Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a spare battery for your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jul 2012 01:58 pm EDT

Contest: Enter to win a spare battery for your BlackBerry! Keep reading for details.

Spare Battery

Having a spare battery when you're on the go can be a wonderful thing. Unlike some of those "other" devices, BlackBerry gives you the ability to swap out batteries as you need to. I always carry at least one spare when I'm out of the house, that way I know I'll always be juiced up should I need it. It makes for less stress and helps keep me productive all day long.  

We have a great selection of batteries for all devices at ShopCrackBerry. You can even pick up an external charger so your spare is always at the ready! Keep reading and you can enter to win a spare battery for your device.


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To enter to win a spare battery for your device*, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Valid on an in-stock accessory at ShopCrackBerry.com of value <$100.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a spare battery for your BlackBerry



Sounds excellent. I'm getting a tad tired of my usb AA batt charger for my BB, and I'd love to have a spare batt to replace it with :-)

Love a spare battery for my poor overused Blackberry. Any chance of a new battery for my bicycle light - just came to cycle home and found the darn thing was dead? No? Ok, a Blackberry battery will more than suffice!

I had one of those "gold" batteries as an extra on my 9900 but when I upgraded to 7.1 it stopped working :(

A free one would be awesome

I really need a battery as my battery is no longer holding its charge. So no blackberry until a new battery

Wow!!! Finally I can keep the link between my PlayBook and my 9810 going!!! Thanks in advance CrackBerry!!!!

Awesome, that extended bold 9900 battery looks like it doubles the thickness of the device. Would I still buy one... probably

I've had a long following to the BlackBerry devices and most importantly to the CrackBerry Nation, every time a new product comes along is like "Faith Renewed" all over again, and these items truly deliver a pristine experience to the user, especially one like me because I travel all over the State of Florida, sometime missing charging the phone, it would be a great addition to my productivity tools. Thanks CrackBerry for reading this! Long Live BB!

my 9810 used to last easily all day, even with the bluetooth connection to my playbook running the entire time. Lately, though, it seems that leaving the bridge running has been draining battery faster than usual, and the battery itself just isn't lasting as long as it used to. So I could use a spare battery now :P.

I would love a JM-1 battery for my Bold 9900. The battery never seem to last long enough! Thank you Crackberry for these wonderful events. Best fansite ever !

I use my BlackBerry Torch 9810 all the time. Having a second battery would relieve the fear of being out in the middle of nowhere and not having a means of communcation. I can't be without my BlackBerry.

I never really thought about a 2nd battery until my travels started to include long-haul and access to a external power source became limited.. I'd love one! >__<

It's always nice to have that secure feeling that you get knowing that you have that spare JM-1 battery for my 9930.... Yes sir, I'll have another Thank You!