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By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jul 2009 11:17 am EDT

Get Started With Your BlackBerry Tour 9630

Just bought a BlackBerry Tour? Congrats!!!! If you're reading this, you've already discovered the #1 website for BlackBerry users in the world. Your next step is to become a registered member of CrackBerry Nation and begin unleashing the full potential of your new smartphone. You can follow the links below to find your way into some of the best info and stuff that has to offer for the Tour!

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New BlackBerry Tour Owner? Get Started @ CrackBerry!


Funny how I had to log into to find the Tour available :D

Although I had subscribed to both and for news... I'm still waiting on the news although I already know it...

I will be a proud owner soon... I just recently got an 8330 last month... :(

Also, who won the CrackBerry Tour giveaway? Did I miss it somewhere?

When I bought my Tour this morning, and I was waiting for the Verizon sales guy to activate it, he mentioned that it had WiFi. I asked, doesn't Verizon disable WiFi on all its devices? His response was basically, well, it's there. When activation was completed, it was gone. I never actually saw it myself. But it sounds like maybe the hardware is there, waiting for an app to hack through.

If you can somehow get the service books for WiFi, from any source, it may unlock it if the hardware is there. According to my UK Bold you will need:

WiFi TCP/IP Browser [BrowserConfig]
WiFi Transport [WPTCP]

I have no idea if it would work. But it may be worth a try.

Got my tour this morning from the Verizon store!!! It is a really great blackberry; it reminds me of the curve, but more updated. Can't wait to charge this thing and see what it's got!! <3

I'm still waiting for my verizon store to open. Im out here saying "open open open open open open open open open open open open open open open"

I can't wait to have the device in my hand. This will be my 1st BB, and soon it will be a crackberry!

I camped out by my local Verizon store this morning...I totally understand where you're coming from!!! You're going to love this blackberry. Good choice for your first!!! Have fun with it :)

I believe all Verizon stores (at least the ones in NJ did) open at 8AM. So, if you live on the West coast, I'd check it out ;)

to tell, but I just may be in love! Just got home and am playing away with it. $70 mail-in rebate and a $50 credit!!! New Tour for only $150!

I WANT ONE SO BAD!!! :'( But I can't Justify a third Blackberry....or afford it!

Anyone want to trade their tour for my storm :-P

Didn't think so....

I am glad I found this site last year. I finally registered this year after not being able to fully use everything. Greatest berry site I have seen thus far

I look near in far for the tour today July 12. I found nothing the sprint store reps said they not getting it for like 2week and I called the telesales they was like due to high demand you will get it in about a week. Thats bullshit I hate them. This makes me wont to leave them bastards. Fuck verizon had theres on the 11th and they are fully stocked. SPRINT is soooooo damn slow on doing thIngs and geting things. It took almost 3yrs just to get a new god damn bb. Sprint get with the FUCKING PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got mine this morning, our Verizon here didn't open until 11 AM... I was like AHHHH! I had to pay full retail though to upgrade... but after playing with it so far, I think it might have been worth it! Seriously, the resolution upgrade from the curve is worth it alone... and the keyboard feels soooo nice. :) Anyone else have issues with the trackball? I know I've heard some complaints about it, but I've had no issues. :D It's so sexy. <3

I got mine at 8:00 this morning. Was the first in line (Williamsport area [central PA]), and I didn't even get there until 7:15. They were all set promoting the Tour. I was pretty excited.

Our local VZW stores don't open until 12:00 on Sunday, so on Friday I called the VZW store (not an authorized retailer, actual VZW store) inside of BJ's - they said they would have the Tour available this morning. So I showed up just after 10:00 am when the VZW store opened, and to my amazement, NOBODY was there getting their Tour fix! I got the first one. I am VERY impressed. Just sitting down to start setting up my enterprise email. THANK YOU Verizon for my $100 New Every Two credit!

I ordered my Tour online this morning. Can't wait to get it. Now my Storm (Daisy) can meet my tour (Sasha)!!

