Weekly Agenda Calendar view coming in BlackBerry OS 10.3

Weekly Agenda Calendar view coming in BlackBerry OS 10.3
By DJ Reyes on 8 May 2014 09:32 am EDT

It's round 4 of Michael Clewley's BlackBerry OS 10.3 sneak peeks. There has been lots of goodies so far. One of my favorites is 'Endless Folders'. That is something I have been wanting since the beginning and I'm glad to see it coming. There are also some nice e-mail additions too. So, what does today bring?

For today's first teaser, we have 'Weekly Agenda'. A lot of people have been asking for the ability to view more than today's agenda, which is what we currently have. From the screenshot below, you can see that you can now see the whole week's agenda. Another option I am sure many will be happy to see.

Just to note. These screenshots are not leaks. They are teasers. Michael Clewley is Director, Handheld Software Product Management at BlackBerry. He is sharing these screenshots over on his official BBM Channel (C00014277). The 10.3 SDK is in beta, internally and we are getting these teasers from that version. So, bear in mind some of these things will still be tweaked before the official release. As for when it will become available? Your guess is as good as ours at this time.



Great news.

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+1 Jep that's cool

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Meh. I personally don't have much need for this, but it's definitely good to have. I remember when the Z10 came out that this was one thing a few people really hated that was missing. So kudos BlackBerry.

After seeing unlimited folders, and black boxes around icons gone (and thus, allowing a 5th row of icons), nothing is really that great so far. Maybe Clewey should have left that for last? Maybe that's just me. Or maybe unless I see something really outstanding (i.e. Fixing the contacts app, which I don't expect) I won't be as impressed because I just don't have the need for these fixes.

Of course that this is just me. If people want it, they should have it.

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He's only teasing info that's going to be released with the developer build of 10.3. We aren't seeing anything special yet.

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I don't care what the icon is or what color it is.
Icons are just a button to get from one screen to another to be able to view something or enter information to get something done.

10.3 is starting to look like the business and time management tool I remember BlackBerry being.

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green now? different colors for different apps?


Read the Channel post. He says to pay no attention to the colour, as it is still in flux.


Does he mention any where to ignore the hideous new app icons? Please tell me he does.


Omfg calm your t!ts first it said it wasn't final but even if it was you will have to take it and move the **** on

Zee coolest flicking smartphone ever



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Exactly! Holy #$!? people!

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Lol. I am calm. Looks like you're the on e who blew a gasket. Next time count to ten. I heard it helps calm people down. Lmao.

Let me get you all started. 1... 2...

I'm sure you can do the rest.


Yes calm down. Do you think apple fans get to dictate how icons look? They have to accept ios7 as it is.

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You're right... apple fans don't get to dictate the look either. But ios7 looks is more aesthetically pleasing because the icons are all the same size, have some ( I said some) uniformity between apps with respect to design and color selection. Overall better than what MC showed us.

Now BlackBerry keeps telling us they're listening so I'm making my voice heard.


Aesthetically pleasing? Are you kidding me.

iOS 7 icons look like someone's kid was given crayons and was told to go to town.

You have got to be kidding me about aesthetics cause damn if those are what is pleasing to the eye.

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Newfangled Gizmo

iOS 7 looks like an explosion in a candy factory.

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Prem WatsApp

It's looks like a Hippie phone from far, and a bad acid trip up close. Apple going back to its roots....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


If only we could vote down comments on here...

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Relax! What are you the crackberry post police! I read the whole post and i have even kept up in MC´s channel. He states in one of the comments in his channel, that there will be no user picked custom accent colors. But...seeing all the different sneak peeks I noticed the accent changes depending on what part of blackberry you are in (Hub=Red, Calender=Green, Blue and so on) I think it was a very plausible question to ask..Asking in the sense as not to get an answer back but also posing an interesting idea. Some of you in here are just so touchy! Good day to you.


It does not say nothing about color! It says its not final....touchy touchy!


