BlackBerry Theme Weekly Roundup for January 4th 2010

CB Theme Roundup
By ObiGeorge on 4 Jan 2010 05:34 pm EST

Contest: 50 Copies of iPhony Theme to be won. Leave a comment!

We have decided to do something a little different with the theme blogs here at CrackBerry, so instead of posting individual themes on the front page quite so often, we would like to introduce our new weekly theme roundup! Every week, myself (obi) and michaelwpg will be bringing you our top picks for both free and paid themes. Due to different theme styles, features, and availability for different devices, we will pick some for touchscreen as well as non-touchscreen devices. Depending on the generosity of the developer community we will try to run a contest weekly, giving away some copies of one of our weekly themes. So hit the jump below and check it out, we also have a contest running.

Free Theme of the Week

BlackBerry Pro Version 4

Our free theme of the week comes from the CrackBerry Forums. BlackBerry Pro Version 4 by Natemz gives you 6 user defined home screen icons as well as bottom docked shortcuts for messages, SMS, calendar, and BlackBerry Messenger. This theme also features a weather slot, hidden today area, availability in red/green/blue/pink/orange/black and white, and slick look we have come to expect from Natemz. Overall this is a great theme packed full of features, especially for being free. For OTA download, see the forum thread links below and feel free to donate to Natemz if you so choose. 

*Note that the 9700 version will work on the 8900 OS 5

Paid Themes of the Week



Amber is the first premium theme by Basic Visuals, and looks great.  Its customL layout allows the user to place 7 of your favorite apps on the home screen for quick easy access to what you need. Amber is made totally from the ground up featuring custom icons, wallpaper, and fonts that all go very well together throughout the theme. To our liking, a weather slot is also included and becoming a must have in all new themes. Amber is on sale for $1.99 at the CrackBerry App Store and compatible with the 8900, 9000, 9630, and 9700.



In honor of our inagural theme roundup, we had to include an iPhone theme dedicated to Bla1ze.

iPhony by ToneConcept is a clean, simple theme to dress up your Storm 95xx device. Featuring those smooth iPhone-esque icons and a hidden today area with 10 available entries, this theme will allow you to make a change without losing that professional look of your device. This theme is also extremely wallpaper freindly, taking advantage of all that lovely real estate to show off your favorite backgrounds. If your a fan of the iPhone look, this is sure to be the theme for you. iPhony is available for $4.99 at the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest: We have 50 copies of iPhony to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please leave only one comment, multiple entries won't count.

So there you have it folks, the inagural theme roundup for your reading pleasure. Feel free to leave us feedback in the comments (doing so will also enter you in the iPhony theme contest) as we will try to take suggestions into account, to give you what YOU are looking for. If you have a favorite theme or your a developer looking to get your theme out there, send us an email at



Hopefully they will all run on OS 4.7 Storm (the touchscreen ones anyways :L) as I has Vodafail and they wont bloody update the Storm to 5.0 and I have no idea why

Michael Hepples

BB Pro V4 is built for 5.0 OS. iPhony has a 4.7 version.


Much more organized and easier to keep up with. By the way, would love to win a copy of IPhony. TIA


Great idea and I need sum themes.... Iphoney would be pretty cool!


So nice to see this great addition to the blogs! Love that free themers are going to be included!! Looking forward to reading this every week.


Nice roundup, I would love the Iphone one, still looking for the perfect theme

Captivate me

I love BB PRO v3 by Natemz...too bad 4.6OS was left out in version 4 it really looks great, and I love themes with a lot of functionality.

Obi Wannabe

The IPhony looks sharp and I like the all the pretty screen space left over.


I would love to try it out!


Thanks for compiling these.


the amber theme is my phishgirl3 who is connected to bla1ze and then the iphone theme is 'dedicated' to bla1ze!!

wtf is going on


For the record, the iPhone one was dedicated to me simply because I don't typically like iPhone themes, I bought a BlackBerry, I like my BlackBerry to look as such.

Also, if you're looking to have one of your themes featured, why not reach you to Obi and Michael and let them know?...surely as a theme developer you are aware hundreds of BB theme gets produced in the run of a week alone. Not all themes can be focused, that's just insane. But sending an email to those who can actually feature your theme is a great start rather then just sitting back and hoping it gets noticed.

Every theme that was featured in this post was based on interactions with the developer and their willingness to work with Obi and Mike to put the post together for the community.


I would love the iPhony theme!


I would love to try out another iphone theme...Sign me up please!!


This is a great idea but if you don't win iphony you can aways get iberry free at gemlock it looks the same..


No, it doesn't. iBerry is a clone. iPhony is a redesigned version of the iPhone theme.

The fact is that a lot of the people don't want their BB to be a replica of an iPhone. I've designed iPhony so that those people can enjoy an iPhone-style theme that's designed specifically for their BlackBerry. :)


Boo, no mention of a 4.5 os theme, I guess we are now the out-dated.


Ethereal Collection by KD....the best paid for theme and its a steal...all five colors for $6! Very quick and looks amazing on the Storm.


Looks great... I want one!


loved V3, just installed V4 and still love it!! Works very well with Berry Weather.

