Weighing in on the March US BlackBerry 10 release date

BlackBerry Z10 / BlackBerry Q10
By Chris Umiastowski on 31 Jan 2013 01:10 pm EST

The official launch of BlackBerry 10 has now happened. Much of the launch information was already known, some was totally unknown, and some of it was uncertain but somewhat predictable - like the US launch coming later than other markets.

Specifically, the BlackBerry Z10 has already hit the UK market. It went on sale today. All three major Canadian carriers launch it on February 5th, which is less than a week after the launch event But the United States? BlackBerry won't launch the Z10 in this hugely important market until March.

We already know how disappointed many of you are from the poll that Kevin posted earlier today.

Disappointing but somewhat predictable

If you've been following the pre-launch news closely, as we have, then you surely noticed a lot of news relating to retail launch activity in the UK market. Even before the launch I was getting pinged by friends connected to the industry in that market telling me retailers were likely to launch within a day of the BlackBerry event.

And here in Canada we've also seen a ton of headlines. Every carrier has established a Z10 preorder system, and it seems like things are off to an amazing start (more on that further down).

In the US, we've really not seen much. It's been quiet. There have been plenty of suggestions that the US launch might not happen as early as other markets. We just had no real certainty around it. So I think it's safe to say that we shouldn't be terribly surprised by this news. Yes, it's disappointing to find out that the logical prediction was correct. We get it. That all said, BlackBerry did announce they will be running a commercial during the Super Bowl this weekend. When that news crossed the wire, it raised the expectations of would be BlackBerry 10 owners that they would be able to buy the Z10 soon

Possible explanations for a USA delay

In the press Q&A session yesterday, in New York City, one of the first questions Thorsten handled pertained to the reasons behind the later US launch. He explained that it was due to a longer testing process by US carriers.

I don't totally buy this explanation. If you think about it, the phone is obviously ready to launch for LTE / HSPA / GSM networks. It's been through the proper testing by European carriers. In the United States, AT&T has a very similar network. Testing shouldn't be any different. They should be able to launch anytime.

T-Mobile runs AWS spectrum, which requires a different version of the phone. It's possible this could take a bit longer, but it's not like AT&T would sit around waiting for the competition.

Sprint, as far as we've heard, has a deal with Apple that requires them to hit iPhone sales quotas. So they aren't interested in pushing any other full touch phones. This is probably why we're seeing Sprint making an official support announcement for the Q10, when it launches. But we've seen nothing about Sprint support for the Z10.

Among the big US carriers, that leaves Verizon. They've clearly announced support for the Z10. But this phone would require an LTE and CDMA radio. This is definitely more complex (and unique) compared to LTE / HSPA / GSM phones. It's entirely possible that Verizon's testing process is just not as far along as the other guys. And, given the history of Verizon's support for new BlackBerry devices (remember the Storm exclusives?), it's possible that there is an agreement in place that guarantees Verizon a spot at the table upon initial launch.

I'm speculating a bit here, but it is my best guess that Verizon is the gating factor in the US launch of the BlackBerry Z10. 

The silver lining

The reality is whatever it is. We can't change it. Yes it would be nice if the US launch happened a bit sooner. But we've already waited 2 years and 9 months for BlackBerry 10 (counting from the date of the QNX acquisition). Another few weeks isn't going to hurt much.

And it will make the launch a bit more compelling too. We did hear yesterday that by the time the US launch happens, there will be over 100,000 apps in App World. Many of the big name apps we're waiting for could be included in this number. Wouldn't it be nicer to see Skype actually be available by the date of the US launch rather than being "committed"? Of course.

We also wouldn't be surprised to see BlackBerry push out at least one maintenance update to the operating system between now and the US launch. If you read our full BlackBerry 10 review and BlackBerry Z10 review, you'll notice we have plenty of suggestions on how things can be further improved. If BlackBerry can get those changes implemented in the next few weeks, it will make for an even smoother product that hits your waiting hands.

The delay of the Z10 also shouldn't affect the Q10, so it hopefully pushes their launch dates closer together. This is important for the US market where analysts and the press have previously, and incorrectly, criticized BlackBerry for abandoning physical keyboards (of course they aren't abandoning them). Finally, I do agree with something Kevin already said. It's pretty cool to see how many of you are completely pissed off about this delay. It means you care. It means you're buyers. That's very good news for investors. It would be much worse news for BlackBerry if nobody cared.

Earlier I promised to make a comment about Canada and pre-order sales. Well, during the press Q&A session yesterday, BlackBerry executives said that pre-orders in Canada were very strong. They said a big portion of pre-orders were coming from carrier customers who are not currently BlackBerry users. This is a really good sign. It says that BlackBerry 10 is helping the company recapture market share in Canada.

The US isn't quite the same as Canada. But they are both markets where BlackBerry market share has fallen hard in the last year. So if Canada is showing a comeback, I think it bodes well for the US.

In conclusion, we get it. Waiting sucks. But it won't be long and it's nice to see the obvious demand.

Reader comments

Weighing in on the March US BlackBerry 10 release date


I was thinking the same thing, BB's Super Bowl add may as well be Thor flipping the bird while saying "Here's to you America".

A few weeks??? It was clearly stated the U.S. launch will happen in LATE March. The announcement happened in late January and last time I checked late March was 2 months/8 weeks later.

2 Months is simply unacceptable. It makes BlackBerry look stupid. And yes Wall Street (located in the U.S.) is going to react negetively to this; thus creating more bleeding for BlackBerry.

Why the F didn't they just announce BB10 in late February? Then... it would only be a few weeks and that would be acceptable.

8 weeks after their Superbowl ad no one is going to remember it anyway. Why is BlackBerry so stupid??? Why???

No, it is not all on the carriers; this was a joint decision.

We all know that BlackBerry prides themselves on great relationships with the carriers. We also know the carriers have done a great job clearing out BlackBerry's old inventory in anticipation of this new launch. Finally, we know that iPhone5 sell-through has not been as strong as hoped, meaning carriers are left holding the bag on way more over-priced Apple inventory than they expected. I bet BlackBerry said to carriers, "we'll help you clear out all that old iPhone5 inventory that you've been stuck with by delaying our roll-out in the U.S. BUT in exchange you have to promote the hell out of BlackBerry when we say it is time." It's an I'll-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine that will be a big long term win for BlackBerry. It is great for carrier relationships and the fact is that once people get on the new BlackBerrys, even if it is a few months delayed, they will have zero interest in going back to a dated and expensive iPhone. That will help BlackBerry, obviously, but it will also help carriers going forward as they have been taking a big hit over the past few years as they've been stuck subsidising over-priced iPhones to the tune of a few hundred bucks a pop while Apple rubs it in their face with record profits.

This is BlackBerry's long-term play to kill off Apple in the U.S. and the only way that happens is with carrier support. This is how they continue to earn that support. It sucks for us BlackBerry fans today but longer term this will mean check and mate.

I bet BlackBerry said to carriers, "we'll help you clear out all that old iPhone5 inventory that you've been stuck with by delaying our roll-out in the U.S

That's the funniest theory I've heard so far.

The funniest things have a kernel of truth. From a Businessweek article a few weeks ago: "Apple shares have been pressured recently by reports that the company is scaling back on iPhone 5 production, and analysts are again questioning whether the company can keep selling the phone at the high markup it commands."

Do you really think BlackBerry and every one of the U.S. carriers couldn't get organised for an early February launch? Ha! That's one theory but the fact is they've had this week in their sights for almost a year. There was expected to be a post-holiday opening which is why BlackBerry set the January 30th launch date. As it turns out, iPhones just don't sell as well anymore which has obviously caught the carriers off guard and in a bad position. BlackBerry is helping them get out from under their pile of unwanted iPhones - solving the carriers' short term problem - in exchange for their cooperation going forward. The U.S. is a key market for BlackBerry but it is also the most over-weighted towards iPhones that just aren't as popular as they once were. Think about everything that has gone on over the past year for both Apple and BlackBerry. Is my theory really that funny?

