We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 3rd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2012 05:31 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #3: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com!

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 3 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #2... and that lucky winner is...

Week #2 Winner - carleone2gz

Week three is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #3 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #3 ends Wednesday, March 14th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 3rd Chance to Win!



I'll Love to read crackberry.com in my couch with a playbook hooked to my flatscreen and bridged with my bb phone.

OS 2.0 is great. Crackberry is the first site I visit in the morning, keep up the great work.

would love a Playbook to accompany my BB Torch. don't own an ipad or touchpad or kindle fire, so hoping 3rd try is a charm. :)

I'm loving the the whole PB experience - remote with my Bold and the new keyboard are my faves about 2.0. Cheers!

Apparently turning 40 gives me "a case of the olds" according to my best friend (who's only 31, harumph!). A Playbook would cure my olds! Plus I just sneak-surprised my husband his very first blackberry (9810 - thank you Crackberry for the heads up on Best Buy Mobile's 2-day sale!!!!) Karma-me, Crackberry!

Since my Blackberry Bold 9000 I am a full Blackberry addict.
Now I got my second Bold, the 9900. I am so glad, that I bought it. I'm really really happy. It's an amazing phone.
Also I'm reading here at least once a week and glad about all the tipps I get here and also in the forums.
Since I am a student and carrying my laptop is sometimes very heavy (especially when I have to carry those books, too) just for some notes and getting the time over at surfing and playing.
I could really use a Playbook and I am sure it will fully satisfy my expectations :)
It's small, fast and a full allrounder but way too expensive for me. So this is my chance. Hope it will last :)

I purchased a playbook when it launched and returned it. After 6 days because of the lack of features. I'd love to see how os 2 changes the game.

Still checking for new apps to side-load everyday. Some are a little buggy. Wish they'd start coming in directly through official channels (app world) as that would raise the popularity of the PB and increase sales. But, we're making progress...

My favorite thing about my Playbook is that it makes my incredibly-hard-to-impress-with-technology wife say, "WOW!"

And if I get one it's going to her.

I'm loving Crackberry because even though I'm broke & can't afford most of the items posted it gives me something to work towards.

it would be great to win this great device most folks cant afford... (me) ... maybe Christmas will come early this year...

Would make a perfect addition to my "stable" of BB products!
OS 2.0 looks like the bomb! Fingers and toes crossed...

Ohh yeaa ! I Would Luv to have a Blackberry Playbook, i would love to see all the features on it !.
Cant wait to see how the video chat is... Please i Really want one .. Thank You

The PB is great! Ever since Deuce.O I been using it a lot more, the games are also getting better everyday! Im constantly checking here to see what's new.

The playbook 2.0 is just amazing! I am verry Jealous that my brother has one and I have been wanting a playbook for soo long now! I think it will change the way I work! I think my blackberry 9900 is verry Lonely without a playbook by its side! I love crackberry!! Its my #1 place to buy my cases for my wonderful 9900! Thanks crackberry!!

Please give me a playboooook. I have been leaving way too many comments already My hands are aching my fingers are blistered. I want a playbook now. jusst give it to me please. i promise I promise i wont umm look at an ipad. before i give my girlfriend and i-ron and she makes me i-hurt. ha ha ha that was quite funny right you have to admit. okthanksbye

The OS2 has been running very well although I do not use the native email, calendar & PIM because I already have those features via bridge. I do enjoy side-loading some android apps on it though.

It would be wonderful if I can win another Playbook for my family members so that we can do video chat and no need to "share" my existing 64GB unit.

I'd love to have one! It seems that all the neat, exciting, new things are all coming out for the Playbook and I'd so love to get my hands on all of it!!

Congrats to both guys! I would love to be winner number four so I could photoshop a BlackBerry PlayBook onto the I Am Number Four movie poster!!

I want to win one too! I need a big brother to my 9900 so i can buy some more apps better then the little storage that the 9900 has...YOU DON"T HAVE TO READ PASS THIS<<<< THE WINNER IS RIGHT HERE :)^^^^^^

im only in highschool and i dont really know about the playbook but it seems like an awesome device. i would really love surfing the net on a playbook

Ah! Tricky! Crackpi loves the size of the PlayBook and believes that the technical aspects of the development behind it is superior to Apple.

Please let me win a Playbook it will bring harmony to my family. We only have one and my family fights over it all the time.

I NEED one.

O.S. 2.0 is pretty awesome and should've been the 1.0 release. Would like to see if it can replace me iPad in certain circumstances!

I just love how it feels natural to use
everything is so easy... best tablet os I tried so far

After using my father's playbook. I love how it works hand in hand with a blackberry. No need for wifi just link to phone. It is a must have for all blackberry users.

The number one thing I love about Crackberry? Their loyalty and their honesty about RIM...and their awesome contests that I never win, but great job anyway! Happy 5th Birthday!!

Crackberry-the only place I go for anything blackberry related,nowhere else.I love you crackberry and by the way Happy belated birthday.

Used a friends Playbook recently and LOVE it! Highly recommend both Blackberry Playbook and Crackberry.. Life cant get any better than that!!!