I haven't ran to the store yet to get mine cause I don't have any upgrades available on any 5 of my lines. I will never pay full retail price for any cell phone, Ill just have to wait it out. Won't be able to pick it up til September though :(

So many people have been able to have their upgrades moved up for the Tour as long as it's not more than a few months. I got mine moved up four months. It's very very easy to do.

First check your renew date online at and go to My Profile and look up your phone. there should be a green bar on the right with dates telling you how much time you have befor the 20 months is up (apparently I found out its 20 not 24 months so mine is already up).
If it is close, go in to a store and meet a rep face to face. let him know you want the Tour NOW and see what he can do. He will want the comission, and knows if you come back when it's up you will just buy from whomever, and since they will have a definate sale in-store, they will be motivated to help you as much as possible.
If he can not help you, then you are pretty SOL till you get close enough to the date to where they WILL grant it to you.

Verizon said I have to wait until September. I spend over $200 a month for service, you think they could throw me a bone so I can ditch the POS Storm.

Call Customer Service (Be Nice). Tell them your situation, usually they will help you out and change the upgrade date. I was able to upgrade one of my lines to the Pearl Flip 3mo. before early upgrade was available on that line. Good Luck!

Well, I tried cracking the customer "service" line for the bumping up of my NE2 date (it's the in THIS MONTH).


Bastard-wienies "offered" me my $50 credit (vs. the full $100 I'd be entitled to in two weeks). Because I'm a "VIP member". PAH! Now instead of the Tour, I find myself eyeballing something that juuuust breaks even. Two weeks! It's laughable. Oh, yeah. I only spend $150/mo., so I guess I'm really not the kind of fella they want to keep from those fancy-schmancy, burn-up-your-face iPhones! :)

Try going online and selecting the phone then clicking that button that lets you IM with a rep. The one I talked to yesterday was REALLY wanting to "Help me" with buying it there online. I think they get a commission as well, so try talking to them and see what they can "Fudge" on their computers to make the sale.

Tip: Stay Wishy Washy about buying it to see what they will do for you.

Yeah. I was shocked when I found out I didn't have to camp out all morning. I got there a little after 7, and got it @ 8. That being said, there wasn't a lot of hype or advertisement for the Tour like there was for the Storm.

I got to the Verizon store 5 minutes before they were supposed to open, only to find that there were people inside being helped already. Though luckily they still had a good number of Tours left so i got mine. Though i see that the screen might become a problem because i notice when i hit the keys just below i press a little on the there will probably be some people who crack their screens by pressing to hard. Though i would love if someone could make a program to turn the wifi back on...that is bull that they disable it.

This will be my first BB. I have had all the other touch screen phones and I am ready to be done with them. So, I called Sprint, explained all my issues and they told me I would be able to get the Tour for free. They said I can go "purchase it from the store today" and they will credit me the $299.99 on my bill. Well, as we all know, the phone is not available in the stores until 19th. So, I called BACK, and ordered it online. Now I have to wait 2-4 days to get the phone. I am trying not complain since I am getting it for free, but it would have been nice for her (the sales rep) to tell me that I would not be able to get it in the stores.

Oh well, when I get it, I will update on how nice it is! Sometimes I do wish I had Verizon. But when my nights & weekends start at 6pm and I get 20% off my bill each month, it's hard to switch!

I'm up in 10-1-10. called and tried to move my 1 year upgrade date of 10-1-09 up to today so i could get one at 199.

no go, guess I'll have to drool until 10-1-09.

It don't have wifi, my local VZW store let me mess with it a couple days ago.. The hardware just isn't there.

If you haven't heard already Best Buy is offering the Tour for $99 new contract price and $149 upgrade price. Also the $70 MIR is instant there. I got mine this morning in Southern California for a total of $194.80 after tax. Also, I ended up selling my old 8830 to the sales associate for $50. If you haven't gotten yours yet Best Buy is the way to go(feels weird typing those last 7 words).

