We'll have a CrackBerry live blog and chat going on later during the BlackBerry shareholders' meeting... Join us!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jul 2013 02:48 pm EDT

As I type this Simon Sage and I are sitting in the back of a Towncar making the ride from the Toronto Airport to Waterloo (typing this post on my laptop, connected to my Q10's WiFi hotspot!). 

We're heading to the birthplace and hometown of BlackBerry to take in the Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders. Like last year, BlackBerry is streaming the event so you'll be able to listen in, but we'll also fire up our live blog and live chat here on the site so you can tune in for more commentary and sound off with the community.

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The event starts at 10am Waterloo time (Eastern), and we'll try and kick things off a little bit early. Last year there was a swarm of media activity around the event, and I'm *guessing* this year things may prove to be similar. We'll have our gear fired up too and be looking to interview shareholders and attendees. If you see us, don't be a stranger and be sure to say hi!

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We'll have a CrackBerry live blog and chat going on later during the BlackBerry shareholders' meeting... Join us!


I hope they fire the whole marketing team!
and the person responsible for the 9720. . .
as well as coming up with a proper response fror why BB10 is a mobile computing plattform and not just a mobil operating system - or smartphone os. . .

I'm guessing that along with the A10 we'll see the ability to connect the device to monitors, keyboards, and a mouse a la Ubuntu. Sort of like bridging to the Playbook, but better and not limited to BB hardware. But, I really needed to see this at BlackBerry Live! And, in the end, I'm just guessing... at some point the "mobile computing" talk is ridiculous given BlackBerry's refusal to compute in anything other than the stagnating smartphone market.

I agree. This "mobile computing" talk is already rediculous. BB doe's not understand, that everything is marketing. Using a term all the time without concrete meaning is not useful.

BBRY will see a new low. . . let me guess between -10 and -20% again. . . because they are not changing a single thing. . .

Welcome to my hometown (well kitchener for me). I left this morning for the USA on business. Have fun looking forward to the live blog.

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My hometown too! I have a class at UW tomorrow morning, I'll swing by HH to see if I can actually see Kevin and the CB team. That would be pretty exciting after all these months of reading this site...you guys are kinda celebrities for BlackBerry fans!

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Are you going to make a grand entrance? Maybe have a crown of q 10's, and a scepter with a PlayBook at the top?

(jk). Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

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I hope you made sure to pack your survey results with you. Make sure BlackBerry hears from us!

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Kevin, did you gather some good questions from the questionnaire you had up for people to fill out? Did many participate?

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Maybe they should discuss how they screwed 2.5M playbook owners by not releasing BB10 nor suitable, sorry functional OS that is not full of bugs, and why they doesn't have a decency to unlock bootrom so we can find a way by ourselves (since they abandoned us). Now that is a good theme to talk about...

You know it's unfortunate that the PlayBook isn't being upgraded but can you blame them for not wasting money on an obsolete piece of technology? It doesn't even run bb10 properly.

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sadly that's the same in the box only thinking that BlackBerry seem to have.

They should of changed the UI to match BB10 (that's not really gonna affect RAM), then added the BB10 browser, which I cant see using appreciably more than the current one, then added BBM which again wouldn't use much RAM, then up the Android Player to 4.2.2.

They don't need to include the hub which is the main cause of RAM useage, because a PlayBook isn't an always on always connected device in the same way as your mobile, so leave the PIM roughly how it is now.
Badge that up as BB10 for tablets and boom, not too much effort as all you've really added is BBM but everyone will enjoy the benefits.

I'm sure given the choice people would take something over nothing, sadly BB is only offering the nothing option right now.

+1 I agree PlayBook doesn't have to run the full BB 10 OS. Just update the browser, BBM, put BBW to install games, update to the new keyboard, jellybean runtime 4.2.2 and a few extra s and we'll be happy

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maybe add the tech behind the keyboard, but I don't think a tablet would be the right size to swipe up on, I think keep the bar and just add the updated prediction code for it, maybe a slight redesign to match BB10 though in looks.

1) They promised to upgrade the Playbook
2) They sold 350,000 units based on that promise in the last 6 months alone
3) It would cost almost nothing to upgrade basics (browser, android, cascades, etc.)

"Cascades" isn't a "basic". And the browser and Android could still be updated in a PBOS 2.2 without it being full-blown BB10. Have some patience.

