Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win an IDAPT i4 Charger

By Adam Zeis on 30 Aug 2012 12:08 pm EDT

Keep reading for your chance to win an IDAPT i4 Charger for all your devices!

IDAPT i4 Charger

Charging all of your devices can be a real pain some times. Even if all of your toys use the same type of charger, finding the time to charge them all without having a mess of wires is a chore. Thankfully the IDAPT i4 Charger aims to fix your charing woes. The i4 lets you charge up to 4 devices at once thanks to the interchangable tips. It supports up over 4,500 devices so you can use it to charge your BlackBerry phoneBlackBerry PlayBook, digital camera, MP3 player, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS and more. You can pick it up now at ShopCrackBerry.com or keep reading for your chance to win one.


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To enter to win an IDAPT i4 Charger, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win an IDAPT i4 Charger



I begged for someone to create such a device right after the PlayBook came out. Finally, Awesome!

Not being greedy but this would be awesome for charging my 4G playbook I won along with my bold. Good luck everyone.

very cool, I can start my day without the usual snide comments that I us the entire night stand with wires hooked to 4 different items. this looks neat enough so that I'll get oohs and aahs instead.
I wish I would had design this myself.

A thing of beauty, one that I would love to win.
Fingers crossed!

PB + Torch, holding on for the big 1 0!

OMG! i have soooo many devices , not mentioning the bold 9900 and playbook ! I would looooooooove to win one of these, please !!!!! Thank you Crackberry for this wonderful contest :)

This definitely would be awesome.. Blackberry 9900, ipod, and maybe my PS Vita... All in one charging!!

This device seems awesome. I agree, it is a mess having to charge all my devices at once dealing with wires or plugging he least charged one first with the PlayBook charger and taking turns because that one takes less time to charge items.

Holy charge all ours devices at once Batman!!! We can charge our Bat Bold 9900, Bat PlayBook and every other Bat device we can find. I wonder if we can plug the Batmoblie into this thing Batman?

I could definitely use a charging device like this for charging both my blackberry phones the 9700 and 9800 and also my playbook. Dont currently have a charging pod for my playbook and this one would definitely do the job for all my devices at the same time. Even possibly in conjuction with my gateway. Please put me in for a chance to win if i dont im sure ill make this as a good purchase sometime in the near future, thank you.

I bought this a few months ago from an Ebay seller from UK. It's available only in black from online store in Canada via Walmart, Future shop and Home hardware. Otherwise you can get some really funky color from the UK sellers and the company directly. There are a few things to consider should you decide to purchase one directly from UK. You either need to get an adapter for the UK plug, which is quite a challenge to find or in my case change to local plug to fit the wall socket. This charger comes with 6 different adapter and an outlet for usb. Here lies the issue for those who own two or more devices that require the same adapters. You will have to purchase separately from the company for the second or third adapter. I had ask the seller if my Bold 9900 will fit one of the adapter that comes with the charger, he told me yes and he was wrong. The specific adapter will only fit my Playbook and Kobo e reader. Unfortunately, the extended usb charger is defective on my unit. Another thing to consider is your devices need to be naked to fit into the adapters. My Bold 9900 and Playbook have ballistic jackets on them. So it's a pain to get them off to charge them everyday. Just my two cents.
Correction: the extra usb pod does not charge my Playbook nor my bb bold 9900, only my ipod touch will charge. I use all original usb cable for each device.

Sweet!!! Would love to win this!!!
Torch 9810, PlayBook, iPod and no crazy amount of cords... Ahh... So nice!!!

This would be really cool and probably a necessity!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry, ShopCrackBerry.com and Adam for the review!

Nice! This can save some space and time with gadget freaks like me! Here's hoping for a win and good luck everyone!

It would be awesome not the having to keep multiple cords plugged in all the time...count me in for the win...

genius borders insanity...welcome to the line in between...

I NEED this.
we have a blackberry, a samsung, an htc, a playbook, an ipad, an 3 ipods and NEVER enough chargers.

Very cool, looks like a command centre on the Space Shuttle. Looks like you could even charge a 8860 with the Otterbox Defender still on it! Definitely count me in.

I have a BB, PlayBook, Holster, and BT headphones that would love to share this dock, instead of the wires nest that I have now! Thanks CB!!

This would make my life much simpler, I'd love one. I'd buy one immediately if it was available in Canada.....winning one would work :-)

Would love to clean up all those wires for charging so many devices..... Count me in and thanks CB

Another contest, another comment, another hope to win, and another thanks to CB for the opportunity :)