You twice wrote that BlackBerry the company that owns less than 2% of the US market decided to help VERIZON by delayingthe launch of the phone that may ultimately save or destroy BlackBerry. That is the single dumbest thing I have heard. BlackBerry needs every one customer they can get if someone goes into a store as a first time smartphone buyer you think it benefits blackberry to not have a product on the shelf. That is insanity. Look I have no doubt Verizon wants blackberry to do well and in sure BlackBerry wants like hell for Verizon to push their phones but no matter how much Verizon pushes a product ultimately the consumer decides. No way on gods green earth BlackBerry prefer they not have a product on the shelf and a new customer for apple for the next two years.

This is blackberrys last chance. I read bb is spending 1.4 billion to advertise this phone that's half of their cash if this phone flops say goodbye to bb.

They need every customer possible

I guess it does sound dumb from your point of view. BlackBerry does have a low market share in the U.S. and of course they need every customer possible... But guess what? The North American market is a different animal from the rest of the world. In the U.S there are actually only a handful of important customers. One of them is Verizon. That is the customer BlackBerry is working to keep happy.

Think about it for a minute. It will come to you...

I realize the corolation you are making between BlackBerry and it's "few" customers aka Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and ATT - however, you seem to think that at this stage BlackBerry would rather have Verizon succeed than it's own brand?

Look Verizon, Sprint, ATT, T-Mobile are all very important to BlackBerry and the success of BlackBerry. That being said, Verizon is looking out for Verizon and BlackBerry is looking out for BlackBerry. Even if what you said were true that BB has some back-alley deal with Verizon to delay the launch so VERIZON can sell thru iPhones to in turn push BBs after is plainly put STUPID.

That doesn't benefit BB at all! Every single person that goes through Verizons doors is a potential BB customer. However, they are not a potential BB customer if there is no BB to buy.

Lol yeah make sure you sell those left over iphone 5s so no one is left to buy a blackberry. You didn't think that over very well did you

What you really think the carriers can sell a bunch of iphones and thats it there done no one left to sell to? Im pretty sure there are always more customers and always new customers to sell to. From teens that are getting there first phone to people at the end of there contract looking to upgrade, never a shortage.

Well played sir.....well played!

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

Well seems like your putting this all on BlackBerry. So if BlackBerry is giving the U.S. The finger the carriers are doing the same thing. It seems like people want BlackBerry to sour relations with U.S. Carriers and risk future BlackBerry launches.

It's definitely carrier's fault. Blackberry obviously went for the super bowl commercial assuming the phones would be ready for launch the next week. Would't you think they want to get their US fans happy as soon as possible so the word on the phones could be spread? This is definitely not their decision. Carriers have a different testing process and we will just have to deal with that. It's silly to think RIM (BlackBerry) wants the US customers upset.

If I was selling a product and I knew who wanted it (Europe,Canada) and who didn't (USA), I would probably focus my sales on the sure thing, rather then risk failing in a market that already dislikes you. Its tough because there are still a lot of Blackberry faithfuls that will have to have patience

they blew it big time!!!! i can tell you that by the time march comes around, all of the BB10 hype will be gone! waste of $4 million for a super bowl commercial!!! i dont care if it is verizon's fault...if apple or samsung were in the same situation this would never stand in their books!!!!!!!

Its much more than being just pissed off. This was a horrible business decision. This is more on Blackberry than on the carriers. I think BB is scared of America and afraid that it wouldn't sell here and that its horrid sales would sway other countries. Its not even just about delaying the phone....again, I mean look what happened to the stock. Thanks Blackberry.

Does anyone know if we can buy the phone directly from RIMM....ooopps I mean BlackBerry?
Like maybe from their website?
Apple allows you too... I am wondering if we can instead of waiting until March if we are willing to pay full price for it.

Being from the United States I'm not used to having to wait for things to enter our market. Used to happen with video games all the time, but now localization has been quicker in recent years.

I'm guessing BB10 to playbook will probably happen with the service pack to BES10 scheduled for around May. They announced BES10 two weeks ago, but really it is just BMF SP2 that was required to support z10. In fact, the install directory is still labeled mobile fusion versus bes. The next release will be a major step forward in functionality, internal branding, and control of all devices including playbooks.

sadly i buy heins statement because of working at RIM(BlackBerry) and dealing with the 4 carriers in the USA.... when playbook first came out they introduced a brilliant app called bridge all cariers released it on day of except ATT who if some remember took about 2 months to release it.

All well knowing it was for to find a way to charge for the service or the app ... well 2 months later find the app for 40 in app world no matter who blames BlackBerry for this delay it is not them.

Here it from the horses mouth people.

BTW, phones are already at stores in Winnipeg. Can't sell them till Tuesday morning. I stopped in today for a chat at my local store.

I hope all parties involved pull out all stops and get the Z10 in to the hands of our U.S friends from across the pond a.s.a.p as to not add further disappointment and so that the competition doesn't have time to sway critical supporters away.

I'm pretty sure the majority of the readers on this site understand the delay, it just stinks. We've been counting down with the header for months now, and it seems like we now have our own countdown to sit and watch again.

Yeah that's how I feel too . . hopefully it will be enough to live vicariously through the stories of others and the many articles which are sure to come on cb for the next six weeks or so

Sure, I'm annoyed about Z10's delayed arrival. But on the other hand, BB now has a month to build positive buzz from actual users in the UK and to get "real" reviews from US sites instead of "hand on" previews and the like. How many of the reviews in the US yesterday even mentioned that Skype will be available with BB10? We NEED time for BB buzz to build, and the Superbowl exposure will only add to the curiosity about BB.

I agree.....I hate the wait, but in some ways I feel it will take time for the US to even open up to BB10. A quick release there may not spark good sales, and then you know what the media will say. Good reviews from the rest of the world 1st is probably the only way for BB to quiet the biased media in the States.

Kind of wonder if it's a marketing situation...US Carriers seem to like to release their own marketing campaigns before launching something. I wouldn't be surprised if a release date of a week or two gets announced post super bowl. Why release a phone when the public hasn't even had a chance to learn about it? You want the most people to come in initially after learning about it from ads, etc right? Let's be honest..the people who watched the event yesterday were enthusiasts, journalists, and investors with which all have already seen the phones before.

2 months is not "a little bit". Imagine if this event was delayed until late March. Would Crackberry say that's a good thing? Would it not be a big deal? The US customers just got screwed! The event was in NYC, there's about to be a $4 million superbowl commercial and they've been talking about the extreme importance of LTE for the last year (America has the biggest LTE footprint by far), but they push our release out by 2 months. That is a HUGE delay! Inexcusable!

It's not 2 months. Launch was January 30th Thorsten said it would launch in March could be only 1 month.... And in an interview he said he hoped it could be available before March.

T-Mo is trying to sync it with more of their LTE roll-out, which has a scheduled milestone end of 1Q13

the phones are out on Feb 5th with most carriers in canada so we're looking at about a 5-6 week difference. i understand the overall frustration given the size of the US market but really, most people can't go on 5-6 weeks with their current phones???

I have waited this long and I am still going to get a Z10. But as Chris points out, there could be at least on maintenance release of BB 10 before I buy the phone. And the Dev programs may have had updates too, so their bugs may have been fixed also.

And March is still in the first quarter, just like January.

I'll help anyone down south out.
I'll take no liability for anything, but if you want a phone lemme know.

Cut me a certified cheque for the full amount, send it, I'll go into any carrier store that supports your netwrk of choice and buy an unlocked phone and mail it first class back to you.

I'm not going to research the details on compatibilty, but if I can buy the phone unlocked for you and you can use it on a US network shoot me a message and we'll try to work something out.

If there's something I'm missing and it's not as simple as that let me know also, But I'm willing to help.

I Bleed Black & Berry

I guess that's the difference between you and I. I would honestly help a fellow Crackberry user who wanted this. You on the other hand seem to have contempt for complete strangers. Whether you or anyone else believes that to be true is fine by me. I'll have my phone on Tuesday.

I Bleed Black & Berry

Thinking about it twice... I think it may be a good thing! More apps will be out and If BB10 ends up being a success in the UK and Canada it may help in the US Market...

RIM clearly said that all carriers had the product at the same time - this is not RIM's fault. If there is a reason, call your local carrier and ask why Z10 is not coming until March???

What good would it do to call my carrier? Customer Service personnel do not have that type of information nor would they be allowed to distribute it even if they did.

Everything aside Kevin& Co.....how is the batterry life ? Will it be like the previous ones...that would suck.

