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60% of BlackBerry PlayBook owners are still perfectly happy using their tablets

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BlackBerry still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, Bridge update now available

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We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 2nd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 2nd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2012 05:56 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #2: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from! 

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 2 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #1... and that lucky winner is...

Week #1 Winner - scooby125

Week two is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #2 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #2 ends Wednesday, March 7th at Midnight PST.


I need a new PB..thanks


Always have been a blackberry fan!! Would love to own a Playbook!!


Alright! Come on free playbook! :)


With all the news for 2.0 , I would love to try it for myself. Thanks


I'm loving that when I first bought it my wife wouldn't look at me when I was using it, and now she gives me dirty looks when I'm on it because she can't use it.


Could use another one of these. One for work and one for play :-D


The New NDK is amazing. So many things to do, not enough time and I'm missing a playbook. Pls make me win!


BlackBerry CrackBerry in 2012!


I'm only dreaming to get this device :)°°


Love the new OS 2 so much I want a second playbook!!!


I like it because of it's size and also is very much cheeper then other with the same memory.


I loves the crackberry and all that is stands for


I like the playbook ui


I want a PlayBook so bad. I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!


I'd love to win! I love how Crackberry is so full of spirit and supportive. I feel like one with you guys!


Perhaps a case of second time lucky?

you sir name

What am I loving about CrackBerry!? These insane contests, for sure!!! Thanks CB!


Welp, congrats Scooby on your PlayBook!

Time for me to win one... :D


Os 2 is really sweet nice and sleek and now that email is there its really cool and thanks for the chance guys


I'm considering buying a PlayBook but I'd rather win one!


For months I had my PB bashed out by my colleagues and the market at large for being a beautiful device, but with little use. Even if I know this was not true I had little ammunition to fire back. OS 2 has given the playbook his honor and I can now show off in meetings the awesome native calendar app with social integration, track and reply to emails etc.

My wife just moved to another country for a while and since there is no Skype on the PB I'd love to give her a PB so that we can communicate using the improved video chat across the continent.

2# blackberry fanboy aka pgerhard


This would be a sweet gift for my sister... But id keep the accessories haha


I use my playbook during lunch to catch up on news stuff, and before going to sleep so glad I didn't get a kindle, modern combat is my favorite game so far I'm hooked.


What should i say, if its BlackBerry it will definately be the best and now with the new OS 2.0,the package is even better.
And with a site like CrackBerry , i am enjoying the BlackBerry experience much better.


Yes please.....
I would love it.


i would love to win been waiting on when i recieved my refund and when i did went to best buy but they sold out of them hopefully i can win one


Second chance second chance!


Is there anything that I can say that will increase my chances of winning a PB? Bc I'll say almost anything! Almost....hahah


Playbook is a multitasking beast! play games while listening to live TV news broadcast or music. Get'er done! Would love to transfer my movie library to one of these.
Thanks CB!


PlayBook give a way's are why is the best


I've always wanted a tablet :(


I love RIM and crackberry sooooo much and I want to win


No one gives any love to the bb9380 its a great phone much better than most would even care to realised we are left on our own with this one. 9900 this 9810 that 9360 this, well guess what I like the 9380 and its actually a great phone does everything all others do, its quick and very nice using one hand... lol anyways good luck all


I would love a Playbook, but the Aussie resellers just refuse to pass on the price cuts everywhere else is receiving. Please let me win!


I hope this is the lucky one


Please sir can I have one more


Playbook pleasee.......


What a wonderful contest! And a wonderful gift!


Can I have a blackberry playbook please?


Os 2.0 turns playbook into the ultimate tablet! Love using my blackberry keyboard for playbook with the remote


I like the size and battery life..

I'd love to keep spreading the PlayBook love around. Got myself and the gf one, let's keep it going!

I'd love to keep spreading the PlayBook love around. Got myself and the gf one, let's keep it going!


i would love to win please


Great contest, 2.0 rocks


The winners is Mr......


I want a PB for my wife


Another chance at fame and fortune. Okay, a pb.

Re: OS2 - typing and editing - so much better.


Me Please? Thank you...

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


Me Please? Thank you...

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


i love everything on this tablet and crackberry this is very useful information for everybody


Here goes second attempt...... sighhhhhhhhhh......crrrrracckkkkkkberryyyyy.....


I would love to have a playbook to go with my Bold 9900!


I love that you surf on the browser full screen once you have set it,it wont jump back to normal view again after restart...hope i win;)


Crackberry is the number ONE site I visit on a daily basis.

