The Weekend is here... Get to work on your videos for the BlackBerry Super Fanboy (& Fangirl!) Contest!

Super Fanboy Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Sep 2011 10:26 am EDT

With an October 3rd deadline to get your videos submitted, that means you have two weekends available where you can go to town on putting together your entry for CrackBerry's BlackBerry Super Fanboy Video Contest. The prizes for this one are absolutely AWESOME. 

GRAND PRIZE: A trip to San Francisco to attend the BlackBerry Developer Conference (October 18th to 20th - includes airfare for up to two individuals*, 3 Nights Stay at the Marriott Conference Hotel and 2 BlackBerry DevCon event passes and dinner out one night with the CrackBerry team); a BlackBerry PlayBook + BlackBerry 7 Smartphone of choice; $100 BlackBerry Accessories from and a CrackBerry Kevin custom designed BlackBerry Super FanBoy T-Shirt! 

For full contest details hit the image above or link below to jump over to the original post. We know there are some amazingly loyal BlackBerry fans out there. This is your chance to show CrackBerry Nation what makes you the biggest BlackBerry fan of them all. Good luck! Can't wait to see your vids!

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Reader comments

The Weekend is here... Get to work on your videos for the BlackBerry Super Fanboy (& Fangirl!) Contest!


Live in uk, and 20th oct is my birthday. I only have this weekend to do a vid, next weekend I'm in london seeing the wanted :/

Is it just me... Or were we clearly not given enough time/warning for this contest... I'm not even gonna give it a go... Seems a HUGE prize for such little time to prepare.... Oh well, can't wait to see everyone's videos. Good luck to ALL contestants!

yeah you know...i know im gonna sound like a jerk cause i was one of the people that yelled at kevin over twitter to set up a "super" contest cause i don't wanna pay 600 for a new 9900,'s not enough time. Definitely not for a super contest like this one. like i got mad ideas to go out into the streets with a cam and try to find a bb user who knows a bout kevin. you know that may take a while lol ;) i mean that's just one idea but i didn't expect the deadline so close to the start of the contest cause super contest requires plenty of prep, precise execution and mad editing. i mean if you're gonna do it right, then there's not time for f*cking around.

but im gonna try fo sheezee. :)

Yep. It's a short time frame. But the super fanboyz/girlz, it's enough. You typically need a "weekend" to get something done. So this weekend/next weekend.  Make it happen!

It's a bit tight but it can be done. Not sure if time is gonna allow me to pull off what I have planned but I'm definitely taking a stab at it. Work on it is already in progress. Really cool contest. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

We have to have a 45 second to 3 minute film.
We have only 2 weeks but I'm sure we can make do with what we have.

I hope you all are ready for my epic video. It will blow you guys away. :P.

Awesome contest, and I'd love a free 9900 (I'm still using BB OS 6 on a 9780).

But truthfully, I could never bring myself to be a fanboy of any product......if there was a contest for the funniest BlackBerry-related video, then I'd totally win it!

I still have my old 950 (the first BlackBerry) and still carry it everywhere in case there is an opportunity to pull a Mr. Bean. For example, the other day when standing in line at Starbucks, everyone around me got out their BlackBerries and iPhones and started typing I pulled out the old 950, turned on the radio to get the retro chime and started typing on it furiously too as people looked over at me in awe. One guy even asked me if it still worked on the network - to which I replied "Sure thing - I'm messaging your mom right now!"