With Web Toolbar, you’ll be searching web pages faster than ever.

Web Toolbar
By Kerri Neill on 22 Jul 2012 05:20 pm EDT
Web Toolbar is one of the newest applications by Mobato, whom we’ve seen here on the CrackBerry blogs before. With Web Toolbar you can quickly perform searches of the Internet’s most popular search engines (including IMDB, YouTube and more) from your home screen.

Without Web Toolbar, you have to launch the browser, click/tap in the search bar, type your search and then wait for the results. Now with Web Toolbar, you can reduce time and energy (yeah I know it’s not a whole lot to type and click but hey every little bit helps!) by simply typing your search from your home screen and click the icon for your favorite search engine.

Web Toolbar is fully integrated with the device and offers the following features:

  • Universal Search integration: For the best results, start typing on the device home screen as normal and the Web Toolbar icon will appear, giving you the option to quickly perform a search (this option only available for OS 6.0 and above).
  • Quick and accurate translations
  • Launch a search from the Web Toolbar menu item (accessible in most applications).
  • Assign Web Toolbar to a convenience key to quickly launch a search.

Web Toolbar will remember the last search term, so you don’t have to keep re-entering it for repeated searches. This option can easily be disabled should you want to.

You can download Mobato’s Web Toolbar and give it a try for FREE for 7 days. If you love it, upgrade to the paid version for only $1.99. Head on over to the forum thread here to ask the developer your questions, make suggestions or comment on the app (feel free to leave comments below too). Web Toolbar is available for most BlackBerry smartphones in most countries that are running OS 5.0 and higher.

For more information / download FREE TRIAL of Web Toolbar
For more information / purchase the FULL version Web Toolbar

Reader comments

With Web Toolbar, you’ll be searching web pages faster than ever.


I don't get it. This feature is built into the Universal Search in OS 6.0+, and aren't most people on that or higher now? Why in the world would I pay for this?

My thoughts exactly. I thought I was losing my mind when I read this post. Then I just started typing on my torch and lo and behold: universal search... Tapped the google icon and the browser is launched with search results. Maybe I just did not get the post.

Wow shame on you for reviewing this app which costs money there is one called searchkit that is fully integrative with the default os6 and 7 os and is free and has imdb and all the other search engines. Please crackberry watch what you review and big up. RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

I didn't "big up" anything. Our job here at CB is to let all of you know what is out there (good or bad). No one said go over and spend your money on it right now. People send in requests for their apps to be reviewed, we sort through them and we review the ones we think may be useful or fun. Kind of the point of our job. You decide if you want it or not.

Please stop and re-think this issue and the reply you've given.

If your reviews are simply available to those app vendors that request them without regard for what is best for your readers, then you are a shill for the app vendor and your reviews become much less valuable.

In fact, this attitude will damage your reputation and influence on a much larger scale. Should I begin to doubt that you have the best interest of your readers at heart, then I will extend that doubt to include other articles, other contributors, and even the products I purchase from this site.

You have our trust - don't consider that too lightly.

And I'm not saying that it has to be an over the top type of disclaimer for everything published. In this case, a simple phrase such as, "While the Blackberry native search function is quite robust, Web Toolbar offers easier searches and additional functionality by ..."

True I could've written a line like you suggested but I didn't since my review was based solely on the app itself. While I personally don't see it as needed, our reviews are suppose to be of an unbiased nature just stating the good and bad of apps we find or that are sent in. We here at CB do have our readers in mind whenever we decide on apps to review (believe me when I say we turn away quite a few) but what one person sees as being useful another may see as a waste of money (see the first couple of comments in this post).

I see. So there is nothing wrong in preying on the ignorance of any readers that are unfamiliar with the options on their Blackberry by describing an apps benefits and failing to mention that this app fills a void that is no longer there. Not everyone is aware of all of the features on their Blackberry.

Bottom line: Apparently you don't have a problem with a review being simply a plug for an app - regardless of its applicability. I'm bugged by this. And I think I should be.

Caveat Emptor

I agree that I should have put a line or two in there that this option really needed for those on OS 6 & 7. That was an oversight on my part and I apologize. As for a a plug, that I don't agree with nor do I think that it was called for since I don't get anything regardless if you buy the app or not. It's a free trial with an option to try out an app. How is that a bad thing?

We don't review everything that gets sent our way but again, while you may see this app as a waste of money, someone else may not.

I really appreciate all the work that CB does for its readers. So many times I've read a review for an app or a discussion of how to get more use of the options available and have been amazed.

CB has given me so much more use out of my BB, all for free. I think in hind-sight this app review might have been a mistake as I would guess most users are on os6+.

But I could be wrong and I can tell you os5 users would really appreciate universal search as much as I do. This app gives them that. Appreciate the time it takes to review all apps and write all tips that CB provides.

I hate to see the Internet get overly mad at anyone for an honest mistake. Keep up the good work