Week 3 means three new chances to win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!

The contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Details Below! *** Congrats to last week's winner, Ben1232 ***

Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Feb 2013 06:49 pm EST

In honor of the launching of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're giving away giving a Z10 a week for the month of February.

We've already given away two, and for week three we're mixing things up and giving you THREE chances to win.

How to Enter: Check out the fancy widget thing below for more information on how to enter, but in a nutshell: log in to CrackBerry.com and leave a comment on this article. Once you've done that and entered your CrackBerry username in the widget, you will unlock two bonus entry opportunities. (Hint: Remember last week, we mentioned Twitter!)

This week's contest will end Sunday at Midnight PST. Enter now. Good Luck!

We'll have one more contest next week with more chances to win, so keep your eye out for that too. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Week 3 means three new chances to win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry.com!



to quote Lando... "Here goes nothing"

now will i get the originally planned lando dies result or the lando blows up the death star and lives ending?

Somebody's gotta win, might as well be me...

With a new Z10 I'll feel so futuristic you'd have to use Time Shift camera in order to see me!! My favorite feature...

What s up all blackberry s fan! I've been using bb pb for like year now.I opted for it here on States when the majority of folks go with Apple n Android [ they have no clue what they r following..just commercials :)]. But me just love it than any other tablet..even more than ipad ( by the way I m not apple guy :)..my pb is more than just tablet I browse the Internet to the fullest.. I don't even use my computer now..the only thing that RIM n all programmers need to work more for it is more apps that they can directly down..from bb world.
And now it s time to tethering my pb with the bb z 10...Android and iOS both have linear workflows. You open an app, you close an app. BlackBerry 10 also lets you open and close apps, but there are additional layers that are core to the experience. Swipes up, and down, and left, and right all perform different functions and reveal different layers. Some swipes do different things at different times. Some swipes in one direction expose layers that enter the UI from another direction. It s just great device for the communication functionality. Typing different languages on the keyboard is just amazing for multilingual ppl. Also What I like most bout it, the OS is so open to all programmers to work more on its platform.. Guys let s go Z10 n kick that old fashion iphones lol
Hope get one here so could youtube that to all the guys here on States what we can do with it. I deff will programming more n more..i know guys it s so boring to read all this long talk but it s just good to know

I went to Walmart Canada and saw the Bb10 display. Disappointingly all it was, were 2 dummy Bb10 phones with fake screens. I really want one and can't locate one anywhere. Have a feeling the only way I'm gonna see one is to win one here...so count me in.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I have been enjoying my BlackBerry Z10 despite a few glaring deficiencies on the part of Team BlackBerry. A second BlackBerry Z10 would allow me to spread the joy to an Apple iPhone user in the family. :)

I'm overseas right now and would love to return to Canada with news of a new baby being delivered to my home! Wanna spread the BB love to Europe and Asia with a new Z10

hopefully i get this bb10 ive been with bb since day 1 all of my frioends been using iphone and samsung.. so now i finally have a chance to show it off to them, im sure after seeing this fone der all gona get one z10 to the worlddd woop wooop

I hope i will be the winner this week or next one, i keep my FAITH 100% that CrackBerry will choose me this time.

Not sure if I have to leave further comments to avail of the extra opportunities gained through the widget but here goes, extra 2.

Not sure if I have to leave further comments to avail of the extra opportunities gained through the widget but here goes, extra 3

I'm also in. Tired of my 9900's tiny screen. Its time to make a change to the bigger touch screens.

This is looking like it's the only way I'll get one soon, Mom blew the engine on her car, and another client is shutting their doors.

I love everything about this phone and i truly believe Blackberry will go back on top again. So please help me witness and be part of this history making by selecting me. Crackberry is the best on the net for info and all, win or not just want you to know i can not get enough of your site. Just want to say thank you for all that you do to make a difference and keep us well informed.

i feel lucky, so kevin i am saying thank you in advance. Make my day please by selecting me as a winner. I love you man

Please pick me! A family member needs a z10 and I would love to gift them one.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I truly wonder who these people are that win as I never ever see them in the forums.

Anyways, please pick me! Enough complaining from me lol!

Come on Crackberry. My birthday's next Sunday. That should totally convince the random number generator to pick me, right guys?


Oh, new feature I'm most excited for? The smoothness of the OS really is my #1. I love the way it browses the web, opens tabs in the background, the peek/flow UI, modern apps, the ability to change a français simplement and of course BBM.

New feature that I can't wait... Gotta be the Android Runtime 4.1!!!
That aside, It'd be nice to BBM Video // Screen Sharing with my GF! :D

Loving CB and so eager to have a BB Z10 phone. I wish the US carriers would allow pre-ordering. Hopefully week 3 will be a good week.

Man, what most excites me about BB10 (and also PlayBook) is to port Android apps to the devices. That's just awesome!

Is this where we get in line for that fancy new BlackBerry device?? ;)
The BlackBerry hub is what I'm pumped for!!! Peeeeeeek!

Blackberry user since the beginning...
There is no possible way I can wait until I am eligible for an upgrade...
I'm gonna go freakin' crazy!
Feel like I've been hyp-no tized!
Save me Kevin!!! Save me from OS6 hell....