places my web browser's image cache in the photos section by default. It keeps my web browsing humble.

I really like the speed and the user interface of Playbook, very nice work! If I could onyl win one of those... :)

WaWaWieWAaa Me like! ;) try to get one overseas with this contest. Please Crackberry, show some love to the Blackberry country #1. Show some love to the Netherlands!

Love crackberry as it is a forum for blackberry lovers to exchange views about the tips and updates for the device. With it, no matter you are novice or experienced user, you may learn more about the hints making full use of the playbook and discover more about the beauty of OS2.0. The crackberry is the key to digging out the treasure of the playbook, energized by the OS 2.0.

I like that since they finally added the PIM featuers it is now a real bussiness tool rather than a toy. I would use one of these to try to implement it on every level of my company, i don't care that much about apps since we always have specifically built apps for the company.

In the business we have we manufacture, sell and install alternative energy systems (solar energy mainly) so a well built app and the portability of the playbook would work wonders since I would be able to check on all intallations, review inventory on the go and make product orders at the same time being able to do the sporadic ppt presentation taking advantage of the remote functionality and its hdmi output.

I hope i get luky so I can try it, and hopefully if it works as expected I can deploy it trough the company.

The new features that i like about the Playbook OS 2 is that it is more convenient for users. Like one can have separate pages for his favorite apps he can even club his apps under one roof or a heading. The most important feature that a person can now install ANDROID APPS. I'm just loving the new update.

i like the playbook because of its size, it fits perfectly on my coat when im on the hospital and helps me carry around books and important documents i need to take care of patients

I love the videochat feature and the size of the Playbook because it is perfect for my mother who has cancer and cannot hold anything heavy for long.

I love Playbook for the size, user interface, and graphics, I love Crackberry for keeping the enthusiasm going for Blackberry products and I want another one so I can talk face to face with my sister!


Playbook is portable, fast and with android apps - it's simply amazing and i'd love to have one

Huge update in productivity and sellability. I've had more people asking after the playbook now that it can port android apps. And the kids love the predictive text game.

I love the way like a developer, how I can port an Android native app into a Blackberry app! ;)
If I'd have a test device I would be insired to write more and more app to this platform for fun!

In less than a month I will be hitchhiking and exploring the world, from Western Canada to Europe , the Middle East, and Asia. The playbook will be a cheap and very effective communication tool as I travel and blog along the way. I plan on buying one, but hell if I can save $200 for my trip, then that's pretty awesome.

thank you for the chance.

I am new in the blackberry world, and after finding your site trough google, I must say that it has been a wonderful source of information. Keep up the good work.

Love how Crackberry always has the best contests. Good luck to everyone. I'd really love this though!

this is my biggest wish to win and play with a blackberry playbook os 2.0
i give away my pc the same day.
thanks to CB i have a change to do this.

I believe that the playbook is the most amazing tablet on the market! Please, please, please, pick me for this. The possibilities are endless with it. I can work on the go, stay connected, and have a mobile office. I can be a better employee, stay connected better and become more organized. Please choose me as I would LOVE to own this amazing playbook!

OOOOO...this would be an answer to all my problems, i would love one of these , its been recommended to me by a friend who swears by this ..please let me be lucky :))

I would really appreciate a new PlayBook. This awesome device would perfectly work with my BB Torch to improve my productivity in my own company. With new OS 2.0 Contacts I would always be prepared to meet new clients and I will never mistake their names!
Also it would help me to make the best of my time to be more efficient and have more free time for my family.
And last but not least I could follow CrackBerry news all the time! :)

Being a new member of the Blackberry culture I have been searching Crackberry extensively and needless to say they have an answer for everything, just like the know-it-all kid that sat next to you in science class... :P

Love everything about OS 2.0, but especially the new video chat and email apps! Crackberry is stellar as always - staying relatively positive in a world that seems set on destroying RIM haha

I love my Playbook because I can read my ebooks more comfortably than through my netbook and I can access all my multimedia files with a better screen real estate. The size is just very nice!

Posted through my Playbook.. Keyboard is really good too :)

Ok I would really love to have a Blackberry Playbook. Currently BBs are really popular here in Barbados but I haven't seen any one with a playbook so Crackberry could you hook a sista up....

