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BlackBerry PlayBook updated to OS

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60% of BlackBerry PlayBook owners are still perfectly happy using their tablets

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BlackBerry still actively working on PlayBook OS updates, Bridge update now available

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We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 2nd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 2nd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2012 05:56 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #2: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from! 

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 2 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #1... and that lucky winner is...

Week #1 Winner - scooby125

Week two is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #2 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #2 ends Wednesday, March 7th at Midnight PST.


Winning would be be absolutely fantastical!!!!!


Winning would be be absolutely fantastical!!!!!


Count me in for a free PB! Either way, CrackBerry rocks!


I'd love to win the PlayBook and the accessories to dress it up nicely.


I would love to win a new Playbook to go with my Torch! Thanks !


Loving OS 2 on the PB. Native email rocks. Can't wait for BBM!


I really want it. My birthday was february 29 and that will be my best present I ever got for my birthday. My next birthday will be in 2016 :( . Really want that PlayBook.


I need this playbook...count me in!


*single* I love the crackberry website because the home page is sexy.


another good contest


I'm sexy and I know it!!


I could use another Playbook, my roommate is always asking to play angry birds.. i could give this one to her :) pick me ... thanks

Matty P


I'm lovin that you are doing this and that it is my week to win. woot woot


I would be more than grateful if I received a Playbook. Thankyou.


Critics be damned! Nothing out there compares to the playbook.


Week 2 is my lucky number!



I want one! please let me win this amazing PlayBook :)



If it weren't for Crackberry I wouldn't know how to get the most from my Playbook!

CrackBerry Kevin should be the CEO of RIM!!!!


Unified Inbox!! is my favorite feature , Print to go is my second most used feature.


Crackberry has once again raised the bar :)

I sure could enjoy winning one of these :)


I want to win this week!


I would surely love to have a new BlackBerry PlayBook! Rock On CRACKBERRY!


Love and rely heavily on CB! Could never own a BB without you guys <3

Would love a PB just as much, but could never afford one, so crossing my fingers......


Congrats scooby125!!

I would like to be the next winner =)


Now I don't have a Playbook, (so no 2.0 either), but what I can say is that it looks like a phenomenal device and I'm very excited to win one! Crackberry has always been so much fun to be a part of, all of the bloggers (including Kevin aka the closest one to my personality) are truly fun to read everything they say! :) Thanks for the opportunity! :)


I would love to win a fabulous PlayBook for my wife, please pick me.


this would be nice to have for a friend who digs my playbook... would spread the love of a blackberry playbook.


Playbook is Tablet Bliss


Playbook is Tablet Bliss


Hey CB community! Forum name is vegetto_456. Am in final year of medschool and a tablet would really help me make my school bag a lot lighter as I can put textbooks and stuff on it!!!


What did the 64gb iPad say to the 16gb PlayBook?...

"Sorry, my Operating System said I can't go to the website with you. My OS doesn't want me watching The Content."


Fudge It!, never retreat, never surrender.

Fingers XxXxXxXxXxX!


My contract just expired....I wanna 9900 and a PlayBook would top it all off!!! Dear Sweet Jesus I wanna win this time!!!!!


Would love to give own to my mother


Would love to give own to my mother


Would love to give own to my mother


Would love to give own to my mother


I'm looking to get one for my wife since she uses mine most of the time.
The size, portability, bridge, and true multi-tasking really make the pb stand out from the rest.


Hey Guys! I bought a HP Touchpad a few weeks after they came out and well we know how well that worked out! Maybe a new Playbook will vindicate me!! I want a tablet that will be around this time! :)

Love the site

(First BB was a Sprint 7520 - circa 2005! Yea Baby!)


yes! yes! yes!

i cannot wait!

who won the first one ...

edit: maybe i should read


I wanna bridge it like it's never been bridged before.

If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.
-Stargate SG-1


Would love to win one because its its so very hard to get one at any decent price here.

Moving Forward

I need a tablet that will allow me to tether seamlessly with my BB9700, and even though my friends are telling me to get the more mainstream Kindle Fire or IPad , I know they won't meet my needs. The PlayBook is the only tablet that will fit the bill!


I love the size, the portability and the sexy look of it!! Count me in!


