Weekend Freebie: Chronos, by Neosistec

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Aug 2007 04:30 pm EDT

Want a useful, free download to play with on your BlackBerry this weekend?

I just received (literally 10 minutes ago) an email from Javier Pita of Neosistec, letting me know they just released a free chronometer (stopwatch) application for the BlackBerry called Chronos. The application's timing feature is smooth and slick - you can start the timer, record splits (steps), view the final results (average/min/max split statstics are shown), and even send the results to an email address. Chronos also features a handy countdown timer with built-in alarm.

It's Free, Neosistic Chronos

I installed the application, have been playing with it, and immediately give it a big Two Thumbs Up. The navigation/operation is simple, it looks good, the price is right, and above all it's USEFUL. Chronos is going to come in real handy Monday morning when I boil my carton of eggs for the week (I tend to walk away from the kitchen, forget about them, and end up with grey yolks). The yolks might actually turn out yellow for once! 

Thanks to Javier for the link and kind words (he and his buddies in Spain love CrackBerry.com!). 

For the Over-The-Air Installation Link, Click Here.

Chronos Installation:

OTA Link: http://bb.neosistec.com/time/chronos/

  • Works on BlackBerry OS 4.1 or newer
  • For Over The Air installation, visit the above link from your BlackBerry's web browser
  • The application requests an http connection when first started, but if you choose not to qualify the connection the application still works fine. The single connection request is made to check for updates of the tool and for statistics. No personal information is collected or sent.

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Weekend Freebie: Chronos, by Neosistec


awesome application! I'm still a n00b but I've been looking for a great simple and easy stopwatch/timer for my 8830. I really love FREE things, so this is the highlight of my day! Thanks a bunch!!!!!

I wonder why it requested a connection back "home" on starting up? Perhaps to track usage...but I find it a bit disconcerting that a simple stopwatch needs to "phone home" in order to be used. Sorta creeps me out.

I noticed this too - I chose not to accept the connection and the application still works fine.

I emailed Neosistec for the scoop. The single HTTP connection request (only made when the app first starts) is used to check back to the server check for any updates to the utility, and for logging some basic stats (OS version, etc.). No personal data is collected/sent from your device in accepting the connection.

If you don't want grey yolks when you hard boil your eggs, cook them this way.

Bring your eggs to a boil
turn off the heat, cover pot, remove pot from burner
let eggs sit for 12-15 minutes
then rinse in very cold water

no more grey yolks

works like a charm everytime.

Also if you forget about them and leave them in the pot for longer than 15 minutes or so, you still don't get grey yolks

Wow! Great application! Been looking for this basic app forever. Always wondered why BBs never included this with the device.

Thanks again.