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BlackBerry still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, Bridge update now available

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We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 3rd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2012 05:31 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #3: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from!

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 3 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #2... and that lucky winner is...

Week #2 Winner - carleone2gz

Week three is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #3 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #3 ends Wednesday, March 14th at Midnight PST.


2 more to go.. wish i am the one of two ;P


Oh how I need this! For myself and my son.


I hope I win one. Crackberry rocks!


add me to the list too. Good luck all.


Hey whats up ! I want a new PlayBook so I can Video Chat with my Wife ! Let's do it to it !


hmm this is an awesome tablet. even better with bb remote!
hook me up pls.


I Love My Playbook.
Its not a love at first sight (because my love at first sight was on my blackberry torch 9800), but our relationship is getting deeper n more intense. I can have my e-mails on Playbook, reading books, play movies, playing games, and the best of all is: i can also open my BBM on playbook. With os 2.0 on board, Android apps also available, so Playbook is attract me more and more.
well, i think our relationship is now a threesome. Me, Playbook and my old love: Blackberry Torch 9800. Reliably PlayFull.

Now we're happily ever after... until one of them low battery.



I'll be like, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Crackberry!" If I win!


I would love to have one of this, unfortunately in my coutry they sell playbook very expensive, overpriced. All of my friend using android because cheaper and I still stick to Blackberry.


WhAtS nOt tO lOvE aBoUt Os 2.0


Here's my entry. I love how Crackberry's always giving back to the fans.


I need another Playbook so my kids will stop asking for mine...please!!


Goodluck Everyone. Thanks Crackberry


Loving the playbook and OS 2.0 !!


Loving the Android app player!!


OS 2.0 is awesome. Even my friends who have iPads are impressed with what it can do.


Would love to have one!!!!


One for work would be awesome


I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome stuff CrackBerry. I really like now that PlayBook 2.0 is out that the detractors have nothing left to complain about with the PlayBook, it simply works and does all that it should.


I should win because I'm so diehard BlackBerry I just traded a Mytouch4g for a beat up 8900 just because I want to restore it to it's factory glory. I know most people would think I got a terrible deal, but maybe y'all will make this the sweetest deal with a Playbook.


Behold the winner post!


I love the wonder that OS 2 has brought to the already awesome PlayBook! My computer is jealous of all the time I now spend using it to surf the net, check email, go on Facebook, video chat and use BlackBerry Messager to talk with my hubby when he's at work, take photos and play games too. Even my BlackBerry Torch 9800 feels neglected because after getting my 16 GB PlayBook only use it to bridge my PlayBook and make an occasional phone call. Please pick me so I can give one to my mother!


I love OS2, especially the remote function.


os 2.0 playbook with native email will definitely help with the family business!! id love one


Today I'm hoping to get lucky, A playbook is certainly on my wish list. Thank u crackberry for these awesome competitions.


YESSS! I want a Playbook, would be a perfect combination next to my BlackBerry.


Pick me, pick me, please!


Count me in...

genius borders insanity...welcome to the line in between...


I really would love a playbook.


What I like about the Playbook and/or OS that its much easier to navigate and organize the applications. Not to mention the social integrations within the calendar and messaging app! Definitely a big improvement and step forward from the initial OS release last year. Slowly but surely :) *hope I win so my brother can enjoy a PB too!*

Miss Zeta

Wow, this list is long, but I'm feeling lucky...


The OS 2.0 is simply awesome! Though not perfect , but I look forward to better enhancements to it. Of course the more android apps are ported over, the happier we will be!

Along with the ever-so-beautiful screen, best sounding speakers (on tablet), I love playbook to the bits!! :D


looking awesome...hope it will be mine.


Won't win it this time either


I could really use this wonderful piece of technology. My computer just broke down.


2 time unlucky, hopefully lucky 3rd time. Thanks Crackberry for the contest.


I tried a new Playbook OS 2.0 out at the store and love it. I like how it connects to my Blackberry Curve to tether to the internet even though my Curve doesn't have tethering.

