Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a set of Qmadix iharmonix Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jun 2012 03:31 pm EDT

Contest: Win set of Qmadix iharmonix Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers! Keep reading for details.

Summer is just about here, and plenty of you will be setting off on vacation to the beach or maybe even just the backyard. You'll want to be sure you take the party with you wherever you go, and for that the Qmadix iharmonix Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers are perfect. This portable speakers are available in both white and black and easily connect to your BlackBerry smartphone using Bluetooth. The rechargable battery gives you up to 5 hours of use so you can rock out without worry. Keep reading to see all that's new at ShopCrackBerry this week and find out how you can win a pair of these awesome speakers!


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To enter to win a set of Qmadix iharmonix Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a set of Qmadix iharmonix Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers



BlueTooth Audio is perfect for everything. If I had it in the car and the backyard with these, that would be perfect!

all i do is win, win, win no matter what. i got money on my mind, i can never get enough. when i step up in this building, everybody's hands go up!

**Would be perfect for summer time BBQ's & also for practicing my scratching on the Pacemaker App!!**

Awesome! I live by bluetooth...it is how I listen to my music in my truck while driving. I use bluetooth headphones at work. These speakers would be great at home and everywhere else!

I wonder if I'd be able to use these with other devices like an iphone?

Before you crucify me for that comment, I would like to point out that I have a Playbook and a Bold 9700 as well, so put away those pitchforks.. :)

If I keep saying 'you can do it' to myself, one of these days I'll win something on Crackberry....

My kids listen to all the new "music" if you can call it that would to use use these to show them good music

I was JUST thinking about a way to rock out my playbook poolside with some bluetooth speakers...man oh man these are PERFECT!

I would love to finally win one contest from crackberry. Its been forever since Ive seend anything come my way and this would be great

May the gods of Crackberry place sunshine upon my humble being with radiant heavenly music heard on Qmadix Iharmony Q-i-Sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers!!!!

Need these to complement my new bb 10 device. (the second it's available! ) OMG I can't believe we have to wait. Hopefully I won't have to wait long for these speakers :)

Absolute necessity when rolling with my friends, Blackberry phone speakers are cool but I would love a pair of these....

I want some.

Anime, because it's truely awesome. 150+ series, movies and ovas watched... And growing.

Like Anime? Like Forum Anime Roleplaying? Escellsia.com/forum

These stereo bluetooth speakers would be perfect for my PlayBook!!! Thanks for the chance to win them - Crackberry RULEZ!!!!

These Stereo Bluetooth Speakers is amazing.. I Hope and prayer I would be lucky enough to own one....

These would be amazing for my desk.. Been needing a set of quality speakers for awhile...

Once I realized how winning these speakers would incredibly and utterly change my life (media player #1 most used app for me, cuz life needs a soundtrack), I decided to post this comment.

-uses BlackBerry cuz he needs to get s*** done.
-proud owner of a new 9900 (omfgwicked)