I was the 1st one at the store at 8AM this didn't open until 10AM...By the time the store opened there were about 20 people in line, but I got mine 1st!!! I returned the Storm I got 29 days ago and traded it for the Tour just under the wire for the 30 day return policy at Verizon. After playing with the Tour for a few hours now I have to say I LOVE it!

And from what I know they will probably be sold out soon like with the curve. This is why I stayed up last night and was first to order. Hopefully ill be one of the first to receive it.

According to the site, orders are shipped overnight. So probably Tuesday. I'm cool with that.

You guys are forgetting one thing, these places charge for the in-store process. Online its free. At least with Sprint. Plus, I get to hear all the things about it before it arrives. Can't wait.


Well..haven't picked up the Tour yet. Played with my future son-in-law's this morning. The trackball is raised only a little bit. I had big problems clicking it with my thumbnails. Looks like I will have to cut the nails if I do get a Tour. Little disappointed by that. The phone looks great though.

And from what I know they will probably be sold out soon like with the curve. This is why I stayed up last night and was first to order. Hopefully ill be one of the first to receive it.

According to the site, orders are shipped overnight. So probably Tuesday. I'm cool with that.

You guys are forgetting one thing, these places charge for the in-store process. Online its free. At least with Sprint. Plus, I get to hear all the things about it before it arrives. Can't wait.


The side volume controls are only for In Calls and Listening to Audio. By hitting them while on the home screen and stuff won't change the profiles or raise/lower the volume.

I preordered my storm last week, I couldnt wait so i drove 40mins to the nearest store and purchased my tour lol. will def send the tour back once it come fedex, believe it or not i was the first to purchase the tour at my store. They didnt have any on display lol

For Sprint, I see shades of when the Curve came out. They told me it was in stock, but it took weeks for it to ship.

Remember that the first leaked launch for the Tour was 7-20? But then Verizon gave the 12th so Sprint says the 12th too. But then no stores have them and when you order on line it says 3 to 5 days. 5 days from Monday will be the following Monday. What day is that? 7-20. That's a shady way of trying to retain customers but they have definitely done it before. I just hope that if my fears are true that it even ships by the 20th.

I REALLY want this phone and $89 Simply Everything plan keeps me with Sprint.

No other phone (except the Curve) that I have ordered says 3 to 5 days.

My order confirmation says the order requires manual processing. Then it says please allow 2 to 5 days for processing.

The site said right from the beginning that "Note: Due to strong demand for the BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630, shipping may be delayed up to 1 week".

How would they know if there is strong demand?

Plus, has anyone received the email from Sprint saying it has been released?

It's depressing.

I actually got the e-mail early this morning. My next upgrade is in Sept., so I will be patiently waiting, and reading the boards here!

It must be my lucky day. Went into the local store to get my new Tour, upgrading from my Treo 700P, and also to get the wife a cheap curve. The clerk told me there was a glitch in their system and I was able to get her a Tour as well for Free.... and I was thinking about ordering on-line! Good thing I went into the store here in Central Illinois.

I was lucky enough to be the first customer to pick up a new Tour at my local Verizon office. I also was able to get the $70 rebate and a $50 credit also. I was an old Alltel customer. Yeah!! I love my Tour!!

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I traded in my Storm this morning, I was still on my 30 days! I did not like the Storm, but I LOVE the Tour. It is a great phone. Easy to use, reminds me of the Curve, which I loved, but with the upgrades that the Storm had. LOVE the phone!! Great Job BB!!

Let Me Start By Saying... i was a SPRINT user for 8 years...and i wanted the tour but i was willing to get it for Sprint cause it was a cheaper plan and i dont really hate the service all that today i went to my local Sprint store in brooklyn i walk one was around to help me and i waited 10 damn minutes...then i say ok let me just walk around and take a look and feel on the blackberry tour i walked around in a circle 3 damn times and its not even on display ?!?!?!...SO i got mad and said F-THIS... i walked up the block to the verizon store and as soon as i walked in 2 helpers went rite to me and offered me all the help i needed and showed me to the beauty.. i was sold...bye sprint..bye horrible customer service !

