Welcome to the BlackBerry Family - New commercial from RIM shows off BlackBerry 7 devices in India

By Adam Zeis on 3 Oct 2011 10:37 am EDT

The above video is a new promo from RIM that shows off the latest BlackBerry 7 devices and is actually pretty well done. It gives you that feeling that you want to own a BlackBerry and be part of the "BlackBerry Family" by picking up one of these new devices. I actually like this ad quite a bit and I'm not sure why RIM doesn't take the same approach to commercials here in the US, Canada or other parts of the world. As I've said many times before, RIM has always been a bit subpar when it comes to showing off the features of devices, so having an ad like this would be a great morale boost of sorts. It doesn't dive into what the device can actually do, but it give off that "happy frappy" feeling of owning a BlackBerry. What do you think? Would you like to see more ads like this across the board?  Let us know in the comments.

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Welcome to the BlackBerry Family - New commercial from RIM shows off BlackBerry 7 devices in India


We've not seen commercials like this here in North America because the marketing team was too busy spending money on other things.

IT is good to see finally Blackberry taking more efforts for the Indian market, as RIM is ahead of Android and iOS in India, they should concentrate much more to keep buyers interested.

I'd love to see more ads that don't focus on the technical stuff. Rene and Georgia have said this a billion times on ipad/iphone live. Make commercials that people "feel" something after watching.

That is one of my only problems with RIM, they do not do a lot of marketing for BB phones here in the US. Yes there are commercials, but nothing like you see for iphone, any number of android phones, or even windows phones. We see every provider do commercials and feature phones, but nothing that shows off BB's, even on the release days of the new phones, i.e. Bold 9900/9930, Torch 9810/9850/9860 there was very little hoopla that surrounded it, only people who were geeked were the ones who follow BB and "knew" the phones were released.
Everybody on the planet knows when the "new" iphone will be in stores because it will be major news, I for one has never had and ipod, don't want and iphone, but if the marketing for BB's can even be half of what everybody else is doing then BB sales will skyrocket, not just for business, but personal use as well.

P.S. I've never seen a BB store anywhere, do they just build them in other countries? I've always thought they should have them in major cities for BB customers to access someone who knows the product, but that's just one man's opinion!

P.P.S. Thank you CrackBerry and CrackBerry-nation for keeping us all BB lovers, users and abusers in the loop and well informed!

yup living in south east asia Ive seen several official BlackBery stores one in an IT mall in Singapore and another the biggest BlackBerry store in South East Asia in Indonesia. Now i guess its in India too. This is of course beside the tens of thousands of those third party retailers that you see across those countries.

I'm waiting for the mobile nation briefing and the celeb sight seeing ;) cool posting for a boring monday morning.

I would love to see more BlackBerry marketing in the U.S. ...as mentioned before, a lot of people have no clue when a new BB drops but almost everyone is waiting for the iphone...its BIG NEWS!

Good commercial. Gives a sense that people are having fun and staying connected with their BB smart phones. The girl on the balcony with her torch... Classic! Need more marketing like this in the U.S. for sure!

Life is like a cup of coffee http://bit.ly/ic8IFp

Great commercial, they definitely need to do similar ads in the US! They're missing a big chunk of the market right now.

Good job with the message of this promo! The idea of BB family is (and should always be) a firm base for RIM to develop not only rising markets... But this particular commercial seems 2 be sent rather to my Friends from India living here in London (UK), and working for big companies. In fact, India is now one of the fastest developing economies in the world. This development is being created - first of all - by self-employment and small business. BBs are the most useful mobiles in such kind of entrepreneurial enviroment. They don't eat a lot of data but let to stay in permanent contact with clients/customers and contractors/subcontractors. These all People - co-workers and stakeholders are now the biggest family especially in India. Do not overlook it RIMs - I love BB as a BB and want to stay a part of rising BB family also in the further future... :)

Excellent commercial, very nicely done and it is saying a lot - youthful, maintaining status quotient, welcoming to the Blackberry family, OS 7 introduction

how about placing BB stores in the US? that would probably help market shares, you know to actually get good info from the sales rep unlike BestBuy and other retailers who have no idea how to answer some of our BlackBerry specific questions....

Why not ads like this in the US? Simple RIM is cheap and commercials are expensive in the US.

That said they do need ads like this desperately. BB phones are not wiz band like android or iphone (yet) but with OS7/ new designs they look good and work. They need ads that just say it's fine to own and use a blackberry.

Even those flirt ads were good they just need to play them about 100 times more often. Don't be so cheap!

I felt I was watching a parody/satire ;)

really I got that feeling! Especailly when I see apps for iphone/android and perhabs WP7 but no BB OS for almost every sites/commercials of companies. :'(