Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case!

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jan 2013 01:44 pm EST

Keep reading for your chance to win a BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case!

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard 

Packing up to head to Toronto I tossed my BlackBerry Mini Keyboard in my bag and then it made me think about just how happy I am to have it to take along. Often times I don't want to pull out my Mac on the road to do some quick work, so firing up my PlayBook and using the mini keyboard is a great solution. It's easy enough to pack since it has such a small footprint but it lets me crank out email or do some writing without the need of a larger computer. 

If you're on the go and want a better solution for your mobile office - this is what you need. It connects to your PlayBook via Bluetooth and all fits in a sturdy convertible case. The keyboard lasts forever on a charge (not really forever, but a long time) so you don't have to worry about feeding it power all the time. Easy setup, easy carrying -- no brainer. I highly recommend picking it up if you haven't already. Keep reading for your chance to win one! 


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To enter to win a BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case!




I'm in need for a blackberry mini keyboard!!!!!!! Please choose me! Let this be my first awesome prize from Crackberry!

#CrackberryRocks ! :)

Nice addition to the Playbook family which would be appreciated ...Good Luck everyone and have a great weekend...

This is on of my favorite accessories and the trackpad is awesome. Anyone know if its going to be compatible with the BB10 Phones?

Let's see, I ordered the case and mini keyboard last week. Was so happy to get it on Monday and now I'm waiting for results of an investigation to locate what happened to my ordered. So help me turn my luck around.

A keyboard would allow me to be much more productive with my PlayBook. The touch screen is ok, but definitely not as fast as a keyboard would be. Please CrackBerry...help me succeed!

I agree with the rest of the hopefuls here, owning one of these keyboards could make a huge difference in the usefulness of my playbook. The on screen keyboards just isn't very great for document typing. My friends raze me I should have just bought a small laptop or netbook and I've secretly wondered if they were right. The playbook has a lot of good ideas going for it but it would be great to be able to show friends and strangers alike how this keyboard works. Living in a rural area I'm used to hauling tons of electronics everywhere and someday I hope to be able to afford one of these keyboards to make my life a bit easier and have one more example to show why blackberry products are perfect for rural living.
Keep up the great work Adam and the crackberry team and thanks for all you've done.

I would love a keyboard case - I love my current convertible case, but a mini keyboard would so improve productivity with my P'book! Cheers!

This would be great! I use my playbook for school work, and right now I have to type up everything on the onscreen keyboard. I would love the keyboard case to keep my playbook in.

I have had my playbook since the day it came out. The keyboard case and bb10 coming to the playbook will be a perfect birthday gift for me :D THANKS IN ADVANCE CRACKBERRY

The Playbook was definitely designed for accessories like this. Its so much more of a "worker's" device than the "games-galore" androids or "gimmicks-galore" ipads. Adding a keyboard/trackpad takes it into full-blown pc territory.

Unfortunately my 64GB PB is away having the screen replaced ("hot" pixel) when I could really be doing with it on my forthcoming trip to Barcelona. But I really gotta get me one of these.

This contest was posted on my birthday and would love to get this keyboard as a birthday gift =)

Posted from my BlackBerry PlayBook

Dear Crackberry, please make this a prize for me. My convertible case is falling apart and I would love to replace it with a keyboard case. Thanks

I would love to have this and show my friends and students here in China. This would be a great addition to my Playbook 16GB

Since I commute 2hrs to Toronto, I'll just swing down and meet the CB team at their HQ to pick up my prize!

Was stupid enough not to get one when they were about $60 at Staples a few weeks ago... Hope I win one instead!

Blackberry playbook can only be on the Next Level with the Bluetooth Mini Keyboard.. Awaiting the launch of all the new Blackberry Phones and OS... (No Regrets, Just Results) Next Level #teamblackberry

Hello from Italy to everybody.
I'm new in the BB world and I'm absolutely happy of the good quality of my PlayBook. It would be nice to improve its performance with the case and the keyboard. :)

I bought three Playbooks for three of my kids for Christmas, and I had to end up getting one myself. I have my eyes set on a keyboard now (with the finger pad) because carrying around the playbook/keyboard/case will be much more convenient than toting the laptop around. Sure will be glad to win one.

Hey everyone. I have a newly purchased Blackberry PlayBook mini keyboard convertible case for sale. I bought is for my PlayBook to complete my accessories. Well, someone stole my PlayBook and standard convertible case and chargers while on a trip recently so I don't need it anymore. I had a heck of a time finding it. I finally bought it from a gentleman in Canada. I know these are hard to find so I knew this would be a great place to find people who really want it and aren't just looking to resell. Let me know if you're interested. I live in Kansas so no expensive shipping costs involved. My name is Bob. Thanks!