Week 3 means three new chances to win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!

The contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Details Below! *** Congrats to last week's winner, Ben1232 ***

Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Feb 2013 06:49 pm EST

In honor of the launching of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're giving away giving a Z10 a week for the month of February.

We've already given away two, and for week three we're mixing things up and giving you THREE chances to win.

How to Enter: Check out the fancy widget thing below for more information on how to enter, but in a nutshell: log in to CrackBerry.com and leave a comment on this article. Once you've done that and entered your CrackBerry username in the widget, you will unlock two bonus entry opportunities. (Hint: Remember last week, we mentioned Twitter!)

This week's contest will end Sunday at Midnight PST. Enter now. Good Luck!

We'll have one more contest next week with more chances to win, so keep your eye out for that too. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Week 3 means three new chances to win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!



Please let me win tthis, why is it so hard to win get my hands on this phone, really!

I even bought a playbook for BlackBerry 10, I'm not getting the update until later this year. Please let me win this. Please, please, please

The feature i most look forward to using in Blackberry 10 is Blackberry Remember. I've been waiting for a great task manager for ages.
Once Blackberry 10 is more widespread, it will be BBM Video :)

Favorite feature is BBM, BBM voice, and BBM video. My girlfriend needs a Z10 ASAP. Gotta get her back on BBM

I wanna wiiiiiin :(

Might be a newbie, but I've been on the Crackberry scene for a year plus. Blackberry 10 WILL own.

Let's try this again.... His I want a shiny new Z10, you should give me one since I'm 1) awesome and B) live in the US and got the shaft on availability, plus my contract actually doesn't end until July 1. I need me some BB hub on that sexy new all touch beast of a phone

These look sooo amazing, love the touch interface to reach all of your menus. Please let that Z10 be mine :)

Congrats to Ben1232! Hopefully the third time is the charm! I'm still not giving up! Once again, this contest is being held during February--which is my BIRTHDAY Month!! Please align the stars for me and make me win a Z10 for my BIRTHDAY!!! That would be the best B-day present Ever!

Also, this contest ends two days before my birthday which is the 17th and you're picking the winner on the 18th which is the day before my birthday! A more perfect time to win a Z10!

So please choose me!!

Z10 for a Birthday Present!!!!! Feb 19th!

the Z10 would make a perfect Valentine gift for me of course! Oh and the feature i'm most excited about is discovering all the hidden gesture controls!

I'm so ready for bb10. Waiting since it was first announced. Excited for full touch with the new keyboard. Hopefully I called win as I have to wait 2 yrs more for upgrade. BlackBerry is back!

Z10 Q10 has been my dilemma. Winning the Z10 would make it easy and the happiest Crackberry follower alive! Please?!

I hope i win this week....Im still not cutting my hair till i hold a Tmobile BB Z10 in my hand even when i win this week :), kinda like how @crackberryKevin did....I hope thats sooner than later :)

I need a Blackberry Z10!!! The hub is calling me!!!
Character is easier kept than recovered.

Here I go again. Hope I win. Can't afford a Z10 off contract and really want one!!

Really want to check out the Hub. Think this is the main feature which distinguishes BB10 from the rest.

Team CrackBerry, if i win one of these 3 Z10s, I still wont cut my hair till Tmobile launches and starts selling the Z10 in the US.....I hope i really win this time

I need to get my hands on a BB10! I love the keyboard and the flow functionality. Hope you guys can get me one =). Pretty pleeeeeeeeze

I hope I can get my hands on a BlackBerry Z10, looks awesome and with all the swiping gestures involved, it'll feel just like my PlayBook! :D

Praying to the gods of Crackberry! Kevin, of the long locks, I invoke thee! Bla1ze, I invoke thee! Adam, I invoke thee! Ryan, I invoke thee! Simon, James, Craig, and Zach, I invoke thee!

Hear my prayer!

I don't want a date. I don't want a flower. I don't want chocolate. All I want for Valentine's is a Z10.

*lays face down on the ground in supplication for the remainder of the week*

I got myself some Blackberry stock,
'Cause I believe this phone's gonna rock!
But I can't afford both the stock and the phone,
So now I'm hoping that you'll give me one!


If at first you don't succeed, keep on trying. Hoping to win a Z10 and play with Flow. After jailbreaking my iPhone and tweaking it with Zephyr, I knew immediately that Flow is essential to effective multi tasking on a phone.

I have FAITH that I will win!!! Faith = the assured expectation of things hoped for but not yet beheld.

I don't want a Z10, I need one...My Torch is about to write its own obituary and die signing it.