Cascades is probably exactly what won't run well on lesser RAM.
- Browser - Android Run-time - I want the keyboard too.
Some of the back-end to make newer BB10 apps run would be good too; but that's the kind of performance judgement call we can't make on this side.

This should be fun.

Get rid of the pay check board. No mercy from the shareholders.

This is supposed to be a new open BlackBerry and all we get is delays and negative announcements.

The number 1 question is BlackBerry there to make up the numbers or actually competing.

Because so far it looks like it has already given up .

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I'm definitely not missing this. Can't wait to hear what happens. Good luck there Kevin, I know you'll do the CrackBerry nation proud by representing us :)

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They tried some stuff but it didn't work, too bad, but now they need to do something new. I wonder if they will. For me if the phones ran native Android apps it would all be good. No more App gap!

I hope someone stands up and asks them how they are going to stop the two US carriers from putting them out of business. AT&T and Verizon is not helping their cause at all.

Also, ask them to do worldwide launches and updates without going through carriers.

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+1 this is very, very real. coming from someone in NYC that visits stores to see how BB is selling...no knowledge from the salespeople, no love from the salespeople, no active DISPLAY units in the stores, and the fact that the OS updates are never pushed hurts the sale of these brilliant, BRILLIANT devices.

I love that picture as, without requiring words, it says everything you would need to know regarding the state of Blackberry. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings; let's hope that there are really good questions from shareholders - not like last year which were made up by some twit asking why he couldn't find a case for his phone.

I actually agree with this..as Don Draper says, if you don't like what people are saying, change the story.

Plus Research in Motion is a genuinely much better, intriguing and poetic name. BlackBerry could just be one of its products...

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I voted for this when 90% of Crackberry members here liked the change.

I specifically stated changing the company to be the same as a brand is a BAD move because if the brand fails the company is directly linked. Then you cannot change or introduce a new brand as it causes confusion.

Wither way this meeting will have a LOT of negativity:

Investors calling for heads to roll,
Investors calling for new business strategy which may include selling off the hardware business (very likely),
The Media lynching BlackBerry when their down, litrary!,
Hopefully positive highlights of how the new M2M strategy is doing after such an early launch (BES like for automotive just launched in June).

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Love the use of the "world time buddy"
It seems every time something like this happens there are people who for some reason get confused about time zones. This should help them :)

they get confused because BB10 clock actually doesn't show the time adjustment anymore, just the actual time. its only a little thing but it does make a huge difference

If they don't comment on creating a whole new advertising campaign, I believe stock holders will be upset. I know I will be.

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$10 bet that nothing that we CrackBerrians consider important will be discussed or asked.

Kevin already said previously he doesn't like to ask questions at these to give others a chance...

...so I'm not getting my hopes up at all that anything reassuring or exciting will become of this. Just more generic statements like "well we continue to maintain good partnerships in the US" (yeah right).

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Get the message across that they have to be accountable (about what they do and say) to ensure they Keep BlackBerry Moving!

On one hand it's too early to say full truth about BlackBerry 10. On the other hand it's really too late to let BlackBerry 10 attract Customers slower than Android or iOS does. Come on BB, KEEP MOVING !!! :)

[...] and new hero's coming: smartman.mobi

BES10 not supporting BB7 devices = fail
If they decide to support it in a future version of BES, it will probably be too late as with many things they've been doing. It will take them too long to write the code and implement. There's no point by now. Should have planned it better boys.

I think it is very difficult to support os7 insider b10, but my question is why there is an android player but no os player? I would think they know bb 7 better, don't they? Any body can she'd some light?


Tell them to get rapid, aggressive and market, market, market, especially concerning where their product is superior and different. You need to get 'popular', use 'popularity' in your marketing.


The OS updates through the carriers MUST come faster:


Ask them, what are they planning to pipeline into BB10QNX, what is their definition of 'mobile computing' on a smartphone to leave the Playbook and tablets behind, especially for folks who work 'in the field' - don't want to have to carry a phonebrick on the hip all the time.
When will they get a fully functional YouTube inbox in the Hub, and direct reply to comments on a video page?
When will they get the Facebook app up to speed with groups, chats, etc?
When will they stop being silent to the public and the markets?
Are they making sure BBM is spot on, 110%, when they go cross-platform? It cannot hiccup, at all.
Underwater camera/video? Infared?
Are they going to carry over some of the functions/features from older OS that many are missing?
Are they watching comments here on Crackberry, and working tirelessly to deliver?
Well, anyway, nuff said here, plenty more in the survey, may they actually listen and quickly react to their users. They've got to listen to the users, or the users will walk.

