Welcome Nokia Experts to the Family!

By Dieter Bohn on 27 Jan 2009 10:37 am EST

We're incredibly happy to announce that we're adding another member to the Smartphone Experts family of sites: Nokia Experts! Nokia Experts will be run by the inestimable Matt Miller, also known as The Mobile Gadgeteer, host of ZDNet's Smartphones and Cellphones blog, palmsolo, and all around mobility guru.

Matt has a ton of knowledge about a subject that the rest of us at Smartphone Experts have historically lacked, namely Nokia, S60, and the Symbian OS in general. He gives himself a brief introduction here, in the unlikely event you're not familiar.

Nokia has, as yet, not successfully made a big smartphone push in the United States, but that's quite likely to change as they have a slew of exciting new devices coming out and are also likely to have their E71 messaging smartphone picked up by AT&T very soon. In other words, if, like us, you're relatively new to Nokia and S60 but want to learn more, Nokia Experts is surely going to be one of your best resources. Heck, Matt's already published a full review of the Nokia 5800 Tube XpressMusic touch screen S60 device. The 'Tube' is already a best-selling device overseas and is more of a worthy contender than you might think, so the review is definitely worth a read.

Go on and head over to Nokia Experts now and give 'em a big ol' hello!

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Reader comments

Welcome Nokia Experts to the Family!


Nokia makes smartphones? Who knew?!

Welcome to the family Matt!!! Can't wait to make fun of some Symbian powered phones in next year's Round Robin :)

I figured something like this was in the works due to Dieter dropping hints, including how a Symbian device would be in the round robin next time.

E71 is a sexxay device Kevin, shame mods cant enter the contest Nokiaexperts got going on, I'd love to get my hands on an E71 that's for sure.

Welcome to the SPE family Matt!