Love. OS2.... Folders are Awesome


round 2 here we go lets get me that playbook


Give one to the BES admin! =D


please me!!! i reaaallly want an playbook!! it seems sooooooo awesome! :D


I'm still hopeful. Right now, I could really use it.


I love the playbook. 7" screen is the perfect size. Taking it to Hawaii next week, got a few movies to watch on the plane. And going to use the playbook as my computer while I'm there. Would love if my girlfriend could have her own playbook too.


I want to be the lucky one~~pick me, pick me. ^^

I want a Playbook to match with my Bold 9900. OS 2.0 successfully regained my confidence to Blackberry tablet. The remote features via BB phone to control slide presentation on Playbook. This is rocks! Besides, i'm happy to see the integrated social contact and the native message & calendar too. Such a great improvement. Apps wise I strongly can feel that Blackberry is putting lots of efforts to attract Android Apps designer to convert their Android apps to Playbook apps (by giving free Playbook). Good strategy.

Overall, great updates of OS 2.0, even though it is long waiting for the updates.

Great job, I got latest updates about Blackberry from your side. I also love the Blackberry 101. I'm new to Blackberry and it helps me alot. Keep up the good works!!


this would be awesome... bought my PB on the first day and it got water damaged yesterday cuz we had a windstorm and my windows got blown out =/ HALPP!!!!


I want to win that Playbook! I have always wanted one. Thanks for the Opportunity to Win!


I would like to win to try out the cool new BB Bridge Remote!


Had a chance to go up against an iPad camera and my PlayBook taking a night photos of fireworks, my photos was far better than the iPad and an iPhone... PlayBook Rocks!!!


Love everything about Crackberry it's so addicting. Really like how everyone in the PB forums help each other out, like one big family.

As for the PlayBook it's berrylicious!! Everything about the PB is smooth, sexy,fast and smart. Keeps on going and going, it loves to please.


Everything. I love everything about my PlayBook. Winning another one would make sharing so much easier!


Love everything about Crackberry it's so addicting. Really like how everyone in the PB forums help each other out, like one big family.

As for the PlayBook it's berrylicious!! Everything about the PB is smooth, sexy,fast and smart. Keeps on going and going, it loves to please.


Ditching iPad, Playbook is more suitable for me, due to its size, productivity and compatibility. And i need it by next week ;D


What not pick me, I've never won anything before...


I really really really need a Playbook!


Please pick me. The wife is driving me nuts.


Well I didn't win the 1st week, hopefully I have better luck now


I really love the new Android app player and email on PlayBook!


gratz scooby125, hope i can win one too


The only tablet that I will ever have!


Round 2 Ready Fight! Toooassstyyyy.


Please. Count me wife keeps taking mine....I need help.


please pick me!!!

i need one for my wife so she doesn't have to use mine!!

and im loving the android free apps on my playbook 2.0!!


I want one form my girlfriend and have video comm.
She lives 1,200 miles away from home <3
Big hugs :)

Rodolfo Bertoloni
Playbook - Bold 9900
Tucuman - Argentina


Let me win this week please!


This would make my year!! Thanks for giving me the chance to win! Long live Blackberry!!!


just got my 9930 today, a playbook to go with it would be a dream!


YAY! Three more chances to win! :)

Again, I love CrackBerry because I get updates all about BlackBerrys on the site. Forums also help me whenever I need help on my BlackBerry. Many helpful members and users here. A recommended site for BlackBerrys beginners and professionals. ;)

Thanks again CB! I hope I win this time!


Enter me into the playbook giveaway pool :-)


I want to. Win this et this time!


Congratulations to winner #1. I want one also.


I wanna give it to my mom, she is the only person I haven't given a playbook to yet in my family, so i think it'd be nice..and it'd help me wallet.


Thé best tablet around!


The improved and added bridge functionality would currently be my favorite OS 2.0 feature.

Jake Storm

Free PlayBook. F' Yeah!


I really want to have one BP. I love CrackBerry......<3


I love the new Social integration in the native email, calender and contact apps.


Lemme have it, need it for school. Don't have a laptop, would be a nice alternative. From India


Sign me up. Browser is a beast on OS2. HTML5 king!


just love the way BBPB is~ the best!!! Forever~


I already have one for myself. Definately want one more for my wife!!


Here we go! Round Two...

