Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC card!

By Adam Zeis on 4 Oct 2012 12:03 pm EDT

You could win a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSD card for your device! Keep reading for details.

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data, photos and videos with us everywhere. While most BlackBerry devices now come with an SD card, for most of us that typical 2GB card is just is not enough. The SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC will take care of that problem however.

This microSD card is a great solution for your media needs. It can store more than you could ever want (unless you have crazy needs) and is twice as fast as standard cards. It's also shock proof, water proof and temperature proof. What more could you want? You can grab it now at ShopCrackBerry.com, or keep reading for your chance to win one!


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To enter to win a SanDisk 64GM Ultra Mobile microSDXC for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC card!



I'd love one. Funny thing is, there will not be BB device available for at least 3 months that can actually utilize this - LOL.

2 Terabyte, really? Wow, now that would be something.

In the meantime I'll take a free 64GB if you want to pick me. Pretty please!

Fighting not to do it yet but know I'll give in tonight or tomorrow lol. It's like being on a diet trying to lose 10 pounds and the food is calling you. Just wanna make sure all is cool as I cant afford to get burned like I did with .668. At least this time I have my whole Playbook backed up. Did you hear anything bad? How did it go for you?
Tablets are incredible

PS. 2TB no joke. I heard its using nano technology, cellular sized circuits which is how its physically possible to get 2gb on a micro SD. Pretty Star Trekish and unreal when you think about it.
Tablets are incredible

Would luv it...

Has anyone used one of these while we're talking memory...?

Patriot Memory Gauntlet Node Wireless Hard-drive Enclosure, looks like it could be a great solution...

That's exactly what I need. I'm still using the 1GB sd card that came with my Vodafone BB Bold 9900.

No need to say I always have to plug it to my computer to transfer the pics and free the memory up :)

a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC would go great with my new, sometime in the future, can't wait BB10 phone....


uhhhhhh oooooo what id do with the extra space lol would go in my current 9900 and than my BlackBerry 10 device please o please hope i win

* BlackBerry by choice *
Awesome keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Local storage is better than the cloud everyday of the week!

I wanted to order one, but was hesitiant because I wasnt sure that this would work in my 9900. but sounds like it will, and I wouldn't mind taking a chance witha free one. Got nothing to lose, so sure.....send it my way. feel free to ask for my email to send you she mailing info.

Good luck all...and happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!

I soooooooooooooo want this!

BB10 + SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC card = A match made in heaven

Pick me :)

I have been using the 2gb card I got with my phone for over a year now and I could really use one of these!

Wow!!! 64 gig, now that would be perfect for me, I'm still stuck with only a 16 gig, gets full fast.

I could put my whole photo collection on my phone with this. Our put it in the adapter, use it in my dslr, and view it on my phone! So cool!

Yea my 16GB in my 9810 is getting a little full have thought about updating to a 32 for a while now but a FREE 64GB would be even better!!!! Thanks CB!!!

I think my torch would have a fit, but would love to have so much space in my trooper of a phone.
Thanks Crackbery!

I'm ready for more memory.
64 GB SD card could hold more pictures and more music and more of everything!!
Keeping my fingers crossed.
Thank you CB!

The maximum microSD size a BlackBerry device supports is 32GB. The 64GB microSDs DO NOT work in any of the current BlackBerry device. Let's hope BB10 will support 64GB.

I have a Massive amount of DATA ( 5,XXX Photos, 10,XXX Music, and few videos ) I REALLY! REALLY!! NEED THIS SD CARD..

Count me in! This plus my future A Series BB10 device and I'd be unstoppable, rah ha ha ha! Until then, though, this nifty lil card would be kept safe and sound in my SGS3.

64GB would give me enough space for a couple of good quality movies for trancontinental flights!

Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. Love these 64gb card! It's just amazing how far technology has come from 4.1" floppy disk.

64GB!! That will last a lifetime! I use my 9930 for everything! I would LOVE to have that much storage space!

These are great - except they won't work. I've just bought this exact same card, and it's not recognised in my Bold 9900. It's been formatted to FAT32 and everything - but as far as I'm aware, there isn't a Blackberry phone currently made with will work with microSDXC cards.
Back to 32GB microSDHC instead.

wow.. this thing will hold more information that i can possibly consume

love it

best of luck everyone

One of the geratest inventions of all time lol taht is way over looked. So tiny yet holds so much. Count me in.

64gb, water-proof, shock proof? That's the sh!t... Since I don't see ever buying one for myself, this is a great contest!

that would be pefect for when i get my bb10 device i can store all my movies that i'll be watching on it wow....

dear crackberry, you have always been kind to me & i have been a loyal member :)
it would be the greatest birthday gift everrrr if i got one of these.

sincerely, stitch69


Yes enter me in this contest so I can receive this 64GB monster of an SD card. I have a special place for it, right in the SD slot of my new N-series BB10 smartphone once maze available. Let's reclaim this redundant market in 2013 RIM, the doors are wide open!!!!