"They said a big portion of pre-orders were coming from carrier customers who are not currently BlackBerry users." - Umi

This seems to be lost on some analysts,not all but some,seems Goldman is on the ball.

Adoption % rates to Blackberry 10 by non Blackberry users could very well be a key metric to gauge future USA sales. Hope we can see USA pre-order stats soon, that in itself could be a precursor of % of adoption rates. This info is HUGE in my eyes, and frankly being over looked by some preoccupied with USA March dilema,they will revisit soon enough. Kudos to Umi for honing in on this!

As for the USA delay until March, hey if you have lemons make lemonade ie. Skype etc on USA launch, any bug fixes if/where needed before USA launch.

As for the stock price, the ticker went south when USA March was said and you can be sure many sold because of it, followed by shorts taking full advantage of it. Some media got that right, some tried to tie it in with launch exclusively(for shame,lazy reporting).

Yep. I'm one of those who will switch from Android to BB10 on Feb 5th, and had informed my carrier (Bell) as well.

Yeaaah ok.. if this market was so important to them then they would've released the phone on time. Even the Brits get it before us..Its very frustrating between all these countdown's, just a bunch of bs to get everyone hyped and probably increase internet talk & traffic..and honestly now I feel used..so we all got hyped up just to see everyone else get the phone..stupid. Definitely gonna have to unfollow all the crackberry people cause its gonna be torture looking at you guys talk about it. Thanks BlackBerry

Bold 9930 :: pin:330A92E5 :: Twitter: @ChrisJaam

oh and yeah 2 weeks from January 30th falls in February not March..nice

Bold 9930 :: pin:330A92E5 :: Twitter: @ChrisJaam

I'll do the same as "AngryEdmontonian"... just add $100 to the total cost I end up paying (Off contract price + tax + unlocking + shipping)

I hope that the 17th street Best Buy has my pre-order on the 5th!!! Will be showing it to every itoy owners I know

Great article as always Chris. I understand the delay, still very disappointing though. Hopefully we'll see a slightly earlier release than mid-march, guess the unknown adds to the excitement which is maybe part of the marketing strategy.

"Finally, I do agree with something Kevin already said. It's pretty cool to see how many of you are completely pissed off about this delay. It means you care. It means you're buyers" - This could almost mean, people DID CARE and WERE buyers, but do not want to wait until March for a phone that "could" have Skype, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc, etc..... And, those people will jump on the next 'great' phone with ALL the apps, and not commitments.

People are already jumping ship. I have 2 friends that have had BB's as long as I have (10 plus years) and they went out today and got other phones. My BBM list is getting very short. March was just to long for them to wait after waiting all this time. RIM should have set expectations better.

With the combined disappointment some people have expressed about BlackBerry PlayBook and now BlackBerry Z10 their patience has likely worn thin enough to jump onto another platform and not look back. Remember all the promises we heard about certain applications and functionality coming to the tablet "soon", "within 60 days of launch", "Netflix and Skype", and assorted similar claims. Thankfully, my BlackBerry Z10 will be in my hands next week.

Disappointment from Z10? What, from lack of apps?? The US market, the target market for the time being, can't be actually disappointed with the product. It's not in their hands. Guess what the "Within 60 days of launch" quote adds up to. When the US DOES get the phone it will have Skype, most likely Netflix, most likely Instagram (it's in beta), much needed bug fixes, incremental raving reviews from Canada and the UK, and an entire US advertising campaign comprised of RIM and individual carriers getting the masses pumped.

All this makes for a much stronger release than one today or in 5 days. It should be pretty riveting to watch.

I do realize that, yes, it is a delay on top a pancake stack of delays which MIGHT make some people walk. But it's not killing anything. This is still happening.

Nice article as usual. A few of the points you made on the delay took the steam out of my frustration over waiting, so thank you for that. I will wait for my Z10!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, I agree with all Chris has said, but I'd like to add my own favourite topic and that is Apple's control (death grip ?) on the US domestic market and the steps they take to protect it.

We're seeing a barage of negative US press this morning and I suspect much of it was wriiten a month ago. We're also seeing a "siloing" of software and app providers where they fear the wrath of Apple if they seed software to another competitior. This seems to run on nationalistic lines. The only exception I can see is Microsoft who seems to want to play all sides. Blackberry has active sync and now Skype, both major MS products. I suspose this has to do with their many relationships in the Market and the multilple revenue streams it generates.

I further believe the US market is less affected by international sales numbers and probably more influenced by the Super Bowl commercial. It's not bad, its just the way they're wired.

Stay tuned for more market antics and strange pronouncements to come out.

Thanks for the article Chris.

By delaying the launch until March, there would be a bigger risk that an iphone, android os phones and windows phone might be launched that passes up the attractive features that bb10 offers. I don't know what rumors are out for those companies but don't you think this might be something that can kill potential Blackberry sales here in the USA.

I was long in RIMM but this delay made me sell my shares for now because of the reason I stated above.

Although, I'm still bullish on QNX because I can see its immense potential but I dont think RIMM (blackberry), as a company, is good enough to maximize that potential. They're just too slow on executing things and they don't have the luxury of time to work on things. I still think someone will buy them in the next few months just to acquire QNX.

...and I will be buying the company stock shares of whoever buys them.

Anyone else find it ironic that right before the bb10 launch yesterday, Adam and Kevin jokingly wrote an article that bb10 was being delayed. And then...here we are with a March date launch! ouch.

Chris is no BlackBerry apologist,just rational thought. Get your head out of your *** for a moment and have a look around. Amazing to me how angry people can be about a delayed PHONE. In 6-8 weeks the phone will be there and the sky will stop falling.

Chris has turned into a rabid fanboi while Kevin has become a realist. I was worried about Kevin for a time when he too seemed to be sipping too much Kool-Aid, but after reading his review of the BlackBerry Z10 and seeing the frustration on his face minutes before loosing his ponytail he has once again awoken from the spell.

I bought a Playbook the day it came out. It has gotten much cooler than the 1st day. I can wait a little longer. I pretty much assumed that we would be waiting a while after the 1/30/13 launch. I had been asking local wireless store reps what they knew about Blackberry 10 and the Z10 from their various networks just before the kickoff and they all knew the same thing. They never heard of Blackberry 10.

With all the other good reasons to wait in the US; more apps, catching any bug fixes, and getting more buzz out there, the US Carriers have to train their big sales staffs how to open the box.

I called AT&T about a week ago, and the girl had no clue what I was talking about. She did check and was able to find something on their computer about the Z10 and told me to call back in a month, so I wasn't surprised about March. Still pissed, but not surprised.

Perhaps Kevin can provide the Crackberry family with senior executive contacts/emails at the big 4 US carriers and we can share with them how we feel about the situation. (politely and diplomatically of course). I guess I would like CEO, chief marketing officer, and COO.

I have already attempted to do this through the AT&T website, but it is almost impossible to get a message to anyone but a customer service person and based on a web chat I had with a rep earlier today the party line is: Check with Blackberry for AT&T release dates, its up to them to get us the phones and we will sell them

Yes, because as a community we've shown that we can send well-considered, responsible messages to those whose minds we wish to change.


Sure you'd get some people doing that - but as we've seen in the past you'd also get a lot of threats, name-calling, and "I want it now" childish tantrums.

Due to the truthiness of your response I laughed and agree with your assessment of their letter writing skills.

I also tried to get a hold of them this morning (AT&T) and got the run around. Also the 3 different people I talked to had no idea that a new BB was coming out. The did not even get a company white letter. Now that is what all 3 of them told me. How true that is I do not know.

That rep in the Call Center you mention doesn't know squat. My wife had many years at ATT and I have been working for a wireless device company in an industrial part of the market. We have gone through the process of certification at ATT several times. It is like getting a root canal with no drugs. Here is what I think based on the two experience levels with ATT.

1. The call center folks are not informed, nor are they trained on the devices. Att is very slow at this. They will not sell them until this part is done. The store sales people are in the same boat. The B2B crew, much sharper, and are probably talking to their customers about it.

2. Getting the device through their acceptance process to play on their network is extremely slow and tedious. So if they started when everyone else did, they will take longer.

3. They are not an adventurous group, much more plodding, they are an old line phone company at heart (they bought mobile, Cellular One)with dna from the old monopoly wired days. They like to watch and see what happens.