I love the playbook because Robin in How i Met Your Mother made me love all things from Canada.

On another note, Crackberry is more fun when seeing more pictures of Kevin doing whacked out things.

I love Crackberry.com because of its forums. So many awesome people posting ideas that help other blackberry/playbook users.

I would love a playbook.

I love the interaction whit mi BB and the fact that i dont need to pay another 3G rent.. i can yust use mi BB service whit it.. :)

I yust want one so bad..

Congratulations to the winner. I hope I'm next.....Wow that would be awesome.
THANKS Crackberry for the opportunity!


IT Student here,developing on blackberry smartphones, would love to develop on playbook because of power of C++.

*single* First of all, the PlayBook is better looking the the other tablets. Second, the PlayBook just works. Third, you can't beat the tech.

Oh snap!! I had no idea BlackBerry had a tablet. There must be little promotion for it. Anyway it would be nice to haVe one and synchronize it with my BlackBerry Torch. ☺

#Fingers Crossed

I miss my BlackBerry since my employer decided to pull all BB's and issue the 4s. Winning this would be kind of a "in your face" kind of thing.

Most Amazing Device Ever!!!! Really looking forward to getting my own, but can't afford it!! I hope I win!!!!

I love the remote control feature, the idea of being able to connect to a tv and sit in my bed!

I like the overall experience you can get with the playbook. And, I really think it would help me with my school work.

Some of my family recently moved a way:( I want to use this to communicate so i don't miss them so much!

I have a Blackberry 9300 and a Blackberry playbook would be an awesome compliment, Crackberry you are the bestest for info and for prizes. Good Luck to all

I love my portable Playbook because it gives me a real multitasks which iPad never does and its smoothness and speed are really comparable to the other tablets in the market . I can learn piano with tutorial video and pdf-format music sheet opened on PB at the same time without pausing either one.

I would say--- the blackberry playbook 2.0 is flawlessly working like liquid... Another awesome thing is the support group in crackberry, you'll never be wrong...

Having fun side-loading android apps in 2.0 and would love to have another PB to video chat with my brother...

Love the how it feels on my hands, love the quality of the production, love the BlackBerry Logo on the back of the PlayBook, love the perfect size of it, love that I can hold it with one hand perfectly and the other just tapping the screen, love the smoothness and the responsiveness of the of the finger gestures of the QNX,...........etc, love it because it's BlackBerry and it's fucking awesome.

So I can prove to my family and friends that the fruit company is not the only game in town. And that the PlayBook is the best value!

I would love to have a playbook it would go well with my Torch and help organize my life even more while I'm in college. I'm sure the CrackBerry website would look great on there as well while I'm surfing the forums!

Congratulations! Would still love a second PlayBook to give to my fiance. I'm loving the remote WAY too much! And you dared to show a picture of a game controller app?! I'm never going to put my PlayBook down once that arrives!

I'm tired of watching apes play with iPads so I hope to win a Playbook and donate it to the local Zoo. :)

I'm a firm believer in supporting my Canadian companies and when they produce excellent products like BlackBerry, then I'm in for a BlackBerry Playbook to go with my BlackBerry Torch!!
Thanks for a great site!

I've been LOVING the blackberry remote. I use it to start and stop the PB video camera from a distance to record stuff (without having to waddle over to the pb and awkwardly poke at the screen and knocking the whole thing down).

I'd give this one to my mama, she can't afford one and is too far away for me to visit, so we could PB video chat!

The blackberry's world is new to me and crackberry.com give me a great help.
I would win the PlayBook, i think it so magic! Convertible cover is magic too :D

I love PlayBook because is the best tablet, easy and professional! My girlfriend would love it :)
Thanks CrackBerry for all your interesting news and offers!

The best thing I love is it has everything I was missing prior to os2 and I now use it daily over my Moto xoom! I travel 80,000- 90,000 miles a year and size matters! Love it.

OS 2.0 sounds great -- and it would be wonderful to win the PlayBook contest this week for my birthday!

Count me in and please pick me to win!

I am Playbook's number one ambassador. I loved it from day one. I watch soccer on it every Saturday morning at breakfast, we watch European TV on our plasma TV via HDMI cable, I recorded my trip to Spain on it, I have read the entire Game of Thrones series on my Kobo app. I even wrote a children's book on it. Now I love it more with the slick new dedicated email, the cool notifications and - my favorite - that little book icon that puts online websites into plain text for easy reading!
When i see those clowns reading on the subway with their iPads, i think they might as well be hauling along their desktops. Wise up! Get a form factor that works! Get a Playbook!

Loving the playbook but the BlackBerry App store needs to focus on quality apps and games. Don't allow fly by night apps and stuff my three year old can develop into the app store.

I would love to share a playbook with my sister for the video chat, as we are both on a different side of the Channel ! :)

Hey Guys!

Nothing would be better than Video Chatting with my Wife while she's away with her playbook. Hook me up plz so I can surprise her one day :)

Great work here...Thanks alot!!!


I love using the WordPress Android app on my husband's PlayBook. So, I'd say may fav feature is the Android player.

I really could use this as a present to my grandmother. school her on some of the workings of the internet, without the confusion of a computer