So easygoing visit on a PlayBook!


The best thing about OS 2.0 is it beats any tablet and esp ipad2 with huge leaps and bounds. With excellent HTML5 results as always beginning 2012 Playbook OS 2.0 has taken the lead.


Awww man I'm loving this OS2.0 it really helps entertain me when I'm home and helps me take notes in school, and then the BBBridge 2.0 let's keep use the remote feature to type

P. S. I would love to win this contest so I Gould give it to my girlfriend so we can video chat


Loving everything about this beautifull tablet!
The size, the OS, the screen... Lovely!

Tracy Canidate

My daughter has laid claim to mine, so please pick me. :(


Another great contest with cool prize!
I hope this time I win :)


Winning is a must, anything else would be uncivilized. (In my best Charles Barkley voice)


Well, there are many reasons why I want to win this play book, #1 - IT'S AWESOME! #2 I had actually won a play book contest before, but I never got it. See when blackberry was having the launch party for the play book in Toronto, they held a contest and were giving away playbooks for the best haikus about blackberry, I got the message that I won, but unfortunately due to some issues they couldn't give it to me. My winning poem was this.       "Wow Friend Look At That,
It is the Blackberry Playbook,
It Makes Me Go Mad." we'll long story short I had the chance but it didn't happen. #3 I love this site, I have it bookmarked everywhere, and on twitter too. I love blackberry and this playbook would look great with my torch. So PLEASSSEEEE crackberry if you see this long heartfelt post worthy please pick me.LOVE TO CRACKBERRY AND BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!


Best tablet bar none with OS2.0.


Im fall in love with Playbook.


Me likey playbook! Me likey playbook!


This would be a great way to get my grandma introduced to email and the Internet. Simple enough for an introduction


what I love?

Playbook: finally, almost-BB in bigger screen for better browsing
OS2: a quite nice UI, not too boring interface
from Crackberry? I WANT TO WIN THIS :D


the native mail and android player are the best features of OS 2. The screen is amazing as well. Love my playbook.


My grandpa needs a PlayBook!


Aha, I just want to give it another try, I'm sure I can win one. Go cb, go pb!


PB will go great with my Bold 9900. The integration is awesome!


PlayBook 2.0 is the poop!
I'm loving the upgraded keyboard and word prediction!!!

CrackBerry FTW! ( <----- my keyboard just predicted that)


A *single* comment.


Hey, I wouldn't mind another Playbook. I love the current one so much with OS 2.0!


*crosses ringers* Pick me!!!


May I please have a PlayBook.


BlackBerry and CrackBerry Rock! That is why I am a fan.


Pick Me!!! I've never won anything in my life!!!


I would absolutely love one! I love how sleek OS2.0 looks and loving the android player, the social media integration and native email (of course!) on the Playbook! I really hope I get to win this time! :)


The ever beauteous Playbook, who wouldn't want one!


Since the 2.0 update, bridge works so well that my Playbook is permanently bridged to my 9860. Permanently. My gf needs a playbook to permanently bridge to her 9780 (soon to be 9900)


I wanna rock with a new Blackberry Playbook!


Native email, contacts, and calendar what's not to love?!


Love the free win! Will hook up the pb to my new car! Thanks CrackBerry!


so happy I gave away my Iphone and bought a 9900. Just bought the playbook today and it's awesome! love it. working great together!


Geocaching anyone?


Crackberry is by far the best place to stay up on the Blackberry!

Wow! This would be an amazing device to own! Pick me please!


Os2 is a super great success i love playbook that i sold my computer to buy 1 :O
I love crackberry because of playbook blogs :)) well i love any news and read them all
I would love to win a playbook so i can give it to my mother :)


You guys are the best. Thanks


It would be sweet to win.


This would be sooo nice!

Congrats to the first week winner.


Count me in! I love the PlayBook and Crackberry.


Loving the new OS 2.0, makes it a brand new Playbook! I hope I win another one.


OS 2.0 completed an already awesome device. My brother uses my Playbook for school so I need to win one so that he can have his own.


Yo Kev its me, hook me up!


Everyday I'm shuffling on my Blackberry PlayBook!


I love my Playbook because I never have to switch my laptop on when I'm at home !!!! Nor do I travel with my laptop. It's always just PLAYBOOK !!!

Be it YouTube, Facebook, eBooks, travel information, radio stations, or anything really, my Playbook does it all.

Thanks BB for making my life super mobile and easy !


This one is mine, I can feel it.


