Need a reference tool for web development? Check out Web Design Cheat Sheet

By James Richardson on 16 May 2013 03:02 pm EDT

This one will appeal to a niche market, but if you are looking to get into web development then it's well worth checking out. The application is essentially a Web Design Cheat Sheet which is a reference tool for HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which gives:

  • Useful Information
  • Syntax
  • Examples
  • Documentation
  • Site Feeds

I must admit that my experience and knowledge of development is extremely limited but Web Design Cheat Sheet looks to be the perfect tool to help get you into developing and finding out what's what. Built using Cascades - the app is a perfect example of how wonderful BlackBerry 10 apps can be. It's user friendly with an attractive, yet simple user interface.

Features of the app include:

  • BBM Connected
  • Reader Mode
  • Share Functionality
  • Request Additional Site Feeds
  • App Cover When Minimized
  • Sort by Letter

More information/Download Web Design Cheat Sheet for BlackBerry 10


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Reader comments

Need a reference tool for web development? Check out Web Design Cheat Sheet


I've had this app since the day it was available. It's absolutely amazing. Much easier than Googling for the info. Definitely 5 stars.

Posted via CB10

The truth is, that's the last one I am focusing on for two reasons. CSS3 has been requested the most and I know it quite well, so that's my next major focus. I just got out of college for the summer, so I finally have more time to work on it as well. It's been quite stagnant for a bit, just making minor updates and adding features, but now I can focus on building out the app. I can't give an exact date, but I can say to stay tuned. I mean it's just me working on it, and I have made no money from it yet and put hundreds of hours into it so far, so I hope you can understand.

I know how that is. I also have a free app I wrote and the free ones can take up as much time as any. The users can be just as demanding as those who paid for their apps as well. Thanks for your work so far and i wish you success with this.

Exactly! Something that you will never understand unless you're actually put into the position. Glad that you understand. What is your app out of curiosity?

I got you, I'll check it out in a bit and respond, just dealing with a few more things, especially still being at in Orlando for the rest of the day!

Great work! Very useful. You should make one that's a paid app for learning how to code for BB10 using c++, cascades etc.

I will definitely consider doing that next. I guess I can just be the guy that makes reference sheets and such, all being consistent with each other. Just have to finish this app first before I consider it! :P

Glad you like it though!

Fastest app download and instal ever. Great app Mr. Dev. Now I can brush up on my web coding. Been a while but the thoughtfully laid out examples and the cascades make this a treasure trove of info. Thanks for this. Much Appreciated.

Great job. This is exactly what I've been looking for, and as others have said it beats searching in Google when you need to reference something quickly. One suggestion: any chance of throwing a search around the terms? This is app is a goldmine! Btw can't wait for the css update :)

Posted via CB10

Just learned how to make in-app purchases today, so I'll be working on the CSS3 section soon. I also want to research how to implement a search function, because I agree, it'd definitely be useful.

This app is very useful when wanting to check some quick syntax while on the go. Great job with the app Flip.

Posted via my Red L.E. Z10

I'm not sure what you mean by leaving multiple 5 star reviews? I left one review on my blog app, and one on this. I have 10 apps in BlackBerry World, two if which I left one review on to help it get started. Everyone is entitled to a review, i could go to all my apps and do that, but I didn't feel like that was right. Is it really that bad if one of the reviews is from the dev? One of the intial reviews of the 70+ reviews is me. I apologize if that bugs you, it's not that easy to promote a free app which I put hundreds of hours into and have made no money off of.



Posted via CB10

Hi Alex,

Don't get me wrong, I really like the Web Design App enough to be waiting to see the price of your add-ons, to consider whether to commit. That is predominantly so that I can use it on the train as well as when I am locked up in the study. One of the first things I do when I find something like this though is to see what else the Dev has done and your blog came back with three different 5* reviews posted on 3 different days.

I do apologise that I said all, the web version of appworld only came back with three apps to start with and now I see there are more I see that you only posted on two. That being said as a casual outsider who has been stung before on Google Play (a £0.69 app purchase got processed as £69) I do get very cautious when an author hypes their own products.


Price will probably be $1.99 per section Haven't decided yet, depends on how much work it takes to create each section. I do have a feeling that JavaScript will take more time to make than CSS3, so they might be different prices for all I know. But it won't be more than $1.99 per section, and I will constantly be updating the free sections during that time as well.



Any chance that this could come out for the PB? I've not upgraded to a Z10 yet (#@$% contract!), but would love to have this reference on the go, and my PlayBook is usually close at hand...

Once BB10 comes to the PB, I will gladly optimize it for that screen resolution, but I won't take a step back and rewrite it in Adobe Air, especially with how much more work I still have to do. It'd be pointless and a waste of resources especially, knowing that bb10 is coming to the PlayBook eventually. Hope you can hold out, it's a lot of work being one person making an app. Especially one that I am currently making no money off of. Just need to wait for BB10 on PB (:

Posted via CB10

Having made one little app to get my free PlayBook, and not being 100% happy with the result (entirely my fault that), I understand you wanting to move forward, not backwards. If (when?) BB10 comes to the PlayBook, I'll be sure to grab your app ASAP!

Appreciate the support and understanding. I want to get it onto PlayBook as much as the next guy, just entirely up to BlackBerry at this point. All we can do is wait :p

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