Weekend Coder: HelloWorld

Weekend Coder is our new series geared toward BlackBerry developers

By Brian Scheirer on 27 Apr 2013 06:37 am EDT

CrackBerry strives to cover topics that appeal to the full range of the BlackBerry community, whether it be consumer, enterprise, games, apps, news, etc. So today we are happy to announce a new topic on CrackBerry geared toward developers. These posts will be aimed at not just the seasoned coder but also anyone who has wanted to take a little peak behind the curtains of how apps are actually made. To better cover this topic, Kevin and company have brought me, Brian Scheirer, on to write about the fun and exciting world of BlackBerry app developing.

I plan to bring you a new article each week .. well weekend really. I figured that many BlackBerry developers do it as a hobby on the weekends (hence the Weekend Coder), so what better time to post up a new article, right?

A little background on myself, I have been a software developer for the past 7.5 years where I have mostly written online math/science homework algorithms. If you have taken any college math classes and your teacher assigned you homework online, you may have seen my work. Then I started coding mobile apps about a year ago when Cascades was launched.

Since then I have attended Jam Americas last September and hosted a session at Jam Europe in February. I currently have two other BlackBerry coding sites: BBcascades.com and my blog. Also, I am a member of the BlackBerry Developer Elite and pretty active on the BlackBerry Developer Support forums, user bcs925.  To see more of my work check out my apps, most noted for my popular game Visual Connection and my Built For BlackBerry app The Dive Plan.  

Finally and most importantly I have been a BlackBerry user since 2007, first with a few Pearls then some Bolds and now a LE Z10 as I impatiently wait for the Q10.

Now, no introduction to developing anything would be complete without HelloWorld. So without further ado, check out the quick video above of how to create HelloWorld (well in this case Hello CrackBerry) and deploy to the simulator.

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Weekend Coder: HelloWorld


Welcome to CrackBerry. I look forward to this series. I have been using your site to learn some of this. Thanks for your input here.

Good, I have already started into developing some apps for BB10. The only frustrating thing is the extremely slow vm player simulator. Most of the times is unusable.

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Hey Arvind, download the new ones. They run fast and slick. I had the same problem before, but I just downloaded the latest Simulator 10.1 and Cascades Native SDK (as used in this tutorial) and they are quick!

Welcome! I've been thinking about trying my hand at big an app, so I'll be following and learning.

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Been looking for motivation to dive into app creation...this just may be what I've been looking for...Thanks!

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Brilliant some help into coding for beginners would be good for people who want to learn but not sure where to start or what to do.

Look forward to these posts every week.

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Thank you. Looking forward to these. I've been trying to teach myself. I've grasps the fundamentals but this would definitely help some more!

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This is going to rock! I've always been wanting to dev an app, have so many ideas and way in how current ones could be better but never have the time to make any. At least with these articles I can see how it's done. Looking forward to it.

Side note so I guess we know who they hired on after they posted that article.

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I would love to develop apps and transfer my experience to Cascades. Bloody windows 8 wont let me register the keys properly and its pis*ing me right off

I've always wanted to code, I've done a bit in VB.NET a few years ago, and always had an interest. This will be a good addition to CrackBerry, pass on knowledge for others to create native apps regardless of what they do. All helps

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This is great. I've been developing software for over 20 years, but I've never developed anything for BlackBerry. Ice downloaded and installed the developer tools and sdk. This is perfect for helping over the hump on where to actually get started.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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This is great, coding is a skill that can be applied to problem solving in everyday life. Not just in the mathematical sense but for any situation what so ever. It's a thought process and there's no better feeling than solving an issue through code.

Looking forward to these articles.

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Great segment. I'd love to see some I/O stuff like open, read, write, and save data from and to the SD card.
I'm looking forward to next segment. Thanks.

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Welcome to CB. This is a great topic for those of us who don't make Apps to be able to see the hard work that our BB developers put in to bring great Apps to the masses.


Good stuff. Looking forward to the series! I'm in the planning/proof of concept phase of an app using Excel, C# & SQL Server (sticking with what I know) but should be able to port it to SQLite and C++ for BB10. I was planning to do it in Cascades.