I love CrackBerry's generosity, and I like the changes in the UI of OS 2.0 and I like thenotifications too! :D


I'd prefer a 64gb...but aa free Playbook how can I turn it down


Crackberry is the greatest site in the world!!! I need that Playbook, hope I win


It would be awesome to get one of those!!


Free PlayBook you say? I will believe it when I see it... Here's hoping I see it =)


Playbook for me PLEASE


I want one badly! Love the whole experience of the new OS 2.0! :)


Wow! I hope to win this time


Geocaching anyone?


I want to win, so I don't have to use the SIM for dev anymore


Come on, CrackBerry, pick me! I need to win this for my girl, so I'll have someone to video chat with.


I love my Playbook and would like to give one to my wife, especially that it now runs Kindle!


I Love how snappy the os is very quick. I also love crackberry. Please pick me :)


I want a 2nd one to check out the TAT's multi-user application like Confetti to share local files over PlayBook devices.:-)


have had my eye on the PlayBook for a while and to say I'm salavating would be an understatment. I work real estate and would love to have one to implement in my daily life. I've seen a ton of ipad stuff but I say ..... ipad go play in the highway for a while while the real men and women get work done ....... Also if there are any good reviews for apps that would benifit an agent as in doc signing and other programs can a crackberry head get some love with a good review source I search everyday on the net and a little more info never killed any one thanks ahead of time and keep up the great work .......


My mother hates her kindle fire, would love to replace it with this!


Lovin the native PIM apps and the fact that the Message LED actually works


Viva México! Viva Blackberry Playbook! Viva Crackberry!!!!!!
I want a blackberry playbook sooooooo bad!!!



Really really really want a playbook for my son. Pick me, please!


sharranw! sharranw! sharranw! sharranw!!! :)


loving these contests!! hope i win, os2 looks great.


this would go great with my Bold 9900.


I have to just say what isn't their to love about the playbook. Thanks CB for making me an addicted > blackberry love


It would be great to get a playbook to check out the social calendar.


This Playbook will help me a lot in school. Please pick me!


I'm not sure why I still leave comments...but wish I could win something once...


Shout out to CrackberryDotCom and Crackberry Kevin from Dubai...

Much Love,


Congrats to the winner !!! Good luck for all and hope ill be the winner this time !


I really need a playbook ! I have a ipad and i cant bridge it with my blackberry so if. I win. I will have a brand new ipad to sell


pick me to part of OS2.0 is the android apps!


after 2.0 I'm finally starting to sway my wife from her evil Ipad ways. Save me from a Ipad 3


Got my parents playbooks for christmas... installed OS 2.0 at 5am on launch date... still do not have my own playbook... smh


I love PBOS2.0's native email client. Now I don't have to launch the website to check emails.


I love CrackBerry. Every time I'm wondering something about my awesome phone, BAM. There you guys are every time.


What do Iove about OS2? How about the the best mobile browser with better HTML5 support than many desktop browsers? Flash, WebGL, ... Playbook OS 2.0 does it all.


I love that crackberry keeps me. Informed with all the new stuff available.


OS 2.0 changed my opinion about PlayBook, especially the web browsing..


I feel that this a useful item to bring into my world. Thanks


Here is my "single" comment :)


OS 2.0 love? What's not to love, but OK - native contacts app has me feeling like a stalker!


I really like that I am able to organize the icons and create folders now as the playbook screen has a much better screen appearance. So much so that everyone else is using my pb and I never see it anymore! It would be great to have a second pb



I could use a playbook for college!


Sup. good luck to everyone.


the luck is giving me this very Playbook


Playbook looks awesome! I've tried to play with it at so many BestBuy locations around me, but none of them work...not sure why they dont turn on. Regardless, from all the videos i've watched I'm sure blackberry hit this one out of the park, regardless what the haters say lol. The playbook would be great tool for my small business and my college work. GO CB! GO BB!


I love because it keeps my interest and anticipation piqued for the new BB 10 smartphones!


I was at MWC in Barcelona last week. PB was just the best tablet there. My colleague, iFan, was crying for hours in BB stand to get registered for developer conference and get one for free.


2nd time's a charm! LOL! I wrote a longer comment the first time and didn't win. So, this time, I'm just going to keep it short and sweet. I'm loving 2.0. I love where the PlayBook is going. Awesome that Best Buy and Future Shop are selling the PB very well--and just before the iPad 3 (or 2S) comes out! Yay! GO RIM! So, yeah, a 2nd PB would be sweet! xD


I think this could help with school work


I love the awesomeness of using a BB phone as a remote!


