WeChat for BlackBerry 10 has arrived, now available in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2013 02:12 am EDT

Just the other night, we had posted that WeChat would soon be available for BlackBerry 10 and now it has appeared in BlackBerry World and is readily available for download. The free, cross-platform messaging app goes all out in the way of features on BlackBerry 10, even including integration with the BlackBerry Hub.


  • Fun one-on-one and group chats with voice messages, texts, pictures.
  • Chat with friends across platforms.
  • Enhance your chats with a huge selection of animated emoticons.
  • Power-saving optimizations and low data consumption rates.
  • Follow your favorite official accounts.
  • Fast and easy registration via phone number (supports more than a hundred different regions).
  • Supports 4 languages, including English, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

WeChat is available in all countries supported by BlackBerry World on all carriers, device support for now however is limited to the BlackBerry Z10 running OS 10.1 and above for now. You can grab WeChat by hitting the link below.

Download WeChat for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

WeChat for BlackBerry 10 has arrived, now available in BlackBerry World


Still waiting for BBM on iOSand Droid, but stoked we got this app - every little bit counts.

Posted via CB10

It was NOT because of the 'get me this app'.
Wechat have been committed to develop for BB10 ever since last year if I recall correctly.
The good thing about Chinese business is they do business wherever there's money and demand.
They don't do favoritism unlike some apps developers.

Hmm, this app is advertised as having Voice and Video calls. But since this is Beta, chance are, we should be getting those.

Yet another stupid app gets Hub integration while BlackBerry bars Blaq from doing it when it is 100000x better. BlackBerry showing favoritism to devs is actually making me mad.

so what? They still don't deserve special treatment. Everyone gets Hub or no one does or THEY AT LEAST EXPLAIN HOW TO GET IT.

It's like WhatsApp, but with Voice Messaging service, which is especially handy to send voice message without the long distance charges.

We Chat also blocks senders by default--so no annoying unsolicited 3rd party (spam) advertisements, which is rapidly becoming a problem for using WhatsApp.

Just downloaded, seems ok. However, it appears that absolutely none of my contacts use this app so it won't be of any use to me.
It's great that the developers have made this native app though, I'm sure there are a lot of people who will use it.

Posted via CB10

Fantastic, nice to see the upward trend!

I'm still confused why the Z and Q versions can't be developed together, when the tools provide for it!!!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Just because it's not supported initially for the q10 doesn't mean it won't be. Why not ask Wechat for q10 support.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

is it native or a port??? and when would we see voice and video in WeChat??? when is the proper version coming out???

None of my contacts use this. Every time I close app I have to log back in. It's not integrated into my hub. It's slow and crashes and does not let me log back in sometimes

Posted via CB10

To fix the login issue please use Facebook or link your email to WeChat. Then it will save your password.

Currently if login via SMS you'll need to log in every time you launch the app.

waitng this for Q10!! why this racism is still on! only for z10, only for q10! why can't any app be relased for all the bb10 devices! huh!!

Posted via Q10

Racism? Please learn the nuances of English before speaking (tapping post)

Posted one-handed via BlackBerry Z10

After whatsapp and bbm do anyone need wechat,line etc. I think once bbm is cross platform we chat n such products will be garbage. These apps have very bad user interface and are not that smooth.

Posted via CB10 for Z10

That's right, everyone get excited for another cross platform messenger. So when and if bbm goes cross platform it will go unnoticed

Posted from my amazing Z10

Trust me wechat will be the exception... there is no look around or shake phone or bottle feature in BBM. Plus wechat is excellent to find asian chick's

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

what the heck, we get We Chat but I can't even get BBM Channels on Beta zone. I register , fill-out the required BBM Channel info submit and zippo happens .....on the positive side it took 2 days to get WECHAT very good news on the APP front.

I am exciting about any native app for BB10. However, if it is an app that most likely monitored by an extreme government, and every download just like some kind of encouraging to them. I am not sure about that. Anyway, it is your choice. Good luck.


It's great that wechat is finally arrived for BB10, but they failed on soooo many levels, sad I still need to use the ported version. They do not have moments, video chat, web chat, just to name a few, sad

Hi, this is of course a great news for BlackBerry 10 user, but unfortunately when it will arrive to Q10? It seems like the app will go to the Z10 first instead of Q10.

I'm in Panama and don't have anyone to test this app with.

My number is +50766147739

Your invite is appreciated

Posted via CB10

Finally a great news, after all the negative news these recent weeks. This is a good break for blackberry. Keep them coming.

Posted via My BlackBerry Q10 - Powered by Globe Telecom Philippines

When i try to log in using my password, it keeps saying invalid password or ID. Only way ifor me to access is through sms.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

Posted via my Zexy Z10, raaawrrr

I didn´t know WeChat since it was mentioned here but it seems that many people are happy because it´s available. In Germany the majority uses WhatsApp but hopefully they switch to BBM as soon as it arrives on iOS and Android. I hate it to use different messenger for different people! We need one unified system for the whole world. Maybe BBM makes the first step ;)

Viber will be released with 10.2, bbm goes multi platform by end of September.

whatsapp is widely used by its inferior to we chat and line naver. We chat and line have or very soon will support for voice and video calls as well as a social networking element.

Viber, skype, we chat, line, twitter, instagram, kakao talk, google chat, yahoo chat, facebook, facebook chat, whatsapp, hangouts. So many services. Let's have 1 to rule them all! Hope BBM is up to scratch.

Posted via CB10

Darn that's super fast! When WeChat said it's coming to BlackBerry 10, they are not kidding! ;)

Posted via CB10

Great to have this so I can chat with my Chinese friends. Every app that enables a larger user base is a great move for BB's phones. Asia can be a great market for BB if they make the phone affordable to people with less income than western countries. Many Asians know of Blackberry but have always viewed it as being too expensive for them to own one.

Bbm doesn't have push to talk. You still have to navigate through options to have the voice note attached.

Posted via CB10

Just when a friend messaged me asking about WeChat on BB10 2 says before it came out. I told her to sideload using the Chrome method and gave her links/instructions. She got frustrated because she can't make it work and I was about to do a video chat with her on the step-by-step procedure. So, there goes one of her frustrations-- great timing.

*WeChat is quite popular here in the Philippines (more than WhatsApp), I think.

Posted via CB10

I have deleted my sideloaded wechat and got this installed. I have bbm voice and video chat chat so i don't need the other features. Great work!

Posted via CB10

Cmon BlackBerry, give people the bbm for Android and iOs! After that, no more hunger like this app!

Posted via CB10

I had installed this, still have bug in notification, when active frame close, notification in the hub dissapear to

not cool.you have to sign in everytime you open the app.the ported app works way better than the native one. :/ hope it gets fixed soon.

* Supports 4 languages, including English, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

They have been already aiming huge market :)

I thought it said there was integration with the HUB. What happened? I don't have it showing up. I even connected it with Facebook, SMS, and by phone.

Posted via CB10

Hi! Any news to when wechat will be released for the Q10??? How come it's out for the Z10 but not Q10??? Come on Tencent!!!!!!