We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 2nd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 2nd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2012 05:56 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #2: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com! 

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 2 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #1... and that lucky winner is...

Week #1 Winner - scooby125

Week two is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #2 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #2 ends Wednesday, March 7th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 2nd Chance to Win!



Please let me win this! I will honor, love, and cherish my new BBERRY stuff to the fullest. I have had a new upgrade for my phone for a while and have had to deal with so many phone people telling me what to buy and all I want is for the newest blackberry stuff! Please please please, pretty please?

I'm really enjoying my Playbook, especially after the release of OS 2.0.
I'd like to see a zooming magnifying glass feature for the precise placement of the cursor.

And now that I can use Repligo PDV viewer on it, I'm finding the Playbook immensely useful.
If I win, the new one goes to my parents so we can video-chat more often!

Compared the BlackBerry Playbook to several other tablets including ASUS Transformer, Nook Color Tablet, and Toshiba Thrive. The Playbook had the brightest screen out of them. Crossing my fingers for the win!