We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 2nd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 2nd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2012 05:56 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #2: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com! 

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 2 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #1... and that lucky winner is...

Week #1 Winner - scooby125

Week two is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #2 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #2 ends Wednesday, March 7th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 2nd Chance to Win!



I am a Blackberry fan more so for its email capabilities.
A month ago a friend of mine suggested I buy Apple products instead - specifically the iPhone 4. I did use his for a week and was not much fascinated about it. He then mentioned I should wait till March and get myself the iPad 3.
I went over the Internet to search for reviews on iPads and although many favour the iPad over Blackberry Playbook I personally think I need the Playbook - email it is for me and Playbook it is.
And then I came across your site and saw the competition and thought I should participate to win.
I am based in Nairobi, Kenya. Would love to win it.

I think this site is great for Blackberry users. I don't own one myself, but was thinking of getting a playbook. That is how I found out about this site. Would love to win one for free. Keep up the good work Crackberry and Crackberry users.

I'm loving the playbook OS 2 - Nigerians love crackberry. It is good to be a member of the forum! You guys Rock

I'm loving taking vids on my BB PB while watching nature change from spring to winter & back again daily. The way it captures light & sound is so realistic Also lovin the total functionality of OS 2. So many uses, so little time. Thanks to the folks at Crackberry there are like-minded people to share the love with & Prizes to boot. Arrgh I could dance a jig!

I'm loving taking vids on my BB PB while watching nature change from spring to winter & back again daily. The way it captures light & sound is so realistic Also lovin the total functionality of OS 2. So many uses, so little time. Thanks to the folks at Crackberry there are like-minded people to share the love with & Prizes to boot. Arrgh I could dance a jig!

I like the contacts application best about 2.0. Need a PlayBook for my wife now. This one is hard to share. ;)

The one think I love about the playbook is that it works well with a blackberry besides other stuff. If I ever have any problems with either device I can always come to crackberry.com for help....... Thanks

Would never pull an iPad out in public without feeling like a douche. PlayBook's small size makes it perfect for low profile use.

Would love a second PlayBook so my son could video chat with his Grandparents.

Well, congrats Scooby, you lucky man.

I'd love to possess a Playbook. I reckon this tablet has much more to offer than what the competition proposes. For any Blackberry abuser, this tablet definitely is a must-have. And now that OS 2.0 is out, there's just THAT much more we can do with it. I'm tired of endless criticism about this device. If i were to win it, i'd show all my iPad owner mates that the Playbook has nothing to blush about, and that RIM still is a major player on today's market. And to answer the question on what i love about Crackberry? The faith.
Yes indeed. The faith you guys still have in RIM and their products, that one too many seem to have lost. I still have faith. Mostly, thanks to you guys. So i'll say plain simply : keep up the great work, because you are a key player in this. Cheers.

Hi Kevin,

After trying a lot of devices and OS's, I have to admit that BB is the best for me... :)

Enjoying all the articles now I'm trying my luck... Let's see... :)

Best regards,


Would love to have a BlackBerry PlayBook to use as an e-reader for the absurd amount of readings I have for my masters. Not having to print every article out would be a dream! Playing Cut the Rope would be fun too... ;)


I absolutely love the messaging app and the file manager! And the new bridge app is also awesome :)
Crackberry rules :)

Greetings from Austria,

The wife needs her own playbook so I can have mine back. The biggest mistake I ever made was sideloading a Nintendo emulator and Super Mario. What was I thinking? I miss my Playbook.

I love crackberry for the simple fact that anytime I need news on anything BlackBerry, Android or any other type of device you have it covered. Long live crackberry.com!

This is such a devious way of getting massive amounts of traffic to your page! HAHA! But yeah, loving the new email on the Playbook as I can now pretend I'm a badass businessman who receives lots of emails! :D

To me the most interesting in the "Playbook OS 2.0" is BB Bridge is perfect for work and college presentations in addition to the connection to the internet anywhere. Besides that with version 2.0 also very interesting to me the "Print To Go", the ability to transfer documents from a computer so easily is necessary and I think is one of the best applications in the Playbook 2

I have always loved the crackberry community. Helped me through the dark times of the Storm. Would love a Playbook to see just how far BB is going.

love crackberry was looking to hack m bb with the newest os versions and crackberry has them all keep up the good work and i wanna win the playbook love the new os and love the android integration

I love the fact that I no longer need to lug around my laptop anymore... this thing just does all I need!

Dear Santa, err, I mean Crackberry,

I have been a good boy all year, err, I mean all week. OK, since I got up this morning. A 64GB Playbook and an iGrip dash cradle, please.

Bless you. And me.

Dave in the 406

I've been participating in all these "leave your comments" contest but never won.. =(
please crackberry..maybe this time would be my turn..? =)

I love Blackberry, I love Playbook and I really want to win! I really like the e-mail management on my BB. And the ability of bridging BB and PB is awesome! I really really want to get a Playbook. If I can't win, I am definitely going to buy one :)

I started following CrackBerry when i bought my first cell in Canada - BB 9900 (best choice ever). Now, i visit daily CrackBerry for all the latest news about BB. Coudn't leave without it!