I'd go with the native email with linkedin integration.


Dear crackberry,

Please pick me!!!

Thanks for the chance!



okay a proper comment now..

what i love about playbook :

1. the best browsing experience i've ever get on a tablet, compatible with most of the websites and the best.. flash is still available :D

2. i could use BIS from blackberry bridge, no more additional charge for internet..

3. crackberry is giving away playbook for free :D yay


I love the fact that I no longer need to bring my laptop home from work any more


Don't have a playbook (hence why I'm in the contest) so I can't comment on what I like about it or os 2.0, but I can comment on crackberry and what I'm loving about it. If you have a blackberry device, this is the one stop shop to get taken care of. Rather it's advice/help, rumors of upcoming devices, latest os (and leaked versions), and to interact with other people with love for blackberries, crackberry has you covered like no other blackberry related site.


i love the new UI and would love to win one!


Crossing my fingers.....


I think OS 2 is awesome and with a few more tweaks it will outshine anything on the market. ISheep can go on buying over-hyped, over-rated and over-priced iPads for all I care; their loss not mine! Love the integrated email function and the Android Apps. Oh, and the predictive keyboard is awesome.


This time it's mine!!!


I'm hoping to have some luck this time!


I need a PB to go with my new 9900. I stopped eating apples, the berries are much sweeter.



The Playbook is not yet available here. Make me the first to own one.



My 9 year old also wants to own one.


Would love to win this


darn didnt win in week one would love to win


I purchase my BlackBerry Playbook the day it launched, I loved it the first day out of the box. I always told anyone who would listen that it's a great product and will be fantastic and with 2.0 os upgrade I was right. I have to say I love the email, it syncs amazingly with my gmail. I get my email on it before it even shows up in my gmail online. You have to love that. I would love to get a Playbook for my 72 year old mother, she has her first BlackBerry and loves it and has been saying she would love to have a PlayBook. I've created a 72 year old CrackBerry addict. LOL

So to the guys and girls please make my mothers wish come true.

P.S. I always tell all my new BlackBerry users this is the best site for their BlackBerry info. Keep up the good work, i will always recommend


I love Crackberry for bringing my BB life to ultimate joy and letting me use it in every part of my life! I would really like the Playbook to be my first tablet, especially with awesome OS 2.0.


To win a PB would be awesome.. Pick me please! :)


The OS looks great! Snappy performance. Perfect tablet *_*



I love my PB more than ever!



I love my PB more than ever!


I never win anything and I want this!


I like Crackberry...I like Blackberry...I like Playbook...


I would love to have a playbook!


Lookin forward to a shiny new Playbook to brighten up my life..

Ronald Twa

my wife could sure use one of these for photo shoots


hi, everyone out here with the playbook O.S 2.0 the playbook has received a new lease of life and what i am loving about playbook O.S 2.0 is native contacts app (linked with various social networking sites) ,native email and calender applications also the most awaited android player support and thanks to Crackberry for a very useful topnotch guide on how to convert .apk android apps to playbook android player compatible .bar file and sideload the converted apps (now I am easily able to side load apps) .Also the availability of O.S 2.0 was known to people all over the world first by Crackberry . In the end i would like to thank Crackberry for their online competitions that allow people to have dreams fulfill.


Round 2. Would likely give the PlayBook to a worthy individual and use the $100 to accessorize mine.


What would I do with a Blackberry Playbook? I would bridge it with my Bold 9650 and explore the world of QNX. :-)


I have so many uses for this including video call, the new address book, the android apps, and most favorite - the bridge. I'm a HUGE blackberry fan and I follow Crackberry on a daily basis. I simply can't afford the Playbook tho... :(


Hope I win the playbook. The thing I love about crackberry is that how Kevin (@crackberrykevin) soo passion about what he does on this website. Thats what he love to do. #teamblackberry all the way.



Crackberry is running some fantastic contests! Thanks for giving us 4 chances to get a PlayBook!


This new os2.0 rocks! It allows for a ton more functionality from the PlayBook.


Please oh please pick me =)
I don't know why i love the playbook because I don't have one yet!
*hint hint*


I love crackberry because they give the people what that want PLAYBOOKS!


O I would just love it! I would like to be able to video chat with my wife.


Great UI and fast browser. Would love one.


The fabulous management of e-mail.