Would also love to win a copy of iPhony to try out :-)


How about some themes for the Curve 8330 OS 4.5. Don't forget about us!!


yeah... no more 8330 love? what about that free xmas theme that was supposed to have 8xxx support? -cry-


I don't want to enter this one because it's not compatible with my BB, but kudos to a great idea!


I don't want to enter this one because it's not compatible with my BB, but kudos to a great idea!


Would love to give it a try on the Storm2.
Thanks for another contest.


Have there been only one theme for each model this week? Why not cover all the themes released this week and not just the ones you guys like. Or at least the top 5 or 10. That would be way more informative and would not restrict the audience to just the themes you guys like, no offense, taste runs different for each individual and what you guys like might not be what someone else likes, but what you miss might be their thing. Just a thought.


Looks awesome, can't wait to try it!


I have noticed more and more great themes out there to choose from.


Thanks. It is hard to filter through so many pages in the forums. This is a great idea.


this theme looks pretty sweet and need a break from the original


Will try again. Can't seem to get any freebies here!!!! Looks like a nice app tho.


Fingers Crossed! I never win anything!!!


Cool themes! Hope I win


This looks like a great iphone clone theme...I'll take one for sure!


Congratulations on making front page Natemz, with your theme. CrackBerry, this is a wonderful idea. I hope to see one of my own themes (when I get to making more) here on the future!


Cool...I have to win something eventually.


Freebie is not compatible for my BB, but still wanted to comment I like the idea of having themes grouped weekly, much more cohesive and easier to keep tabs on!

capt skinboat

Very beautiful themes. I hope to win this theme.


would love a copy for my storm.



pick me

dun dun dun


i would LOVE a free copy of iPhony!


Sign me for the contest.thanks before


Pick me, pick me, pick me!


iPhonhy theme!
Me so Phony!


This theme would look great on my new bold 9700....pick me!


THESE THEMES MAKE ME GO BANANAS! ...Lmao, lame, I know, but ive been rocking two FREE themes(NO COST??) and they're awesome. If they're awesome what's a paid-free given away theme like?? Ohhhh, the wonders. Lol.


Looks good. Really digging the iPhone icons.


that would look great on my tour!


i would love to have this theme count me in


Love the theme roundup! Also like the chance to win a theme!


Definitely want one ;-)


Nice idea with theme roundup. And I'd like to get that one from you :)


Ever since the addition of themes to appworld, I've been messing around with themes left and right. Now there are more for me to try!


Great theme, how about one for my Tour


wonder if it works gr8 on my bold9700 :D
but i think its better on the storm2..

Carbon Coupe

If its for free, its for me!!


I just got my first blackberry(storm 2) and would like to take the dive into themes. Would love to start with the iphony!


wow! so cool!!! i like the color!!!


Please add me to the list, would love to give this theme a good run.


Hi, I've tried to send an email to the address you provide for suggestions for the theme roundup, at , and it keeps coming back as permanently failed. Is there another email address??


Looks good, I'd love to have a copy!


This is so cool please let me win......


i love iPhone based themes, especially for the Storms. let me win this one.


i'd love to get this theme


This theme would be nice to have.


iPhony .. nice name for an iPhonish them ;-)


Nice theme in spite of the name!


Good themes are always better. Hook me up




Great idea for a blog. Themes is one of the main reasons I frequent the forums.

BB PRO V4 deserves the kudos. V4 is a great improvement over V3.

I would like a chance to win the iPhoney theme.


I really like the 1st one you have up, but I just wish it was compatible with the 8900 w/ 4.6. The Iphony theme looks fretty snazzy too! Wouldn't mind pickin up one of those for free 99! Hint Hint... Thanks Crackberry!


I just realized I don't even have a Storm, so don't pick me.


Looks nice, wouldn't mind getting it.


IPhone???? Naaah....

IPhone look on a Blackberry, that's better!!


You know, I really like the looks of this theme. I dont own it so I cannot comment on it, only on its appearance. I like the UI of the iPhone but the functions of a blackberry so i guess its the best of both worlds.


I am always a sucker for cool looking themes - looks AWESOME!!!!!


Would love the ability to customize the buttons on the bottom and the fonts need some size adjustments. Let me know if you want some screen shots to illustrate. Overall i love the layout. By far my favorite i have found for the 9700.


Bless me w/the gracefulness of your heart..themes look official, and would look better on my phone


Would love a new theme. It would go great with my droid theme.


sera que lo puedo tener


Free themes are cool


i would love to have this for free.


Great looking theme!

Thanks for all the hard work!


Looks very nice, I wonder if it is better then the Iberry theme. I was not very happy with that purchase, but this one looks a bit cleaner hopefully with less bugs.


I think iPhony looks cool. Would love to win a free copy.
I switched from the iPhone to the BlackBerry 9550, so it would be kind of cool to have that theme...


I love themes!! besides beta's, hot new apps, twitter clients ect...Themes are my babies!


I just got my Storm 2 not too long ago and I would love a copy of this theme! It looks really functional as well as clean and well laid out. I can't wait to try it!


Looks better than the Iphone! Great theme app!


This website is the best! I promise you I live here! Now I want to win that Iphony application!!!


This is what I am looking for .... Great !!!


This is AWESOME ......... Great Job !!!


I would love to win a theme would be awesome