I love my Playbook especially with the new OS. The only problem is sharing it with family members. My wife needs one for herself.

Me and my friends call our group as "Diyes" since there are 10 of us. We have been known as "iDiyes" for some time because the majority have apple devices. I want/need a playbook so we can finally overrun the apple users and finally change to "BBDiyes". And it would work with my Bold

After my 1st long comment this time i will try short..

I love CB team and forum members whoare the true assets of the CB family.

Cant wait to explore the playbook - my first tablet n probably last :p

I love everyone at crackberry because you guys keep giving me reasons to buy rimm stock, I know it's coming and going to make a huge turnaround soon!! In the meantime would love a pb for my business!!!

Playbook is a winner any day it just needs folks to realise, with right pricing and os 2, its going to fly off the shelves, Already not able to buy 16gb and 32gb ones,they have been sold out. Gr8 Job RIM(THE creator) n team crackberry(THE critic).

Similar to BLACKBERRY handheld, I like the unified mail box. The Bridge feature is great as well. And also using the BLACKBERRY as a remote control for the Playbook!

If you don't enter, you will win.
If you leave it blank, it is wrong.
Crackberry is a fun and ultra-informative web hang out. The CB team and users keep it that way!!

saw one yesterday at the local BB , very impressed with the features. what i liked most was the size. fits perfect in both mine and my girlfriend's jacket pocket.

the interesting thing was to see my gf who is a self proclaimed technophile swipe around the PB like a pro. she was up to speed in no time. Seeing her play NFS was a pleasure.

This is pure madness. Since I saw new PlayBook commercial video, I cant think of any better use for my 9810 as to be PlayBook brid(g)e :)

I absolutely love the pb for the fact its very convenient to bring anywhere. Also would love to win a pb because it's my girlfriends birthday on March 10 and she loves it too. My name says it all blackberry rocks.

Here's me gonna take a second chance and hope i win this! March 7th is my Birthday :D. I LOVE all OS 2.0 features but the Remote Control and Unified inbox simply pwns! Thank you CrackBerry for this amazing contest and Good Luck everyone!

Would love to win one b'cause I want to taste the Blackberry(Playbook) OS & Blackberry Hardware as I never possessed a blackberry device in my life. Would have bought playbook if I didn't get HP TP(from my friend), I did little bit research on playbook when I decided to buy Playbook, I was(am) impressed with its hardware & read that qnx on which playbook os is built is very strong, now I'm reading great reviews about Playbook OS 2.0. So would love to win one as my first blackberry device. Oh well I'm regular user of webosnation forum & androidcentral(for all the news about android). I just visit crackberry & WPcentral for reading news.

I love everything, from the power of multitasking, unified emails, contacts and calendar, the fastest tablet browser and the newly re-design virtual keyboard. And I love that crackberry is being there for us always. :-)

Oh how my 9900 would love to be next to a leading man in the Playbook.

Crackberry you are the best berry site on the entire Web.........

Please pick me:)


Would love to win the Playbook, would give me chance to show my boss what he can do with one. Right now he is a BlackBerry Torch 9850 which he loves, and the iPad. Be nice to show him how the bridge works and being able to show presentations and use his Phone as a remote!

Hi, i really want this playbook 'cause i don't really have the money right now, im really low with money and i can't really affort a netbook when im the go, and i need to do more hours per week also, so i can't work at home but if i want this playbook, i could. Thanks!


I like to win the playbook!!, and really like the way they have interconected the information from the social network sites to the calendar and contacts in the 0S 2.0

Its hard to imagine what blackberry smartphone users will experience without the help and assistance of crackberry team. On behalf of all blackberry fans, I say Thank You to crackberry.Blackberry playbook, hmmmmm... Would be awesome to possess. Thanks

PlayBook is awesome
Touch bezel, flash, bridge
I love the PlayBook

OS 2.0
Remote control, Print To Go
Great update ever!!!

CrackBerry is winning!!!
News, contest giveaways
Best BlackBerry website

It would be awesome to have have, it have so many grate apps and would be really practicle at hmy home to play hd movies directly from my playbook with the mini hdmi cable. And, I followed a lot your website about the os 2.0, it really look awesome, I would like to try it, I would like to have one and really would like to win :)

Pleeease pick me my CrackBerry friends! Pretty please! I already gave away my iPad in order to make room for the awesome PlayBook! Can't wait to pair it to my Bold 9900!

The PB 2.0 is fantastic. The UI is clean and smooth along with the addition of the native email and contacts and calendar. The keyboard was a great improvement as well. The true ability of this machine is really going to shine now that 2.0 is here. Playbook is the superior tablet and this comes from first hand comparison experience. I'd love to win one for my son who has an iPad for school but always steals my playbook every chance he gets. Pick me please!

I'm from Vietnam and most of people here using an ipad, so think I love my Playbook because it simply gives me the feeling of being unique.