I'd love a Playbook running 2.0. What I love about Crackberry? Honest writing and the ability your writers have to not be close minded on the benefits of other OS. We at Crackberry nation understand the uphill battle we're facing and so do you. Lots of exciting times for Blackberry users. Here's to hoping BB 10 is great.

Not having the chance to on a PB yet!

But things have made me revert to the Blackberry again from the iPhone...that's gotta mean something right?!

So yes, please and thank you Crackberry!

I don't own PB yet - just preparing to get one. PB is for me something like an energizer these days. Everytime I feel bad or just down, I simply read some news about PB or watch new video (game or app review...). And It's better - I just love this little miracle. And getting it from CrackBerry? Can't imagine a better gift :)

Love how informative CrackBerry is for anything regarding BB products.. and would like to own a PB!!

I love the ease of development on the Playbook, from what I've read, native SDK, Java, AIR, you name it.

As a developer, I really want to start developing for Playbook, but don't have one, so I'd be more than happy to win!

not sure if i posted yet but crossing my fingers yet again! hoping to experience the pb will my 9900 go CB!

I am creazy for BB just dowloand betazone twiter 3.0, facebook 3.0 anf BB mesenger 2.0...just want to win the playbook.......please.....

Bought a Playbook, wife tried it , now she wont give it up :(

I liked the native email and the Print to Go functions when I did get to use it

Yeah, it would be cool to win! I'd give my current Playbook to a friend who really wants one, but is Terrified by the idea...

Crackberry is an awesome website!!!!! I check the site every time I get on my PB I have the RSS in both of my news readers and both apps ob my phone and PB. I would love another playbook to give to a family member as a gift.... If not there's always next week. :)

I am loving the new email. Now I am able to attach pictures, a LOT of them right from the pictures folder super fast compared to how I was doing it before. I blog and take pics all day and now I can access my pictures super fast and easy.

I love the new ui and integration of everything! I would love another pb to be able to vid chat with my family while I'm away on military commitments

I don't need (another) one for myself, but would love to be able to replace my son's. It was stolen a month or so ago, about a week after he bought it.

Of course i hope to win too. But I really am very impressed with the Playbook. My friend's iPad 2 is nice, but my Playbook cost 1/3 the price and the hardware is better, and I really love the QNX os. Impressive. Now with so many Android apps available for Playbook, there's no shortage of apps either.

Id really love to win this. crackberry is the best site on the internet and has haleped me figure out what i want to do with my life! thanks crackberry

Need to win this to take pictures and video of my new baby boy that was just born on Monday!!!!

I want to win because i never have one of this tablet and I love BB the interfaz it very nice. It simple, it is BB

I originally purchased the playbook when it first was released but was disappointed due to lack of built in email and other features. So I gave my wife my playbook and purchased an IPAD. Since the new software update I have given my wife my IPAD2. She doesn't like the IPAD because of the size so we are both using the PLAYBOOK and my kids are using the IPAD. Having my own playbook would be GREAT!!!!!!!Lets go a step further, today I returned my IPHONE 4S to BestBuy and ordered the Blackberry Bold 9930 for sprint. LETS GO RIM, IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!


I originally purchased the playbook when it first was released but was disappointed due to lack of built in email and other features. So I gave my wife my playbook and purchased an IPAD. Since the new software update I have given my wife my IPAD2. She doesn't like the IPAD because of the size so we are both using the PLAYBOOK and my kids are using the IPAD. Having my own playbook would be GREAT!!!!!!!Lets go a step further, today I returned my IPHONE 4S to BestBuy and ordered the Blackberry Bold 9930 for sprint. LETS GO RIM, IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!


I love everything about the playbook. Looks, features, multi tasking just everything and I want one. I'm sick of just playing and using them in stores. I can't afford one. So please! Pick me. Crackberry and blackberry playbook rules!!!!

I love crackberry because it gives me all the latest info, and helped me bring to life my dead blackberry that I nuked for some uninformed reason to load a new theme. Without you guys I would have been out of touch from the world without a blackberry!!!!

Blackberry bold 9000, Os: JSL 9000 v7.0

BlackBerry smartphone can work as a keyboard and mouse for your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet giving you wireless remote control of your tablet.

Built-in messages, calendar, contacts and video chat apps are all at your fingertips so you’re always ready to create, connect and communicate.

With an unmatched web experience, real-time multitasking and blazing fast dual core processor, the PlayBook delivers powerful performance in an ultra-portable design.