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Glad to see this. I have some strong C skills but Cascades is still pretty foreign to me. I had the SDK installed last week to mess around so this will make for something useful to do in the summer.

A nice mathematics app would be great. All the other mathematics apps only cover up to about college calculus. It would be nice to have something like wolf ram alpha for those in school who go beyond calculus.

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This should be a great weekly article. Can't wait. Welcome to CB and thanks for doing this :)

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Great article Brian! Have not done any coding for years but this makes me want to play again!


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This is awesome. I am a novice when it comes to developing and I've been intimedated (for whatever reason) to dive into Native SDK or Cascades, so this is a wonderful way for me to get my feet wet. Thanks a lot Brian!


Can't recall the last time I saw such positive overall feedback regarding a post. It's a great start to the weekend. Little things mean a lot.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, glad to see everyone is excited about this new weekend series as I am! I have lots topics planned for this so hope everyone continues to enjoy.

It's about time! Welcome, Brian, and I'm really looking forward to learning the basics. This issue has been raised many times before, that there is simply no understandable information available on how to get started from zero. Can't wait for the next lesson.

In support, want to see more topics on CSS by example. PHP and recent tags on HTML5. I have already visited all the links you pointed in your article. Some great projects. Thanks Brian.

Great idea, but I have some constructive criticism.

It's a shame that no attempt was made to explain the IDE layout (as it looks intimidating to novice users) and a brief overview of the QML you were editing was missing. The video seemed to be aimed at a novice user, but missed explaining some key concepts. I think this series will be very useful for those starting out, but needs to cover the basics or risk losing those who do not understand what you are doing. Some links in the article would help too, such as links to the sdk's and simulator and possibly relevant documentation for further reading.

Just a few of my thoughts. Keep up the good work

Don't worry I have all that planned, this was more of just an intro and I thought it would be fun to have HelloWorld as the intro (bad pun?).

Also the series is going to jump around from beginner to intermediate to advanced as well as some editorial pieces... Want to keep it as interesting as possible and hit all levels.

Bad pun? Not at all. It would be sacrilege to not start with a "Hello World" example :-)
Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Thanks, that would be great! I used your screen layout in the video to configure my Momentics IDE and took a little experimentation to understand how to add new windows/tabs to display what you had on the screen. Although I've been using Webworks and Marmalade, and know the Chrome/Ripple and MS Visual Studio IDE, I was totally lost in Momentics IDE... now I'm getting the hang of it, and looking forward to seeing more.

As a suggestion, if you do more Cascades tutorials, if you always start with a basic New project (or build on your HelloWorld) that will allow those of us at home to follow along with our code and keep adding stuff.

I'm definitely looking forward to this as I have been very interested in developing but didn't really know where to start

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Great tutorial... I've followed your instructions and made my first Cascades app! Awesome! I also added the preferredWidth and preferredHeight to my ImageView because I didn't want to resize my logo for just testing.

I couldn't seem to get textStyle.fontWeight: fontWeight.Bold to work.... then I realized the second "fontWeight" needs to be capital "F". Just a suggestion... in the future if you can include the raw QML source text that would be great, so we can just copy and paste instead of typing off the YouTube video (which is hard to read). Like square [ ] and curly brackets are hard to see also { } for us n00bs.

So I deployed to the simulator and although my preview shows BOLD text, the app in the simulator shows regular text. Any ideas what I did wrong?

Looking forward to learning more!

Wow this is kind of amazing lol I found your Site randomly about a week ago and I love it, now your here! Looking forward to reading your articles in the future.

Nice Brian! Been following you on twitter and referencing your blog for sometime. Definitely helped me through developing my app for the BB10 Launch.

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Awesome! I miss coding. I notice there are absolutely ZERO medical apps....I keep waiting....may have to give it a try myself.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I have been wanting to do this and I think this will help a whole bunch.

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Awesome article Brian! Looking forward to seeing the next article, and glad to see CrackBerry having this series!

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I have to say this is awesome. It's great to get people involved. I took up coding recently and it really has opened a lot of doors. Like Bill Gates said, everyone should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you to think.

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HI: At one point in the presentation, you click on an icon in the upper right corner that starts the simulator. How do you get the simulator to start - I don't have any "start simulator" icon. I have downloaded VMware Player, but can't get it to start.