Pls let in.


Hey Crackberry...
Playbook is by far the best of all tablets... With OS 2.0 and android support it outruns ipad and other tablets.
I love your give aways.


I have a Torch 9810 and I think the Playbook would go great with it!! I would LOVE to have one!! :)


I love that Crackberry got the Rimpire Strikes Back tagline going :D

Pootermobile, BlackBerry Squadron Leader reporting for duty!


What I love about the OS 2.0 is that it just rocks my socks off. PIM apps are great, android integration is done well (although i still prefer native apps waaaaay better) and the best thing is, I still feel that there is more they can do and WILL DO in the coming months.

CrackBerry is my daily source of excitement and I have to admit over the last few months the site was like the rest of BlackBerry nation, feeling kinda down about RIM's prospects. I think not just RIM but the fans took a beating in 2011. What is nice is that the tides are turning. Now I can see that everybody's getting excited about the BlackBerry brand again and CrackBerry is a big influencer in this aspect, so kudos to you guys!

Why do I want a free playbook? For my wife. She doesn't even touch her iPad, if we're at home she snatches the PB before I can get to it! I need some private-time with my PB...


Sure could use a


Good luck to everyone! I wanna win tho ;)


Crackberry I looove you. Please give me my first tablet in life :( :(


Yes, I'll take another to add to the collection.


Loving the Android Player in PB OS 2.0! Can't wait to test it on real hardware!


I would really appreciate your help in getting me a little PlayBook! Thanks to everyone at crackberry!!!

Good luck to all!!!

(post almost entirely created with auto type...)


Hi I'm one of the few that have a Playbook here in the Philippines. My friends like it better than their iPad but they're more into Temple Run at the moment. Hehe. Would love to have a 2nd PB so my son and I can do video chat when I'm away on business. Thanks!


Would love to win one of these bad boys!


i love the android player the most. it extends the existing app world. blackberry is known to have a limited app collection, not anymore suckas


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 with its improved bridge-mode functionality, high-quality applications, and streamlined user interface continues to increase my productivity both professionally and academically.


I could give one to my parents so we can video chat!


Playbook 2.0 is the bomb! iPad what?? Get loss!


I have my own but i would give to my parents so we can video chat :)


I'm not loving the fact that I don't have a playbook yet... As for, where else would I constantly come for the best news on the net for my berry?! No where else!!!!!


Been waiting for a Playbook! Looks amazing with the new OS2


Crackberry is the best of the best for all things BlackBerry and I will never leave this awesome site!


I want this so bad!!! Lemme win!


HA!! Better chances than the lottery so why not! Ill take it : )


I would love to win one as I spend all my extra money on my kids and I have a new grandbaby on the way so I will be broke the rest of my life lol


Because if I won the playbook I could crackberry from bed!


please enter me crackberry!


it would be sweet to win a playbook i've been wanting one since they came out just can't ever find one!


Come on Crackberry! Poppa needs a new toy! A playbook would be an awesome birthday present.


I will win this
thank you universe for your generosity


I would love to take home a Playbook. The excellent addition along my 9810


Loving the native apps and the remote feature!!!


Sweet! Chance #2 to score a PlayBook!
CrackBerry rocks!


I love it! My girlfriend loves it! So, I got her one for Christmas! My 2 daughters? They love it too! So they both use our pb. So I need to win so they can have their own!

Thx Crackberry you Rock!


Really loving the video playback & presentation mode...!


Now that I have upgraded to 2.0 my wife wants her own Playbook.


I've got to admit, I didn't think having native email would be a big deal, but it's my second favourite feature now. My favourite it the integrated contacts application.


Giving away a playbook 4g??? Hey, any version will do!


I have recently switched from Android to Blackberry, so much better for email and text. If the Playbook is as good as my 9930, I would love to have one.


I would like to win this week


Me me me! ... my kids would love a PB.. its one of the few tablets that can play flash games off of disney junior


I have two already, and have convinced two friends to buy one. I have spread the news. We want to start a club! Need another!


i wanttt thisss,love itttt


Love the playbook so much I got two black eyes defending its virtues on the CB playbook forums. A new one would sure make me feel better. :)


Would love to win a playbook!


my second one is coming soon ...a third from u will be :) a playbook party :p lol


ooouch..i need a blackberry playbook from crackberry ..........


