Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a BlackBerry car kit

By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2012 12:36 pm EDT

Contest: Win a BlackBerry car kit or mount for your device! Keep reading for details.

iGrip Dash Mount

I'm gearing up for a wedding in the fall and planning out my 7 hour road trip. In an attempt to keep my kids occupied and not lose my sanity, I think having my BlackBerry PlayBook docked in the car will be my saving grace. Thanksfully there are plenty of options available should you need to outfit your ride as well. No matter if your device is your driving companion or will be keeping the kids occupied in the back seat -- ShopCrackBerry has you covered. We have plenty of BlackBerry car kits and mounts for all of your devices so you can have the coolest car on the road. Keep reading for your chance to win one!


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To enter to win a car kit for your BlackBerry*, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Valid on any in-stock item under $100. 

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a BlackBerry car kit



Oh yes please! My wife scares the poo out of me with her driving, then she has her bb in hand, and I'm looking for the nearest safe place to exit the car!!

I can totally use this. I make long drives to Florida from North Carolina, so having this would let me keep my eyes on the road.

I would love to have a car kit considering the cops in Victoria are BRUTAL! Legally you cant even have your phone sitting on you lap! Please pick me...

Without a doubt would help while giving my son some snacks or hot wheels to play with while still having directions and being able to call.

This would be nice to have for all those road trips. Thanks CB.

And good luck with the wedding and road trip!

Wow I have been thinking of getting one for a while know would love to win it instead, Thanks CrackBerry for another amazing contest.

I wouldn't have to search for my 9900 & could charge also. Please enter me for the iGrip PerfeckFit for the 9900. Thank you.

would be great to have it place my bb in a spot that i can actively use it to change my tunes rathre than a random pocket of the car

I drive daily and having to own 2nd hand BlackBerry Bold 9900 this week. I deserve this lol! Oh, wait you gearing up for wedding.. you must be photographer then coz I'm too. :D

I really needed one of these for Bold 9930 on my trip last weekend. Vowed to get one before my next trip, so please count me in the contest!

It is amazing that CB is always giving away something and keep the members motivated. I am waiting for my turn to win something for a long time and hope this is my turn.

Although I've MacGyvered (for those who remember that show) a in car holder for my 9860, I'll always be up for winning a contest.. ;)

Please pick me, and save me from a distracted driving ticket!!!

I defintely have been lucky thus far, but my time for getting nailed with a ticket is coming....far too many close calls!!!

Pick me....I never win anything

If I dont get the spam email that will crash my 9930 before this contest ends I would love to have one of these.

FYI... Still havent gotten that email yet.

a holder would be most welcome in my car, as my phone sits on my seat. a holder would make my car into a blackberry entertainment center! WOOT!!!

great contest. I like that any winner could get what will suit them.

I'd love to win a car kit. I used to have my phones mounted on a dock, but I now use the mount for my satellite radio. I would get another mount in another location, but the docks are either too expensive or interfere with the side buttons.

So bring on this contest. I'm ready to win!!!

Thanks CB

Those monthly 8-hour drives from Washington, DC to Cleveland, OH and back cry out for a car kit for my BB 9900. Need to stop picking up the phone to check it every 30 minutes or so.

A mount or car kit would be a welcome addition to my car. Something I really would like to get. I have a Curve 9310 and it is working so well for what I need it for.

As I just experienced my playbook falling off the windshield over and over again with a cheap holder (thanks otterbox for keeping it safe), I could definitely use this!

Indeed my ride could use this for sure.. Been looking at one so hopefully I get some cool stuff for my B-day

This would be a lot better than just leaving it in the center console where I can barely see it and it sometimes falls over. I'd love to win.

I could really use this. Itd be an awesome addition to all the cool things I've purchased from crackberry over the years. Awesome innovation.

This would be the greatest accessory to win. More than anything else while driving, you want hands free. If I win BB 9810 will be well within eyeshot instead of taking up cupholder space!

This would be a great addition to my 9930, tired of setting it in the cup-holder.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and ShopCrackBerry.com

I need one of these. Boyfriend just downloaded a turn-by-turn navigation app and its hard for him to use while I'm not in the car. Please? I will love you guys forever.

My BlackBerry would be a lot more comfortable on the road if it had something to sit in. I'm sure it's tired of being dropped between the seats and flopped around. My BlackBerry would greatly appreciate this gift :)

Would love one of these to use with my gps app, would work so much better than using the the gps app with the phone clumsily on my lap while driving :)

Seems like the only time I comment is for a chance to win something...oh well, I still need that iGrip mount for my 9930!

Sounds like the perfect thing to show off the BlackBerry and ue the navigation at the same time. Me and my car could really use one!

I would love to win this one. A car kit would be just what I need. Hope i'm one of the lucky winners!!!! Thanks for the contest!!

I think I should enter this (and hopefully win) before I get a ticket and points lost on my license!! :). Thanks for the chance everyone at Crackberry.com!!!