We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 2nd Chance to Win!

BlackBerry PlayBook Contest - Your 2nd Chance!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2012 05:56 pm EST

PlayBook Contest #2: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook and $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com! 

In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we're giving the community FOUR chances to win a free BlackBerry PlayBook. Each week it's a new contest. With Week 2 here, you're probably wondering who won the free PlayBook for Week #1... and that lucky winner is...

Week #1 Winner - scooby125

Week two is here, so drop a comment for your chance to win again, and then head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook forums where the 2.0 craziness continues. Good luck!

CrackBerry's PlayBook Contest #2 Details

The Prize: Win a 16GB WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook + $100 in free PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com

How to Enter: Just login to Crackberry and leave *single* a comment to this blog post! Tell us what you're loving about the PlayBook, OS 2.0 or CrackBerry!

The Details: Contest open worldwide. Contest #2 ends Wednesday, March 7th at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

We're Giving Away a BlackBerry PlayBook a week for Four weeks! Here's your 2nd Chance to Win!



My daughter got into an accident a few days ago and she'd love one to play with while she's recovering in the hospital.

LMAO... wow that was funny, but I would love a playbook it will come in handy balancing my school and work. Thanks crackberry

I would like to have a PlayBook so I can balance it on my head...sure beats balancing actual books :) Kevin - Here is my "one" comment on the thread for this contest.

Yesterday I was playing soccer, ripped, and got a fake grass burn. Please give it to me while I recover from my scratch in bed :(

Just kidding - I'm giving it to my grandparents in Europe to video chat with if I win one. I already have one :)

This my first post! I have been lurking here for weeks as I was trying to decide whether to purchase an Ipad or a Playbook. You convinced me that the Playbook is great...I purchased one a couple of weeks ago...and I LOVE it! Thank you all at Crackberry for all that you do to support us!

I would love to win a Playbook so that my spouse will have one and we can do video calls to each other when I am traveling.

I am currently reading the forums here so I can decide which BB phone to upgrade to (I currently have a Curve 8530). I like the Bold 9930...what do you think: it or the Torch 9850??

Anyway, thanks for all the great information and assistance here. :)

This playbook would go great with my new BOLD 9900!!! The intergration between the two are endless!! LOL

Team CrackBerry

Jeff Labonte
BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Playbook 64go

BlackBerry Playbook is great for the native email, android player,the blackberry bridge with your smartphone,also for the video chat between pb! Crackberry.com rock so much because of all the support they Give to blackberry customers thank you guys I'd like to win the pb this week for my gf whom going over blackberry because of me! I am a pure blackberry I'm turning all my friend to blackberry smartphone and tablets!!!

I just love my PB and think it is one of the best investment i have ever made.

i do not want the PB as i have a brand new 64GB version running OS2. but i would love the cash thanks

Same here! Please count me in!

I love OS 2.0 Playbook so much I can't get enough of it.
I especially love native email, calendar, and contacts. Very very useful for my business.
I'm so passionate about it that I have friends who got PlayBooks of their own, and have started calling me for help in setting up their PlayBooks!

Hope I win this week!!!

Strike one!

Ok, I'm ready to make my second pitch to try to win one of these... I'm focused... concentrating all of my wishing powers on this one wish... C'mon crackberry, please choose me!

After weeks of debate, hours of research, a little begging of my wife, I finally bought a Playbook. It has everything that I want in a tablet. I am constantly finding new uses for it.

My wife has warmed up to it as well. She was hesitant at first but now it is hard to keep her off of it. While I am happy that she likes it too, it would be great if she had one of her own so I can have mine back. =)

Send one this way!

I want to win this Playbook for 2 reason :

1. I had preordered the playbook but when it was about to be released I had financial trouble so I had to cancel it.

2. I am finishing my studies in Photography and going to Montreal to launch my studio hopefully and I would love to supplement my BB bold with a Playbook to help me manage my business

3. CrackBerry.com is my reflex website when I need to know or find something about BB stuff! You are the best!

Have a good day!

Lovin' the unified email which is my one-stop to check my Gmail, Facebook, and Yahoo Mail. Also lovin' the Calendar which becomes my planner and my itinerary is managed more properly. Third thing I liked is the contacts which pulls my facebook contacts so I can send a mail by checking my friends' email addresses on the contacts app.

