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Welcome Back Dear Berry, CrackBerry's weekly column addressing any and all of your BlackBerry woes!

Dear Berry
By Team CrackBerry on 11 Feb 2012 11:00 am EST

If you've been around CrackBerry for any length of time, you may remember Dear Berry. Dear Berry took a bit of a hiatus (ok, maybe more than just a bit) but now she's back, better than ever and ready to help with all of your BlackBerry woes. If you need advice on how to better balance your life and/or your life with your BlackBerry, Dear Berry is here to save the day. Have a question about BlackBerry etiquette? Need advice on how to cope with your BlackBerry addiction? Dear Berry has you covered. And while DB prefers technical questions to be asked in our amazingly helpful CrackBerry forums, she's pretty good with troubleshooting BlackBerry issues and can handle those too. Whatever the problem, Dear Berry has the answer!

Send Your Questions To Dear Berry: If you have a question, comment or just need advice, you can send an email to or on Twitter @DearBerryCB. She'll pick a question each week (maybe more if they start pouring in!) and answer it here in the blogs. So if you're in desparate need of help - worry no more because Dear Berry is back!



Must have been a pretty big hiatus. I have never heard of Dear Berry.


Is there a shortcut to send emails?

Adam Zeis

Yes! Dear Berry is on Twitter - @DearBerryCB


Dear Berry,

There seems to be a massive troll infestation in the forums lately. Please tell me - what can be done?

Kevin Michaluk

I'm killing them one at a time. It's hard work, but somebody's gotta do it.

Watched the movie Troll Hunter last night ( Picked up some good tips on hunting trolls. 


Way to go, Kevin!!! You da killer, my man!!!!

Dave Hong

Keep up the good fight!


LOL. its post like this that's keeps you hooked on crackberry


Agreed. This site rocks.


It must be cuz bgr locked down its comment section.


If dear berry's married lol.


Just answered my email!!!


Look at the bright side - the forum is getting noticed by a wider audience.

I view the trollers as an insecure bunch. They'll be converted by the forum's professionalism - and RIM's superior product.

Keep up the great work CrackBerry.


The trolls are only here because they are thinking of getting a BlackBerry. I have actually spoke to several people that have other devices and they all agree there are just somethings the BB does thst others don't. They even agree with the "I need tools not toys" statement in the Be Bold add. RIMpire FTW!


Great idea. This concept along with this recent article in Globe & Mail may dispel some of the smoke and mirrors used by RIM's critics.



me like - can i help? i'd love to provide people with l'assistance!!!


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


Look at all the trolls. And don't hate on my comment.


+1 Kevin for watching that movie.
Thats one of the more proper made Norwegian movies(excellent Troll Jegere aka Troll Hunters (:
You should watch Kongen av Bastøy aswell if you havent!


Dear Berry: I'm having serious flashbacks! Back in the '90's I was an Apple fan boy. I enjoyed being part of a small passionate community. However, now that Apple is on top and viewed by many as the bully, that warm fuzzy Rudy cheering feeling is directed towards RIM....everyone loves the underdog.


Why don't they go back to the imageboards or stay in their insecure communities. Ugh.

Ignore them I will, help others I will. I shall not troll the trolls while they troll more trolls.

First time I heard of dear berry, now that is wicked!! :)


Yeah, this is cool! What's it been: 2 - 3 years?


Sounds like a pretty cool idea. I could use some help with my crackberry addiction, it's been running rampant for the last month and a half :)