Web Design Cheat Sheet CSS section goes on sale

Web Design Cheat Sheet CSS section goes on sale
By DJ Reyes on 19 Oct 2013 07:35 am EDT

One of my favorite reference apps for BlackBerry 10 has got a small update and includes a half price sale. Web Design Cheat Sheet is an awesome reference app for anyone wanting some HTML/CSS knowledge. It includes syntax and includes fairly detailed notes to explain each of them. There is even a resource section for further reading. It also includes video tutorials and an editor and preview mode.

It really is a useful app. If you haven't used it before, the app is split into different sections. There's a HTML5 section, a CSS one and a Javascript one, which is coming soon. The CSS section is normally $1.99 but for a limited time it goes on sale for $0.99. So, if you've been holding off, now's your chance to get the section. As well as show the developer some love. 

You can check out our hands on to see how the app works. Otherwise, give it a download using the link below. It is free to download and the HTML section is free. 

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Web Design Cheat Sheet CSS section goes on sale


Hahaha as much as my family would hate this comment, don't worry.. I'm not.. I love Web Design and Development too much, and school is absolutely holding me back 100% right now. I can not wait to get out of that place which has kept me shackled up for 90% of my life. (a little overdramatic, but hey, whatever, you get the point) haha

Yep, I wanted to give people a very good feel for the app with the HTML5 section before committing to purchasing an additional section. A decision that has cost me a lot of time and much less return, but I'd like to think that the nice reviews I have gotten have made it worth it in the end.

The JavaScript (Java & JavaScript, big differences) Section is still TBD. I honestly have to pass the 10k commitment mark before I invest that kind of time into that App. Still trying to figure it out. Like the CSS3 Section, it will probably be a $1.99 unlock. Keep in mind that the CSS3 Section took me probably 80+ hours to fine-tune and get working how I wanted it to.. It's a LOT of work for such a niche app.

Thanks for your support!

Awesome! Thanks for the coffee, I promise I'll use it wisely (to help me pull an all nighter deving of course).

Cheers! (:

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Lol if u like coffee so much I'd rather have shared some K-Cups with u. Lol here's to hoping you're in Canada or USA cause no one else knows what a k cup is heh

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Haha yes! Kurig? Those should be in everyone's homes everywhere.. bought by the government or something! Hahaha

Never heard them referred to as K-Cups though, i like it!

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Yeah the actual coffee things. They are "k-cups". Keurig is the machine and k-cups go in them :). So you're north American. Haha cool

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Totally love this app. I've progressed a lot in learning how to create websites cause of it. I use a Pdf tutorial from a friend, and then use the editor of the app to learn. Awesome app! And yh before I forget. The app is BEAUTIFUL!

From Zuri my Z10.

Thank you so much! I have really put a LOT of work into it. I'd like to think that I have a good eye for design, and trust me, many hours went into making various pixels perfect - I'm a bit OCD when it comes to that stuff :X anyways, really nice to hear someone appreciates the design :)

Really glad that you have learned from it, that was my main goal when making the app. Really glad that it has paid off in that regard, even if just for one person!

Thanks so much for your support, you guys are what keep me goin :D

This is one of the most useful apps on BB10; a testament to your skills Alex. I'll be purchasing the sections I don't have this weekend - keep up the excellent work.

Note to S4BB: THIS is how apps should be done!

Your comment brought a smile to my face, thank you for that (:

You guys are the best & what keep me motivated to continue developing for BB10!

thank you.

And the developer really responds to emails. One night, I was trying my Web designing skills and I couldn't get to write a code properly. Even my friends couldn't help. So I sent the developer an email. And then my friends laughed at me, telling me developers didnt have time for such questions. But in 5 minutes, BOOM! A reply! I sent a screen shot of the reply to my friend, and enjoyed the last laugh.
Keep up the good work Flip4bytes.

From Zuri my Z10.