I also think its cool how I can use my Curve as a remote control on the Playbook. And when I get a phone call, it showed up on the screen of the Playbook.



Use my buddies Playbook all the time. Now I need one of my own. Ever since 2.0 came out......just that much more awesome!!

Thanks Crackberry!!



The thing I currently love most about my playbook with 2.0 is the Print To Go! So easy and so quick! It helps me to study, helps me to keep my sh*t together and organized! Next thing, I love that I feel more in touch with Blackberry since I started reading Crackberry on a daily basis! It widens the spectrum of the Blackberry Experience. Keep it up Crackberry!


Just found out about this website and I'm loving it!! :D


Yes! I want one! : )


Thank you for creating this contest, I am loving the look and feel of the new calendar and contacts applications on 2.0! I hope I win.


Oh man! I missed out on the first 2! What was I doing?! I would love a playbook though!


I would love another playbook so my kids could video chat with their grandpa.


Help, I'm surrounded by iPads!
So I'd really love a Playbook..

Thank you Crackberry for giving me this fixation as a way of enriching my life.


wooo i want a PlayBook!


Would love to have another PB! :)

Bold 9900 7.0.590


I would love a brand new Playbook. Just saying!


yes please now it is more appealing


I would absolutely love to have a Playbook.
I just got rid of Android phone to come back to a BlackBerry Bold

Jim K.


Let it be me..... ;)


This would be pretty awesome. My friend has one, and it's pretty sweet. :-)


I must say that after receiving a playbook during my xmas R & R from my spouse it works great here in Afghanistan. The fact that the battery lasts long enought to watch about 2 movies and the high resolution games available makes it great during downtime.

A free one would mean that I can do the video chat with the spouse......hopefully I get it. Thanks!


It would be great for someone in the Caribbean to win this Playbook. I hope I am the one.


I've never used a tablet, because I think it is not really usable. But looking at the Playbook 2.0, I really want it. I do not need Transformer =) or iPad, but exactly Playbook 2.0.


I would really love one please!


M.N. Pick me!!.....what I love about the pb is that it's blackberry


This is my first ever comment (and request). Can I PLEASE have a playbook :). Thank You!!


i love playbook and crackberry!!


I love my blackberrys. A playbook would go wonderful with them :)


Blackberry does this well recognized. and of course with improvements. i had it in hands in a store to and I got very warm . Now I must save some money to try it but it's worthit. each product blackberry is convincing. once you go for blackberry you will enter directly into the marriage and your name will be blackberry.


Luck is something I don't really have but I pray with this I would be lucky for once


Let me win this for my wife so we can finally start video conferencing with our shiny playbooks.


pllssssssss count me in....i want this soooooo badleeeeeeeee .......btw thanx for this giveaway ....crackberry nation u guys rockkkkkkkk ;)


Need a Playbook to evangelize about what an amazing tablet it is.


Paraphrasing my daughter "PleasePleasePlease, pick me uuup" :D


I want a Crackberry Crackbook for college :D


Will have to win Playbook to see what it can really do. Teasers are leading to envy. Crackberry is fun and informative. Make my day!


Hey, only over 4000 participants, I have a chance to win this little marvel then !!! :)

thanks Crackberry for your excellent site and resources !

please, thaink about me when you pick-up :)


My BB9900 is currently single and is looking for it's soulmate, the Playbook w/ OS 2.0.


Would LOVE one, wouldn't mind taking this awesome tablet with me over to Afghanistan this summer!! Hope I'm the third lucky winner! Congratulations to the other two winners!


Playbook travelling to Greece?...YES!


Crackberry is where I get my fix for the latst info on RIM products apps and accesory reviews. Keep it going!!!!!


I know crackberry won't read this, but I will keep sending this comment. I never use a playbook, just got my Torch 9860 and it is nice if i can get a playbook and try to used it since i'm a game-maniac. i'm not a gadget geeks so I can't tell what good and what bad about playbook coz i never get a chance to use it. Thanks for reading this if i'm chosen then maybe i'm the lucky man from Malaysia :)

Keep on motivate

p/s : sorry for my bad english. well at least i'm trying :P


Would love to have one. It's one of the only RIM devices I haven't actually laid my grubby paws on.


