Web Design Cheat Sheet brings new features to its v2 update

By DJ Reyes on 29 Jul 2013 07:24 pm EDT

We first looked at Web Design Cheat Sheet during BlackBerry Live 2013, where James sat down with the developer and gave us a quick demo walkthrough of the app. Being a novice developer with HTML/CSS as my main programming language it was certainly an app that would prove to be very useful. It has now been updated to version 2 bringing about a new feature.

The newest feature is a HTML editor. While the app is still free the HTML editor is available through an in-app purchase. With that purchase you also get a HTML resources section that gives you more documentation on HTML, if you wanted further reading. It's split up into chapters and great that it's all there in the app, instead of you having to search the web for them. With these resources comes Reader Mode, similar to that in the web browser to make things a lot easier to read. Included within the resources section are video tutorials. So, if you prefer to watch guides, rather than read them, that's available to you too.

The biggest add-on is the HTML editor. While there isn't an option to save, it does look like if you close the app and re-open it, all the code is still there. There's just no way to save it as a file. I do like how the developer has provided the most commonly used characters (e.g. <>, /, =,"). It makes things easier, so you don't have to delve into the symbols section of the keyboard in order to bring them up. What's more in the overflow menu of the editor you'll find 'structures', which I can better describe as templates. It plugs in HTML, body tags and other most commonly used ones so you have a basis of a HTML file.

As mentioned already, the HTML editor and resources are available through an in-app purchase and for $0.99, is worth it if you're going to make use of them. Site Feeds is still included in the app, too.

The CSS and Javascript sections are coming soon but the developer has told me that the CSS section is currently being worked and will be in the next update. Though no timeframe was given for this. You can also expect a UI revamp in the next update too. So, I am looking forward to that.

If you haven't heard of Web Design Cheat Sheet it is a reference guide to HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you haven't yet checked out Web Design Cheat Sheet, it is a great guide to web design.

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Web Design Cheat Sheet brings new features to its v2 update


I'm working like a madman to try and get the CSS3 section out! It's coming out very well so stay tuned! :)

If you want some sneak peeks of the progress along the way, then check out the WDCS App's BBM Channel - C000BEB17

If you don't have a BBM Channels yet, then check out the apps twitter for regular updates and sneak peeks - www.twitter.com/wdcsapp or do both!

Thanks for your support,


- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Agreed! Never hurts to start if you haven't ever designed websites before either.. Trust me, it's a lot of fun when you get going :D

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Great job on the app and updates. This was one of my first apps for my Z10 and it's just gotten better and better.

Posted with the awesome Z10

Means a lot, thanks man. I'll be sure to keep it up, you guys are the ones that motivate me. (:

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

A very well-done app! Rather useful even for someone who's just occasionally needs to look up some html.
Keep them coming!

Thanks so much, glad to be of help even if not used much!

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Curious, did you even download the app and check it out?

I have those sites among many others all integrated within each element/property page. You can use whatever site you want, but the point of the app is a quick reference guide/learning tool. It has the information taken from many websites all aggregated into each page for easy access. You don't need to download the app, I mean it's a free native app, so not sure as to why you wouldn't atleast give it a try before questioning the existence of the App?

The App does much more than just a reference tool as well, check out the site feeds section which has tons of blog feeds useful to designers/developers/etc.

Also, have you tried visiting those sites from a phone? They work terribly, not mobile friendly, and the w3schools.com is a pain to use that feature from mobile, it's almost not even usable..

It's obvious to me that you did not even give the App a chance before trying to knock it. Please just download the free app and check it out, I'm sure you'll understand it's use better then.

You have the right to your own opinion and I can't argue that, but it's apparent that you didn't even try it out because it does MUCH more than what you mentioned, not to mention has quick links to all of those sites you mentioned in each element page among many other things for additional information.

It seems as if you are comparing using a computer to visit those sites as opposed to using a phone. This is just a mobile solution to it, I'm not trying to convert people to start developing on their phone or something. Either way, I have been getting many requests and a lot of support to continue developing the app, so the simple fact that more people want me to develop it because they find it useful is enough for me to want to continue developing it.

Many apps out there have sites with equal information/functionality so not entirely sure what point you're trying to make. Apps are meant to take information or a functionality and make it more easily accessible when on a phone or on the go.

What's the point of a weather app? You can just go to the browser and look the weather up, an app for weather must be pointless? Why a facebook app? The mobile site in the browser works just fine, etc. Etc. Etc.


- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)