Haha yes! I remember that email, too funny. Honors me to be able to have some type of lasting affect towards individuals in regard to how developers are perceived. Trust me, there are some good ones still that aren't just out there to try and make a quick buck. I can assure you also that the bulk of those devs are developing for the BB10 platform. We all feel like more of a tight-knit community. I instantly respect someone who has a BlackBerry device as I know that they made a conscious decision in choosing a platform that sets productivity as their main focus. Because of this, I am more than happy to help out where I can. Thanks for this comment, made my day :)

Thank ya! And it is not over 9,000, this isn't DBZ!

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Really appreciate the kind works :D I have put a lot of work into the layout, I'm really glad you like it! (oh and the App!) haha

Every single one of the comments so far has been overwhelmingly positive, so I'm going to discount the explanation that all current commenters are either insane, in collusion, or both, and instead come to the conclusion that this app has far, far, far more value than is made clear by DJ's article. I'm terribly curious now, and wondering: Just what does this app provide that makes it so popular to purchase, when so many excellent web resources (e.g. w3schools) are free? Please tell me; I'd love justification to pick up this app.

Cletis. You are so right! Professional athletes get paid millions, lawyers get paid $500/hr, the burger flipper at McDonald's even gets paid. Who are these developers, who thinks they should be paid for their work? Shame on them to want to pay for their rent, food, family. Why don't they just live in a shelter, stand in food lines and give their children up for adoption so we can get their app for free.

I assume you were baiting us for this response.

Posted via CB10

I understand that it is easy to read what you expect to see into another's comments, and I am going to assume that you did just that when reading sarcasm into my sincerity. I will not re-state what I have already written; please re-read it.

The odd part of your reply, though, is that if one were to assume that your assessment of my meaning were correct, then your reply boils down to a statement that you do believe that this app has no value beyond that of free, well-known alternatives (and I disagree with that), but you think that consumers should buy any and all apps, regardless of their worth, in order to support developers (and I disagree with that as well).

Fortunately, while I was writing this reply, someone else responded to the word and spirit of my comment with further detail beyond DJ's article above.

W3schools is a reference site. This app has an editor where you can write codes/tags and test how it is parsed in the browser. This app allows you to learn on your BlackBerry. With online references, it's just that. You have to be in an environment like your computer to test and learn by doing.

Posted via CB10

I understand where you are coming from, and often times this is a large problem that happens in this type of industry. (I am a website designer too, and many expect things for free often. It's difficult to compete at times simply because many give their stuff away for free (often times by accident - e.g. web designers who are starting out thinking they aren't worthy of charging)).

It's a difficult profession, many expect a lot for free, and hey, even I do at times. While this is my profession, I am also a consumer too.

Ultimately, the Application is free to download and test out. I wanted to give the user the ability to try it out before committing to purchasing the additional sections. I am assuming that cletis probably was not aware that the App was free to try out before posting that comment, but I explained in detail what exactly he wanted to know below.

Thank you for your support though, while I can absolutely understand where you are coming from, because often times, in my profession, that problem arises. I appreciate that you felt the commitment to defend me, my app, and the industry, really means a lot.

@cletis, please read my response below,

Thanks both of you! (:

The app integrates multiple resources into a single location with an optimized layout for the BB10 phone. It includes an integrated editor to play with and test code with the ability to easily share what you've learned to social networking sites for review by others.

Sure, I could jump from site to site to compare implementations of code or I could pay a small fee to see it all in one location. The app might not be for you but it is a great resource for those if us that like to learn code and play with code while on the go.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.

Thanks for your response. It sounds like the app contains some elements of a full IDE and is not merely an HTML/CSS/JS reference, which is all I got from the article. (Although I do need to acknowledge that DJ included a brief, unclarified reference to "an editor and preview mode.") And the social network integration would no doubt be a desirable feature for those who like that sort of thing. Thanks again for answering my question.

If anyone else has more to add beyond rsteven's input, I'm sure the developer would appreciate further endorsement.

Really sorry about all of the confusion. This article was not entirely meant to fully explain what the app was in it's entirety. There are actually multiple posts on CB already which show some older versions of the app in videos, and write-ups. This post was mainly to inform the community that there was a sale going on with one of the sections.

But to answer your question (which rstevenw responded to nicely) but I think I can do a different kind of take on it all.

First of all, the Application is free, just download it and try it out before you purchase any of the additional sections. I assure you that the App will sell itself after using it.

