WeChat announces their BlackBerry 10 app will be available for download soon

By Bla1ze on 16 Jul 2013 10:05 pm EDT

There has been quite a few messaging apps that people have been asking for on the BlackBerry 10 platform and among Line Naver, Viber and SnapChat there's also WeChat. For the past little while now, the native app has been in some limited beta testing but according to the WeChat Twitter account, it'll soon be exiting that beta status and hitting the masses.

Hey Blackberry10 fans! We have confirmed that WeChat will be available for download on your BB10 soon! Stay tuned...

Of course, that doesn't tell us how soon exactly but it does give off the feeling that it could appear in BlackBerry World pretty much at any moment now. We'll keep checking and let you all know when it lands for certain, until then you can catch a screenshot of the app in the CrackBerry Forums.

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WeChat announces their BlackBerry 10 app will be available for download soon


WeChat is in legacy device for quite some time and they promised a BB10 version is in the making since Jan'13.
And their commitment is admirable although it took quite some time for them to get it ready.

Never heard of this one.

Personally - I will be pushing all my friends to BBM when it goes cross platform.

Indeed. Massive in China. If you do biz in China or otherwise got friends there, this will be really handy.

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I gave my son my Z10 and a laptop and in about 10 minutes I had Instagram. If you want the App take a few minutes and install it.

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Side loading is a band aid on a major wound. At their best, side loaded apps are choppy. At their worst, they're crippled functionally.

Side loading also doesn't give sales reps the oomph they need to get more BlackBerry 10 devices into the hands of consumers. Believe me, I've tried. 90% of the time that I suggest it I get a response somewhere along the lines of, "That's too much work." Why would somebody want to go though additional steps to get something that they can get "out of the box" on every other platform (save for WP8).

And that's what it boils down to- people want what they want, when they want it.

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Um, instagram on my z10 runs faster than on an S4. I think, you need to get 10.2.448 and install the 10.2.667 android player on that of that and watch your Z10 not just sprint, but soar.

God this Lack of App story is over man, I have all the Google maps and GPS I want etc... I just want my BBM Channels with BBM Money and Cross Platform BBM lets really Keep moving folks

Totally disagree. The lack of apps, and quality control, is THE issue at the moment.

My sister on her Q10 wanted candy crush and almost fell for the fake versions on BlackBerry store. They should never have been allowed through, because the experience they provide tells the user hey, your phone is sub par. She's not technical so it's either there, or it isn't. Multiply that by all the users that are moving to BB10 who also aren't very techy.

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Get 10.2.448 and side load it. Only issue atm is obb files which wil be fixed sooner rather than later judging by how quickly 10.2 leaks have dropped (at&t and esp verizon are the exception and those folks need to install a leak).

In my country, people avoid this app due to worry of security exploit. This app is similar to Badoo, I think
I don't see Wunderlist in "Give me that app"

So for those like me that are not familiar with WeChat what is it like BBM or What'sApp or more of a Social App like Badoo?

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It's like WhatsApp, but with Voice Messaging service, which is especially handy to send voice message without the long distance charges.

We Chat also blocks senders by default--so no annoying unsolicited (spam) advertisements, which is rapidly becoming a problem for using WhatsApp.

Really sounds cool. Thank you I have to say though I never have had WhatsApp solicite me. At least not yet. Unless there is away on phone to block it on settings?

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Hi private eyes,

Here in Asia, we have problem of unsolicited spam WhatsApp messages sent from 3rd party.
I've already received at least 2 company advertising that they have almost 100,000 mobile numbers for sending WhatsApp messages to.

I believe that your mobile number info had been sold and/or harvested, such as hotel restaurant reservation that require your mobile# here in Asia.

WhatsApp itself does not send any spam messages.

