Week 3 means three new chances to win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!

The contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Details Below! *** Congrats to last week's winner, Ben1232 ***

Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Feb 2013 06:49 pm EST

In honor of the launching of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're giving away giving a Z10 a week for the month of February.

We've already given away two, and for week three we're mixing things up and giving you THREE chances to win.

How to Enter: Check out the fancy widget thing below for more information on how to enter, but in a nutshell: log in to CrackBerry.com and leave a comment on this article. Once you've done that and entered your CrackBerry username in the widget, you will unlock two bonus entry opportunities. (Hint: Remember last week, we mentioned Twitter!)

This week's contest will end Sunday at Midnight PST. Enter now. Good Luck!

We'll have one more contest next week with more chances to win, so keep your eye out for that too. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Week 3 means three new chances to win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! i have only ever owned blackberry phones love love love them. Im so excited for the Blackberry Z10 and the new Blackberry 10 operating system. i have been flowing all the articles about the Blackberry Z10. The new keyboard looks amazing to type on and i love the concept blackberry hub and all its new features. SO PLEASE PLEASE LET ME WIN... i cant wait until its released in Australia :)

I'm most excited for the beautiful flowing BB10 OS! To get my generation back to respecting BlackBerry how I do :)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have only ever owned blackberry phones. LOVE LOVE LOVE them..... i love the look of they new touch keyboard looks so easy to type with and cant wait to use the new Blackberry Z10 and cant wait till its released in Australia. SO PLEASE LET ME WIN

I'm on a mission to be in the winner's circle. I'd love to see how my upcoming BB Exclusive app looks on the Z10, seeing how I don't have a Dev Alpha either.

I'm most interested in trying Type and Go™. Voice control is nice and all but sometimes I can't talk at my phone so it's nice to be able to type out commands.

Crackberry has made all of us to desperately beg for a free phone that all of us Blackberry fans have had wet dreams about since last year. But this is what a community college student has to result to in this jobless economy. If I don't win, i will have to go to my plan B . . . DEAR SANTA,

Third times the charm... hopefully I can win a Z10. Once again thank you crackberry for the chance to win an amazing phone.

Since you asked about features, I would have to say I'm looking forward to the Remember feature. A great way for me to put things that fit together in one place, and not forget them! Thanks again for this opportunity!!

And toes too! I am a BB loyalist. This would be the perfect upgrade from my bold 9900. Nothing can match a BlackBerry.

Here goes entry #1 for this week. Hopefully I can figure out the two bonus entries with ease! haha

BB10 feature I'm most excited about? Hub and Peek!
The gestures are already awesome on the PlayBook; can't wait to try them on a phone.

The Blackberry Z10 looks like the best phone for everyone that is serious about getting things done. It will be THE smartphone of 2013.

I would really, really like to win the contest, BlackBerry is the best OS in the business, and I would really like to immerse myself in its latest evolution, BB10! So, please let me win! (:

Just played with a demo at a booth. OMG, I'm actually considering switching carriers, because word has it mine isn't allowing existing customers to buy it. I'm actually considering giving up my $40/month unlimited plan for this baby! Its so beautiful.

I'm only posting to prove to my wife I never win anything....just kidding, I would just love a z10 so please pick me :)

Really hoping that being a cb and kevin follower for long time on twitter pays off (like every bit of news they tweet!) with a new Z10!

Looking forward to the time when Verizon at least has the Z10 in the stores so I can get a feel for it. Getting really tired of the iPhone 5.

You think Verizon is going to launch the Z10 and the Q10 close together? hmmmmmmmm?

I am really excited for this phone. I'm thinking in the odd chance i don't win (lol) i will make this my next phone when my contract expires. :)

I would love to have another to give my GF and get her off that old trackpad :(

That and the apps are soooo good with Twins! kids love shoot the duck

Looking forward to the new predictive keyboard on Z10. And looking forward to winning a Z10 from CB. Maybe just maybe.

I would really want a Z10 T____T

People they are laughing at me for entering this contest but I have my hope up high so I'll enter every*pray* for Z10 and CrackBerry to pick meeeeeeeee,

*finger crossed*

Congrats to the previous winners. Would be great to win a Z10, since winning one will be the only way I will be able to get one. Oh yeah, most excited about the peeking :)

Let the odds be ever in my favor despite what the odds actually look like in this contest! I would love a Blackberry Z10!! :)

I'd love to have the Z10 as I absolutely love Blackberry!!! The best feature is the complete change in the operating system of the phone, which is absolutely special! Please do give me the chance to own one!

Still hoping and praying that I win a blackberry Z10. This would be so great, a dream come through. Gonna have a prayer is in my heart everyday for this 1. Thanks Crackberry in advance :)

love the site and the phone, cant wait for for more info on the phone, and obviously would die for a new Z10 ! :)

I am committed to winning !!! oh well, trying to win atleast !!!

Congratulations to the winners so far !!! How I envy them...

Keep up the great work Crackberry Team !!!

One week is tooooo long to wait for, the contest should be for fewer days ! or alternatively it can go one for a month but declare 2 winners a week !!! : )

Cheers !!!