Weekend Coder: Tour of the Momentics IDE

By Brian Scheirer on 16 Jun 2013 11:47 am EDT

A few days ago we told you BlackBerry updated all the development SDKs to version 10.2 Beta and along with new coding features, the Cascades developing environment (Momentics) got a major overhaul. It features a more streamlined toolbar, better design preview performance, and a bunch of other goodies. So I thought this would be a good time create a video walkthrough of not only the new features of Momentics but a complete overview of the environment.

During the first Weekend Coder post, Hello World, I showed how to create your first app in Cascades. However, I didn’t show much of the interface, toolbars, etc of Momentics. Some of you were probably wondering why and even asked in the comments. I did that on purpose because I knew Momentics was going to get an overhaul in this update. Now that I’ve had a chance play around with the update, I (and indirectly you) am glad I waited because it brings some nice new features and really cleans up the developing experience. Check out the video to see what I mean. As always let me know if you have any questions/comments.

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Weekend Coder: Tour of the Momentics IDE


Still I think Qt Creator is a tool BlackBerry should invest to. It's really great but pretty simple Qt environment.

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Thanks for the tour was pretty cool to watch the steps even though I'm not a developer.

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Very Interesting! I use a PC development environment called Labview from NI, and I can see many parallels in the development paradyme. One complaint: please turn up the audio recording volume. I had to stick my head inside my speakers to barely hear the presentation, even with my master and the video app volumes at max!

Thanks Brian
I'm not a developer (yet) but I enjoyed the run through. Maybe a future episode could show the process as it was done for an actual functional app that you (or someone else who doesn't mind showing how their app was built) built? Love this series!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Ya at the end of the video I switch the QML preview from 1280x720 to 720x720. Just make sure you have the 10.1 or higher API level selected.

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Is anyone else having issues with this version? I can run my project once, then it won't run anymore. Even with a brand new cascades project, it runs once (the hello world sample) then won't run anymore

Thanks Brian! I'm liking the simplified version since I'm too a BB10 weekend coder. I'm currently using the older version of Momentics, which is always a pain with familiarity since I don't use it often.

Try latest! Qt Creator - much more easier to use. But with one issue - still missing the last publish step...

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This is great. I'm a weekend coder as well. My first app should be submitted this weekend. Great work cb and BlackBerry for making such a fantastic coding environment. And cascades is amazing for noobs like me.

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Hello. I was trying to test out the Hello Crackberry in your previous article but I seem to be getting an error with JNI_CreateJavaVM. This was running on a Mac Mountain Lion with Java 7_21. Do you have any solution for this?

I think a reboot of this series maybe needed.

The first video had me lost in 20min because too much is assumed that noob follows already DONT know, meaning it's assumed we know how to navigate the ide and know where everything is located or how to source your pictures or media library.

I'll check this video after training tomorrow but I worry too much of similar tutor videos are like this; leaving out the pure noob that is trying to grasp the basics while reading to get something working.

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The intention of this series was never meant to be a walkthrough of how to start coding and show you every aspect of it. I am actually trying to mix in beginner and advanced topics and throw in a few editorials. I hope maybe one day I have created so much help docs/videos that they can be formed into something that can be considered a complete user guide. But for now, I assume you have checked out the official docs and now you are looking for some additional resources.

This one is a bit on the beginner side but I do try to explain some stuff (such as api level, fancy new sample import, and where your missing toolbars are) for developers of all levels.

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