Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an iGrip PerfektFit Traveler

By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2012 01:35 pm EDT

Contest: Win an iGrip PerfektFit Traveler for your device! Keep reading for details.

iGrip PerfektFit Traveler

Hitting the road with your BlackBerry? You'll certainly want to keep it safe and sound while you're driving (or even riding). For that we have the iGrip PerfektFit Traveler. This simple dock mounts to your car windshield or dash and holds on tight to your BlackBerry. If you use GPS or play media from your device, it will always be within arms reach when you need it (just don't use it while driving - duh). To see all the awesome iGrip PerktFit docks and other car kits, head to ShopCrackBerry.com. Keep reading for you chance to win one!


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To enter to win an iGrip PerfektFit Traveler for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an iGrip PerfektFit Traveler



Received my order from Crackberry on the weekend and wish I knew about this before I placed the order. Would love one!

I would love to win this one! Since coming back to BlackBerry I am sans the iGrip. I love BlackBerry Traffic and this would be a prefect compliment.

Yes, please! I need this very badly for my 9930. My current mount is starting to fuse with the battery door. :-)

I have recently learned that BBTraffic doesn't keep your screen on if your battery is low. But I have no way to plug it in AND have it sit in my cupholder.

These would be a brilliant way to have my BBTraffic GPS!

I'm picking up a 9900 on Sat from Best Buy. This would be the perfect accessory to go with it.

I keep my BB in the cup holder or in my pocket while driving. Dedicated holder would be nice to have. Would not mind to win one!

I take my BlackBerry Bold every where I go. I'm sure my Bold would enjoy riding in a nice comfy traveler carrier 8)

This would be handy in the car so I don’t have to look down to where my phone is and see who’s calling. I hope it stays on the windshield unlike my GPS mount!

Would be an awesome accessory for traveling instead of holding my phone trying to listen to the gps lol

I would like one.

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A PerfektFit Traveller would be Perfekt for my 9860 to keep it snug when I check how much traffic on I95 in CT will delay my trip home each evening.

Someone I know is going on a business trip soon, and they'll be driving. I could stand to give them a nice gift for their 9900. Please pick me, since I haven't won in a while (months...)!

Wow this would be the perfect thing for me! My commute to work takes a hour one way and I use my BlackBerry for GPS and Media.

Good luck to everyone!

This is would be a great addition to our cars since both my wife and I have Blackberrys. I've been looking for something just like this!

Wow, this would make life easier! I am always using GPS on my BB to get around for work. I have has certain schmucks tell me that the BB GPS doesn't work as well as on their precious iPhone. PHOOEY! I say! They obviously have never used a Blackberry.

Please enter me in the contest!

This would be a nice addition to my BB in the car for navigation and music! Hoping for a win!

This would go great with the car chargers I just ordered today. Took Crackberry a total of 21 minutes between sending the confirmation of my order to confirming my order had been shipped.

Now I just hope they don't post a discount code tomorrow like they did when I ordered by Otterbox (my own fault for ordering the night before a long weekend)

literally JUST got my car today! this would be awesome as i constantly use my BB for navigation and i always end up placing it on the dashboard over my rev meter lol

Yes! My Bold baby needs a nice seat next to mommy so I can keep my eyes on her. I would love to have one!

I once won a little token.
Was happy it wasn't a Nook,
It happened to be a Playbook.
I soon bought a Bold,
And now I'm sold
On all thing Reaserch in Motion.

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This is a comment.

Oooooh, yeah.

I would love to be able to mount my playbook in my car while bridging to my blackberry. It would be awesome.

zomg yes! been waiting for this! needing a new carmount for my 9900 ever since i sold the torch (and mount)! I AM EXCITE! haha

Okay this you can give me. I need this since I travel all of time for work. So go ahead and take care of me.

Looks like a great combo for holder & charger for my 9930!
I would be glad to get back on the functionality after using it, should that be of interest.

Now that I'm a road warrior again & all my Krusell stuff is useless for BlackBerry devices now, I can definitely use this! Crossing my fingers...

Blackberry User 'till the wheels come off, or I run outta road......I will put this to immediate and constant use
confidence is high...................

The nice thing about BB maps & traffic is that the locations are all updated regularly. With this baby, I can mount my BlackBerry in style (& keep my eyes on the road).

I have been looking all over for a car kit that would hold my 9900 and have a solid glove type fit. This is what I want. Pick me!


No you didn't.


No....you didn't.

How do you know I didn't?

....because the contest isn't over yet, Dip.


Ihad one for my 9700 and it work awesome. I recently was blessed with a new 9900 and it just doesn't fit. I could use a new one !


So desperate to have this...it will help me so much with the 1000s of miles I log road tripping for work and play!

This would be perfect for my jeep and traffic though now that magellan has turn by turn, I may r quest one for the PB!

This would be perfect for my jeep and traffic though now that magellan has turn by turn, I may r quest one for the PB!

We're going on a trip soon and this would come in really handy to use my 9900 with BB Traffic and Slacker Radio.

I would love to win one of these. I would be able dock my 9900, and change online radio stations with TuneIn easier.

Not to mention the organization of wires!

Ahhhh..Since I am in my car all the time for work, this gadget would be perfect for my Torch 9850! I HOPE I WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! :)

This is would be the perfect holder. Through work and play it will free up my cup holder for more coffee cups! YES!! +1

I just bought a brand new Bold 9900 flat out for $544.65 unlocked from AT&T i would like the iGrip for the bold 9900 DUH!!