WebMessenger Goes Free!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2008 04:06 pm EST

WebMessenger for Mobile IM clientsWebMessenger Inc. today announced they will free up their WebMessenger Mobile IM clients, as well as free business-class IM service for mobile professionals who use BlackBerry, MS Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Palm PDAs and smartphones. The free IM service provides single client access to AIM, Google, MSN, Skype, and Yahoo.

The service provides messaging needs for business professionals within the bounds of their in place corporate and IT policies.  The free business class IM service runs on WebMessenger's recently released Mobile Carrier Service Network, a high scalability and reliability presence and communications platform.  For enterprise solutions, Webmessenger offers options for other platforms including Microsoft LCS/OCS, IBM Lotus Sametime, and Jabber XCP.

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WebMessenger Goes Free!


I've been using this for 3 days now, works very well. Simple interface, stable (as much as 3 days can tell) easy to set up.

Does Web Messenger use SMS while on AIM? The Verizon Mobile IM does, so if I can use this and bypass increasing my text package that would be great!

I'm a T-Mobile subscriber with a BB 8320 that hasn't been able to login as of yet and I've tried each of the suggested host & ports. However, that doesn't say much as I am not able to successfully run Opera Mini either.

Don't shoot me for saying this, but I somewhat miss the straight forward programming of Windows Mobile 6.

Try this:

Change server host #1 to

and port to 1717

Change nothing else. The above worked for me and I have an 8830 on Verizon also.


I just installed the program and put my Skype log in and it doesn't connect.

So I went back to the main page and I found out that Skype has been removed from their feature list!

"Get Business-Class Mobile Instant Messaging for a price that makes great business sense: Free.*

Access AIM, Google, MSN, and Yahoo from your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, or Palm smartphone or PDA."

When I downloaded it "Skype" was still in the list! Which was like 10 minutes ago..

I am on AT&T (BB Curve 8310) and was having problems connecting as well. I changed the server/port info to the one above and I connect every time now.

New to BBs... have an AT&T Curve 8310.. where do I go to change the server and port #? Appreciate anyones help.

I have a 8320 (Tmobile Curve) on BIS and this program crashed (or disconnected) a lot for me in the 3 days I used it. After a crash there was a 50/50 shot it would allow you to sign back in. Jivetalk doesn't give me these issues. I'm willing to pay $30 for less frustration.

I tried both the BIS network and Wi-Fi feature with this program, no discernible difference in reliability.

What a terrible product. Only allows one login per service, and a whopping 6-minute average lag time on my GoogleTalk account.

The interface is inconvenient to use- certainly not as easy as JiveTalk. I just uninstalled Webmessenger. JiveTalk may be quirky, but at least it works.

despite what some say webmessenger is great. it works and it’s worth it. i mean come on not everyone has $30 to shell out on during these times. i must say i like webmessenger yes it may lack some functions but its free and being that its free it does an excellent job at what its meant to do.
great app for your BB if you have more then one screen name on different clients.