Addicted to Crackberry! I'm checking the Crackberry forums at least 3 times everyday! Great information. Owning a blackberry is just not complete without Crackberry.
Sure would love to win a playbook to go with my 9930.

I REALLY want this Playbook! I've loved all the latest Blackberrys and I know I will love this one too. C'mon, show me some love!!!!

OS 2 looks amazing! Now that email and calender are native apps, I could definitely get some great use out of it! Plus it'll play just lovely with my bold!

i would love a playbook!..while android keeps trying to be more and more "apple-ish", smart people know blackberry is the best fruit for you!

I would love to win! The native email and calendar are amazing! Favorite thing is the folders and now being able to organize the screen to my liking!

I would love to own a BlackBerry Playbook so it can make my college life easier. Instead of me carrying 5 mega text book I can upload a digital copy to the playbook and use it for class. Also being I'm a musician and I'm trying to start my own production company I know it will be a great device to help me get to the next leave with my company. It's a great tool that I believe everyone should own.

Here's attempt # 2. In the absense of native words with friends, i'm glad we have the android player to make up for it

PB rocks, got mine a few months ago, now is the best with OS2, even got a few friends into buying one here in DR, hope get this one for ma wife!

I love Crackberry because it is my #1 spot for BlackBerry info. My family and friends world wide look to me for assistance when it comes to trouble shooting there BBerry and I stay informed with the latest and greatest via CrackBerry.com. O.S 2.0 is beautiful its still missing a few things here and there but still great. I find my self on my playbook more and more now. I started taking it with me almost every where since the update. I love the fact that you have native email and that the web browsing via the bridge straight into the main web browser. There are too many other great things to type about on O.S 2.0 .
BlackBerry + CrackBerry = Happy Customers, RIM NEVER FORGET THAT! "Give the people what they want"

My wife asked me to get her a smaller laptop for travelling.
I asked her to try my Playbook. She loves it.

Laptop, Netbook... Nah, get a Playbook.

I would love to win a playbook so I could surf the web, watch videos,text, sms/mms, push email, utilize BBM, play games, and socialize on a crisp and bigger screen=Greatness!
Thanks for a Great Contest!


Congrats to scooby125. This is a great device, love to own one. Hopefully I will win.


I need another one. My wife has confiscated my mine. I really need 3 more. If she isn't using it the kids are.
Patiently waiting for BB10 phone RIM!!
Keep the up good work crackberry (kevin)

Bought a 16 GB in April at full price.
Got the wife a 16 GB during the summer sale.
Recently upgraded to a 64 GB in preparation for 2.0 (also due to the $299 price).
Giving original 16 GB (upgraded to 2.0) to my son for his birthday today.
Would be awesome to receive another one for the daughter's birthday in April. It would be a perfect gift to go with her Torch 9800.

I was looking at tablets of all sorts and sitting on the fence. I loved the playbooks size and was sold when at a conference the Blackberry Rep showed me the Playbook with new OS2.0, 2 weeks befor eit came out. That being said, when I arrived home after the 5 hour flight I went out and purchased the 64gb Version and Otterbox case. Best investment ever and great as an E-Reader. Love it. The HDMI cable came and now I'm sitting back controlling the playbook on my tv through my 9900. Very Happy.

Does my entry count if I point out you are using the 'Two Finger' salute to anyone British?

Urban myth says the French cut off those two fingers from the English longbow men at the 'Battle of Agincourt' during the 'One Hundred Year War'.

It was the English way of gesturing back at the French to say we still have our fingers and thus our bows!

So your either into Archery or preparing for a re-enactment of the 'Battle of Againcourt' and taking the PB to film it all.

A colleague of mine has one and had the chance to try it out. Wow. I would like a Tool. Not a toy. Thank you for the opportunity... : )

Ah! #2 Round!

Thanks Crackberry for this opportunity)

I've been waiting to see my name in week one, but, unfortunately scooby125 was more lucky than me :(

I hope i can win this round ^_^

Im in)

Integration is spot on. I use my Facebook and Twitter messages a ton more now. Video is awesome, and I don't feel there is a lack of apps for me to use. I never put mine down, and am looking to adding another one to my family...

I would love a PlayBook and I know if I need any help with it, all the fantastic people of Crackberry will be there to pick me up!! Just like always!

Hey, I want to to video chat with my wife and my small baby!!! Playbook should be mine :)

The wife has been hogging my playbook. Ever since Os 2.0 she's been downloading any game she finds interesting. And there are many. Please help

OVER HERE, OVER HERE, OVER HERE pass the PlayBook.........OVER HERE :-)

It would be received with MUCH APPRECIATION!

Best Regards.

Getting my hands on a Playbook would be absolutely incredible, and would let me check Crackberry on the go in style!

I love the new desktop. It's a log cleaner. The dock is great.

And I've always loved the screen and front facing speakers.

I'm on your site everyday to check in on all developments that relate to bb. Would love a PlayBook. Thanks