Web Splitter for BlackBerry 10 goes on sale - Get it while it's hot

Web Splitter for BlackBerry 10 goes on sale
By James Richardson on 18 Jul 2013 08:04 am EDT

You may well have seen our initial look at Web Splitter for BlackBerry 10 a wee while ago. If you were impressed but not enough to part with your money, this post should get your attention with a generous discount from the developer.

Until the end of July you can now pick up Web Splitter for just $0.99/£0.75 which, if my memory serves me right, is half price. In addition to the price point changing for this month, Web Splitter has also just received its 'Built for BlackBerry' status which is always fantastic to see.

The application does just what the title says and lets you view two web pages on the same screen. It maybe not be for everyone, but judging by the comments from our video post it seems to have been well received by the BlackBerry community.

Features of Web Splitter include:

  • Two web pages in one screen
  • Simple easy and clean cascades interface
  • Save to favorites
  • Load from favorites
  • Create custom favorite
  • Share favorites and urls to anywhere
  • Active frame showing what is viewed in each grid
  • Easily customise the size of each grid
  • Option to open url in BlackBerry 10 browser (youtube videos for example)
  • Free updates
  • More grid configurations to come
  • Small size

Web Splitter is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. Hands up -- who's taking advantage of the special offer?

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Reader comments

Web Splitter for BlackBerry 10 goes on sale - Get it while it's hot


I'm going to get this. Could come in very handy at work. Looks clean and professional.

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Tick rock the clocks running out. Don't forget there be updates on "gadget box" and "stuff I need". Time to DL Web splitter. I love sales

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Great price for this app. Downloaded mine and is working nicely so far. Now, if I could only get desktop style tabs on this, it would make web splitter my all time favorite app. Great app anyways. Keep up the great work dev.

Watched the video review and I like it.
There are times this will be very useful.
And it looks like it works on 10.0 too!
I'm buying it.

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Keep in mind that there is no video support in 10.0 version. I think you will get 1.0.19 version instead of 1.0.22. By the time we updated to 10.1 we thought that everybody would have 10.1 by now....

It's an amazing app. Extremely useful when needing two sites displayed at the same time to go between faster. I like that it supports landscape mode too. Definitely more than a novelty app.

I have it since day one! Comes handy many times, and it also has an rss reader. I wish it could view all my rss feeds in one though! :)

Now that we are approaching the 10.2 I'm afraid to buy these app 'in special offers' they might be any featuring of the new OS... In one side I feel I should support the developers so they can keep working for us to get the best apps, in other side, the upcoming OS keeps us waiting for what it seems it's going to be a package of a lot of interesting featuring...

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I understand what you mean about buying apps now, not knowing what will be coming in 10.2.
Not knowing when it's going to formally be available I'm still buying some if they are going to help me during the in between time.

Most of the apps aren't that expensive. If a person can afford to, go ahead a buy them.
I think it shows support to those investing their time developing good apps for BB10.

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When 10.1 went live the app was improved in all sections, functionality, speed, video support, just by the OS itself. So far 10.2 beta is in early stages, but we believe it is going to improve all apps including WebSplitter. The concern devs have is the timeframe of os update launches. We still have a lot of people on 10.0! As far as we know , native browser is not going to implement splitting screen function.

Awesome app and awesome price......lets support our Dev and show why BBRY is the best platform to work for.............lets do this team, xxx this is less than the price of a coffee and you have it forever....

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I bought it when it first came out and I have to say it was slower than the pb browser. Wouldn't mind a refund from the dev as I have uninstalled it.

Sorry to hear that. In almost all cases tested the speed is equal to the native browser and bb10 users should now by now that bb10 browser is the best in the market. Please contact us and give us your feedback. tzapps1@gmail.com

Just purchased for my Q10. Not really ideal for viewing both browser's simultaneously on the Q. Views in top/bottom mode. Would like to have the option to view in side by side mode. This will be useful when viewing on an external screen via hdmi out.

Also, once I switch to view in single browser mode, I can't seem to get it back to dual browser mode. Help?

Aside from the couple things listed, this app runs smooth and I believe will only get better. Another great business tool Made For BlackBerry!!

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I've had this app now for a few months and i have to say, it is awesome, I am so impressed with it so far and with an recent update, it runs smoothly... money well spent even though it was £1.50 at the time...

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Just downloaded. Looks like nice app.

Seems BB World apps have been increasing with more native apps and or updated apps. Would like to see these stats reported more frequently

This would be part of overall effort by BBRY to improve transparency for fans, users, investment community, and help make the platform seem more stable. Intermittent bits of information that are either spectacular (Z10 release data) or disastrous (last quarterly earnings report) should be avoided as they hurt confidence in company. For example, Samsung and HTC announced earnings would be less than expected a month in advance of earnings report.

Sorry to digress, but think this is an important point and would love to see if in fact app availability has increased much in last few weeks.

Have tried this app now for a short while. Good job.

Really enjoying WebSplitter. There are those times when I simply want to see both screens at once. Nothing else will do. It's easy to operate on two or more files with this most excellent app. Thanks to CrackBerry for the heads up. *****