Web Splitter Browser price split in half - just like it'll do to the web

Web Splitter Browser
By James Richardson on 21 Jan 2014 03:22 am EST

Two web pages on one screen. Yep, that's possible with Web Splitter browser from tzapps. You may have seen our original coverage back in May 2013 when we featured the Built for BlackBerry 10 app on video and it proved to be rather popular. The good news is that the developer has sliced the price of Web Splitter by 50% until the end of January so if you missed out the first time around you may want to check it out now for the very reasonable price of just $0.99. 

Although the app works perfectly on all BlackBerry 10 devices I'll be honest and say that it's a far better experience on the Z30 and Z10. The handsets with the hardware keyboards are just too restrictive when it comes to screen real estate. So if you are an all touch BlackBerry 10 owner why not take advantage of the special price and give yourself the ability to be on two web pages at the same time on the same screen. 

There's more to this one than meets the eye so here's a quick reminder of the pile of features included:

  • Two web pages in one screen 
  • Easily customise the size of each grid
  • Simple easy and clean cascades interface
  • Save to favorites
  • Load from favorites
  • Create custom favorite
  • Share favorites and urls
  • Active frame showing what is viewed in each grid
  • Option to open url in BlackBerry 10 browser
  • Free updates
  • More grid configurations to come
  • Small size
  • Simple yet powerful RSS reader
  • Manage your RSS subscriptions
  • WebSplitter is invokable. Save any url or rss url directly from the BlackBerry 10 browser
  • Network Status indicator
  • BBM™ connected
  • Orientation Support
  • Settings 
  • Welcome page with instructions
  • Privacy Settings -Ad Blocker

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Reader comments

Web Splitter Browser price split in half - just like it'll do to the web


That is actually really sweet but I believe an android phone has a similar feature but good job btw :D

Posted via the amazing z30 from @BlackBerrygrow follow me on Twitter

At the beggining it was only for Z10, but a) Built for BlackBerry demands for all device range, and b) (to my surprise) people asked for. Still you can use some of the features like ad blocking and full screen browsing on your Q10/Q5 and take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts to change between the two tabs with a click of a button. But as James clearly says it is recommended for Z10 and Z30.

Would be great if you could just move the screen up and down to see both screens like it would be on the Z range...... or is this feature available on the Q to compensate?

Posted via CB10

Do you mean to adjust the size of each grid? It is implemented in a different way for qwerty devices. Imagine 2 grids 720x720 each, and you can move the whole 1440x720 up and down, or have them both like James's screenshot, or one grid at the time in fullscreen. It is a work in progress. Many things changed since first release so all kind of feedback and ideas are welcome.

Just 2 720 Web windows would be fine I guess. Using a Q10 is always going to be about compromise. But if you could just simply scroll the screen between both, that's got to be the best solution instead of both being in the same screen space.

Posted via CB10

There is a see through button on the left corner of the screen ,on click a vertical slider appears that allows you to scroll between the two grids. Add this with the keyboard shortcuts and i think the compromise is complete. :)

Very well thought out. I hate it when developers leave the Q series out when there is always a solution. I look forward to using it:-)

Posted via CB10

It's a shame mirroring your phone to a larger screen is 1:1 and not dynamic.(afaik)

Otherwise it wouldn't be an issue having it on the q10 if you did that.

I am looking into this. I took for granted that Q10/Q5 will mirror only 1:1 ratio. Not sure if it is possible and how to implement though.

Good to show it on the Q10 just so we know it's not the for it. We all know it will be fine on the others

Posted via CB10

I bought a Z10 from carphone the other day as a backup...... my 9900 just don't cut it against BB10. I tried this feature on a galaxy mega and loved it. Think I might fire up the Z10 on a more regular basis with this type of browser available. Will be very usefull indeed.

Posted via CB10

I'm used to open extra tab and switch both and copy stuff to publish online etc. Works good for me

Posted via CB10

Bought this just because of the ad blocking feature, though the simultaneous Aero Snap-style tabs are a pretty intriguing feature. Seems pretty responsive so far, too.

I know this is a small thing but I really appreciate reading people's comments in Crackberry's posts and having the app developer touch on them and offer support along the way.
Are app developers notified by Crackberry when their apps are going to have a write-up or are some of them just avid BlackBerry fans and follow along anyway?

Either way, I'm impressed.

I cant tell for everyone else, but in our case, it seems that they pick up what seems interesting from various sources(forum, web) and they do their magic. It is a huge help to market your app especially for small developers like us. And it comes for free and most of the times unexpected. Kudos to James and TeamCrackBerry. And since we can't reply to reviews from BB world, this is the best way to interact. I guess all developers are crackberry fans.We are.

A forum within BlackBerry world on content would make so much sense instead of comments left as...... reviews. That would make BlackBerry world unique, But on the other hand I'm not sure how possible it would be to implement and keep stupid comments to a minimum!

Posted via CB10

I just picked this App up on sale & I must say I really like it! Nice job on this App, I can see me using this feature on A regular basis for price comparisons as an example.


Nice write up on this neat browser, I liked it so much that I've also purchased it, works great.