I love the implementation of the native PIM in OS 2.0! Its a beauty to use.


CB is the only website I can go to, to get my daily dose of blackberry love!!


i hope i get lucky to have one of these in the palms of my hand

Fabien Barel

i want this like a present to my birthday!! ужас как хочу!!!! ma tahan selle! mulle meeldib see asi!

Erik L

Love CB for its awesome info and contest, and for opening them worldwide:)


Pick me please! my whole family is a BB fan :)


I love CrackBerry cause they will give me this Playbook ;)


Fun contest! And that is just one of the many reasons I love CB ;)


3rd time is the charm!


IM IN!!!!

well done winners :D


Only because I deserve it!!


Thank you crackberry for the opportunity! Have never won anything, hope this would be my first!!!


Loyal Crackberry fan since '07! Pick me please! :)

Big V 1978

I would LOVE to win the Blackberry Playbook !

I am from South Africa, the pricing here is ridiculous and isn't opening the marker for RIM.


Thank you Crackberry for the opportunity!! Have never won anything, hope this to be my first!!!


Bridge with my BB is awesome, especially with the new remote control features.
But I'm travelling right now and don't want to pay roaming, so it's great to have the new 2.0 native e-mail on wifi!

I've given 3 PB's as gifts so far... Will be happy to get another one of my relatives PlayBookified!


I would like to win one 'em .... :D

Thanks for an oppurtunity #CrackBerry


Thank you for everything Crackberry! I have to say my favorite new feature is the new Bridge using the remote from your Blackberry. Two thumbs up! Now RIM, lets get these BB10 devices out and lets shoot for the top again! GO RIM!


I have a new Playbook being shipped to me right now! The first two things I'm going to do is upgrade to OS 2.0 and then check out the awesome community here at CrackBerry from my Playbook!

If I win a second Playbook, I would give it to a family member so that we can become CrackBerry addicts together!


A playbook would be awesome!!!


Playbook - the greatest tablet!


how to win a blackberry playbook


Having never won anything till date. I think it would be great if I was to win one, If not then Congrats to the winner.

God Bless

Vishal M Mehra


Yeeeah! Let's go.... Maybe i'll win at third time!!! :-)


I love all PIM applications.


Yes, I would love a Blackberry Playbook to compete with my friends IPad.


I was waiting for Ipad update to check which one was better. PlayBook defenitely is a better deal.
If I don't win it, I'll buy it.


The playbook is really a play book at my house. with both my 4yr daughter and wife enjoying it.
(they mostly play kid games and watch kids rhymes...)
I use it to play a few games too. the latest offer of the free versions of Modern Combat 2 and Asphalt 6 Adrenaline is an icing on the cake


The new OS has turned my playbook into a new device. I love:

- New bridge with remote capabilities
- Ability to load many android apps
- Love the crackberry forum with over 300 converted android apps

This is the only tablet which basically let's you run to Tablet OS. Used to take my playbook to work once in a while before OS 2. Now, I take it with me everyday! Loving it!




Nice would love to win one! Playbook madness!


I really need that one :)


I never win anything = (


with this amount of competitors, the chances are that i will go to the moon than win something...worth trying :)


This week is my turn....



Proud to be BB
Torch 9860
Playbook 16GB

If it makes sense it just makes sense


Its worth trying :-) - because OS 2.0 has shed some light onto this PlayBook offering us Crackberry followers something to talk about. Just look at this level of interest, I don't think this PlayBook is a fail rather a diamond in the dirt.



In Germany we have a Proverb: "Aller guten Dinge sind drei!"

The Translation is: "The best things come in threes!"

Maybe I become the third winner of the wonderful BlackBerry Playbook...


I'd like a crackberry playbook because os 2.0 makes the playbook a great tablet. love the android app player


Would like to win one.
& Thanks CrackBerry for giving me all the latest and the best stuff on BlackBerry!


