Two web pages on one screen? Check out Web Splitter for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 10 May 2013 01:39 pm EDT

Web Splitter for BlackBerry 10 is probably one of the strangest apps I have used to date. However, it is also one of the most clever ones! Now, this won't be everyone's cup of tea but imagine having two web pages open on your BlackBerry at the same time with a split screen. That's just what Web Splitter does and it comes with a bunch of features and tweaks that can be made.

If you get the chance to watch the above video I would highly recommend it as my description probably won't do it justice. Within the app you can add as many bookmarks as you like, alter the size of the two web pages if you fancy one being bigger than the other and also easily switch to viewing one of them full screen.

The features don't stop there. The application is BBM integrated and as an extra bonus there is also a RSS Reader built in so you can simply view the feeds from any of the websites you have bookmarked - sounds sweet doesn't it?

The app is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and if you ask me that's pretty good value for money for what you get. I will be honest and say it's not an app I would use very often but certainly one I will keep on my Z10 for If I do need it.

Features of Web Splitter include:

  • Two web pages in one screen
  • Simple easy and clean cascades interface
  • Save to favorites
  • Load from favorites
  • Create custom favorite
  • Share favorites and urls to anywhere
  • Active frame showing what is viewed in each grid
  • Easily customise the size of each grid
  • Option to open url in BlackBerry 10 browser (youtube videos for example)
  • Free updates
  • More grid configurations to come
  • Small size

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Two web pages on one screen? Check out Web Splitter for BlackBerry 10


If you can afford a notebook, the paper kind, you can afford a BlackBerry OS 10 application, most of which are less than a can of Coca-Cola.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Did he just ask why everything is paid??? Wow.
Well I might not use it much except to show off to iPhone users but I'm gonna buy it just to show support to the devs! I've bought quite a few apps just for support and to keep them interested in making more BB10 apps!

Posted via CB10

Looks like this sentiment is not quite the same for everyone. The apps and games reviews are all full of discouraging comments and I say that as a dev. There are a bunch of kids out there without parental supervision posting all kinds of reviews (and some others "grown up" too). In my opnion (and I'm a big fan of BlackBerry) someone is not doing its jobs on filtering stuff as needed at this stage of early development. I agree that the BlackBerry people demands nothing but stellar products and apps, but BlackBerry people also needs to realize that this is a brand new OS and brand new apps demands time (and incentive) to grow. I truly hope this good sentiment regarding devs and new apps shown here gets to everyone in this community.

Posted via CB10

I read this and smiles. It's so true. Ok that said as an adult I have to start leaving si dopey comments so people won't get those apps. Uhm someone shoot me because that's what kids do. As adults we should be more appropriate. I only buy apps that fit my requirements hut if an app doesn't fit my requirement but is native to bb10 and crackberry says it's good I wi check it out and get it if it looks ok. Just to support the developers so they will support blackberry 10 Os and up :) i can code but chose not to because of time. I'm a pro dj. I do what I do best. You developers do what u do beat. I don't see people complaining about spending $200 on a music festival rocket to see me perform. Who the hell am I to complianing on spending less than $5.00. To all developers. Keep up the work and I'll support you without complaining on the cost. But I will complain if something doesn't work as advertised. Just directly to the developer and not to everyone else. :) cheers. That's my input

Posted via CB10

I can't build a smartphone. So I bought one. I can't write apps. So I buy them. Your mileage may vary. If I could i would make every app at least $1. BBRY should have a new slogan; "Want free apps? Buy a different smartphone." or "BB10; the OS for devs that want to get paid."

Everything is paid on Blackberry because its a small company unlike Android/Apple and therefore have very little ad supported versions of apps.

Well I didn't mean literally everything lol. I've gotten some great free games on my Playbook. Its something like 80% paid on Playbook and 20% free. Its 80% free and 20 paid on Android. But that's the advantage of being a mega corp. For example I downloaded the Iron Man 3 game for free on my Samsung tonight and its unreal. But Samsung can afford to do that sort of thing.

"But Samsung can afford to do that sort of thing"

Unless Samsung is the developer of that game, I don't see how they have anything to do with the pricing?

