Welcome Smartwatch Fans to the Mobile Nations family!

Adam Zeis, Chief Smartwatch Fan
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jan 2014 04:51 pm EST

Happy 2014! There is no better day to launch a new website than January 1st, so we're doing just that. Today we welcome Smartwatch Fans to the Mobile Nations family!!

We're incredibly excited to launch SmartwatchFans.com. We actually entered 2013 thinking it was the year we needed to go beyond phones and build a new "connected accessories" community to join the ranks of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Windows Phone Central. As we discussed throughout Talk Mobile 2013, mobile is about so much more than just phones these days. The problem is, with the "internet of things" growing so big, so fast and penetrating into every area of life, it's really hard to define the scope of where a new community like that would begin and end. As we've learned over the years, a successful tech community needs a focus.

Just as Mobile Nations was there at the beginning of the smartphone era over a decade ago, we've been part of the modern smartwatch era since its earliest beginnings too

With 2013 winding down and no new site launched yet, it was actually CrackBerry's Managing Editor Adam Zeis who lost patience with the indecisiveness and took the initiative and got the ball rolling with Smartwatch Fans. Thinking on it now, it was really a no brainer that our next community be focused on smartwatches. It just makes so much sense.

Just as Mobile Nations was there at the beginning of the smartphone era over a decade ago, we've been part of the modern smartwatch era since its earliest beginnings too. Most pundits look at Pebble's amazing Kickstarter debut in 2012 as the starting shot that set off the smartwatch race we're witnessing now. In reality, Eric Migicovsky, the founder of Pebble, was working on a version years earlier called the inPulse Smartwatch. And it was back on CrackBerry in 2009 that we worked with Eric to bring the first photos of the inPulse smartwatch to the world. Like I said, we've been thinking about smartwatches at Mobile Nations since the beginning. And even more important, we already have a bunch of watch fanatics on the team across our existing sites. We just needed a place to all get together.

Adam Zeis gets the honors of being Chief Smartwatch Fan and will be managing the daily beat on the blogs. With a lot of smartwatch fans on the team, you can also expect to see regular contributions from your other favorite Mobile Nations personalities. Expect to see many new faces too!

The site is already off to a great start and the forums are buzzing, so be sure to drop by SmartwatchFans.com and say hello! 


Grand Opening Contest - Win a FREE Smartwatch of your choice from Smartwatch Fans!

Smartwatch Fans!

In true Mobile Nations fashion, to celebrate the launch of Smartwatch Fans we're kicking things off proper by holding a contest to win a free smartwatch of your choice. To enter, all you need to do is visit the contest post at the link below and tell us which smartwatch you'd like to win!

Take note, if you're already a member of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore or Windows Phone Central, you can login to Smartwatch Fans with your existing username and info. If you're already logged in to one of our other sites, just jump over and click Login and you'll be registered on the fly. It's that easy.

Enter to Win a Free Smartwatch at SmartwatchFans.com!

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Reader comments

Welcome Smartwatch Fans to the Mobile Nations family!


Well I'm a lady, so I guess I'm not in your population. I like my Galaxy Gear and look forward to the future of smart wearable technology.

I thought they were gimmicks at first,but now they're getting more traction than I expected. A lot more.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Agreed. Who would go for constant radiation on your wrist anyway? Not me, regular good old watches are good enough. If I want to check my e-mail, I will simply view my BB10 ;)

Just a fad like the calculator watches.

Would never wear one of those smart watches over my Breitling or Omega.

I'm far too rough on my watches, I would probably beat up a smartwatch, so no not my cup of tea. It's also just another piece of technology to rule over me...charging, updating os, screen protection etc.

I have a luminox watch and a citizen eco drive watch. Anything else is unnecessary.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Technically calculator watches are smarter then so called "smart" watches, because they are not reliant on a phone nearby to do the thinking.

Right now they are not that useful, but one day they may replace all functions of your phone. I'm pretty happy with a phone and no smart watch. Maybe Apple will come up with something and everyone else will have to up their game, just as it was with smartphones.