It's too bad. I would really like to have the option for which colour I want. Maybe if we make a big fuzz about it, it might come for 10.4 lol.

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I really want to to be able to change the color. I'm getting sick of the blue right now. Hopefully we will have bit in 10.4. I'm hoping they will have it in 10.3. Dreaming!

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You are stupid, read the post for gods sake.

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Hey, no need for name calling.

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Seriously dude. It's like people woke up on the wrong side of the bed. All this animosity. I thought we came here to discuss not name call.


Spawn12, why did you have to call others stupid? (*sigh*)

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Great I miss this feature a lot.

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bryan newell

I'd like to be able to put in different shifts and shift patterns as a Mental Health Nurse my shifts are all over the place, I'm not sure I'm able to do that with the current calendar and have downloaded a simple app called shift calendar which is great. Just wish I could do it with the BlackBerry one?

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I think for this you might be better off setting up Google calendars for your shifts, and then just synching them to your calendar.

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I thought everyone else did that...even home, my outlook is synched with Gmail and everything I put there goes into my phone and vice versa

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My current work around for a 4 on 4 off shift pattern was to individually create my first 4 day block one shift at a time, but set each shift as a repeat event every 8 days. Not the cleanest way to do it, but gets the job done.

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Loving the new changes with 10.3. BlackBerry updates are always the best.

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I like it. I like it a lot.

It's amazing how something so simple is so essential to making BB10 that much better.

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Bryan, I also am a shift worker that has a very odd shift 8 on 6 off. I find it easier to input my calendar to my outlook or Gmail account and sync it to my BlackBerry calendar. I can then make small changes here or there and always have it handy.

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That's one sweet looking calendar!

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This means only one thing, and that is; BlackBerry is becoming a mature OS!! This is great news for new devices that will follow in the future. Mr. Chen definitely knows what he's doing and doing it at a fast pace!!!

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10


I wouldn't give Chen so much credit. This has probably been in the works on a road map somewhere for some time.

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Nice! Now if I could only sync my calendar to Outlook on my computer...


I had problems also, as it always said sync failed.. What I did do , is temporarily change the sync settings to only allow one way access from the device to the computer, on both my calendar and con
tacts.. Did a sync, and that synced successfully , then I went back in again and changed my sync settings to 2 way sync, and all of a sudden everything was syncing properly.. BB Link is a funny bird.

Hithesh Svsk

Ios is not comparable with blackberry OS now

Hiitu bb10


Holy shit. That's awesome. I have been waiting for this feature since Jan 31st, 2013

I hope it is a rolling seven day agenda not just that week

No matter what day of the week, month or year, I always like to know what appointments I have committed to in the next fews days

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I hope to see lots of calendar improvements


Simple,efficient and excellent. Keep it up.

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DJ, thanks for the note about teasers vs leaks. That’s good to know.

I've been a Covey system user since last century and am convinced that week-at-a-time planning is the only way to go. (First Things First principle). So, this change is right along that line of thinking. Nice.

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Prem WatsApp

Yes, I need a good weekly view. That's why I haven't been utilizing the calendar as much as I should, or would like to.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


This is awesome because the calendar is one of the best things about BB10!

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Wow my new most anticipated feature on 10.3. Hadn't thought about it and never really missed it but when it arrives this will be my future default calendar view.

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Doesn't BBOS have an unlimited agenda? That's what I would like to see come to BB10.

Come on 10.3!


Yes: ^this please.

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Prem WatsApp

Something that just scrolls up and down forever, without that artificial boundary called "week", ....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Nick Spagnolo

I put my input into the Channel regarding a calendar improvement



this is not new, i have weekly agenda on !!!!!!!


This is a bit different.



The calendar getting better will help me a lot. My Ems shifts are 24-48 hours at a time and lately, rarely on the same days if the week. Then the part time job that works around those days is all over the place as well. Then there's the meetings and the kids events and pracices....yeah I need a good easy calendar.

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I'm quite excited for the 10.3

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All this is driving me crazy. I just wanted it now!

