Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC card!

By Adam Zeis on 4 Oct 2012 12:03 pm EDT

You could win a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSD card for your device! Keep reading for details.

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data, photos and videos with us everywhere. While most BlackBerry devices now come with an SD card, for most of us that typical 2GB card is just is not enough. The SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC will take care of that problem however.

This microSD card is a great solution for your media needs. It can store more than you could ever want (unless you have crazy needs) and is twice as fast as standard cards. It's also shock proof, water proof and temperature proof. What more could you want? You can grab it now at ShopCrackBerry.com, or keep reading for your chance to win one!


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To enter to win a SanDisk 64GM Ultra Mobile microSDXC for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC card!



aaayyy these kind of Sandisk cards didn't work properly on my BB9900, but it worked well on the BB9700?!

Best thing i've heard all day!! I could ALWAYS use a SD card!! and 64 GB? i could finally carry all my music at once!!!

As an emerging Berry Addict this would be the perfect companion to my torch, music and clips and important files with me wherever I go! I deserve this.

Hey CrackBerry,
Please pick me, as this would be a huge benefit to me. Will also help in the Dev for BB10 so I can see what a 64 GB card reads (if it reads LOL). PICK ME!!!!


Thank you in Advance!

I just bought the 32 fjawn from CB for my 9930, I'd love to win this so it will be ready for my BB10 (I'm sure it will work!

I'm blackberries second biggest fan, right under kevin of course :D

I'd really love this sd card so if you all at cb could find it in your hearts to let me win I would be one of the happiest guys in the world

Thanks all!!

How could there be a contest and free stuff and me not enter. Doesn't add up. But 64 gig will add up especially when i put it in my BB 10 device that i will no doubt win in a contest from crackberry.com :)

OMG, yes please...that would be fabulous!!!! A SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC for my precious BlackBerry. I haven't even won it yet and already I'm excited - just for the possibility.

Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus Day. Thanks Crackberry and SanDisk - another great contest!

I want one! I wish the new BB10 phones were compatible with the 64gb microSD cards! I have a 64gb playbook and always have it full!

Wow, just wow! Add this card to my phone and bridge to my PlayBook and rock on. Oh please let it be me who wins this time.

I appreciate that crackberry givess its members the opportunity to win devices and accessories from the crackberry store and from the company. keep up the good work guys!

I've had my eye on this for a while but can't afford it right now. Would make a great Birthday present Sunday from Crackberry

Man I've entered in most giveaways just to see if I could win. But this one I really want to win. come on guys and pick me please....

Can't win if you don't play. ;-)

Best of luck everyone...

Bring on 2013 already....BB10!!! WooHoo!!! =) =) =)

Thank you CrackBerry.com =)

A 64GB micro SD might should finally allow my wife to keep her entire music library on her Curve (and make waiting for BB10 just a bit easier)! Thanks for the chance!!

So...would this actually work on my 9850?
Irregardless, this would be awesome for my future BB10
Thanks Crackberry :)

I sure would love to have a new SD card. The one I have is 32 GB class 2, so this one would be a big improvement.

64 gb. What to do. Let's see. 5 gb mp3s, 10 gb videos, 5 gb audio books, 5 gb for applications. 5 gb extra storage.
And, I'll think of what to do with the remaining 34 gb after I get one.

I wanted to by a 64GB but my wallet only let me get a 16. Stupid wallet. Well, smart wallet. But still, stupid wallet...

Seriously though, great giveaway.

I'm going to be honest. If I win this its going into my digital camera :)
BUT my Bold will inherit its 32Gigger

Sign me up. Btw didn't the advertise the 9900 to only support 32gb micro sd? But I still. Wanna win none the less.

I bought Patriot 32GB one, and I need a new one fit my new BB 10 device. Pick me up~~it will install in my new BB 10!

Scan Disk makes really good quality products. I had a 32 gb but two days ago it cracked and I lost lots of data. Hope I can win this that would make my day.

Wish there was a slot for this for the PlayBook... but barring that, it's not too hard to drop this into a phone and share with the PlayBook.