I would have been amazed if they were selling on launch. Selling on launch could happen with the next phone though, if they sense demand and the system is pretty much the same as a previous model. By that I mean Iphone 2 to Iphone 3. But new hardware, new op-sys? No way.

I also wouldn't be surprised if they slip the date. Chris is right, Verizon is the one to watch. Lastly, if Verizon has a lot of success with it, things will speed up amazingly at ATT.

I must take exception with several of the points that Chris made. I believe that the carrier relationship that Blackberry (previously called RIMM) has with the US carriers is significantly different than the relationship it has with those carriers in other countries. This has been evident not only with the initially prohibited/banned release of the BB bridge product for Playbook users on AT&T but also the frustrtatringly slow releases of OS versions with both version 7.0 and 7.1 on US carriers compared to other international carriers. One can also look at the numerous reported issues with microphone problems with the various unsupported leaked OS 7.1 releases on the 9900 on AT&T's system to know that there are obviously testing issues that are seen on the US carriers that don't seem to be evident with Canadian carriers or other internation carriers.

The good news is that with the dealyed release in the US, Blackberry has the chance to launch both the Z10 and the Q10 with a better OS and with major apps in the new BB World app store. If the most desired apps are not available for immediate download on the day that the Z10 is available to purchase on AT&T or Verizon, then Blackberry will not take off at all but fizzle and fade away.

I believe that the biggest issue that Blackberry will have with the US cariers is who controls what versions of the OS will be released and supported by the carriers. If the carriers control this, then many of the new functions and features of BB10 might not be supported by the US carriers as evidenced by the lack of support of WiFi calling in OS7.1 on the 9900 by AT&T. What a great feature but no way will the carrier allow that to occur. If Blackberry cannot control how and when the new functions and features of BB10 are released to its end users in the US, then Blackberry will have a significant problem gaining market share once again in the US.

I look forward to the comments of others on this.

Chris -

You had said in your piece "I don't totally buy this explanation. If you think about it, the phone is obviously ready to launch for LTE / HSPA / GSM networks. It's been through the proper testing by European carriers. In the United States, AT&T has a very similar network. Testing shouldn't be any different. They should be able to launch anytime."

I like the saying "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is." It's obvious that whereas Canadian and European carriers were able to quickly launch previous versions of BB OS's, AT&T and Verizon both found significant issues with their testing of these OS's and delayed releases of BB OS's. Also, as I pointed out, even though other carrier released versions of OS 7.1 worked fine on their networks, these versions did not work on AT&T's, and I would assume that the same would be true about BB10 as well.

Additionally, you infer (at least I took it that you inferred) that because BB has a great relationship with European carriers, that there should be nothing to prevent the Z10 working on US carrier networks. My contention is that not only are there technical issues preventing this from occurring, but the relationship issues between Blackberry and the US carriers are more the determining factor than anything else. Whereas the other international carriers have a trusting relationship with Blackberry, that is not the same with US carriers and therefore it is more difficult to overcome the release hurdles put in place by them.

I believe that this is an area that needs to be explored by Crackberry somewhat. I truly believe that the lack of a strong a relationship that Blackberry has with US carriers has hurt it in developing and growing marketshare. If you look at where Blackberry has grown in marketshare, they tout their relationship with those carriers. Blackberry does not tout its relationship with AT&T or Verizon as far as I can tell.

"If you think about it, the phone is obviously ready to launch for LTE / HSPA / GSM networks. It's been through the proper testing by European carriers. In the United States, AT&T has a very similar network. Testing shouldn't be any different. They should be able to launch anytime."

They should be, but they aren't. Are you seriously a journalist in this industry without knowing anything about how stringent AT&T and Verizon are in their labs? They're a nightmare for every manufacturer.

Completely agree. Being that a actually worked as a device test engineer for AT&T. The OEMs always want to push the devices out before testing is fully complete. All the bloatware has to be loaded and tested as well as stringet network testing. That's what took AT&T so long to luanch the 9000 back in 08/09. That thing had all kinds of problems on AT&T's network. I put this delay completely on the carriers...

Does anyone know if we can buy the phone directly from RIMM....ooopps I mean BlackBerry?
Like maybe from their website?
Apple allows you too... I am wondering if we can instead of waiting until March if we are willing to pay full price for it.

The disappointment of US customers (who are no less loyal than those in Canada, UK, or Vietnam!) isn't nearly as important as the loss of momentum between yesterday's NY "dog 'n' pony show" launch and the actual date, sometime in March, when BB-10 is available for sale in the US., By comparison - and make no mistake the comparison is inevitable, especially among Wall Street analysts - Apple's product launches invariably mean that whatever the new product, it is readily available at the time of launch. In the case of BB-10 that loss of momentum is all the more important because it's not just the success of Blackberry 10 or Q-10 or Z-10 that's at issue, but the survival of the company itself. If you disagree, just take a look at what has happened to RIMM/Blackberry's stock price today - the day after the introduction of the company's most important and technologically sophisticated products.

Beg your pardon? I have been loyal for three phones...ever since I could afford a BlackBerry (pearl 8130 which I still have).Saved enough to get my 32gb playbook....waiting since November for a new BB, and now I have to wait some more, and I will. I am the last person in a company that employs 200 people to still have my BB (bold 9650), and I will be the one laughing when I get my Z10. BlackBerry doesn't work for everyone in every market in every country, but loyal are the real fans who love BlackBerry no matter their local.

The Z10 and Q10 are not the last phones on BB10 they are the first, and the slow pickup of the US market will not be the downfall of BlackBerry. Apple and Android have nothing new, and buy the time the next iphone or Droid device comes out(which will be the same as the ones we have today in a new package) the next set of phones will be coming from BB with things that are actually new.

The stock price one day will be different the next, or next month. It is very volatile, and has always been that way, but does not state the death of a company. "the stock market started down today with the release of a letter from Blank" "the stock market was up today based on Blah, Blah, Blah....... Its too funny... Jimmy said this so he must hate me.....Patty said this so she must love me. Quick reactions based on fear and uncertainty or need and greed are what drive that market.

BlackBerry By Choice, not by what everyone else thinks or has!!!

The good news is, for everyone whose contract expired several months ago but decided against upgrading and instead waited for the Z10, now you won't be able to get the phone until March. That means you'll be able to check out Mobile World Congress in February and see if there's any better phones coming down the pipeline. Then you can wait for them instead... Oh wait, maybe that's not good news...

Hey Chris, I was wondering if you could confirm something for me please? You mentioned that T-Mobile will require a different version of the phone due to the AWS spectrum. I know this has been the case in the past but is it still with the Z10? I'm thinking about the Paratek purchase last year.

Yeah there ya go BlackBerry. Wait til March and April to launch the new phones here. Right when the Galaxy S4 will be coming. Really smart. Congrats

.... And, the rumored HTC M7, with 4.7-inch full HD 1080p display, 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 13-megapixel rear camera and a 2,300 mAh battery. You tell me which phones the carriers will be pushing?!

It's not a rumor. There's already a press conference set in mid-february and the m7 will launch in early March (before the z10).

Any phone that makes them money, that's which one. When the next BB comes out that's better than that one, it will take top spot.....and so on.

But now you probably feel cheated and bitter/incomplete. And because of those feelings (of initially wanting the Z10 but not being able to get it), you won't enjoy your Nexus 4's as much as you would have enjoyed the Blackberry phone (due to all the waiting you had done for it). You should have just held on for another month.

Expectations were not set and that is why people are upset. This is only a money grab that is why the delay

They did say first QTR. So with that being said you are right. I still thing that the release of the phone should have been less that 2 weeks worldwide

Just hoping that my old decrepit Storm2 will last until the Z10 is released from Verizon. With the issues I've been having, I'm not so sure... :(

I'm not sure if this is related, but here's an observation: The app library appears to have a non-U.S. market slant to it. We have Canadian, but not U.S. bank apps; NHL, but not NFL; CBC, but not CNN. There are certainly many U.S.-based apps as well (e.g., CBS Sports), but there appears to be a higher proportion of Canadian companies contributing apps than American ones. In terms of app library, it could be that BB10 is more ready for non-U.S. markets at this point. Of course, that could change with the delay, especially if BB10 gains traction outside of the U.S..

Another question: Why no Google apps (Maps, specifically)? Is Google looking to use this as a competitive advantage re: Android? Any word on whether they might be producing BB10 apps?