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Who he is should be mentioned earlier, from the first post to avoid people from misunderstanding. Anyway, I love 10.3. Looking forward to have the official when is is released.

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The flat look and color scheme is growing on me.

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I hope we get the views and look of the older 9900 calendar


These little sneak peaks are awesome! Keep them coming, it is great to see that bb10 is evolving this quickly! Thanx


Looks good, I hope a black theme is on the pipe too.

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Give me 10.3 Already !!!!!!


Cant wait..

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nice, like the green, fresh and clean :-)


tho....looking forward to the contacts app improvements


Can't wait I want it now in my BlackBerry Z30

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I like the green+grey+white combo actually...

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Why wasn't all this put on when launched last year?

Was BB10 that rushed and not tested?

Z10 on Telus


Yay! This is the view I used to always use on my old android phone.


I cannot wait for this update!!! Sooner rather than later, BlackBerry.

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Green accent!!

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This will be nice to have!

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I don't see the purpose of that come on man give the update a edge man make it more android like especially wen it come to apk would love if all apk can be installed and works cause 10.2 does not work with all apk especially the games so please make this possible in 10.3

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Lets hope the active frame for calendar improves as well ;)

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Senor Wright

Great News!!..Keep Improving On An Already Productive, Cool OS. BlackBerry For Life!!

Sent From My BlackBerry Q10.

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Thank you for the 'leak' clarification.
These are definitely building up anticipation!


I'd like the "invite" option put in the bblink calendar since this is the only calendar that syncs with outlook. It is a very useful option for business people. I can't be the only person missing this feature.


I applaud Clewley 's channel. It's about time BlackBerry provided some useful information in where they are going. And good to do it on Channels. Give them credit and hold them to consultation. It's a good sign. Those companies who learn from their consumers see worth supporting.

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This is brilliant. I need this one. Even if just for birthdays etc.
What I also would love to see is the custom profile option that would allow always on for certain people when they call or text me. I loved that in the OS7.
I don't like using 3rd party apps. I like it built in to my blackBerry.

Prem WatsApp

Yes, apps are to extend, not replace...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


That green accent color looks also nice. Hope this little coloring feature will be introduced in 10.3.

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This has intrigued me the most about 10.3


Red is back!

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Another great PIM feature, have been wanting this. They are absolutely right to rebuild strength on BB's traditional core functions - staying organized and getting things done.

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I'm just getting used to 10.2 on AT&T! I'll probably have to wait a year for 10.3!! Some of these teases are very tantalizing!!

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Always a source of hilarity that whenever people nowadays are given official advance-news of BlackBerry 10 features, they all think it's a "leak"... and people like Clewley and DJ Reyes have to keep telling people "No, this is not a 'leak'..."



So what I need. Yeah!


Sweet - though I cannot get used to the circled "primary" action.


I'm really digging this fresh look. Looks way less cluttered. They are doing this for the remember app to

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Leo Patterson Jnr

When is the 10.3 coming out..... Y blackberry is the only platform that don't block the number you want you can either block all calls on none it's crazy we need better user apps

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What is the ETA on 10.3?

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When is the update rolling out? Can't wait for the goodies :)

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I'm so glad to see some work done to the Calendar i use it every single day it is so important to me it's the 1st thing I look at as soon as I get up in the morning. I can't wait to see what else they added.

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Bacon Munchers

Clean colors but I sincerely hope that the color scheme is customizable. If not, folks will be complaining that BlackBerry has no direction in the graphics arena. Too many inconsistencies access releases.

Here's hoping that MC has us covered.

Go BlackBerry!


This (and the email article that we van revive any archived email, no matter how long ago) is the best news in ages about BB10. So efficient, and after all, that's the reason we all have Blackberry's!

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Yes, nice feature!

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Alexandru Teodorescu

Nice, nice. BlackBerry was and will remain the best business tool.
Hope that the contacts app Issue will be solved in 10.3.
And also if they will fix the contacts prediction direct into dial pad....will be stellar!

Proudly Z10 owner