I love the calendar and contacts app, the browser and the bezel-gestures.
Sign me up for the playbook give-away please

My favourite part of the PlayBook 2.0 OS are the PIM apps. I'm loving the Tungle-esque Calendar app, and the GIST-esque Contacts app :)

I want one! OS 2.0 looks sweet and I would love to bridge my 9900 onto it. Crackberry is awesome and it has an awesome community. Keep it up guys!

PS I hope I will this week =P

You should! There's no better value out there now for a tablet! Mine goes everywhere with me. Books,news, music,games,messaging everything in one neat little package!

Sent from my BlackBerry Playbook

CrackBery has one of the best community i've seen. I find myself checking the forums on a daily basis. I'm officially an addict.

OS 2.0 is amazing, loving everything about it except how my wife keeps stealing my Playbook, I need to get her one so she leaves mine alone.

I'm in. Blackberry, the way of the future!!!!
I've owned a few tables now and none of them have come close to the quality build of the playbook.

I love everything about the playbook and 2.0. In fact I love it so much that I don't want to share my pb with my wife so I really want to win one for her.

The PB is back in the game with the fantastic native email and social integration. I never had it this GOOD ..except if I got an extra one!!

Would be great to have a PB for my wife.
Liking most everything in OS 2 except for the flakey way the native email works with Gmail

Congrats to the first winner! Maybe I'll be the lucky one this time!!! Thanks for the opportunity Crackberry. Side note; predictive text has Crackberry in it. Very cool.

Love the email the contacts and its social integration. Most of all love the remote function over all killer OS. Here hope I win second time around.

I don't have a Playbook, so I can't speak to that. As for Crackberry, it keeps me informed. What's not to like?

I want one, i need one. pleaseeee let me get one. I promise to take care of it and always charge it and keep its screen shiny and clean. and plus it will be a great sidekick to my 9810 :)

I would love to get a second playbook for when TAT releases their file sharing app! Gotta power swipe!!!

Congrats scooby! And if I do win I will pass it on to a non crackberry believer, but enjoy the accesories for my current PB ;)

Playbook OS 2.0 greatest features thus far is the BB Bridge Remote Control, it's very convenient when you run presentations AND the native Email interface is great. Lets hope iPad 3 doesn't crash the party.

Loving 2pointOHHHHHHH! The remote via bridge is just awesome. And crackberry rocks, keeping me up to date on all things BB.

Would love to win a PlayBook for my wife so she can stop swiping mine. Would also be nice to video chat with her and see my 15 month old when I'm traveling on business (as I do frequently).

I love the fluidity and responsiveness of the new operating system. It feels clean and so easy to use. The Bridge and Remote Control are amazing, and the wow factor when I show the whole package off!

I don't have a Playbook (which is why I'm kinda hoping I'd have one when this contest ends), but I love Crackberry for doing these contests! Awesome!

one thing that i was really hoping that they would fix is sometimes the browser didn't want to connect properly and they have fixed it in VER 2.0 YAY

Great size , gr8 new features in 2.0

would love one to learn development and use DINGLE BERRY ! :)

Crackberry I Love to guys! I love your reviews, I love blackberry and I would love to win a play book, thanks :)

A playbook would be a nice "bridge" between my progression from a 8310 to my 9700 to (Playbook) to my next BlackBerry with OS10. Thanks to CrackBerry.

Shifted from iPhone to blackberry. Worth it. Want to shift from iPad to Playbook for the complete blackberry experience.

I don't want it...I don't want it...I don't want it...Figure if I keep saying that to myself, I won't be crushed if it doesn't happen, LOL!

I would luv a Blackberry Playbook with V 2.0, That would just make my BBB 9900 Complete. Luv u Crackberry for all the good Work .. Keep iT

I love how the contestest on crackberry.com get me all worked up to win something until I just go and buy it anyway! They need a contest for that porsche with the QNX Car2 deal....I want that! but a playbook will do.

Really enjoying my 32gb book. Loving the fact of 2.0 supporting android as well. I cant put this thing down at all. Really appreciate how other users on the site were able to get me some very hard to find android apps. Glad not to be a apple fanboy and use only what is given without any improvements other than to mortage my home for a lens upgrade. How pathetic. Blackberry rules!!!!!

Ok, ok I LIED! I WANT IT! I'd love to spend hours every day on Crackberry with that beauty! I'd visit every member and let them play with it too!

I want to be the lucky dog!
although i have a PB now i would like an extra one for my girlfriend !
come on CB
come on Rim!

I would love one!! Pls choose me!!
what i love about os 2 is the features of blackberry remote and native e-mail!!

and crackberry helps me know about the latest news and applications for my phone and tablet.