I love OS 2.0 because it allows connection to blackberries which I am getting one of soon, and because it allows android apps. :)


i really hope i win! i have wanted a 16gb playbook!!!


I love the playbook's new email functionality and love coming on this site to check up on whats going on in the playbook forums WOOP WOOP!


OS2 is completely awesome! I'm always using blackberry bridge :D


I want a Playbook!!!


PLEASE CHOOSE ME! AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This website is always up to date and I want to test the RIM tablet.Participando. Good Luck.


I love the playbook os 2.0 because it can go very easily with my torch 9850. With that combination, I think i will be rocking it.


I want to win! Love CrackBerry!


Addicted to Crack(berry)! Would love to win a 2nd playbook for my father to video chat when he's in India :D


I want one! impressed by the new remote feature!


OS 2.0 brings a new and clear approach of tablets.


Pick me! =) I love CB


From PH with love. =) This time it's mine.


Throwing my name in the hat


I'm loving that my friends who have been talking down the Blackberry platform have to admit that the playbook features demoed from OS 2.0 leapfrog the competition. I can't wait to see what's in store. I am a believer in the platform and hope to see it thrive. Would love to have my very own Playbook with OS 2.0 to show the features in person.


I wanna give this to my baby boy which is due in June... CrackBerry from the cradle to the grave!!


I could really use another PB to give to my college-bound daughter. Then we can PB video conference.


I truly would use this Playbook to its maximum capabilities. This would make my day.


Come on CrackBerry Gods!!


Love everything about os2 especially the remote feature of bridge paired with 7.1 on my new 9850....


I never win, but whatever. I love the email app, and also the new bluetooth control with my 9900.


I love the messaging and contacts in os 2.0.


Damn! I was so sure i'd win in the first week! :D
well, guess it's my turn now ;))


Is there anything wrong with owning more than one?


My wife wants a Playbook now, it would be cool to win one!

Alooi Divona

i love this website every time i have i problem on my blackberry i find help here + always taking
applications and software updates from here ..
with out crackberry i maybe lost with my blackberry ..

really hope to get a Blackberry Playbook :( !


Computer just fried! I need a Playbook. Please, please, please! Thank you for all you do Crackberry!


I love playbook!!!! Pick me! Pick me!


I have a curve 9360 and would love a playbook


Playbook rulez, i'd love to win!
Best thing about OS2: Native Email!!!!


Would be nice to get it ;)


WILA 2.0: Print2go. What an amazing facility. It converts your documents to PDF and wirelessly sends it to your playbook. Effortless and effective. I find myself using it more and more. In fact i dont work on any document without printing a copy to my PB so its always on hand.

WILA CrackBerry: The community. I posted my first thread recently and on the whole the response was great. It was nice to see a topic debated and get peoples points of view. Especially as i have never posted on any forum before. Thanks CB.



I had a broken collarbone on saturday and surgery on wednesday. Right now Pb hooked via HDMI to the TV and my trusty 9800 as a full remote/keyboard have proven the utlimate solution! Movies and internet surfing on a big screen from bed, I've only gone close to my MBP to send via Wi-Fi new movies/episodes to my Pbm

Gotta love it!


I hope I win a playbook


I love crackberry's contests. PlayBook is such a great prize.


my daughter would love it if i won this...


I know you want to choose me :)

smooches to my blackberry

I am a Blackberry fanatic and I would love to own a Blackberry Playbook.


2.0 is the best. Naitive email rocks. Thx rim and crackberry.


I'd like to win because I want to start developing apps for Playbook, which is not affordable for me to buy.


please let it be meeee!!


I want to win!!! Pick Me! lol


Congratulations to scooby125!!!!

Next one is mine, so i can show my wife her ipad sucks.


I'd love to win a new Playbook to give to my brother so I could video chat with his 5 kids!


Congrats to the winner of week 1!

Count me in for my chance at the week two :-)


Had ipad in the past and have had playbook since day one. Difference of night and day after OS 2.0. Native email is a big plus. Want to win this one for my wife. BTW .. 9930 and 64 GB playbook = perfect match


Let me have playbook rock my life!!!!!!!!!


Pick me please. The one thing I love the most about OS2 is calendar.........and unify email..........and contact. OK, make that 3 things then.


CRACKBERRY!! I've weathered the storm. I see the playbook as an integral part of my future business life. I take my laptop to work everyday. Now I can leave it at home and have all my content right at my fingertips