Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a BlackBerry car kit

By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2012 12:36 pm EDT

Contest: Win a BlackBerry car kit or mount for your device! Keep reading for details.

iGrip Dash Mount

I'm gearing up for a wedding in the fall and planning out my 7 hour road trip. In an attempt to keep my kids occupied and not lose my sanity, I think having my BlackBerry PlayBook docked in the car will be my saving grace. Thanksfully there are plenty of options available should you need to outfit your ride as well. No matter if your device is your driving companion or will be keeping the kids occupied in the back seat -- ShopCrackBerry has you covered. We have plenty of BlackBerry car kits and mounts for all of your devices so you can have the coolest car on the road. Keep reading for your chance to win one!


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To enter to win a car kit for your BlackBerry*, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Valid on any in-stock item under $100. 

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a BlackBerry car kit



I have been wanting to get a mount for my PlayBook, but have not done so yet. I guess this would speed up the process.

This would be a great addition to my car. It would get my Bold 9900 off the passenger seat, then I could let passengers in.

i need one for gps navigation, but if my name comes up for a win id like an IOU for a blackberry 10 car mount. Crackberry rules

I would really like to own one of these bad boys, if I don't win I may just man up and purchase one.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

I work as an EMT and this would be very handy to have so I can see the gps when responding to calls...currently my BB has to be on the seat....not handy or safe..

I actually need this! Will be driving 3600km next month for a coop job in Calgary (I live in Kitchener). Would love love love this for my phone!

Would love a mount for my 9810. Getting a little dangerous keeping it on my lap while driving and looking at BBTraffic. A mount would certainly fix this issue for me :)

Nossa, eu gostaria muito de ganhar um suporte veicular para o meu Playbook, sou um grande fã da RIM e do seu blog Kevin, simplesmente amo meus Blackberrys e meu Playbook e estou pronto para qualquer "batalha"... Adoro os posts sobre o "RIMPIRE", os desenhos de revista em quadrinhos com os CEOs da RIM e a camisa "Blackberry por escolha".

Independente de ganhar ou não este suporte veicular para Playbook, quero deixar aqui meu comentário de que admiro muito o seu trabalho e estou tentando fazer um blog semelhante para Brasileiros que amam seus Blackberrys.

Um grande abraço a toda equipe Crackberry, vocês me trazem inspiração e orgulho de ser usuário Blackberry.

Bom, como sou Brasileiro com muito orgulho e não sei escrever e falar muito bem ingles, estou usando um tradutor da internet... espero que esteja traduzindo tudo direitinho... rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs.


Wow, I would love to win a car for my Playbook support, I'm a big fan of RIM and its blog Kevin, just love my Blackberrys and my Playbook and am ready for any "battle" ... I love the posts about the "RIMPIRE", the comic drawings with the CEOs of RIM and Blackberry by choice "shirt".

Regardless of winning or not this vehicular support for Playbook, I leave here my comment that I greatly admire your work and I'm trying to do a similar blog for Brazilians who love their Blackberrys.

A big hug to all the Crackberry team, you bring me inspiration and pride to be Blackberry user.

Well, as I am a proud Brazilian and don't know to write and speak very well English, I am using a translator from the internet ... I hope you're translating everything straight ... rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs.

As I've said many times before in these contests, a charger for my 9800 would be a godsend...charging my playbook too would be a bonus!

Driving to unfamiliar places, a car mount would be essential to have when I have BBMaps running. My current "setup" has my 9900 sitting in the cup holder while I'm driving - not the smartest thing to do while looking down at BBMaps every so often.

I could definitely use a car kit for my phone, as my company just got a really big account with multiple locations and I'm having to make use of BlackBerry Traffic a lot more.

I could definitely use this. As a professional driver in the downtown Phoenix area, this would help keep my phone readily available.

I definitely need something like this since I have no cupholders or storage spaces in my car to put my phone. This would help me out so much! Pick me please! Thanks!

I really need a car mount for my Bold 9900. I put my phone on my dashboard and everytime I make a turn it slides off the dashboard. Not good! Poor 9900. :( I hope I win. Then I'lll get my brother to buy one from CB. :D