It is a very useful and enjoyable!!!

I'm afraid my knowledge is very limited...

So I Possibly fall in the brackets of being ...A New World Slacker......

My Expertise reaches the dizzying heights Of ...

What are all these Buttons ?

And Why So Many Flashing Lights. ?

However I'm looking forward to having my questions Answered With Crackberry..

Rim did a good job. The playbook and blackberry combination is the best tablet and smartphone integration in the world!!

If I win it will solve all my problems... My wife has been asking me to buy one for her from a long time....

As a Chinese BBer ,I love playbook very much ,although it doesn't have Chinese system even Chinese input, I believe it will have ,We Chinese BBers will suppor Playbook and Blackberry for ever! Thank you!

As a Chinese BBer ,I love playbook very much ,although it doesn't have Chinese system even Chinese input, I believe it will have ,We Chinese BBers will suppor Playbook and Blackberry for ever! Thank you!

The Playbook caught my eye right away! Since I'm careful about love at first sight I had to research/compare, etc. The more I learned the more I wanted it but could not afford it :(. Waitin' 'til I get my money riiiiiiiiiight!!!

Love my pb email work so much better than ipad, won an ipad recently and I was disappointed so I sold it and kept my pb but mine is only 16gb would like to win one with more gbs

Love my Blackberry and would love to have BB Playbook to bridge to, especially with the new BB Playbook Mini Bluetooth Keyboard releasing soon.


Well seems I am going for eye surgery soon and the small screen on my blackberry is hard to see the playbook would help my eyes being able tos ee it better.

Would love to re-engage with BB with a Playbook and so much to look forward to with BB10 coming down the road!

i bought one here it Calgary, but my brother is in Toronto. i would love another one so we could use the video chat feature, and of course play some multiplayer modern combat 2.

jose how do i download a movie into my BB playbook???? i'm going on a trip, and I'd like to buy and download movies.... where and how????

i'd love to own one ...................... always been a fan but never able to afford one :( ....... if i win i am for ever happy because of CB <3

I was an iphone/ipad user till I've seen the capabilities of the Blackberry playbook and I was amazed on how it function so well compared to the ipad. To be honest BB/PB is amazing and there not another combination like this....... BB FTW

I love the Playbook and the new operating system. I especially like Adobe and being able to take documents with me on the go. And having Docs to Go makes it easier for me to keep up with business and important paperwork on the go.

I try the playbook in the retail shop and become crazy for its shape, panel quality and the unique operating system. The new OS makes the playbook deserve the name of "playbook". As the awesome email system integrated into calendar and contact, users could keep close contact with friends to make appointments and gatherings. The availability of more apps via android player provides more choices for user to have more enjoyment with the versatile playbook. As I still need to save money for buying the playbook, my dream of having this awesome tablet would be realized earlier if I am offered a free playbook.

Crackberry... keep me in the BB family with a Playbook. My daughter learned to throw and my 8330, which was on it's last legs, is now almost not even serviceable, just not sure what to move to next. And I would love to give the wifey an Android tablet and have a Playbook all to myself!!!

So it seems that this is my last chance to win one of these fabulous little gadgets.... Please pick me Crackberry! Combined with the official keyboard that Rim are releasing, the playbook would be just perfect and very useful in my everyday life. On top of all that they don't sell them where i live, so I can't even buy one unless i go abroad!
Choose me, you know you want to ;)

Would love to win the playbook!! I'm an absolutely fan of crackberry!! It's my daily blog!! A must for every BB-Addict!! So would be very happy if U guys pick me!! :) Thanx

:-) love this website, it has helped me out with choosing my blackberry and actually getting an understanding of it vaste capabilities. thanks crackberry!

After I went to iPhone for the seamless integration with all my Macs in my pro photography/video production environment, I immediately missed the wonderful email BlackBerry has. I've since had a longing for a new BlackBerry smartphone, and the PlayBook has been just as much of a longing. I need decent mobile email!

Although I have owned a Blackberry since 2008, I am still relatively new to CrackBerry. My brother has been a huge proponent of your website, as he is a rabid Blackberry fan and user as well. I am a college student, so I would love to have a Playbook, as I can use it during class to take notes among other things. Also, since my brother lives in China, we can potentially video chat, which would be very neat as I live in the States.