But the problem is WhatsApp has no way for you to receive only white-listed senders that you know, and block out the unsolicited advertisers. It's becoming a problem here in Asia.
Just ystd I received a WhatsApp spam message, with a *.JPG attachment that was automatically downloaded into my photo album on my smartphone. DOUBLE advertising :(

it's an instant messaging app, people mostly use this for audio chat with their friends (phone contacts who has a wechat account, QQ contacts, etc.), just like using a walkie talkie, if you prefer text chat that's fine, it has it too, also on ios and android there are some extra functions, like sending pics, video chat, check your contacts' status, updates, etc. and publish your own, scan for nearby users (some people are using it for dating or ONS, just so you know :) ) and a lot more. Pretty handy actually, the beta version got some functions missing, but should be added into future releases.

I am using the WeChat beat vesion and it‘s more like whatsapp or BBM but is more powerful than them. It can provide you everything you need~~~

For those that aren't familiar with WeChat, the major differentiating factor here is probably the simple voice message delivery. You simply tap a button displayed prominently on the chat screen and record a message which then gets sent to the recipient's handset. The recipient gets a notification that there is a message waiting and listens to it at their convenience. Still does the whole text-based chat thing. It's nothing that other platforms can't do... they just put the voice messaging in the focus instead of keeping it as a background feature like on other chat services.

Yay, can't wait.

All we need now is for BBM to get Push To Talk. Gosh I hope BlackBerry are considering that option.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

Another on my Cross Client list. I do hope they decide to put Video and Voice calls on it (just like the Android and iOS versions).

I wish LINE Messenger comes to BB10 as Native. I like their stickers XD

Really good news for BB10.
Wechat is huge to attract Asia market user to buy Blackberry phone.
Let's keep moving...

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I don't use WeChat, but I know plenty of Indonesians do. If more in demand apps get on the BB10 bandwagon, there's hope yet for BlackBerry.

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hate to interrupt your negativity, but my z10 seems to be getting the updates they promised and more.

oh and i also have a playbook.


Awesome news!
Asia is all for messenger apps. WeChat is among the most popular ones beside Naver Line, Kakao Talk and the obvious Whatsapp and BBM.
All of them are available for legacy device.

Now bring on Naver Line and Kakao Talk to BB10!

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Woohoo ! This is a signal that bb10 is going to be released to China soon. You cannot sell many smartphones in China without this app available.
Sorry I have to say BBM copied some features from WeChat.

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Who are they? Are you kidding me? Where are the real Apps? I'm going back to sleep. Wake me when there is actually news of real app coming to BB10

Good news! This app is very popular in China. If you have friends in China, this is the a must app.
I tried to install a side loaded version WeChat but it didn't work on my Z10. Hope the native version come out sooner.

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Personality I can't see the point in various chat apps, BBM is the only way and when it becomes cross platform it will be huge, I have only one person who I text every one else is on BBM or via email. Come on Thor get BBM on all other operating software platforms.

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Can't wait!!! Release it already..
Have been carrying my Sim-Less S3 just to keep in touch with buyers.

glad to see this!! but VERY SOON is no more a reliable for some things here! as we have heard for viber too since the 10 launch! very soon viber will be available!! *sad* that soon has not yet arrived! so I hope this Wechat's soon is unlike vibers soon

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You nay sayers don't understand. In Asia, the popularity of line naver and we chat as well as whatsapp has over taken bbm. I love my bbm and will make as many people convert as possible but you can't convert the whole of China in a day. Till then join em on we chat. Blackberry's strength is communication and without line, we chat, kakao talk and all the different instant messaging apps all its strengths will be missed by the masses. In Asia at least we chat and line are as important as instagram. Maybe even more.

By the way I've got bbm channels beta on my q10. line and we chat's social network page creation is much more facebook esque. Where else bbm channels is a little more instagram.

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The sooner the better, it might also help BlackBerry to get more market share in China...who knows...lol

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WeChat has a profile page, moments where u can post ur photos, status and other things and look around. You can find new friends by using ur GPS. These features are not available in BBM. That's why we need WeChat! Thanks!BlackBerry rocks!

Posted by @thelastkazekage via BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

Hi, wechat is available for BlackBerry Z10... although is just a beta version. looking forward for the full version...

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