It is possible that they havent loaded some of those more specific USA apps into BlackBerry world.

I would not put it past Google to withhold things to push Android over another platform. I think they are totally evil!

I find myself in a place I am not usually, disagreeing with Umi. The USA carriers aren't going to take a manufacturers word for their usability on the network and they aren't going to take other carriers around the world's word for performance on a network, and at least AT&T learned with iPhone that rushing through the process and not learning what the new phones will do to your system - one of the largest in the world and now with LTE having proprietary software requirements,( especially Verizon), the testing is going to be completed before they certify the phones and however much that sucks to hear it sucks. Sammy had similar release structure with the GSIII only Sammy doesn't have the pressures RIM does. Interestingly they (Sammy) fixed it for the GN2 which was released world wide on the same day, lets see if RIM does as well with their next wave.

Thor said he knew about the additional carrier testing and certification, and the extra time it would take and they simply missed the date. Umi doesn't remember apparently that there was an analyst who got word of this months ago and mistakenly took it as the world would be late - but BB cannot wait on the USA they need these phones out and the extra revenue they provide so the delay is Stateside only.

The unfortunate part of all of this is that RIM was releasing now because it was "noise free". Well next month is MWC and the "noise" will return by March and the release of the Z . The benefit to the Q is noise doesn't matter there are no keyboard phones that will compete with it.

Randall - please point me to the part of my article where I said carriers in the USA wouldn't do their own tests, and would instead simply trust RIM and trust the European carriers.


Here's what I said to Bloomberg back in October:

Carrier testing typically takes 60 to 90 days, which means that RIM “should have no trouble making its first-quarter deadline,” said Chris Umiastowski, an independent technology consultant who tracks the company. Ninety days from today would put the release in the late-January time frame.


(And the Canadian / European guys pretty much took the 90 days.  USA is taking longer, obviously) 


What are your thoughts on the stock in all this? Obviously we all know it started falling right as the march launch was announced.. it continues to fall today.. I believe it will rally eventually, but the question is when? on news of UK sales? on news of Canadian Sales? Not until March when it launches in the US? Or not until the earnings call at the end of Q2?

I live in Canada.....look at the lineups in the UK.....I hope they have enough stock left for us......others have received notices that there phones will be ready for pick up at their Rogers store....I have not received that text so I emailed the guy who supplies our company with phones and he has yet to respond....why do I get the feeling I will be waiting also...However, I will wait.....there's nothing like BB10. Besides my Playbook will get me through.

Why don't Blackberry lovers admit that Blackberry just screws up, even on the most important day of their existence. Frankly, if the Launch Event is a success for only some countries but not all countries, then the Launch Event is a failure. Global investors were hoping to get "Wowed" by Blackberry. That would have happened if BB announced worldwide phone availability on January 31. Just imagine what coulda been!

Why don't Blackberry lovers admit that Blackberry just screws up, even on the most important day of their existence. Frankly, if the Launch Event is a success for only some countries but not all countries, then the Launch Event is a failure. Global investors were hoping to get "Wowed" by Blackberry. That would have happened if BB announced worldwide phone availability on January 31. Just imagine what coulda been!

Why don't Blackberry lovers admit that Blackberry just screws up, even on the most important day of their existence. Frankly, if the Launch Event is a success for only some countries but not all countries, then the Launch Event is a failure. Global investors were hoping to get "Wowed" by Blackberry. That would have happened if BB announced worldwide phone availability on January 31. Just imagine what coulda been!

Anyone else find it ironic that right before the bb10 launch yesterday, Adam and Kevin jokingly wrote an article that bb10 was being delayed. And then...here we are with a March release date! ouch.

I find it ironic that in this article they state the March date was expected yet failed to let us know...

Did Blackberry ask them to do that? I mean I come here a lot, just started posting a few weeks ago but have been here since the storm came out....

I for one, did not pick up any indications that the US launch would be counted off in weeks meaning at least 5...

Just a quick question, if the crackberry staff etc. thoght the us launch would be March or later than a couple of weeks, why were so many of us who come here daily and read articles caught off guard?

It just seems to me if it was so obvious, why not say something?

Also, the sign-ups etc. didn't mean much to me as I myself (might be wrong) but have never seen pre orders from Verizon...except for a week or so out...for the Iphone 5 is was like Septber 24 or 26 with a launch on October 7...

I was kind of expecting sometime this week to be when we could start pre ordering in the the us and then a week or 2 out be the ship/delivery/available date...

Seems either a lot of misinformation was out there or some information was held back by Blackberry and in turn Crackberry...

I agree with you it was not obvious or something would have been said. It is just not a good look for RIM(Blackberry)in the US. That is all I am saying. Some of us will wait and some will leave.

I don't spend as much time on the site as I used to, but I knew about a March US release date (at least for TMO) from reading the forums and blog posts over the past few weeks - not sure why others missed it.

Imo the are delayed because they know they CAN NOT LAUNCH WITHOUT NETFLIX, HULU PLUS, TANGO OR FLIPBOARD!! I didn't hear about goggle maps, Google Earth.. People really look forward for those in order to buy a phone in the US!! What about instagram... I think KEVIN NEED TO BUY ME A CAR!!!!! He said so!!

Of course, Chris, we can wait a bit longer and we'll all live through it. But I totally agree with Shark635 - the momentum of a launch (announced in the U.S.) could be lost. Blackberry and the carriers better have a massive PR campaign planned after the Super Bowl add or the momentum will just fizzle away.

For example, CB posted the Today Show interview with Thor. As one of the most widely watched TV shows in the U.S., it was a great positive PR for Blackberry 10. But U.S. folks who get very interested in it are going to see that it's still not out for two months and will go back looking at the latest Droids or iGadgets. And does anyone think that the Today Show will do another bit on Blackbery 10 when it's released in March?

Yes. As a Blackberry fan, I care. But I care about the company and it's products surviving - not whether I can wait another couple of months to get the product. I don't care whose fault this is, it's just very disappointing because of all that's at stake for Blackberry in the U.S. market.

Let's hope for a great add campaign by both Blackberry and the U.S. carriers.

Same here. They'll need to run a blast of the new TV and print ads as the eventual release date nears here in the US. I hope we see a lot of BB promos. If we see it we know other potential customers will see it also.

The "It takes longer to test excuse is a whole lot of b.s." I work for a wireless company and we have been testing out the z10 since late November. A select few people were chosen from within the company to try out the new devices and currently still have them. I believe one of the reaons T-Mobile is waiting to launch BB10 is because they have no LTE network yet. The expected MArch release date should set up the network nicely as by then they will have a few dozen markets ready to go for LTE. I believe the other carriers are just waiting to see how it goes over in the UK and Canada.

It flat out sucks the we can't get the phone in hands for almost 2 months from now. Sorry crackberry crew but it's easy to make excuses when you've had a test device and dev alphas to play with.(I know I'm hating) It's especially wack because the introduction yesterday the only new feature I saw for the first time was the BBM screen share (really cool) so it was somewhat of a letdown.
It really burns to keep seeing this app and that app now available for BB10 knowing I'm like 2 months from a BB10 device. If they put the BB10 out for PlayBook it would at least hold me over until I can get the phone in hand.

Have to agree with most here, that to wait until launch day and have it not really be launch day is disappointing. But honestly, the delay two months wont make me decide to say screw it and buy an iPhone or Android instead. That we're pissed about the further delay means we're committed customers who really want this thing.

A month or two wont kill me. what I saw of the features in the presentation, it is well worth waiting 'a little bit more' for.

besides let the Europeans and Canadians iron out all the issues for us to make for a smoother US launch in March. :)

I'm with ATT and am pissed about the delay! However expecting anything sooner from them was wishfull thinking :(

So here we are a day after the global BB10 release. Called up AT&T to see if they knew anything about the phone. Their response "Z10...what's that?" Yep...not looking good guys...not looking good at all.

The stooges in your local store know nothing. They will only find out a few days before they actually get the phone in their stores.

Many times I've gone to a store and they tell me, "No, we can't do that", or "...there is no such thing". Then I simply go to another local store and they say, "Sure we can do that!". It's not just AT&T, I've had the same experience with Sprint and Verizon. It's unfortunate, but it's very hard to find people who know what they are talking about in the retail shops. :(

How is BlackBerry going to shove a maintenance release down the carriers throats in a few weeks time if it takes them 4 months to do regular testing? Chris, this isn't the PlayBook, BlackBerry can't just throw out official updates whenever.