Not sure how that works, but I'm thinking the bigger a company is the more 3rd party apps they can support and have tons of sponsors to place the adds in the games so they are free. I love the free apps on my Samsung but equally the quality of Playbook apps. There's a certain intamacy you get from Blackberry because we're dealing with a company who's big enough to produce great stuff but small enough to treat you like you're a person. I'm new here but really love the comfprtable one on one atmosphere in this forum compared to the Samsung forum I also post in.

You mean how Angry birds HD for example is $2.99 on Android and the same game is $4.99 on Playbook? I'm guessing (but not sure) it costs the devs more to develop for Playbook for some reason. Not sure but Playbook might be harder to program for. I do know that the Playbook version of Angry Birds is exquisit.

Not usually true. Free apps will likely sell your name and info from your BlackBerry that you gave permission. Whereas paid apps will likely not. You got to read the fine print before installing.

Posted via CB10

Okay guys enough, lol I am truly sorry xD, I am convinced already from the first comment, thanks for paying attention, and please, comments like if I am

Posted via CB10

Because we are bbry cash cow. Apps that are free for other platforms we have to pay for and most don't even work well.

Posted via CB10

No, you pay for them by supplying someone with information about you. Android and iOS battery life is affected by those free apps phoning home. Better to pay and know what you are getting.
I've just retired from full time software development. Would I have done it for free? No, I priced my skills at the market rate. But for that, few of us could afford to work - and there would be no personal computing.

Free ? you mean those apps full of ads that everytime you open the app shows first another game, or app related to the company that makes them, those apps that after every 2 mins show a pop-up advertizing something ? you mean those apps that don't even work fully unless you buy an upgrade ?? you mean those annoying "you have to share everything on facebook or twitter" to get bonus and stuff ? is that what you call free ???

give me a break !!

Until full functionality is restored to BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry OS 10, BlackBerry Bridge is largely crippled by BlackBerry's hubris and Team BlackBerry's amateur hour performance.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

This is one of the strong points of my Playbook. Love how you can hook it up to my big HDTV. Because of this simple yet effective feature, my Playbook is a great gaming machine, web browser and HD movie/video player. To bad my other tablet doesn't have this feature.

As far as i know, ipads don't have any ports of any kind other than to charge it...and if you want to use that port for anything else you would need to buy other accessories for it...evidently millions of people don't seem to mind this waste of their money.

Ya My Samsung is the same and needs a special adapter. And my Playbook has an HDMI out which makes a lot of my friends jealous. As for iPad you have to be either rich or have a credit card to get one. I was talking to a buddy of mine last night and he got his little girl the 128GB iPad but had to max his card out as it cost him $900!! He said the purchase was also for him as he planned to store a ton of his media on the 128GB. I've got 32GB but cant even imagine 128GB of storage space.

How is it useful to have two browser windows side by side? That is like browsing on a Bold with a single window. Just too little real estate too much of the time. It seems to negate one of the biggest benefits of the Z10's larger display.

Comparing info on 2 different websites without switching between them again and again. This is one use I have in mind.

Posted via CB10

Online shopping when you need to compare two things in two different websites.

I do a LOT of online shopping--mostly feeding my addiction to shoes--so that's what I would use it for.

Posted via CB10

You're struggling? I would use it anytime I am multitasking. The combinations are endless.
1: Comparing websites
2: Playing games and researching cheat codes
3: Cut and paste notes from emails/web and any text source
4: Look up info from any app while on a phone call
5: Use your camera and picture/video editor together

And I can think to a dozen other ways to use this app. Its vry powerful, so just use your imagination.

No... People should stop devaluing the awesome work that these great developers do. Suck it up and pay for your entertainment and productivity.
Sheesh... talk about self entitlement...

You probably spend more on your Starcrap coffee and it won't be as useful as this app so stop whining.

Damn Apple really screwed devs when the app store started making people expect everything for free. There are programs (not necessarily this one) that could be sold for $30 or $100+ on a PC and people would complain if it's $5 on a phone.

All the comments like this make me not want to develop for BB, since nobody would buy my apps anyway.

Would be a nice app to have for the PlayBook if it ever gets BB10. I can see times using this on a larger device.

Posted via CB10

For sure and can you imagine using this on Playbook hooked up to a huge hdtv. That would take it to the next level. Hope bb10 comes to PlayBook one day.

This should run from a Z via hdmi cable to a large screen. It would be cool to be it on the PlayBook and use the Z as the remote.

