Well blow me down, Popeye stickers arrive in the BBM Shop

By Bla1ze on 31 Jul 2014 09:52 pm EDT

Another batch of BBM stickers has now arrived in the BBM Shop and this time around, Popeye joins the party. Just as with most other BBM sticker packs, this one costs $1.99 and is available right now. In total, there's 20 stickers to choose from including Olive Oyl, Swee'pea, Bluto and of course, Popeye.

If Popeye isn't of interest, the BBM team has also added another batch of the usual BBM emoticons as well, this time around covering Expressions, which is available for only $.99. Popeye might be regional but expressions should be available to everyone, so keep that in mind if you're not seeing it.

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Well blow me down, Popeye stickers arrive in the BBM Shop


Couldn't they have added 2 more to the BBM pack? Every pack has 20 except the ones from BBM themselves...

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Am I missing something or they don't have a single sticker in the pack in which Popeye's eating spinach?! Did they run into copyright issues with the International Spinach Federation? :-/

@Bla1ze...they are there but as my friend asked me ,they don't have him downing a can of spinach,pity, how could they miss that,maybe tvst28 has something there,haha copyright issues?

Can't read the writing beside each pic with dark theme. That sucks.

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Yep. Just switched back to light theme and can read the words beside Popeye. Dark theme...nope! Guess they missed that.

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Just downloaded it, awesome. My only gripe is that the stickers are so small I can't read the words until I send one...

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I'm not really into stickers but is there a way for non Crackberry users to be notified of sticker packages?

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An alert should be available in the next version of BBM, directly in BBM. Some people see it among the beta testers.

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I sure hope BBRY is making money on stickers; I totally do not get them and would never waste money on them. It seems so contrary to Chen's professional message.

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The goal for Chen and BlackBerry is to make money, it's as simple as that and all that matters. Actually the goal of any company is to make money.

It's not to provide a service, or high quality products or an image. The goal is to make money.


That goes without saying. The point being, Chen has stressed enterprise at the expense of consumer related devices, services etc... It is simply a mixed signal. But, like I said, I hope it pads the bank account.

BBM is for "consumers" & "prosumers".

I don't mind paying for stickers that I like because you get to use them an infinite amount of times..."real" stickers are a one time use when sent to anyone.

If you break down and buy one pack...you will end up buying multiple packs.

Murray Squire Marr

BBM is for everyone, not just BlackBerry users. Blackberry can still have a business image, but BBM is catering to all device users, every age, every part of the market. In order for BBM to be the best, most used messaging app, we have to stop associating it so much with BlackBerry (that hurt to say it). I know stubborn people that won't use bbm because they hate BlackBerry (and I take days respond to their texts by the way!). So by making BlackBerry 'fun' will only help. Keep rolling out the stickers. Preferably licensed ones. Sports teams, movie ones etc. And drop the generic ones to .99

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

I know the idea of stickers in BBM was implemented to monetize the app, But Blackberry should lunch some free stickers from time to time ... at least in my country it's not easy to pay with dollars even if you have a credit card. Some free stickers won't kill anyone...

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Yes. And to catch up as far as gimmicks, this would be a good start. If you download Line,Whatsapp, wechat or that crap Viber you get a handful of crappy yet free stickers/emojjis.
Sadly they actually attract chick's, especially Asian ones.

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Shame they can't incorporate sounds with these stickers in where you press on the sticker and you get the Popeye chuckle etc

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Now if they added that functionality to a sticker for the same £1.50 price THEN I'd be happy to purchase.
Just can't justify £1.50 on a static picture you won't use much.

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That would be cool with many stickers...all of the South Park characters and the Duck Dynasty guys.

Murray Squire Marr

I have stopped to purchase Stickerpacks.

really often my buddys *BB10 Devices" didnt see the Stickers ive send to them.

BB had removed one of my before purchased Stickers from my device and the Customersupport dont want to help with my Problems.
Beside that most of the Stickers are really useless for conversations i think :)

Don't know what the margins are like for BlackBerry... They should've made some money from the sale of the stickers by now!

Posted via CB10... and my awesome Z10

Somehow, I find the BBM expression pack should be built-in instead of charging extra. What do you guys think?

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I like it... I would want to see one with Charlie Brown characters. I will buy Charlie Brown 's in a heart beat too.

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What I wish, is that BlackBerry would stop spending money making useless junk like this, and focus on the actual things that matter. Improving BlackBerry Remember would be a good place to start.

I would buy a Marvel sticker pack or Star Wars sticker pack. IJS...

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First pack I purchase! :)
One designer flaw though - some of the stickers have words that are in black ink and which are illegible as they're shown against a dark background in BBM when I pull the sticker menu in a chat...(regardless of what BBM theme is selected dark/light)


Can you delete sticker packs? Mainly because it would be nice to be able to re-order them and not just have the most recently added pack as your first one.
It would be nice to have some customizing options. Similar to how we can with our quick sttings.

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Any posting that starts with " Well blow me..." cannot have a happy ending!!!! LOL

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