Weekend Humor: How Smartphone Users See Each Other

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2010 10:42 am EDT
How Smartphone users see each other

This one has been popping up around the net the past couple of days but I figured we'd save it for the weekend...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this comic strip from C-Section Comics is more like a 20,000 word thesis on the smartphone consumer market. It's funny, cuz well... it's mainly true :) 

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Weekend Humor: How Smartphone Users See Each Other


it really IS mainly true :D the iphone is kinda like a kidsphone
and Androids are for the geeky part of the smartphone culture;)

Almost dropped my Torch into the water when I was getting my pedicure!!! it's now my wallpaper and I Facebook picture!!!

Was quite funny, sent it to a few friends and am going to put it in my facebook gallery.

So how long until WP7 gets its addition to the photo since it launches on Monday.

I use an iPhone and I don't think I'm anymore different then any other smartphone users. It does what I need and that's all I care about.

Come on, just relax and appreciate the comic for what it is. Don't take it so seriously... even if it is pretty damn accurate. lol!

Wonder how this would add up if you used healthcare workers...? LOL as a student who is pursuing nursing, I would definitely stick to BlackBerry, although I see MANY nurses/doctors have iPhones...sad, very sad...

True indeed. One would think that by know RIM would be so tired of playing catch-up. I am well aware that Blackberry started out for business but the potential has always been there to be SO Much More!!! Grow-up RIM (not catch-up.) Everything they can do, you can do better. Just Listen.

wow this actually made me LOL and that doesn't happen very often from the Internet. This is SO true! love it.

If that isn't true, I don't know what is. The iPhone clan is a total cult, and Androiders think their so ahead of the times... but RIM is where it's at.

For the typical user, Iphone is trendy and easy to use, but you gotta drink the whole Jobs Kool Aid.
Android has less software limitations, and easier app development, but it doesn't provide a very good enterprise solution.
Blackberry is great for enterprise users, but the browser and the UI seem way outdated (Most of us don't have 6.0 yet).

A recent iPhone convert here...and I kina agree, the iPhone is sort of seen as trendy. But so far its holding up well and then some compared to what my previous phone (storm2) could offer me ;-)

I lmao at how the BB owner sees himself... "the haughty business user"

I saw this on gizmodo yesterday and laughed my ass of. A lot of my friends have iphones and droids and they always talk crap on my reliable 9700. I can go days without charging (they cannot. Most droids must be charged during the day if you don't go to bed at 8pm) and now that I have os 6 running, my phone is even better. The browser is ridic. Back on topic, I like that we are catagorized as dinosaurs cause dinosaurs are kick ass!

This makes me giggle.

I'm a recent Android convert and it fits me perfectly. YES! I'm a nerd. :)

Blackberry users are seen as "old fart" and "dinosaur" among iPhoners and Android users? Hm. That's telling.

I've seen this all over the web lately. LMAO.

One thing, I still don't get though, what is the mentality behind the iPhone being a toy? I mean, the hardware is nice, the apps look great and there is a ton of them that provide all kinds of functionality, the overall fluidity of the OS is great.

What makes it a toy? Please specify.

Your kidding right? The entire concept of the iphone makes it a toy. Its aimed towards trendy hispters and soccer moms who want to download as many apps as possible. I have used iphones for quite sometime and they have no practical business or organization use compared to the blackberry os. Keep sipping job's koolaid. I will keep using the products that get the job done better and give me more options for practically anything. You couldn't pay me to use an iphone.

I thought this blog was all about humor...comic relief,yet it always has to turn into a childish my phone is better than your phone competition. Too much bb koolaid?

Seriously? Blackberries are primarily designed as a business tool. Key word: tool. They're not terribly sexy but they are incredibly manageable. BES. That's it, in a nutshell. Blackberry Enterprise Server. The BB experience is designed so the device can be controlled, managed, and shaped to fit the corporate model of high-security and extensive management.