Got to love how they demo the crackberry website within blackberry world for this app

Posted via CB10

This should had been made native in the Browser. I can see a lot of use of this for those that multitask and need to see two different things at the same time.

i don't think it works the same, i know you can open a vid and then leave it hovering over the screen, but you say that the phone has it already for free, but first you have to pay US $750 the get the phone, plus is still android, :P

Two chicks at the same time! Haha.

Liked the video actually, cool "a-ha" moment when it switches to landscape mode and you can see the power of it. Would love to see a demo of this on a big screen. Cool concept!

If web splitter had the Reader function like in the normal browser this would be excellent, reading the webpages in this format is not that great, lets get the Reader function

Should be part of the OS, just like on Android. Only being able to have 2 web apps at the same time is a bit limiting.

If $2 is gonna break your bank; best be looking for a new line of work. We get whatsapp free, lamephone users don't. We pay for some, they pay for some.

Posted via CB10

Doesn't Android do this already? Cool app though it's always good to support devs who make apps for BlackBerry 10.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I think its the Samsung phones only, that allow splitting the screen where you can have video next to the browser, or a web page next to a word document app, select apps only.

If used with the standard browser technically you can have 3 pages open at once, if leave the two apps running, & just hop between the two. :-)

Posted via CB10

What's 2$. On another note, native BB apps destroy all other apps on any other platform.

Posted via CB10 powered by BB10

It's ONLY $2 DOLLARS. If it was $10 or $20 I could see some reason to complain. And no, I'm not well off. Just a regular joe who will purchase GOOD apps that support developers to continue making good apps.

Posted via CB10

I think most of you don't remember or have forgot when you were students cash was limited. I don't mind paying for apps but for the people who can't afford to buy every app, try looking for the lite version of the app. It is usually free and let you test out the key features before deciding to buy. I tend to support developers more who have a lite and a paid version. All in all this is a good app for people who like to use the Web and compare items or like having the side by side view of two pages. I tried it with the Lowes and Home Depot works great the ten minutes I had to test it.

Posted via CB10

I'm still a student paying for everything, and living by myself, and I say if you got the money to buy a Z10 or pay for a smartphone's plan monthly fee, you can spend a couple of bucks per month on apps if you are to actually use them.

I agree with you about the Lite version though, it is a good way of judging the app. If only this function was implemented in BlackBerry World on a single app page instead of two separate, now it would be cool.

Posted via CB10

First app I've purchased on my z10, a word I never use.......awsome!!! never knew I needed it lol!

Posted via CB10

What a quality app! We need more of these on App World and we need Crackberry to showcase more of these.

I'm buying it now! LOVE the idea!

But bu the way, is there a way to get a refund for paid apps? I just got RIPPED OFF by a horrible app. :-(
It wasn't much money-wise, but I refuse the idea to let them keep a penny for such an app.

Posted via CB10

The perfect App!! I'm so happy with it!!
Just buy and test yourself. Very cool!!

Posted via CB for BlackBerry Z10

Can anyone tell me if the RSS reader loads news in the app itself, or does it just send you to the web page?

If it loads them in the app then this is worth it just for the RSS reader!! Still really really miss the amazing Social Feeds app from BB7 with its great RSS reader!

It opens in an RSS window, which gives you the option to go to the Web Site. It appears to be a good reader, at first blush.

Posted via CB10

The more quality apps, the better! This will be useful to some folks. To the devs: keep up the good work. Its interesting to see a lot of people say blackberry doesn't have enough apps and when something nice gets released, others raise issues about the cost.

Does it use the BB10 browser and all its html5 power. Or is it a seperate browser? Does things like youtube and google maps work?

It's been proved prior versions did not rotate with screen. However noticed new bugs especially when resizing screens.

Posted via CB10

Seems to be a good app. A great way for me to consume all of my b logging at once

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Yea because all the other OSs have it. Let's see, Samsung, um, and which other ones? I don't think it's that standard of a feature yet.

When it comes to buying apps. I go buy this. Of you can afford snacks from a vending machine you can afford apps. 1.99 is a can of coke and a bag of chips to me. I'll survive.


Posted via white BlackBerry z10 with no case to show off the bb logo.

Posted via CB10

This needs to be posted to this would be awesome to show the masses what is available. Can anyone make a video using the app while attached to a big screen via hdmi?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 on Rogers

Looks good downloading now, love to have this app on my PLAYBOOK too, please make it so.