Yes, this application was essentially just a basic reference tool which took basic information from free websites, and it was just that. A Native BB10 experience for a simple reference tool. I then noticed that I received critiques from people upon this aspect from maybe 1/20 people. And rather than ignore it, I used it to motivate me to make myself make this thing the best possible tool in it's particular niche area.

So if you were to bring this up when the app was released on version 1.0 and even 1.5, then I would have to agree with your initial post, yes, it was quite basic, but it was still a tool that some enjoying.

BUT NOW the app is on version 2.7, and I can assure you that even though the number has only doubled version-wise, the application has improved tenfold. I used this app to learn how to develop for BB10, so obviously, as time goes on and I learn more, I can implement more into the App, and the app begins improving exponentially.

So all of that back-end jargin behind us, I can try to explain to you why I think it is different in what it is.

So for the CSS3 section for instance, you can sort all elements between the basic CSS1 properties and the CSS2/CSS3 properties. After doing that, you can then test out every single property in an editor and get an instant preview. Tinker around with the CSS or HTML and see what happens on a live preview (it's essentially an app within an app - Appception). Anyways, you are also able to visit many sites for each individual CSS Property or HTML Element. Don't like W3C? Try out the Mozilla Developer Network.. No, not there either? W3School if you'd like.. And many other of the top sites to help you understand each and every single Property and Element. Essentially it would consist of you having a browser window opened up on your computer and had each site (5+ sites) opened up and change them all for each element. It's all aggregated nicely within the app so you don't have to do that.

Moving on, it of course pulls in the most important quick information for you to view Natively (which loads instantly of course, no matter internet connection or not). Want to know quickly what different CSS3 commands there are for the "Transition" CSS3 Property? Well that's easy: transition-property, transition-duration, transition-timing-function, transition-delay, and the app explains which each one does right there. More of a visual learner? Just click the editor and then preview it to see exactly what it does. Mess around with the CSS to see what a longer transition-timing-function does (it'll mess around with the speed curve of the transition effect).

But wait, are you a total beginner? Check out the resources sections which include about 20 chapters of intro information explaining exactly what CSS3 and/or HTML5 is. It's always good to understand what you are using before using it. and much more from those two sections.

But one of my favorite sections I wanted to be sure to point on. The "Site Feeds" section (which is free along with the HTML5 section) aggregates more than 30 feeds to awesome (and well respected among the community) design/development blogs. They are often updated daily, so if you want to stay ontop of your game, check them out and skim through the titles and quick descriptions before committing to opening the article up within the very-thought-out WebView of the app. Toggle between a reader mode making the articles consistent across sites, and make them very easy to read. If you want to stay up-to-date on recent web design trends, reading well-respected blogs are a must.

I should probably stop now, I could go on much longer, but then again, this app is pretty much my baby, I of course would want to try demonstrate why it is so useful. But honestly, the thing is free to try out, just download it and see for yourself. There is absolutely no commitment to it if you don't like it. But if you do, then purchase the CSS3 Section (I put the most work into that and you get more than the HTML5 free Section gives you.

Holy cow, I typed a lot.. My bad.

Anyways, thanks for your support!

Thanks for taking the time to write all that, especially since you could've shortened that to a simple exhortation that I follow the link in DJ's article back to a previous article, which would've answered a lot of my question -- if I had only bothered to notice it previously.

Appreciate the reply, I was asleep so was not able to comment on my take on the whole deal, but thank you for summing it up nicely! Thanks for always supporting me man (:

Hi mr. Flip4bytes

Today reading this post, at my 33 years old i want to know how to program from scratch, so i have 1 question, this app its for beginners?

Do i need to learn php, or css 3 or html?

I have no idea , pls help me with the step 1 - 2 - 3... for learning

If you have any link i can use?
Whats makes me think, as a feedback that could make an app for people in my situation.

I will leave you pin:24EDF9F6 if you want an app prendice.

Pls help
My best regards & thanks 4 your help

Posted via CB10

Sorry! had to respond to many other comments (well I guess I didn't have to to the extent of which I did, but I get a bit carried away at times). Anyways, to your comment!