I was very excited yesterday and then completely depressed the rest of the day. I am part of a Sprint family plan that I can't easily get out of for financial reasons. I am happy with my 9930 and can't upgrade until Jan 2014. My girlfriend is due for an upgrade now. Her BB Style is having all kinds of problems. She likes the Galaxy III but I convinced her to look at the Z10. She really likes it. She was disappointed about having to wait until March but completely pissed off when I told her Sprint was not even gonna carry the Z10. Looks like it is going to be a Galaxy III for her. I am so disappointed!

I've read a lot of reviews and the most consistant complaint was app availability. Although bb10 has a huge nunber of apps available for a 1st gen platform, critics still find it meaningful to complain not "every" damn app is implemented. And they further complain that the droid apps are crap and from a 2.3 droid version. This can work in bb's favor if they took advantage of perfecting any os issues and bugs and pilling on more popular apps within the next month or so. THEN the US will have squat to complain about and hate on our wonderful device(s).

The past few years, Hollywood studios have released major films around the world before the US market. Sure, we are single-handedly the largest market, but this strategy has paid off for the studios. When buzz heats up around the world, it will make the anticipation reach a fever pitch here. The Avengers and Skyfall anyone? Huge openings before reaching the biggest, most important market. This is my exact feeling regarding the Z10 release date in the States.

I'm disappointed the wait isn't over, but I'm mostly disappointed over the lack of real talk about updating the PlayBook to OS 10. We PlayBook owners really stuck it out for nearly two years without really tapping into the full potential of the hardware and OS. I care most about the OS. BlackBerry owes it to us early adopters.

At any rate, more wait means bug fixes and more apps. I do believe one of the US carriers will pull the trigger to try to one-up the other carrier (AT&T first next Verizon) if the HTC Windows Phone 8X was any strategy indication.

Here's to Spring! The time of blooming and rebirth!

Still don't understand who's at fault here for the delay. Blackberry, carriers or both?

What is the point of having Super Bowl ads if the product won't be available until much later in the market where the Super Bowl matters? Seems like a big waste of money to me.

Really disappointed in this delay!!

We are all adults (for most of us anyway), so I certainly understand the logic. Waiting won't kill us (for most of us anyway). As I've said before, it's a phone, not a person or a religion (for most of us anyway).

Given that perspective, however, it's really disingenuous and rather silly to say that a delayed launch is really not a big deal, especially after so much hype. What doesn't make any sense is to go to all the lengths of saying the mobile computing platform matters, is a game changer, etc., and then to say, "But you really aren't going to miss much; wait until 10.1." I realize you're trying to talk people off the ledge, but hey, either getting a brand new OS is important, or it isn't.

What strikes me as interesting is that the comments from the officials at BB and CB have morphed the conversation away from the OS and onto the company formerly known as RIM. The nice people with the white suits who have come for the angry commentators are downplaying the phone and inspiring us with the goodness of the Blackberry. (The video "Charlie the Unicorn" is playing in my head: "We're going to Candy Mountain, Charlie! Candy Mountain!")

I have more than enough work to do, for more people than I can count, for a very long time. I'm pretty certain I won't die from not having a new phone. (Going into Lent, it's a nice reminder that there are more important things, thanks be to God.) But those are my thoughts.

As a past BlackBerry user I'm looking forward to trying out the new Z10. Too bad I live in the U.S. and will have to wait until March. So I just suggested to Kevin on twitter that he RESTART THE BLACKBERRY 10 COUNTER to reflect the release of the Z10 in the USA. Who knows it might expedite the release LMAO........

BlackBerry didn't handle this well. They should have done a better job targeting expectations to themarket and to their customers for the US launch. They gave every indication that the launch was imminent iincluding leaking the news about the SuperBowl spot. There was every reason to believe that the phones would be available in early February. Holding a big event, in NYC no less, and NOT ANNOUNCING a specific launch date, except for some vague reference to March is a misstep. Execution is key here, marketing has been a weakness in the past, and investors and customers have every right to be pissed off. Also, where's the Q10? No launch date or availability on that either. Seems to me like they screwed that up as well and hurried to cover it up. They need to do better.

Execution is the watchword, it was what Thorsten Heins was hired for, and it is precisely what he failed to deliver in the biggest moment in the company's history.

Only thing for me is to decide on Verizon or ATT. I will miss Sprint's pricing and Unlimited but gotta have that new BBM for the whole family!

While it does suck to have to wait (I live in KW where BlackBerry is made and I can't get it until next week), I hope that all the BB fans in the US remain patient and still have plans to purchase the product.

I think the delay will help the brand in the US if there is huge buzz generated from the countries that get the earlier release dates. If the US carriers see new users in other countries (not just current BB users upgrading) I think that will elicit a greater response from carriers to push the product.

Judging from the number of users that are enquiring about the ability to pay full price for a device directly from BlackBerry so you can get it sooner it bodes well for the companies future.

Stay strong US BB people!

I have the torch 9850, I have been waiting to upgrade to a new bb for about a yr and some months. I am incredibly disappointed by the March release date for the US. I do have my white one pre-ordered at Verizon. But, why a whole month and some weeks; because they just said sometime in March.

I don't much care for instagram, or some of those other apps. I just care about having a more stable and faster operating system and one that is preferably a blackberry operating system. I don't care who's at fault to be honest. All I want is my phone lol. I already know that nether company care about me as an individual consumer, they are going for the average. Well I have had opportunities to switch, but I want to give bb a chance before I do. I am not really interested in apple or google phones. I am very disappointed, I could handle 2 weeks. But, a whole month or so after they announce the phone. I don't think that this is a very good idea. I agree that your market is stronger in other parts of the world. But, you have bb fans all over the world. There are plenty of current bb users out there that are just waiting to upgrade to 10, they aren't listening to all the bs reviews out there because they already know how good the device is and can be. Just give them a chance to try it for themselves.

The superbowl is primarily a US day for a US sporting event.( not saying that it's not important all over the world) its just geared more toward a US audience. Having a commercial advertise the phone is going to do one of two things. One, it's going to get people saying oh I didn't know that blackberry had a new phone out, let me go check it out it seems cool. But, wait you can't because it doesn't come out for a whole month or so. And the person is going to lose that enthusiasm that he or she had for the phone because on average a person's attention span is 3 secs; which doesn't translate into long-term enthusiasm.

Sorry for the rant and the run-on sentences lol but you guys are the only ones that feel my pain. I was so hoping to have this phone in my hands by at the latest mid Feb. What really sucks is that my bday is on Feb 5.

And how were you able to pre order???The phone has not been released on Verizon yet. I would love to know as i have been checking since launch.

The ONLY way to justify this move by BB is if they use the 8 weeks they've now made for themselves to do an all-out advertising BLITZ in the USA. I mean blanket the goddamn airwaves. Get as many celebrity and celebrity CEO endorsements as you can. The Super Bowl Ad should kick off an 8-week run of excitement-building the world has never seen in the USA.

If that isn't the plan... what a goddamn waste.

The US release dates don't bother me. Its just a phone that I would like to have. When its available, I will purchase it. I currently have a blackberry and its working fine. Think about how others feel when the US gets something first and they have to wait. Again, its not that serious. I've noticed that after folks get their bb10 phones or whatever device, they will probably find something else to complain about. I'm not going to frustrate myself by calling the stores knowing its not available until later. I'm not going to lose sleep because I don't have the latest blackberry device. Its coming, just relax. If you can't wait, I'm sorry, either deal with it or switch to another platform. For example, I'm on Sprint and read that they only plan to carry the Q10, but I would like to have the Z10. I will deal with that issue when bb10 devices get closer to being available. Life goes on people, take a deep breath and enjoy it.

I think there is a certain degree of strategy involved in releasing the Z10 in the US later than in other markets. I'll call this strategy the "skyfall" approach. In the fall, the people behind "skyfall" made the decision to release the film in the North American market a little bit later than several other territories in an attempt to build hype for the film as strong box office results came in from other territories. I'd bet that there is an element of this behind BlackBerry's delayed release in the US.
Of course this is a very risky decision because unlike Skyfall, BB10 is far from a guaranteed success story (although Skyfall exceeded most expectations). not only this, but everyday in the US people are switching to competitors as they get tired of waiting for new BlackBerries.
However if sales are strong in the first markets to receive the Z10 it could raise intrigue and anticipation leading up to the device's American release.
Either way, this is somewhat irrelevant as I'm a Canadian and I'll be getting it next week. So SUCK IT!!