Posted via CB10

Considering the number one use of phones has been as...a phone (making calls,) to replace this with a watch (assuming they even get past the hurdle of fitting GSM/UMTS/LTE radios in these watches) would require:

A. Holding your wrist up to your ear (good luck on those hour long customer service calls) or,

B. Using a bluetooth headset/headphones (good luck scrambling for headphones when you need them, or not looking like a tool with a BT piece in your ear all day.)

Unfortunately, I don't think the number one use of smartphones is the the actual phone functionality...so a watch could replace that.

Additionally, if there is a bluetooth headset pairing, make and receive all the calls you want...from your smart watch.

Posted via CB10

My Uncle Thomas just got a fantastic green Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible only from working part time off a laptop. find out this here

Nope I think they are stupid and useless too. Very few people are ever without their phones. Why do I need my phone and my watch telling me there is a text or call or whatever.

Having a smart watch and carrying your phone is the same as wearing contact lenses beneath your glasses.

Posted via CB10

The current generation, moreso than not.

I remember trying out (several) Microsoft SPOT smartwatches when those came out, and the battery life was several days, easily. The Galaxy Gear barely lasts two days, and needs another device (a phone) to truly be "smart".

Go smartwatches! And BlackBerry! Multi-tasking Adam FTW!

Already been asked and no, I'm not leaving CB so you'll have to put up with me a little longer. 

He'll need those Inspector Gadget arms soon for all his smartwatches.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

I love that pic of you in this post, Adam. Now there's some passion!

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Live my pebble and talk 2 watch is a great app. Went from pulling my phone out every email to just looking at my wrist now. I get 80 email a day from work and that's just email.

Posted via CB10

Good luck.

I'm really on the fence with smart watches. It seems that there is a lot of potential, yet nothing available turns my crank. Maybe it's early days still...

Posted via CB10

This is where I stand as well. I'm a gadget junkie but smart watches aren't quite there for me.....yet.
I'll be keeping an eye on this site tho. :)

Posted via CB10

Completely agree. I'm not going to discount smart watches just yet. But I'm not buying one at this point either.

Posted via CB10

Omate TrueSmart please - Extreme Edition. Best of luck with the site. When Apple does eventually introduce the iWatch this market will explode.

Smart watches are a better way to keep on the go especially if you don't want to pull your devices out of your pocket 50 million times to check the time or email lol

Is this where I post a comment for a chance to win? This is the Crackberry Site, not the new Smartwatch Site. Oh well, I guess I've posted a comment anyway, but don't have any idea which watch would suit me best. I'll just have to follow the them new site & become educated.

Posted via CB10

I'm sure you can set your new smartwatch to Swiss. Problem solved!

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

No you definitely can't, the swiss german is a "language" without official grammatical rules at all, just leaned somehow to german... to program this language would need an effort similar to writing codes for Finnish, Mandarin or Japanese...

but as there are 1billion+ Chinese and 120million+ Japanese People but only 7million+ Swiss People, it's not worth the coding trouble for that tiny tiny volume... Like coding for a specific language/slang for Manhattan only... That's why Finnish people have to adapt to Swedish in several occasions... not enough Finnish people around...

To get back to the watch topic... Nothing, really NOTHING can beat a Swiss Watch on the wrist... no matter what those smartwatches are able to do...! Not even when they would be able to replace the smartphone completely, people want screen real estate for entertainment, you won't adapt after being used to 4-5 inchers to reduce yourself to 1.5 inches... This is going to be like the 3D TV's...


Ferrari ZetaDieci

Sorry dear North American friends (well basically only the US People...): I used Switzerland and Sweden in one single post... didn't want to confuse your somehow geographical knowledge of Europe... but I confirm:

Switzerland and Sweden are


Ferrari ZetaDieci

I know what you mean,
My problem with them is that they don't have a long life like the regular watches does.
I have a seiko that my grandmother gave me when I was still a kid, I've been wearing it since 1995. do you see someone keeping the same smart watch or any piece of technology for two decades and still be proud of it ?
I didn't think so....