The iPhone is a consumer device. It's pretty... it's glossy... it's "smooth", it's glamorous but it simply doesn't have the infrastructure behind it to make it appropriate for corporate use. It's a toy in the sense that it's not a tool.

Compare an 18-wheeler truck to a Volkswagon beetle. The VW is cute, easy to park pretty much anywhere, is fuel-efficient, and appeals to people who like flowers in the dashboard. The truck takes a special driver's license to operate, handles like an oil tanker, but can be used to haul huge loads. Both can technically get you back and forth to the shopping mall but only one is a real workhorse.

In closing, this isn't to say the iPhone doesn't have its place. It does. In the hands of trendy hipster teenagers being one of them.

i was going to send this in this morning and hope to be first on CB to post it LOL

guess good humor travels faster than me

great comic...so true

Saw that some days ago @ android central while opening-almost-all of the smarthphone experts website including CB :D

I've got a Storm2 for work but primarily using my iPhone4 most of the time now (yes I shifted allegience to Darth Jobs of the Dark Side cos really couldn't make do with the bugs in Storm2's OS and lack of apps).

Wonder how I see myself. Hmmm.....

Not seen this one on tipb.com yet though.

First of all, these depictions are funny, yet somewhat true. For the corporate and enterprise users, BB does the trick because it doesn't really require much of a learning curve, allowing it to be picked up in no time, and a businessman can get to business. Businesses, particularly e-commerce, live and die by email, and constant communication with workers, and partners; this makes BBM very attractive. For business folk, time is money. In the sense of an old-school businessman, time can't be wasted trying to learn how to operate a phone.

But, in this day and age, with Google getting more headway into the business scheme of things (they do have Google Business, like Yahoo has its Yahoo Business), Android is becoming more appealing as time passes. The openness of the marketplace, despite opening gates for badly-written apps, really allows people to design a multitude of apps aiming to make a businessman more productive. Apple's only downfall is their (or Jobs's rather) arrogance. His company has been more of the respondent this time around by offering things like greater multitasking, folders, copy & paste, to name a few. But, due credit should be given for his marketing pertaining to the popularity of apps. When I had an old Treo, apps were almost an afterthought. Windows Mobile was flooded with apps, but only Jobs, and Apple were able to make programs on a phone really appealing, or one had to get it.

RIM does need to get its act together because not all businesses will, strictly, rely on email and messaging. Web browsing, or lack thereof on pre-OS6 devices, will prove liable in other sectors of a business's online community(ies).

For those with multiple devices? Maybe a depiction of a doppleganger or shapeshifter.

Overall, I found myself laughing really hard.

LMAO! This one is great, and very very true. But read people saying that berrys were not sexy..?
Are you serious? I find my blackberry to be really sexy and professional looking, and that's one of the reasons I bought it in the first place!

I mean look at the Torch! Isn't it so sexy?
(Well their mistake was obviously the Blackberry Style, which looks everything but stylish...).

And yeeeah, Android users are neeeerds and iPhone users a babies, that's the way I was seeing it before.

I think this is funny because it mirrors the truth. I also think that it is interesting that so many on this blog post are getting sensitive over a comic illustration. Its to be laughed at, not taken personally.

I just think its hilarious that Blackberry users still want to throw the word toy out at Android users and iPhone users after the Torch was released. You can't get more toy like than the Blackberry Torch and OS6.
If I Phone and Android are such toys, why is the medical community reaching out in numbers for these devices? Of all the healthcare professionals I work with, none of them use Blackberrys. All of us either have iPhones, Android devices, or are testing iPads. The only people I know who have Blackberrys are teens who just have to have their BBM so they can keep in touch with their friends.

Well i'll take your word for it, but even though the depictions are probably accurate, most iPhone users that i know are men.

So does that mean the 50 year old men I work with who aren't phone geeks but love their iPhones because they are simple are girls? Or does it just mean they are too thick for a blackberry and more than one button confuses them?