Hi mr. jorgkbzas

You want to learn from scratch? ahh a category that I am experienced in as I too learned from scratch without schooling (much better that way, trust me). I would hold off on learning PHP, it's a bit complex for learning the basics. You just need to learn HTML and CSS. (HTML5 is just the updated version of that, which HTML5 includes nearly element from HTML, just a few additional ones too, nothing to be afraid of). Same with CSS3.

Start off by learning HTML (for example what a <div> is, and <a>, and many of the other common elements are). Then slowly add CSS to that and you'll have a website.

So you want to know if the app helps. Well it does have in it's HTML5 Resources section (a $0.99 paid in-app purchase) a few introduction steps and a few hours of introduction tutorials, so yes, I tried to make it very beginner friendly aswell.

It's essentially a large reference sheet on steroids. Reference sheets are essential when learning any type of language, so I think you would be satisfied with the results.

I would recommend staying up-to-date on sites like www.reddit.com/r/web_design, www.reddit.com/r/webdev (it's okay if they go over your head every now and then, it's an invaluable tool that you'll come to appreciate).

I honestly geared this app towards Beginners as much as Advanced users. I personally use my app to reference at times, and I know CSS3 and HTML5 like the back of my hand. I use the app a lot to say up-to-date and learn using the Site Feeds section.

But yeah, I think the app is geared towards you as long as you get the "Resources" sections. They can walk you through building a basic website from scratch through the tutorials.

There are many useful resources out there. Just try using the searchbar on www.reddit.com/r/web_design I have learned so much from that subreddit.

Hope this helps!


I'll give the dev a plug here. Try Beflow. I just downloaded it and yes it is FREE. Jezz people.

Posted via CB10

Haha yep, made that app for James of BerryFlow.com - Full Disclosure, It's a native shell which pulls in webviews of his website. It will not give you the same experience as the CrackBerry app for instance, but it's a better experience than using the native browser when visiting the site. And hey, it's free so if ya don't like it, you can always just delete it (but you'll probably like it, trust us) [;


Dear Flip4Bytes / CyberBytes Design,

Your app is very useful and I highly recommend it! I've been using it for some time now to help with my app dev also! Nice job, especially the preview mode. As a fellow developer myself (Talking Alarm Text Clock, Converter Pro, etc.) I can identify also with some of the postings above, especially the "K-Cup" coffee discussion. It is amazing that your app is FREE or at most a few bucks, for something so useful, and I know how much time you put into this app. It is a must-have for anyone interested in Web Design and/or making WebWorks apps. I only wish you had made the app earlier when I was struggling to learn in the beginning! Keep up the good work!

Ahh awesome comment! Thank you so much for your kind words. Means a lot coming from a fellow developer, it's difficult to portray how much time was spent into making the app, but being a developer it's nice knowing that you can understand on that front!

I will definitely check out your apps, thanks for your awesome support and I'm honored that my app has aided in bringing more apps to the BB10 ecosystem - AWESOME! :D

Thanks 4 your kind reply i just download your app and im going to follow your steps , thanks again and pls continue bringing more app to bb10

Hope some day i bring 1

Posted via CB10

Absolutely! glad to hear. And yes, me too! I hope you bring an app or two to BB10 aswell, that would be awesome! (:

Good luck with everything and thanks for your support :)

Just purchased app knowing nothing about Web Development. Hope to put it to good use as maybe a second (cottage) career?

Posted via CB10

Haha absolutely! I have faith in you, work a bit harder and get me a cabbage or something.. I could really go for one of those :D

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Thanks for this App and thanks to CB for the story that lead to me discovering this App.

I recently lost my job as a FSE and do a little dabbling into web design on my own. I'm hoping your app will give me the boost that I need to take my skills to the next level. I am looking to learn Java too so I'll look forward to your Java update as well.

Thanks again.

Tombstone - Commander Combat Vets Motorcycle Assn, Chapter 20-1, Space Coast Florida. www.cvmaflorida.org

Wow, comments like this are so very rewarding to hear.

I am really sorry to hear about your job, that really sucks :/ I am honored that my app could potentially help teach someone skills that could allow for a new source of income for them.

Good luck and thank you for your comment and support!

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)