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Well, I've realized that the app doesn't support video or Google maps. Still, it's a cool idea and am thinking it might be useful. Also, native apps are silky smooth.

Can someone explain to me again why in should care about developers who seem to care more about taking full access to me device and info and getting paid for the pleasure or stealing my info?

Posted via CB10

Hmmm. Never mind crackberry fixing BlackBerry, it seems that crackberry also has to fix the BlackBerry users. This sort of attitude is pretty distasteful...basically, if you want a free app, make it yourself. I'm sure it's really easy and doesn't take any time at all.

If you can't or won't, then quit your whining.

Of course this attitude isn't only BlackBerry users, it's been noted lots before that the app business model is kinda screwed.

Posted via CB10

Some good points. I paid for plenty of my Playbook apps but have been fortunate enough to be there when Blackberry was giving them for free for a limited time. But then again I've been with Playbook since day one on April 19, 2011 and still love my Playbook bigtime. I also have a Samsung Galaxy but not really to get free apps (even though that's a bonus) but because I wanted to get some apps that Playbook just wasn't offering like Skype and the newest Angry birds Friends games. Other then that, I don't work for free and don't expect devs to either so I don't have a problem paying. Its called respect for the devs and a lotta customers just want a free ride.

I'm tired of people saying it's only 2 I'm not going to pay for something that others get for free...that's like selling's the concept not the fact that it's 2 dollars. It's just something that should have been on the phone since day 1...

Posted via CB10

It would be nice and wise if BlackBerry contact this Dev directly and offer him some sort of a contract/patent or something like that, to include this feature as a built in the BB10 browser, so we have the option in the default browser, and they can even research in this to make more multiscreen options available within the OS itself.

Well I purchased it and at times for some websites it slow loading and freezes up and i have to close app and try again, but same thing when opening some sites.

Also one thing I don't like is when you choose to just Show Grid 1 or 2 it does not go full screen, so your still on seeing half of screen on the full screen in Landscape Mode. This needs to be Corrected as what good is the app in land scape mode?

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Before playbook, i never imagined buying apps. I had always thought that apps should be free..

But now I don't mind paying for good apps. Same goes on with my z10 and I love my apps.

Posted via CB10 on my awesome Z10

James! Very impressive review! Much better then that other review you attempted about a talk and text app.

Posted via CB10

Hello everyone. Thanks for the nice comments. Thanks for the bad comments too. Let me clrear some things up about this app.
-Video support works only for 10.1 OS. In some cases full screen playback cant be overiden. In other cases it is.
-We decided to go with free zooming and not autofiting because in previous versions overzooming was pixelating the content. Now it is ok. And most pages (like crackberry) will autofit.
-Power mode locks grid one and opens any link clicked there in grid 2.(ex. Twitter , open all links to grid 2 without leaving your timeline)
-Cookies are default enabled, no history is saved and no access in any file or info is needed or asked by the app. No backlogging or anything malicious in any way. Even bbm has option to stop autoposting when saving a webpage or subscribing for an rss feed.Privacy is precious.
-Q10 support is a question mark by itself. It is tested, works nice, but the screen is too small for this app to be handy. So at the moment will not be supported.Playbook on the other hand is in our future targets.
-Some minor issues gets fixed with 10.1 os. Some dont. Like pop up windows handler. We are working on that but it seems that its not in our hands. Thats why there is an option to open any link from any grid to native browser.
- And finally the 1,99$ issue. It was 2,99$ in early days. We are going to keep the price at 1,99$. We are doing this for CrackBerry fans.

I think i covered most of the comments with this. Please send any questions I will be happy to answer them for you. There are some comments in here that will go to TZapps Hall of Fame of comments. We really appreciate you guys!!! Thanks for the support!!!! We will do our best to keep you happy!

Good app. I can use it. For those who have installed it, what permissions did the app request? Does it harvest contact lists & data files?


Posted via ZB10

I am not one of the fortunate ones who has a Z10 and have just the Playbook but I can say this. When this sort of app asks for contact lists and personal files its pretty much standard and you cant get the app unless you accept. So much for privacy in 2013 lol.

Why is the option not in native os?? Come on BlackBerry, you have to work better, harder and faster!!!

Posted via CB10