Posted via CB10

Wow, when you think about it, this really was a no-brainer. But nobody really thought about it. :p

Smartwatches aren't for me, at least not until they can establish a reliable method of communicating with Zordon and teleporting to the Command Center. :)

The one from the east is best, but watch out for the wicked one from the west. She has a real mean temper! ; )

Posted via CB10

I have a Smart Phone in my pocket. I guess I'll ditch it for old school flip phone and buy one of these goofy watches...... right after my lobotomy!

I can see these being a very short term novelty that won't go mainstream.


Posted via CB10

Remember the Gates:

The Internet is just a passing fad, and, oh yeah, no one needs more than 640kb....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I bought one for my brother for Christmas, waiting to play with it to see if I want one or not.... I celebrate Christmas mid-January.
But if I win one, I definitely would wear it!

Post via my Z10!

The batteries on these things remind me of the very early LED digital watches that came out. They drained as quickly as you looked at 'em too. Come to think of it the styles seem the same also, chunky, square and horrible to look at.

Posted via CB10

We also don't mention VisorCentral, TreoCentral or NokiaExperts anymore. They're all still live though - just part of the legacy archive. And in the case of webOS Nation it's still active - part of the Passport system. 

Looks like some tvs are going to get built w/ webOS too, so maybe the community will get a second wind still!

I'll have to check out the site, would like to learn more about those watches.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

I'm still wearing my calculator watch from 1982...NOT!....If this is the direction smart tech is headed....i'm going the wrong way.

...just sayin' ; P

Posted via my fancy BB10 pager thingy

I don't need another device to tell me about my other devices. I do not see the widespread uptake of smartwatches for at least another 2-3 years or later. The compromises versus a smartphone are just too great.

I honestly would like to try the Galaxy Gear it looks sweet but my only question is, is it compatible to my Z10?

Posted via CB10

No it is not. It's barely compatible with many Galaxy devices and Android devices in general. I believe only the S3/4 Note2/3 are compatible right now

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Been looking into a pebble for a while. Hopefully this site gives me more insight to it

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

There is a bug in the new site...it's sending me an email for every person commenting in the contest blog....Yes I tried unsubscribing, (although I never subscribed). Continues to default to sent all comments.

Went in through the CB10 app...wonder if that has something to do with it ?

Posted via CB10

Gadget... I look geeky enough without one of these. Waiting for my Dick Tracy version. Until then a analog solar watch with slide rule is my choice. Unless you are an Uber geek you won't know how geeky a slide rule watch is, or how to use it!

Posted via CB10

Yes, pick me to win one of these watches! Not sure which one i'd like yet, maybe the Pebble?

Posted via CB10

No thank you! I do not want to look half as geeky as Adam does lol, but seriously I'm in no way convinced that a smartwatch would make my life any easier or more convenient. I'd go for a Sunnto watch before any "smartwatch".

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It really has to be shown to you and feasible for a week to be worn without charging if you lead a very busy and professional lifestyle.

Buses the basics:
Water resistant to say 30/50/100 meters,

Blood pressure
Glucose measurement in real time (without being pricked)
- remember there are over 50 million diabetics in the USA alone!
Heart monitor,
Phone proximity sensor (if left or stolen; enhancing security of just password, on demand or proximity encryption and de encryption upon range being re established - BT 4.0 and NFV can help here),
Time can be the phone alert mode changer, based on itinerary for the day along with GPS in th e phone used only in demand based on the time and matching appointment can save critical battery life, no need for WiFi Geofencing.
Phone alerts you to critical emails and favorite listed sms only during meetings. Let's say your being a single father, your little girl is 10-14 at school doesn't feel well or insecure has certain key words in VM (working with providers in VM to text) or just in the sms prompts you! You can discreetly and verifiably prove to your team or boss of the criticality and everyone around only sees you showing your watch to your boss thru think it's a pre engagement you need to a attend whole th emboss just nods his or her head and off you're racing barely missing a beat!

