Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win an IDAPT i4 Charger

By Adam Zeis on 30 Aug 2012 12:08 pm EDT

Keep reading for your chance to win an IDAPT i4 Charger for all your devices!

IDAPT i4 Charger

Charging all of your devices can be a real pain some times. Even if all of your toys use the same type of charger, finding the time to charge them all without having a mess of wires is a chore. Thankfully the IDAPT i4 Charger aims to fix your charing woes. The i4 lets you charge up to 4 devices at once thanks to the interchangable tips. It supports up over 4,500 devices so you can use it to charge your BlackBerry phoneBlackBerry PlayBook, digital camera, MP3 player, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS and more. You can pick it up now at ShopCrackBerry.com or keep reading for your chance to win one.


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To enter to win an IDAPT i4 Charger, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win an IDAPT i4 Charger



Very cool. But seriously someone, somewhere is gonna create a nuclear powered battery in the near future with a lifespan of months, and such charging stations wont be nessasary.

This new battery is gonna be right up there with the 1TB Micro SD card to which there is now a working prototype. The future is gonna be a fun place!!
Playbook, the one and only

That is very cool and exactly what I need. Please let me win so I don't have to buy it.

edit: not available in the Canadian shop CrackBerry store? whats going on there?

i could really use this. no more kids fighting over a single ipod charging cord.....please let this be my first win.

This is a neat product! My wife and I could definitely put it to good use since we have a few different devices that have different chargers!

It's sturdy enough for PlayBook stand up charging. I wish it would come with a 6' instead of a 3' cord. Use your judgements incase it might topple over the table.

my smartphone loving family will thank you .. this would help reduce the clutter on our kitchen table

Apparently, the device isn't available in Canada yet, so I guess I have to enter a chance to win it...LoL

Looks like a bad knock on the table underneath the idapt would break off where the male USB port sticks up; probably breaking the female USB port on your device(s) in the process.

Looks awesome, especially since I have an S3, an iPhone and a Torch 9810! So it was designed for me. :)

I'm in. As a developer i have:
- BB 10 Alpha
- Playbook
- My Bold 9900
- My Wife's 9900
- Nokia Lumia 800
- BB 10 (coming soon )

I could sure use this :)

Yes at last, one point to charge them all, we have 3 blackberry phones and a playbook plus assorted music players. there are chargers plugged in all over the house. this would be great.

ok this would clear up the clutter of wires and who gets to have the phone beside the beside at night. me or the gf

With all the devices we have in our house (PlayBook, Dev Alpha, 9700, a couple of Android tablets and phones), it would definitely come in handy.

I wonder how well larger devices (like the Playbook) would do sitting on top. Don't know if the port would be sturdy enough to hold it, or if the side USB port has a strong enough output to charge the PlayBook. But I could easily see plugging in phones and bluetooth headsets on the top. :)

I require the skills of this here charging unit to better serve a mobile nation in need, and to ensure the righteousness of my technological endeavors. It is an open hand with which I present myself to you, kind people. It is with an unwavering belief in our ability to do better, to strive for excellence, and to overcome those who would wish harm upon our dreams.

I say to thee; grant me the means to make this world a better place. Bestow upon me the future.


Wouldn't mind picking that up to charge all of these phones that I have to carry due keeping work and personal lives separated.

I'd love this for travel and my countless devices!

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

Please CrackBerry help me get rid of all the charging cords, my power outlet and desk will love you for it, oh yeah me as well :)

I have to charge so many devices at the same time.Having this would be awesome.
Please pick me up :D

Oh yea...I could really use this for my PlayBooks (32GB, 64GB) my Torch 9860 and my wife's Bold 9900, and her HP TouchPad.

Count me in on this!

This is so cool, might actually save my life, wife has threatened to strangle me with one of the cords,please

This is so cool, might actually save my life, wife has threatened to strangle me with one of the cords,please

This charger looks amazing! I would love to win this and my roommates and I can just charge our phones all together!

WooHoo!!! I LOVE CrackBerry! Awesome articles and reviews, informational forums, great selection of products and most of all... T-O-N-S of FREE stuff!!

Count me in!

Great to win one. I could charge my 2 Blackberry's and 2 Playbooks all at the same time!

Now that is a great accessory to have. A platform to have all your devices charge at once. It's even better then the powermat.

I want one! For free if possible :)


Must have! I have so many devices lying on my floor when I go to sleep. This would be an optimal solution!

THIS IS INCREDIBLE....could use this to charge my bb phone and tablet and ipad. AWESOME!.. good luck to everyone.

Love the fact that you dont have to buy another one when you get a different type of device, hate having to buy a different cradel each time

YES!!!! This would be sooo helpful! I have my own business so I have several devices I have to keep charged!!!

Blackberry, Ipod Touch, Garmin handheld and my Bluetooth headphones all charging at the same time in one area? Can you say Nirvana!!!!!

That charging station looks awesome - i might buy one even if i don't win - i wonder if its smart enough to turn off when nothing is charging