This is one of the many reasons I left sprint as well. Not only is their cell coverage horrible in Tennessee but their customer service is and has always been JUNK. Congrats on the move to "big red".

Now be careful of random bill sfor the next few years from Sprint, charging you like $10 here and $7 there. Happened to my wife for over a year and everytime, we had to call them and remind them that we cancelled our service a LONG time ago and shouldn't be getting billed. and you don't even want to know MY story with Sprint. Too long for the Comments Section

I finally have the Tour in my hand :-). This is my first BB and I'm so excited to have it. I've been waiting for months for it to come out. I love my Dare but I'm over the whole touch screen thing now.

I wasn't even planning on getting the phone right away. I needed my father to approve buying one for me because I'm tied into a whole family plan thing. Anyways, I talked about getting the upgrade and everything and he wasn't exactly pleased with the additional data plan VZN forces you to get.

I was afraid of what the keyboard on the Tour would be like. I personally liked my dad's own BB 8330 that his company pays for and was worried how the keyboard clicked on the Tour. It was the main reason why I held back on pre-ordering the damn thing online.

I walked in late afternoon around 3:30 and I asked if they still had Tours instock. The store (Bridgewater Towne Centre, NJ) told me people had camped outside prior to its opening at 10AM. I wasn't expecting them to have it but surely they did. I justified the necessity of having a data plan because of the loads of emails I get on a daily basis at college from professors and the admin. Plus, I wanted a full keyboard too.

So, in the end, I went home with a brand new Tour. The keyboard is different than my father's but the feeling is still very tactile, indeed. It's the best of both worlds, the Curve and the Storm, IMO. Unfortunately with Verizon, they give you a $70 rebate debit card rather than having it done instantly online. My dad ended up paying a rather eye watering $225. If you can wait, definitely try to do it online.

Got the tour this morning and LOVE it. There was a line already before 11am opening time for the store. Thanks for all the information from the bb users, it's been a real help and a great resource for newbies! Now tell me this - how am I possibly going to be productive at work tomorrow? hehe

I got out of work at 6PM today and that was the time the store closed, Hopefully it wll still be in stock when I get out of work tomorrow. If anyone has found major problems with this phone, please make sure you post them ASAP, lol I don't want any early adopters issues hitting me now. Can not wait to finally get my new toy.

BTW I knwo I will find out in a few hours when I buy it, but it looks like from the pictures that the memory card is NOT under the battery. Can someone confirm for me? Just thought that would be a nice featured change for RIM if it was true. A quick search of the forums found me nothing on the discussion, but I would like to change out the card if I wanted to without powering down the device.

I have had the phone for a few days now and it is awesome. Picture quality for a phone is excellent, battery life is good, the visual screen is also excellent. It is just like they said, a cross between a storm and curve. It is worth the money!!

Only draw back, it only comes in black, for now, sure that will change soon though.

As a new Blackberry user, this post is EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you!

btw, I got my Tour at Best Buy in Northgate (Seattle, WA) for only $100, and this was the upgrade price. I'm almost 100% positive the salesperson messed up, but I'm not complaining! :)

i pre ordered a few days ago, best buy mobile rep called me today around 10:30 (they open at 10), told me my phone was ready to be picked up and purchased. got there around 1pm, rep tells me im the only one that pre ordered, and first one of the day to purchase the tour (weird). total came out to $190+, -50 from a gift card, -25 from reward zone card = 120+ out the door. so far, the phone is a big upgrade from the 8330. i'm happy with it. restored some apps. music is loud due to the speakers on the side. movies are nice and clear. camera... eh. if you were a storm owner, you know it takes a good 3-4 seconds to snap a shot. picture quality is awesome. keyboard is slightly different from the curve. after 6 months of waiting, im happy and satified.

I have bought a new Blackberry 9000 Bold, but when I opened the box, there was no Instruction Book.

I called Orange, who sold me the Blackberry. They said a mistake had been made and that they would send me one. They have not done so.

I cannot really operate my Blackberry without an Instruction Book. I cannot figure out how to make it ring more than three times before diverting to the message, or indeed how to change the notification from vibrate (which is a default) to ring, when it is in its case.