I want a playbook so badly! Fingers crossed!!!


Yep, its time to pick me as the winner!


I love how the PlayBook has been encouraging developers and I absolutely love the Crackberry community! You guys have been great, keep it up!


Come its the playbook! Which blackberry users doesn't want it? I want to win this awesome gadget to pair it with my bold! I wannt to win this!!!!


me me me me me me me me me me me me me me pls pls pls pls pls pls pls :) :D


I'd sh*t bricks if I win this contest. I love how Crackberry are able to hold exciting contest like this, and able to bring everyone in haha.


Always doing a good job at representing RIM! Go Crackberry!


I love it! Just can be without it! Need an extra one for the kids because, I really don't want to share!


Ok lets try again.... Im tebowing now.....


Trying for my wife to get in on the awesome of the playbook :)


All I need is one, please!!!


I love the remote control feature and print to go. I have been rockng those two at work since the upgrade and its made things so much easier and more productive. of course the PIM features add to my productivity as well, but new and exciting features for me has got to be the former two mentioned. On top of all of the new and upgraded items, I have also found apps (mainly games) that did not even receive an update recently are performing much better than they were. I've loved it from the day I got it but nowi love it oh so much more. Please give me another so that I may make someone very happy (I got the 64gb sonthis one would be a gift or mounted in my car...yup, car)


I was playing with my friend playbook and i fell in love with it. I like the size and it connections with the phone. I have an iphone and if i win this playbook i would gladly convert to blackberry. :)


Nothings better than a free playbook.


That I need to have one of these for my business. And my business will suffer until I get one.


Let it rain! Thanks CrackBerry!


Please pick me! Would love to give my daughter a Playbook for her Birthday!


thought my playbook was great when i first bought it, 2.0 folders, messaging app and now so much more make it so great for work & play.


I love the underlying operating system. QNX Neutrino is small, fast, and solid. I love that I'm able to work with the Playbook the way *I* want; that I'm not restricted to using terrible, proprietary desktop software to manage it. The support for Android apps is amazing. I love the responsive touchscreen, and I love RIM's dedication to its developers.


<3 Crackberry Nation!


need pb os2.0 with whatsup to point my PB and find my lucky win win


I've bought a Playbook just a few weeks ago. In a few days I understood that this tablet is awesome feature for any student including me. You can read lecture notes during interesting lectures and watch videos or play games deuring boring lectures :)


Would be a third PB. My, wife and... Brother/father for vídeo chato. Great


Love Crackberry, BlackBerry and the Playbook. Would love to win one.


What I like most about OS 2: I like everything about it so far. The more I learn about it, the more I like it. I plan on using it as a replacement for my computer when traveling. Using Splash Top I can access my home computer if needed. If I win a second one I look forward to being able to video chat with my family when I'm out of town.


Let's do it. Loving 2.0 right now. Stopped bridging my emails to lower the duplication


Thank you crackberry for this fabulous contest! Good luck to everyone!


Never had a playbook, but I would love to win it,pls pick me


I'd like to win, I love how the fluidity of the Playbook and love how other tablet users are missing out on both Blackberries and the Playbook because they are so deep into the apple BS!


I am going to Europe in two months and I would love to have a second PlayBook to give to my Mom to stay in touch! Video chat is awesome, and the PlayBook is a perfect travel companion.

Pick me!


I really like the remote function with my 9810, its especially sweet connected to the big screen TV watching video. We could use a 2nd here in the house!


Wannawinaplaybook. :)


First thing I noticed about the new OS 2.0 was how snappy and more fluid the screen was. Not to mention the great new keypad and predictive text. Keep up the good work RIM.



I would really, really love to have another playbook to share with my friends.


Well I give it a try. I have 4 chances to win one of these. So here goes Guys pick me!!!!


I'd love to win the PlayBook!


Thanks for giving me my fix, CrackBerry!


I love the integrated experience of the PIM apps. Now I just need one more Playbook so I can launch Video Chat from the Contacts app to call my wife on the beautiful PB screen.


I need one to get my wife away from her ipad...


Please can I win one - I'm dying to get my hands on one


I love the remote keyboard that connects over bridge... call me a winner


Yes please

[Deadly duo - Playbook/Bold]