There is so much real world scenarios that an ideal smartwatches can help in our lives by enhancing our smartphones without being gimmicky like the Samsung Gears ability to take garbage crap photos!!

Just need an open mind, and some taste of real world usable fashion from.the manufacturers. Right now Sony leads here.

Posted via CB10

Wow. Pebble gets all the glory for being simplistic yet Sony doesn't even get a mention with their heritage in this space - including the roots partnership with Sony Ericsson being for ethic jersey for over 6yrs.

We'll see what wearables brings in 2014; shouldn't the site be more for wearables vs just smartwatches?

Posted via CB10

Ya I don't think will be rocking one of those any time soon unless they make a otter box smart watch case for them. I am to hard on watches.

Posted via CB10

I love my pebble watch. I have two nice citizen eco drive watches and ever since I got my pebble 4 weeks ago I haven't do much as even looked at them.

Posted via CB10

I love my Pebble and the only person I can think of that has shown true passion for development is Ben who created Talk2mywatch a winning combination for BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Posted via CB10

As the owner of a pebble would be nice if we could get a bb10 pebble app. I know there is talk2watch but it's missing some things.

Posted via CB10

It's not a bad idea, there are lots of opportunities here :). Good luck!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

I'm not sure what to think of smart watches just yet, but I'm so curious to test the Pebble smart watch. That's the one I'd choose!

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

Trying to cash in early is one thing, but a whole site dedicated to smart watches? I see another NokiaExperts in your future...


Not standalone? I can not plug my SIM card in the watch and leave my mobile phone at home? What's so smart about these watches then when I have to carry two devices at the same time lol

What's the point to put an ugly plastic watch on the wrist anyway.

What is the definition of "smart watch "? Is it a watch that connects to a phone? Because their are plenty of gps watches that are pretty smart on their own without a phone connection. So in my opinion they are the true smartwatch. So it would be kind of cool if this site also included some of thoughs.

Posted via CB10

I don't see no future with smart watches... at least not today... maybe in a long future..

Posted via CB10

I'm definitely not interested in smart watches. I'm baffled to see that whoever made their first post, must have been a rookie. It's all messed up.
And one last thing... are smart watch postings going to be now regular here on the crackberry app?

What a turn off :-(

Posted via CB10

If I have a smartphone always accessible that does everything I could possibly need it to do, why would I need a smaller square version strapped to my wrist?

I don't really care either way whether smart watches take off, but I'm pretty sure I will never use one.

I like a nice wristwatch on my wrist and a nice smartphone in my hand.

Posted via CB10

Hi Adam, first of all, wish you all the best in the new venture. I think what we are as yet unable to estimate is what will be possible in the future when new technology will enable better monitoring of bodily functions non-invasively. Telling the time will no longer be the singular purpose of a wristwatch. I do not believe that this will replace a phone - with all due respect to Dick Tracy's "two-way wrist radio".

I understand that there is a possibility to connect BB10 devices relatively easily to the Pebble smartwatch, so if lady luck is smiling on me today, I would really appreciate trying the Pebble out.


I've never been one to turn away free stuff but instead of a smart watch, could I win a dumb wrist accessory like the rumored LG Lifetouch or a Fibit? If only a fuel band were comparable with BB... No? ok - sign me up for a Pebble. Please :)

Posted via CB10

I'm all for it if it's thin enough and inexpensive. Practical uses for me would be to see who is calling, quick glance of text and email. All without pulling the phone from my pocket or if your a lady, pulling it out of your bag. Tho I will admit I wouldn't try and having a phone conversation on it.

Posted via CB10

It's funny to read some of the negative comments about smartwatches. Not so long ago, people didn't think having a cell phone was so important/vital. People were content with pay phones and answering machines. Not saying that I can predict the future but it would be amusing to look back at these comments and see how nothing really changes with attitudes about new technology. ;)

Posted via CB10

I like the idea if using a Smart Watch. You can read emails, see who's calling, check your schedule, and keep up with the time without ever taking out your phone. #thenewwave.

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10