Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a pair of MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones!

MotoROKR S305
By Michelle Haag on 15 Jun 2011 01:04 pm EDT

Contest: Listen to music and take calls effortlessly with Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones! Leave a comment to win!

I never used to pay much attention to what kind of headphones I used. Whatever I happened to have with me was good enough, and I never spent a lot of money on them, knowing that they would probably get lost or broken before long anyway. I never really enjoyed using earbuds, as most don't fit my ears well, and I hate being so restricted in movement due to being attached to my device. It's pretty well known that I'm also not the most coordinated person, and trying to keep from yanking the buds out of my ears or pulling my BlackBerry off the desk was never easy.  

I really didn't know what I was missing all that time, until I tried out a pair of MOTOROKR S305 Wireless Stereo Headphones. These headphones were only my second venture into the realm of bluetooth, the first having been a brief encounter with the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone, so I was excited. Reading through the instruction booklet, I quickly got the headphones paired to my BlackBerry and within a few minutes I was rocking, literally! The music sounded great, and I felt so free! No more cords to get tangled in, and my BlackBerry could feel safe with no fears of me pulling it off the desk at any random moment. The MOTOROKRs are comfortable to wear, and I often forget I have them on. If you'd like to see how they stack up against some other popular headsets (the Plantronics BackBeat 903, the LG HBS-250, and the MOTOROKR S7-HD) you can check out Joseph's head-to-head review. You can pick up the MOTOROKR S305 headphones and check out the rest of the selection at ShopCrackBerry.com!

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To enter to win a pair of Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a pair of MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones!



Amazing, I'm still using the standard whatever brand earbuds for reasons stated in the post. I could use a pair of these bad boys to beef up my enjoyability with music on my bold

My current bluetooth headphones cut out if I try to listen & walk, this would help me a ton with my workouts!

The looks of these headphones are great...moreover i just love the Motorola logo on it...would love to have them on my head :)

hey looks great, I need one of these in order to listen to my music without disturbing anyone in the house lol .. crackberry thanks for the opportunity .. I hope to get lucky .. good luck to all! Sorry again for my bad english Lol!

That headset sounds druel worthy!!! I want! Nothing more painful then your 16mo old daughter RIPPING your earplugs out with it's cord. This would definitely solve that issue.

Yes pleeeze! I am seriously in the market for some decent headphones. Love to win these badboys!

cool finally, i actually have been wondering this couple days browsing and all searching for a good bluetooh headphones for my blackberry..

if i have this one it'll be settle all of my confusion..

I would love these since I drive an hour to work each way and stay in hotels once or twice a week for work! These would be awesome to have!thanks CB team!

I just bought a used 9780 after my 9700 died on me only to find out the loud speaker on the 9780 was blown. winning these would be great timing as I have no money left to buy a good set of headphones or have the loud speaker replaced! *fingers crossed*

i hate the headset that comes with my bb. the rubber isnt well glued and now i lost it and cant put it in my ear. pft.

I am the 634 person to leave a comment. The features are really cool. I have a plantronics head phone, which I don't use much. May be I would use this regularly if I win :) Lots of hope...

These headphones replace the (now discontinued) S7-HD headset. As such, they excel decisively with respect to comfort, sound quality, range, and battery life. This is true even when pitted against headsets costing up to twice as much!

It confounds me that Motorola chose not to make these more available in the U.S, markets. Apparently, they deemed it more profitable to promote the inferior S10 series. Hopefully promotions like this will increase demand enough to make the execs at Moto wake up and take notice!

Kudos CrackBerry.com!

I want them, I always rock music when going outside to the university, so this definetly will come very handy.

I just broke the wired headphones that came with my BB, so this would be a wonderful contest to win. Thanks Crackberry!

I've been wishing for the opportunity to rock out with a pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones... I really do hope I win this time! :)

I love the idea of listening to music on my BB. I've got tons. And those little tiny earbuds really don't hack it. This product sounds like music to my ears...

This looks fantastic! Motorola has always made decent audio equipment. I used to go for runs with the S9, served me well :)

I also have been one of those "use whatever came in the box" people and I would love the opportunity to upgrade at your expence;-)