Sorry, but these guys in the photo look nervous, worried, not confident, not good, poor body language.

Come on Blackberry, don't lose this, don't want to be stuck with andrugs and ipills OR winshots, thank you! If it's all about innovation, well, bring it - tell us where you are taking us! If you want to "keep moving", why so sloooooooow?

Wow, is there another thread for bitc_ers and whiners, it is so easy to be a critic you don't have to do anything! Perhaps we should wait and hear what the directors have to say, you can then make a choice to stay or go. I'm certain that they are aware of the situation, if they are they will talk about it, if they aren't they won't and they have no response they'll be evasive.

PlayBook is dead, get over it, it is not on store shelves and I believe it is the past, what is important now is the future. I'm looking for BBRY to Present the future tomorrow, and the very near (read no more than 45 days). I hope to see that they've had a plan and are ready to blow people's minds.

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I still hold stock. It may cost me, but I hope not. I've been in business close to 30 years and there are no easy ways to make money, at least none that I've been able to find. I'm interested in seeing how their growth strategies will play out as I do feel the 10 series itself has had long enough to either catch fire - it didn't, stall out - I don't think it did that either, or just perform at a mediocre level (sales) which I think it has. So I am hoping the phone(s) itself becomes less important to the financial markets as potential service markets for BlackBerry. But that will take more time to prove or disprove.

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ALL smartphone makers had a rough quarter. It wasn't just BB, so it may not be fair to be so critical of marketing at this point. From here on, though, no excuses. The Z10 and Q10 are both widely available, and many significant issues have been more-or-less dealt with (like the 30-day e-mail thing).

I'm still in long.

I know everyone will have their own questions so I don't need to paste the whole list. I just want to know if they will support a software trackpad and can it be a top, #1, "!", high priority?

I would like a software trackpad for editing purposes mainly b/c the current text editor is slow, cumbersome, and annoying. They should take a look at trackpad editor app in BlackBerry World to see that it's very possible to deliver a more Blackberry experience even without the hardware.

It's a necessity for now and the future!

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Well, this just made my day. I've already imagined a virtual trackpad and here's the proof it can work. BlackBerry should ABSOLUTELY incorporate this into the OS. I can't understand why they haven't already.

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Kevin and co,

Please reiterate importance of sales and marketing along with streamlining the portfolio and including a business tablet for Mobile Computing. Top three priorities:

1. One BB10 OS for QWERTY device (Q10), all touch 4'' (Z10), 7&10" PlayBook
--> if a solid bb7 device is cheaper to manufacture than a entry bb10 is and the market demand is there I'd be okay with bb7 sticking for time being

2. Take advantage of Android integration and bring developers over to develop native apps or smooth ports to blackberry world that are sorely missing today

3. Sell the platform as it is, the best mobile computing platform in the world. Revamp sales and marketing in all aspects. Make sure retail staff understand the value and can understand why business and hyper connected individuals benefit daily

Thanks for representing all of us!

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You're all over the place here it seems.

1. Keeping or introducing another Bb7 device along with Bb10 is like having one hand in the clouds and one foot in the ground!! Confuses brand strategy, gives the bears and media something to con tu o usted wine about which affects the stock negatively, and they NEED more investment $$ to support R&D! The return on per device manufacturing for another and cheap BB7 device is much lower than current BB10 devices!! Oh and more confusion for developers to continue making apps for a dying platform. Spread of support resources within BlackBerry for 7?!

BB7 should be shot! Period!

A tablet for business?! Not unless it's hardware is specifically designed like a "tough book": water and dust resistant to several meters or fine granules! Shock and shatter resistant! And marketed to those industries that can utilize a tablet over a laptop: Mining off shore drilling, etc not the classroom!!

BlackBerry cannot sell the platform if they themselves cannot get much success with it! In mobile computing space the phrase "one man's garbage is another's treasure" doesn't work. Marketing, R&D, considerations for segmentation, support etc will be considered heavily with the app ecosystem. I.honestly believe the Android app porting needs to be shunned by BlackBerry! What experienced developer is going to learn QML For cascades to refine their skills for their app when they can just run their existing app through emulation and in 2hrs presto upload to BBWorld, and Monetize!! $$ kaching, easy mula, no work, and frustrated users can wine all they want while your comments is.protected guaranteeing you more spinach ($) and while you focus on efforts for the platform you originally support in this case Android!!