I would even pay for a proper Instruction Book. I am not 15 and was not born with a computer by my crib. Please help.

Paul D. Aziz

Just an FYI for those of you who may not know & may care..... When you receive your Rebate Card from Verizon you can call into customer service with them and you can use it to pay all or part of your bill!!

Yeah, it works just like a Credit Card. It has a max value, but aside from that you can use it to pay/buy anything that you can with a credit card.

So my wife and I went to our local Best Buy to get a price match on a plasma we recently purchased (saved $200!!) and while we were there she walked over to the mobile center. She asked about purchasing the tour from BB since she was up for renewal but didn't want to lose her NE2 credit. Bottom line, the rep offered it to her for $99 without even batting an eye. So with a $50 Reward Zone she walked out with a brand new Tour for $56.50. Way to go Best Buy!!

I love the phone so far. The only problem I've noticed is that the battery cover is loose. There's a small gap between the phone and the cover. Is that common for BBs?

I took my Tour back to Best Buy (where I purchased it) and they gave traded me batter hatches with no questions asked. There is no gap or loose hatch now. I think the gap was from the Best Buy associate trying to figure out how to take it off while he was activating it yesterday. It opens differently that he was used to seeing. I hope this helps.

Thanks! But it looks like others are have noticed the same problem.

I will take it back to the VZW store today.

Just found out sprint does not even have an tours in stock,they NEVER HAD THEM IN AT ALL,sprint u fucking blow!

I went to my nearest VZW store and played with the Tour. Couldn't help but notice the flimsy battery door. With very little pressure, you can lift the sides of the battery door. In addition, it jiggles around a little bit too much. I thought it was something with the particular device I was playing with, but I played with two other Tours which had the same issues.

Anyone else notice the Tour's battery cover being extremly loose/flimsy?

I'm on my 2nd Tour already in 24 hours. The dial key and the end call key are both supposed to be completely flush. On my first Tour after only a few presses my end call key was at a weird angle. Driving home with my 2nd Tour I went to my contacts to make a call, hit the dial key and now on the very first press my dial key is now at a weird angle. Really don't want to have to go back and sit for an hour to wait for a 3rd Tour...anyone else have this problem yet?

I went in to VZ store tonight to upgrade my dinosaur Palm Treo 700wx. I like the feel of the Tour but can barely see the letters and numbers without putting on my reading glasses for these 45 year old eyes. Furthermore, the screen is way too small for me. So I decided that I will wait for the Storm 2, hopefully Sept? Does anybody else have this problem? I really wanted to get away from my Palm but not worth the price for me.

Just ordered my Tour tonight: $100 dollar new for every two credit, $70 instant rebate = $99.00 for the Tour with 15% corporate discount on my plan. I hope this phone is all that it's "cracked" up to be according to the reviews. I have 30 days to try it out through Verizon, so as soon as I get it and play around with it, I'll post again. Sucks that there are no themes or Wi-Fi, but we'll see.

found out the tour wont be in stores yet so i ordered my tour wit telesales yesterday only to find out theres a backorder and they arent gettin any shippiment untill the 20th. y is sprint always late... shouldnt they try to be different to attract customers and to keep the loyal ones... THIS IS HORRIBLE AND DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got my new BB Tour today and the Verizon tech said he could not transfer my contact list from my old phone over to this phone because it is so new that his kiosk could not do it. Kinda sound like a bunch of B.S. but since I backup my list on Verizon network, I didn't haggle with him about it.
After I got home, I was not able to get to the "Get It Now" button on this phone and found no other way to retrieve my contact list from the network.
Have anyone seen/fix this problem?
PS. I really don't want to spend 2 hr re-add all my contacts, one by one to the Tour =(

...Sprint essentially paid me $100 to take the Tour home. ;)

Walked into a store on the 7/23 with an 8703e that their software turned into a brick. Paid $300 ($100 mail-in rebate coming) for the Tour in-store.

Customer Service called me and is crediting my account for the $300 I paid.