Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a spare battery for your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 24 May 2012 03:21 pm EDT

Contest: Win a spare battery for your BlackBerry! Keep reading for details.

Spare Battery

One of the great things about a BlackBerry is that you can easily swap out the battery as you need it. I love being able to have a spare (or four) that I can easily toss in when my battery gets low. A charger isn't alway accessbile, so having a spare battery in your purse, briefcase or pocket can be clutch at times during the day. If you don't have an extra battery for your device, not to worry. We have a great selection of batteries for all devices at ShopCrackBerry. You can even pick up an external charger so your spare is always at the ready! Keep reading for your chance to win!


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To enter to win a spare battery for your device*, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Valid on an in-stock accessory at ShopCrackBerry.com of value <$100.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a spare battery for your BlackBerry



Love my new 9850 but it does seem the battery doesn't last as long as my 9550 did. Could definitely make use of a spare battery!

Hey I need a battery bad! My phone just dies out the blue sometimes! So I hope I win that battery, help me out here :)

The reason why I need This Spare Battery for my Blackberry Bold 9900 is that I'm always online, with no power source. Unless I develop a Prototype Mark V Iron Man Suit and ask Jarvis to Charge my Phone ( yes, BB 9900 is NOTORIOUSLY Poor on Battery Life)

CB is the best, I would love to win a battery for my Torch 9800. Just read the article about RIM stock, just waiting to pull the trigger @ $7.00

I need the JM-1 1230mAh Standard Battery for my Blackberry Bold 9900 because my Bold can't seem to last a day. Abuser.

I definitely Need a 9930 Battery because im on the move so much that I never really have the time to charge my battery!!!

When out in the field this would be great so I would always be in contact with the Command Center if hours turn into a day!

Can y'all give a Texas girl an extra battery? I use my phone 24/7 and get frustrated when I can't use my battery for more than a day like the BB Curve. I have one charger, but just don't feel like bringing it with me! chamone! Show H-town some love! ^^

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I would love a battery for my 9900! I overuse it all the time and I have to stop it from dying!
A new battery would be great

As the PR Head of my organization, I'm always on-the-go! And an extra battery for my Bold 9780 from you would really be great!

I would love to win the BlackBerry D-X1 Standard Battery for my Storm 1. I cant access my phone data because my battery destroyed :( so thank u crackberry for all the opportunity to win. Good luck everyone!

Would LOVE a spare for my Torch 9800! I wouldn't have to be so paranoid about charging it right before travelling!

JM-1 battery for my 9900 please :)? my current one seems to be faulty it dies in 6 hrs and i want to win another!

i need extra battery when I'm out of office or home.. my bold 9900 is drinking way too fast.. :D

I'd be just awesome to get a spare battery for my 9900. Then I could spend even more time browsing CrackBerry.com on my phone!

I would love to win a JM-1 battery for my 9900. Sometimes my battery dies at the worst moments ! Thank you CB for this wonderful contest! :)

I would love a spare battery for my Torch 9850. No more worries if I am out cycling in the Colorado mountains (with Endomondo on) and my primary battery goes dead! Thanks for the contest!

I hope you will pick me as I need a new battery. Seriously though, thanks for serving the BB community!

As a heavy user of battery draining applications an extra battery would be the ideal companion to keep me in contact with my patients and staff.
Thanks Crackberry!

I definitely need an extra battery! My 9900 needs to be charged even during the day when it's under heavy use :/

I'd like one! The battery life on my 9900 is STILL bad,even after the update ): a bit better, but when it overheats without me noticing, it's gone in a few hours! Would LOVE a new battery :D

Would love a spare battery. I love my bold 9900 but the battery doesn't last long at all only 6-8 hrs at most :(