Hi everyone I'm really sorry to hear of the USA delays, I used to live in NY for around 24 years and became a fan of blackberry quite a few years ago and now that I'm back in the UK and have been. With O2. For ages I was quite surprised at how they kept the release date hush hush..today I received a text to say the BB Z10 was available so I logged on to my account and within 5 minutes they sent a message saying it was dispatched and i should be receiving it tomorrow...my plan is on contract for 24 months and the phone is free @ £36 a month I will keep everyone in the loop. With my verdict but it looks damn good so far..here's hoping they speed things up so you can experience the new BlackBerry.

An article in the WSJ said US carriers received the phones late for testing and that is the reason for the delay. I've waited too long for the BB10 and now Sprint won't carry the Z10; not happy.

For a lot of folks, after many set backs and disappointments, this might be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Verizon just today starts giving sales staff training. My friend owns a bunch or Wireless Zones (verizon reseller) They got training but were not given release date.

Waiting another month or two, for a phone I'll keep for two years isn't a big deal; just gives me a little longer to enjoy my 9900, before I give it to my daughter. @dunaway

No disrepect to the ppl of crackberry for this post. To ask a question like this to a country where they continually kicked blackberry in the balls, all these years while RIM was on life support. I SAY TO THEM " F!@!!!*!!K Y!!*##U. Keep your iphone and Andriod. I just came back from Malaysia and Sinapore. We'r all stoked by the BB10 release. So are those in vietnam, Philipines. When I head back in March, I'm bringing the rain with samples of BB10 to show them. Blackberry is back and its big. To the staff of Crackberry you know exactly what I'm talking about.


No disrepect to the ppl of crackberry for this post. To ask a question like this to a country where they continually kicked blackberry in the balls, all these years while RIM was on life support. I SAY TO THEM " F!@!!!*!!K Y!!*##U. Keep your iphone and Andriod. I just came back from Malaysia and Sinapore. We'r all stoked by the BB10 release. So are those in vietnam, Philipines. When I head back in March, I'm bringing the rain with samples of BB10 to show them. Blackberry is back and its big. To the staff of Crackberry you know exactly what I'm talking about.


IIRC all the BB7 devices went on sale 6-8 weeks after they went through FCC. ATT Z10 passed through FCC Dec 30. Verizon Z10 passed through Jan 5.

Most boring announcement yesterday, I feel rejected as a BB user to wait til late March (26th I thought I read) for the Z10. Wife is continually asking for my Bold 9930, and to do that requires I buy her one or give her mine (and I get the Z10).

I am hoping some smart mofo out there figures out a neat way for the US customers to get the phone from Canada / UK, swap SIM cards or something and do some "illegal" jailbreaking. Come on techie nerds with too much time on your hands...

Maybe I'm blowing smoke out my ass on that last paragraph but I'm aready fuming from my head having to wait 8 more weeks!!!

Smite me o mighty smiter!

Just to use a little Super Bowl metahphor...The delayed launch is a fumble - be it forced (by the carriers) or unforced (by Blackberry) - either way it's a fumble. With a company that has a terrible take-away to give-away ratio, they really could not afford another fumble. Hope is that the launch and the Super Bowl add will kick off a lot of interest in the U.S. and that Blackberry, with the help of the carriers and success world-wide, can get the ball back and try to make up any lost yardage from this fumble.

Sorry, couldn't resist. And with apologies non-fans of American football.

I think that the US carriers wanted to see the roll out in a few key markets before they would commit to order numbers. They don't know what to expect because the sales for Blackberry had almost dried up completely in their market. They don't want to overstock and sit with inventory but they don't want to lose customers to their competitors it it really flies. So...they're sitting on their hands until they see which way the wind is blowing.

wow, this is exactly what people said about the PB release....just wait till the update...then you'll see. maybe RIM should have changed its name to "just wait it will get better, you'll see" thats a better representation of the compnany's mission statement and vision......

I saw something about how long it took for the first I Phone to come out after the big announcement from Apple. 5 months. 6-8 weeks isn't so bad.

Please people think about this logically. Never mind BlackBerry, any company that need the US market would not have wanted any delay in launching a product in the country. Think about it. The main launch was held in New York. BlackBerry has chosen Alicia Keys as the ambassador for the company. They spend huge amount of money on Superbowl ad. Is this a company that is giving the middle finger to the Americans? I get that you want the phone yesterday and are piss off for the "further delay". Consider the current state of Blackberry market in the US. Even if you get your phone later in March, you are still one of the few beginners to adopt BlackBerry Z10.

What if the announced delay till March in the US was all part of the superbowl surprise and they actually release it the next day after superbowl creating a huge frenzy to get it. That would be awesome! Or they give everyone at the stadium a free bb10 and seed it out and cause huge demand....Hey you never know???? LOL

The whole thing about building buzz with other countries releases is not going to happen. OK as an American I will admit to everyone that we are fairly focused on us and don't much give a crap what the rest of the world thinks or does. There won't be a lot of buzz from other countries in the US. BB will have to build that buzz through advertising and a heck of a lot of it.
I think it came to the carriers telling BB what it was they were going to do and that was that. I Ifelt a bit of frustration on Thor's part when he talked about the USA release.
The announcements by AT&T, Verizon et all were half hearted at best. On Verizon you can put in you email address for "future updates" BS There is no real support from the US carriers yet. Wake up and smell the coffee cause tea just doesnt cut it. I will wait because that is what I want. Its big business boy's! All about the money not about us loyal BB customers. If everyone of AT&T or Verizons BB customers left it would be the size of a pimple on you A$$.

Saw a news report yesterday that said the delay in the US was due to problems with the US Regulatory system. Possible?


Here is MY problem: I went to T mobile a month ago to inquire about the Z10. They had no info. They told me to expect something "big in March". Such nonsense. Blackberry shouldve told the carriers to promote and provide information. The staff at T-mobile told me they hadn't tested let alone seen an actual z10.
What is the problem? If z10 is going to be the "new" face of blackberry then let's get it right. I've been holding on to my 64g Playbook, with all the bugs and inconsistencies waiting for a software upgrade and yet, nothing. Still holding my Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) waiting to make a move to blackberry. Im sorry but BB did not handle this launch correctly in my opinion. Too much build up but now that the air is out of the balloon I see they still were not ready.

I'll wait and see what happens.

Heres a thought, buy. Canadian cause we have NO PROBLEMS shipping to the USA from our stores like your American retailers do!!!!!

This is totally the retailers, what company in their right mind would delay a new phone to a struggling market? That makes no common sense.

Doing a Superbowl Ad when you won't have product for another month is a complete waste of marketing dollars, unless they are going to have Alicia Keys provide handjobs with each Z10.

New BlackBerry device in the U.S----lol BlackBerry? lol

Build up a buzz first and peek the curiosity of the U.S market and then launch. I dont like it but its the right move.

Thanks for the read Chris it kind of made things feel not as bad...kind of ;)

To the BB Fans in the US - if you are so mad and can't get through to the management for the major carriers - can I suggest you start a petition and get Obama to talk to the CEOs in those organizations.

Here is the link: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/

I believe at over 10,000 petitions the White House is required by Law to respond.

This would be a better idea than creating a death star.

Yes it was some what of a let I have been saving my phone upgrades for almost a year now. So yes I want my Z10 now and my wife wants the Q10. But for most of us in the US will be getting our taxs returns around that time, more americans will have a little extra cash around to get that phone up grade even if their contracts are not up. So to me it may be a good idea to wait a little.