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+1 on the tablet comment, and include the growing Ag and Ag support industry, on the road, in the field and tough on equipment.

Those BlackBerry guys probably won't get any sleep tonight. They're going to have an awful day tomorrow. I sold my shares.

Jamaican me crazy bout my z10. Respect

This could be the most important meeting of BlackBerry history. For me now getting prime software on board with yet better links to android, and strong marketing are the key. Think system to integrate consumer needs across the electronic spectrum. Make Q10 the business machine not Q5 and make it economical. The new phone products can be improved but are fine. Reduce fragmentation.

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I'd ask if that Clewley fellow is just going to keep pretending his AT&T Z10 update announcement never happened or if he is eventually going to display some accountability.

I just hope somebody asks the hard questions - and insist's on getting an answer.

However, i have a ffeling that any 'difficult' questions will be politely turned aside with platitudes and 'we're considering our current position' statements.

Well I got news for the BBRY management - your position is fourth, and unless you start dealing with your customers not the carriers then that can only get worse.

My guess is at the end of the meeting will be something like, "guys, it's a marathon not a sprint, that 30% shares drop is only a slight graze, now all together, kumbaya, kumbayaaa."

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Do BlackBerry even care about anyone from this forum? They have much bigger issue to handle

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I'm looking forward to this event. Hope all the questions we asked, get an answer.
Save the last credibility BB, I wanna know what's going on!

There is about 74 millions of BlackBerry users in the world what we should do its to retake the old device and to give them the new Blackberry Z10 or Q10 for little money $$$...

BlackBerry 7 compare to Iphone or Android device is garbage !

For all of owner of BlackBerry they should have a subvention to replace their devices for Bb10!

And go head ! Make more native quality Apps then Iphone and Android ! And make a big tablet !
So what should be the plan for BlackBerry when Bb10 will be more mature it is to make a new Bb10 tablette 10.1 a little bit like Apple with Ipad! (A kind of really Big Z10 10.1 inches ! ) The playbook is death we need a new tablette !

Also Another plan it's to make a device like the Samsung Galaxy note 2 a kind of big device but not that big !

Another strategy that we should do it is to make a kind of "ipod touch" with just Wifi connexion and to sell it cheap prices ! In that way we can rejoin yougn who have no money and acclimate them to Bb10 device ! Take exemple to Apple and do the same and better !

A really big plan it should be to give all the same apps then offer concurrence !
1000 000 apps for Apple, 900 000 for Android, Blackberry only 150 000! We don't want Android Port we want Native apps !

We have to do the same strategy then Apple, Android and Windows Phone and offers the same quality and a little more !!!

If we don't do that everybody will stay on Apple and Android or Windows Phone !

We have to offer more ! We have to make a better product then ios 7 and Android !

More then just a Keep Moving!

I'm with you from Québec !

Peace and good luck for the meeting !

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It has been a blood bath for shareholders over the last few years. We will hear from some very angry people today. I think that Heins has to demonstrate what BB's plan is going forward. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? When does the OS gain traction. When do they start selling in volume? When do the profits come?

This whole "patience, we are just rolling out BB10" thing has worn thin. BB10 launched in January and we are now in July. This is an industry where product has a one year shelf life. The market and the public (at least in the US) has decided that BB10 is a flop. What will be done to turn this around?

Nothing is going to happen. No one will be fired.
Heins will explain that progress is being made but slower than they would like.
He will say that they are only 5 months into the new platform and have over 100,000 apps in the app store.
He will say this is much higher than any other newly launched ecosystem that doesn't start with a "W".

so lets say they will fire "someone". how does that happen in cases like this? not then and there, correct? would someone stepping down be announced at this meeting? or would it usually be in a press release down the road.

astrologically, heins does NOT have good cards this year for him until his birthday this dec. in fact, theres a chance he will either get a new job or lose something he loves. im hoping for the best, because i love heins...but people are not so forgiving.

I think he should explain what he means by the future death of the tablet. If he means they will be replaced by a dummy tablet that uses the processing power of your nearby mobile computing device instead of using its own processors, then he should say so.
I don't think that is a bad idea but he should make it clear to people that that is what he meant, if it is.
If that is what he meant, does BBRY intend to get into that market?
Will these I/O devices be cross platform functional or tied to each company's mobile computing devices?