Please put my name in the hat - cheers!


Pick me my wife like to use mine and i never get a looking sometimes or when i do the battery is dead.
help me crackberry your my only hope


One of the few reasons i'd love a playbook is to further enjoy the world of Blackberry and ofcourse keep an eye on Crackberry from that !


Third chance! Lucky number :D


I could use another playbook!


Yes please, i would love to have a Playbook.


I'm loving the playbook because it's blackberry! Can't help but love it.


Please select me this time. pls pls pls


I find is the most informative website on the topic BlackBerry.
I really would love to win a Playbook is it is not possible to officially buy it in Hungary yet.


Hey, check the - the first playbook blog for hungarian PB users :)


That would be the perfect gift for my birthday this week!
And you guys at CB are really great! Thanks for all the informations about our favourite smartphne brand!


Crackberry, Playbook and Winner are my favourite words :-)


Loving how much Love the playbook is getting now and crack berry is the center of it all!


I would love BB Playbook to show off to my friends


With OS2 playbook is the best. I want one


If I don't win that PlayBook, I'm just gonna buy one.
Now with 2.0 it's the greatest tablet of all time and it works perfectly with my 9900 :)


Come on! give me one already!!


Please give a new playbook, my son and my wife don't let me play with mine !!!! :)


I would look so cool with the playbook, specially with os2. Gimme, gimme....


Want to, Got to, Play - Play - Play on this awesome PlayBook !

making music equals living!


I want it :D

Because My Mother enjoys reading electronic newspapers all the day, also she enjoys reading twitter updates regarding the Egyptian Revolution which happened a year ago. So I wanted to gift her the greatest device on the earth.

I enjoy the Native Email the most in OS 2.0 being a website owner and developer on AppWorld now. Emails mean a lot to me!


Need one and would love one. Thanks for the competition!!


Crackberry is my way of keeping in touch with news for my blackberry bold. I have been playing on the playbook of a friend, and would love it not to travel 3 miles to play with it ;).. At first the playbook was 'nice'.. with 2.0 it is Awsome! :). Please let me have my very own copy =]


I hope I can win in the Nederlands ;) :D


Crackberry is the real reason I'm back to blackberry. Love my 9900 and need a playbook to enhance the experience.


Its now a Win Win situation for OS2 and Buy buy for Os1 !!!


The palybook with the new os is awsome. Thanks crackberry for giving 4 away. I want mine


Is it my turn yet?!? Pretty Please?


Looking forward to the day of a 4G PlayBook


This would be great to give to one of my kids!





Yes i want to have one. I want to play with it all day long now that i have access to android apps


I didn't win the 1st or the 2nd, but i think the odds are on my side for this one.


At first, I wanted to get the Playbook, but not for $500 for 16GB. I rather have gotten an iPad2 for that price, but wouldn't get it either because for that price I get a laptop.

But once RIM dropped the price to $200, I bought the 32GB model. Being able to bridge and utilize the internet at no extra cost and the keyboard of my phone is invaluable tool.

Well, my wife wants a Playbook for (like me) more for work, but also some playtime. While I'm going to get her one, I would like to get my Dad a Playbook as well. He's a warehouse manager and could use a tablet to operate his spreadsheet while away from his desk, but I would like to use the video chat to stay in touch with him.

The Playbook has really replaced my need for a laptop, and it would do the same for my Wife and Dad.


I need one to help grow my business.


I found this site looking for apps for the playbook. I learned how to use the print to go feature from a video here. Lucked out to have found a site that can answer all my blackberry questions. Sweet!


It would be great to get this Playbook! I am trying to convert some of my friends and family and this would be a great way to do so!


Oh yes, count me in please!


OS 2 is really awesome! Pick me :)


Tablet + android + is blackberry; why would I not want a bb playbook. Good luck, would really help me in developemnt


I would truly enjoy the most portable, useable tablet on the market - pleeeeeease!


Hi everyone :) Just to say I am not currently a fanboy or Blackberry user, but did try out the Playbook and liked it a lot! I came close to buying more than once.