You twice wrote that BlackBerry the company that owns less than 2% of the US market decided to help VERIZON by delayingthe launch of the phone that may ultimately save or destroy BlackBerry. That is the single dumbest thing I have heard. BlackBerry needs every one customer they can get if someone goes into a store as a first time smartphone buyer you think it benefits blackberry to not have a product on the shelf. That is insanity. Look I have no doubt Verizon wants blackberry to do well and in sure BlackBerry wants like hell for Verizon to push their phones but no matter how much Verizon pushes a product ultimately the consumer decides. No way on gods green earth BlackBerry prefer they not have a product on the shelf and a new customer for apple for the next two years.
This is blackberrys last chance. I read bb is spending 1.4 billion to advertise this phone that's half of their cash if this phone flops say goodbye to bb.
They need every customer possible

So the Q10 should launch in the USA in April like everyone else while the Z10 gets delayed until March? I hope so. I'm not sold on the full-touchscreen thing. Everyone else and their mothers have that format and I never enjoy using them, I need my keyboard, so I'm waiting for the Q10 to hit the market...

Yea I'm pissed and I have even been debating saying the hell with blackberry and go and getting a Galaxy I am sick of my 9810 it's gotten pretty beat up but I want the Z10 so bad. On the other hand I am getting sick of Rimm."s delays and lies. Delay the phones delay the phones. We'll have a new theme builder Delay Delay No new theme builder sorry we lied. Kinda getting tired of their crap.

WTF? There is no "delay". RIM has always said the phones would be available in Q1. Q1 does not end until March 31. I have never understood impatience.

I feel for you all, after all, all of Canada is getting it Feb 5th, but because I live in this miserable province (Manitoba), I also have to wait for MTS to roll it out in March as well... Really, you telling me that they are the only ones who cant figure this out. So for those that blame BB, maybe it really is the pathetic wireless companies!!!

I love BlackBerry. I love Canada. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that good things come to those who wait. As of right now, I can't decide whether to get the Z10 or the Q10. I loooooove that keyboard... but going to a smaller screen from my Torch would bother me. *sigh* Decisions, decisions... :)

Congrats to those who have been able to snag a Z10. Wow…lots of negativity from some of my fellow Americans! I guess I’m less emotional, but yes…would have enjoyed getting my hands on the Z10.
I really think this is a calculated risk taken by BB and less of a carrier issue. The US media is brutal. This was a way to introduce a new platform and allow other markets to test it before it hits the US and gets slammed by all the “doom and gloom” media. If it is a solid platform, the buzz will build. If it is inferior, the flaws will be exposed and hopefully corrected before it hits here. Overall I would say the media has been slightly positive with a wait and see approach…which is better than I expected.
Either way, I will get this phone because of the QNX potential. If BB is able to respond to platform bugs (should be a few) and continue to build on the QNX potential, they should be well positioned for a comeback.

The delay does not affect my decision one way or the other. My contract with my current carrier doesn't end until March, so I wouldn't be buying a new phone before then anyway.
By the time the phones are released in the U.S. there will be even more apps available for those who are ready to buy.

So Umi...do you think Sprint will EVER get the Z10 or am I gonna have to jump ship to get one? I'm waiting now, I guess I'd be willing to wait longer...but how long? Forever? Please respond with ANY info you have...

In the AT&T Corporate store today, I was shocked to hear the employees going nuts over the videos of the Z10. They seem to be very interested and as frustrated as we are that they don't have handsets to sell.

Fully agree Chris.
Blackberry most loyal consumers are here (EMEA, CAN) while U.S market is somehow hostile. This makes perfectly sense. Sorry for you U.S buddies, but the waiting is usually our routine (in Europe) ... now it's your turn, for once. I presume it will not be the case for next releases, so ... just be fair-play and chill-out ... nothing but a few extra days.

BB10 is not ready for the US market yet. Not enough quality apps. They need to wow US consumers who have invested heavily into their mobile ecosystem. Lots of BlackBerry's top 1000 apps are not available yet...

To our friends down south of the border,if you want to buy the Z10 in Canada, you can try calling Rogers toll free number 1-888-764-3771 and ask can you buy the phone outright and have it shipped to the US. I believe the cost is $589 and an extra $50 if you want them to unlock the phone. Lastly, if they ship to the US, there should be no sales tax. Good luck everyone!

Can anyone say COLLUSION by US carriers with pressure from Apple...to give them time to catch up. Or it could be that BBM will have free voice/video calling. Or could it be a Republican backlash from collusive carriers to get back at BB user President Obama.

I would like to mention that some of the eBay phones that were allegedly given out at the NY event are on AT&T. So what testing is left?

As a Blackberry user the last thing you want to see is another blackberry user jump ship and move to an apple or an android. Because Blackberry is struggling to stay relevant as it is. I had 3 friends left on Blackberry. I have preached to them over the last year to just hang on the new Z10 is going to be so cool just wait and see! That is why I never use BBM everyone else in my circle has jumped ship already so it was easier just to text.

I now have no friends left on Blackberry, Your latest news of slighting the US has driven them away. My wife and I are the last 2 people I know with Berrys with the exception of my father in law and the only reason he has his bold is because he has a government job and that is what they use.

The March release Date ticked me off because I'm impatient and Blackberry has kept pushing this back for the last year and it was the final insult that they didn't release here the same day that they did in the UK. Now that I have cooled off and resigned myself to being slighted once again by Blackberry I have a more important concern. Is this company even going to make it? And do I want to sign another 2 year contract with a phone that will already be upstaged by 2 new Androids coming out in March, and still probably sooner than the Z10?

I was Blackberry faithful. Now I'm not so sure.

Hey Chris,

Have you heard any more details on the new BB10 services plans? From an investor standpoint the shift from BB7 to BB10 service fees is a big deal.


When I first heard of the March release I was shocked and pissed ...but now I see it might actually be a positive thing ...after I asked a few ppl at work that own blackberries if they was getting the new bbZ10 THEY WAS CLUELESS!!! ... So maybe after the superbowl commercial everyone that didn't know will know in the US ... I told them to check it out :) ...they was quick to say yea blackberry is out of fasion ...I told them to check out the new bb Z10 its nothing like the old bbs ...owner of BB9910 ....Let's goooo Blackberry :)

Of course I'm upset.

Doesn't mean I'm going to run off and buy a different phone. Not knowing what I know about BB10.

this is terrible. to have to wait 6 weeks when in the same time, we may hear a Galaxy SIV announcement as well as the Iphone 5s/6 come out. You need to have your device out ahead of the noise.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

My Torch 9900 is 2 years old as of this month. Even when I bought it the specs were over a year out of date. So basically I have a 3 year old phone that I bought for the slide out keyboard. It is exactly what I want in a texting device, but everything else is very, very out of date.

The Blackberry 10 launch coincides with the 2-year anniversary, so I figure its a perfect time to upgrade! And yet... I don't want to wait ANOTHER 2 months for a phone! My Torch has enough problems with web sites, apps, and the pathetic camera that I don't relish the thought of fighting with it for another 6-8 weeks. Besides the fact that I like blackberry specifically for their keyboard. I might be willing to wait for another slider like the Torch, but the z10 touchscreen isn't THAT much better than the competition.

Long story short, I'm going Android this week. I really wanted to give the z10 a chance, and I REALLY want to play with the q10 for a bit, but I just can't wait any longer. I've put up with too much from Blackberry and the outdated systems and delayed new phones.

The point is this: Say what you will about the delay, it has made at least one customer turn away. Maybe not for good, but at least until the next software update or next generation phone.

About a month ago, my Blackberry Curve stopped working, so, I was lucky to have my wife's old Blackberry Curve 8530 (she had switched to a Droid) to use as a back up, thinking that the new BB10 would be coming out in February sometime. Now, I find out that I am going to have to wait until March (maybe) to get the new BB10. To say I am not happy would be an understatement. I really have to re-think if I want to wait that long for the new BB 10. I am honestly leaning towards the Window phone. I just don't understand why they would say anything in the States about this phone right now, wait until February if it wasn't going to come out until March (again, I am guessing it might not even come out then). When you have had the issues RIMM has had, you have to make sure you do the correct things, which this isn't correct. I hope the BB users in the UK and Canada are enjoying the new phones, I am very happy for them, but this user might be a former user pretty soon (along w/dumping my stock in the company).

Guys , I think the carriers r at least partly to blame here , it takes them forever to test handsets , epecially if it`s a new OS . That said , Blackberry hasn`t been strong here in the USA while they r very strong in emerging markets ,plus some First World markets such as Canada and the UK . Plus China , if memory serves . Can`t say I blame Blackberry for putting their best cusdtomers first ! OTOH , u can buy a Z10 on Ebay , but I`d wait for the price to go down lol !