It is a very good device that should get more credit than it currently have. RIM just needs to crack on and work hard and it will pay off in the end! I don't think the Playbook is doomed, just that it needs to get the right message out to show its real potential. How about being able to develop apps straight on the device without the use of other computers?... interface with curiosity more :)


A PlayBook for ME? Why, thank you!


Yow! PlayBook v2.0 i need 1 badly. How badly? Like a bday party need cake. :D


I'd love to tell you why I love OS 2.0, but I've never had the pleasure of using it. I'd like you to fix that :)


If it's free, it's for me and the count of my playbooks equals three.



i want it nooow


Throwin' in my hat for oneb


"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." Basil King.


Yes I would love to have one please

The Fuzz 53

I love the improved browser in 2.0. I need this because my wife is tried of me stealing hers.


good luck to everyone ;)


I would love a playbook, I'm on an old 8900 curve now and upgrading next month (After spilling hot chocolate over my bold 9700!) would go great with a new blackberry 9900!


Please sir can I have some more?


Hi Crackberry
I love my blackberry 9300 and I wanna pair it with a Playbook, none of my friends/family have one so I wanna win to show them how amazing BlackBerry is and to have my own tablet (it would be my first one)
Have a great day guys!!


Oh Good! I need urgently this playbook! I want to substitute my iPad 1 as fast as I can !!!


I would really like to have this to show off to my ipad friends and gloat!!!


i got a PB demo for work as we are looking at giving them to our field reps. I had a hard time giving it back!! Would love to win one for myself. If I win it please don't make me give it back!! Thanks Crackberry!!


Would love one, thank you.


I'd love to have one.

With OS 2.0 the playbook has completely turned the competition around.

I've been following crackberry closely and i think seeing all the comparisons made, the playbook stands a good chance of kicking some serious Galaxy tab & iPad butt.


Pick me! Had to sell my previous one to my father to help pay for necessities.

To get a replacement would be awesome!!! :D


BB + PB, best combo !


I Love Blackberry playbook because it is comptet packege with entertainment ,gaming ,blackberry messenger,photography and off cource it's personality..............i love it


another chance to win.


Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I clearly won both of the last two giveaways, but someone switched out my name! This time, do the right thing and let me win.

I love Crackberry, because it gives me a hub to which I can reference all the people that I've convinced to buy Playbooks!


I'd love to possess a Playbook. I reckon this tablet has much more to offer than what the competition proposes. For any Blackberry abuser, this tablet definitely is a must-have. And now that OS 2.0 is out, there's just THAT much more we can do with it. I'm tired of endless criticism about this device. If i were to win it, i'd show all my iPad owner mates that the Playbook has nothing to blush about, and that RIM still is a major player on today's market. And to answer the question on what i love about Crackberry? The faith.
Yes indeed. The faith you guys still have in RIM and their products, that one too many seem to have lost. I still have faith. Mostly, thanks to you guys. So i'll say plain simply : keep up the great work, because you are a key player in this. Cheers.


LOVE the native e-mail and calender. would love to win! Thanks Crackberry!!


this would be sweet. dont make me buy an ipad.


I would love to win one for my wife... I love mine!



Ackk! How did I miss the first two give aways??!! Sign me uuppp!!


I want another playbook for my sister, shes using an iPad right now and if she had a playbook she could see that she is missing out on the true powers of the Playbook and RIM


I want another playbook for my sister, shes using an iPad right now and if she had a playbook she could see that she is missing out on the true powers of the Playbook and RIM


Remote control feature seems awesome with playbook attached to big screen via hdmi.


Love the remote control app within BB Bridge! :-)


Been loving the PB even more since 2.0! Would love to share the love!


Simply ..........because it makes the playbook better and now I can get androids apps!


win or lose, i am still loving my playbook....


Please me, me, me! :D I really, really, really want one!


If you want to use Playbook Video Chat you need a friend that owns a Playbook or.......
Win this one and give it to a friend. Which possibility is easier??

Have a good day.